Used Koenigsegg cars for sale gets certified program

Used Koenigsegg cars for sale gets certified program

By Posted 1 Oct 2013, 09:07

For some of us the only way of owning a supercar is by waiting for them to come down in price and then go for a secondhand one. However, this is fraught with problems because you can never know how it has been treated. However, if you are looking for used Koenigsegg cars for sale, then your mind will soon be put at ease.

Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program is designed to give those of you looking to own a secondhand model peace of mind thanks to a warranty and a level of cover pretty close to what you get when buying new from them.

The automotive company is seeing a decent sales growth and that means there will be more secondhand Koenigsegg cars on the road, and giving those interested in owning a pre-owned one a good level of cover was important to them.

Koenigsegg gets certified pre-owned program

Koenigsegg gets certified pre-owned program

Buying one of these cars used only for them to go wrong is an image Koenigsegg does not want, and so it is important owners can enjoy these supercars no matter how old they are.

Before one of these vehicles are sold through the Certification Program, they will need to be inspected in great detail and if any work needs to be done, such as mechanical or refurbishment of any kind, then they will do so.

We have to remind you, this program is only available though official Koenigsegg representatives, so don’t get sucked in by unscrupulous dealers.

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