Save your GTA V game quick or get upset

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2013

If you have been wondering how to save your Grand Theft Auto V game, especially after traveling miles and losing everything by dying, then we wanted to highlight some details learned during our hands-on review. You don’t need to go to a safe house for saving your progress, and can travel to the top of a mountain and still save that exact location.

Save your GTA V game quick or get upset – in our first hour of playing GTA V we forgot about Quick Save, which can be accessed from your cell phone by pushing up on the D-Pad. Once you get to the correct setting in your cell phone menu, it is just a single click to save all game progress and your location.

We have heard from a number of Product Reviews readers that have lost a lot of time by not saving. “I went right up the mountain to the cable car and died. I had to start again right at the bottom, and this is a right pain. There must be a quicker way to save your game in GTA 5”, said one of our readers.

If you have taken a long time to reach a certain area or attain an item, like a Helicopter or Airplane, then we suggest you enter your cell phone menu and perform a Quick Save. This is how you save your GTA V game quickly and stop losing valuable time spent reaching certain points on the map.

We have managed to save the game in a number of important locations, which include while flying a helicopter, high up in the mountains and once we reached the other-side of the map.

Have you been playing GTA V and if so, did you forget to save your game? You can take a quick look at the start of GTA V’s first mission with some screenshots of gameplay right here. Share your experience so far with the game in the comments.

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  • jon

    i played for 5 hours and game gliitched so i went to home screen thinkg that the auto save would work but alas 5 hours was lost and i had a nerd rage

  • Cooper9298

    I’ve bought a Benefactor Feltzer, for 145k and added about 40k customization’s to it, but im scared to use it because i’m unsure of how the car saving works i always have to put it back into the Vinewood Garage which i bought for 30k. if i put it in Michael’s Garage i think it will disappear like my other cars that have done the same thing. Anyone know how i can keep my car without needing to drive back to Los Santos just to put it in the garage, someone please help

    • ASVP FinalBoss

      I’ve had the exact problem !! All my cars disappear from there garages …what the hell ??!!

      I know there’s an impoung lot but theyre never in there