Sony Xperia XR with glass and waterproof prowess

By Alan Ng - Apr 29, 2013

Sony has only just released their latest flagship Xperia Z onto the market, but we’re already hearing that the company are not slowing down with their next release. The Xperia ZR is apparently due for an announcement very soon and it could be another handset that features glass materials and superior waterproof capabilities compared to other competitors on the market.

The Xperia Z had the ability to withstand being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep, but the ZR is going to go one better by being able to handle 1.5 meters of water if that wasn’t impressive for you the first time around. While this is taking one step forward, we do however hear confirmation from the Xperia Blog that the ZR will only feature a 720p-based display, not a full 1080p HD screen like the Xperia Z.

This may be a bit strange if Sony are planning on calling the ZR their ‘next flagship’, but it could also mean a cheaper price without contract with a reduction in display screen quality. Elsewhere, hardware specs match up with the Z, such as a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera and Jelly Bean as the Android operating system.

Another difference to take into consideration though is storage size. While the Xperia Z had 16GB of internal memory to play around with, the Xperia ZR will reportedly only have 8GB out of the box. However, the device will still support MicroSD card so users can expand on this if they wish.

It has probably been said many times already, but is there really a need for Sony to focus on waterproof features? It is a nice bonus of course, but we would love to see some more emphasis on PS3 and PS Vita connectivity to really build-up interest. Even better, make the ZR one of the compatible remote play products with the upcoming next-gen PS4 – that would certainly do the trick.

Are Xperia phones worthy of a purchase in your opinion, or does Sony need to do a lot more?

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  • James martins

    I like the waterproof features. In my experience with portable devices is that sooner or later you’ll have some bad luck… device will fall on floor, be exposed to dust or get some “bath”. Having some bad experience in past, and taking on consideration the price of it, this is a really good feature that can extend the device lifespan. I understand a better connectivity with PS3 and PSvita are quite direct mindset for users, but buying a expensive phone for gaming, when the gaming market is looking for cheaper and cheaper, i personally don’t believe that is a stronger argument that reliability. next week i’ll try to have my Z!!!

  • Susan

    I think the Xperia Z is a great phone and am planning to get it instead of the galaxy s4 which in my opinion, although a fantastic phone is a bit too gimmicky for my uses and I really dislike the oversaturated screen (I have heard this can be adjusted which is good news though) Sony phones are beautifully made and the waterproofing is a great plus for me.. hey I can take it into the shower! The aspects of a phone I need are brilliant on the Xperia and the price is just a bit cheaper than it’s rivals. I think that it is great that they are bringing alternatives to the market… after all , this is always a criticism of Apple, but how Samsung is slowly gaining such dominance. Not everyone has the same requirements or budget. Having seen the Xperia Z’s screeen, I can’t see a problem with it despite the criticism. When I use a phone I do not hold it at obscure angles and it really is beautiful. The colours are amazing! Sony have a good eco policy and so I think that they really do need to move up in prominence. I don’t understand why they get put down so much… I currently have an iphone and do not want another one at the moment, but I do want a phone that is beautifully crafted not plastic.