GTA V silence at E3 2013, hype not needed


By Posted 17 May 2013, 05:24

If you were still clinging on to the hope that Rockstar would be making an appearance at this year’s E3 2013 event next month, you are in for a disappointment. As usual, Rockstar has decided to skip the event in favor of showing new GTA V content on their own terms – and who can blame them?

It can be argued that E3 is used to help build up hype for a game in anticipation for a game’s release and ultimately – help it to sell more off the shelves. However, GTA V doesn’t need any help at all since many games don’t even need to see more of the game to decide whether or not to buy it in September.

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GTA V is already a day-one purchase for millions of gamers around the globe, and it means that Rockstar can essentially pick and choose when they want to show off the game next in a major way. With this in mind, Take-Two has confirmed that Rockstar won’t be in attendance at E3, nor will 2K Games either so a showing of WWE 2K14 is now unlikely.

Rockstar in the meantime seem fairly content, releasing a few new screenshots of the game every week to keep fans busy, while they possibly work on trailer 3 for the game or maybe even a live action trailer if rumors are to be believed. New screenshots are already available to view for the game – showing off another look at underwater exploration, some dirtbikes and Franklin breaking into a car – just to remind you about the character’s background if you didn’t already know.

So if Rockstar are not attending E3, does it mean that they will be having a separate mini event to show off some new Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay to make up for it? Let’s hope so. Let us know if you agree that Rockstar doesn’t really need to attend this year’s event.


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