Fallout 4 at Spike TV, last chance for news in 2013

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Hines made it clear earlier this year that gamers shouldn’t expect Fallout 4 news anytime soon, but that statement was a few months ago now and most fans don’t care if the game won’t arrive soon. The news most people want to know is that Fallout 4 is in development and any confirmation in relation to this would do in 2013.

Fallout 4 at Spike TV, last chance for news in 2013 – if we are still to get a little tease or details that the games development has started, then it will be at the Spike TV Video Game Awards in December.

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This would most certainly represent the last possible opportunity for Fallout 4 news to be delivered, and some gamers are hoping it will happen. “I’m betting we will get a tease for Fallout 4 at the 2013 Spike Video Game Awards”, said one of Product Reviews readers”. Another added, “I really hope this happens at Spike TV, just a small tease along with confirmation that development started”.

We will see the official full list of nominees for Spike TV Video Game Awards around mid-November, and then you can watch the Oscars of video games live on Dec 3, at 9PM Eastern Time.

Do you expect to see anything Fallout 4 related at the Spike TV Video Game Awards this December? We heard from hundreds of gamers in a few social polls last month, and they clearly revealed the best surprise for Gamescom would have been Fallout 4. This obviously didn’t happen and we get a feeling some people will be a little upset after the Spike TV event.


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    Are the SPIKE VGA really gonna be at that date and time, or are you just saying as an IF situation?