Samsung Galaxy S4 availability update on T-Mobile

By Alan Ng - Apr 29, 2013

We have an update for those of you looking to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset on T-Mobile, with Samsung’s latest flagship expected to start showing up this week in the US after a long wait and after an initial launch in Europe. We previously told you that May 8 was the date for when the device will be available, but we’ve since heard that you may have to wait a week extra to be able to snap up a Galaxy S4 without any problems.

In a matter of hours, T-Mobile’s homepage should be changing to accomodate the glorious start of Samsung Galaxy S4 online sales. The price will be $149 as a down payment then $20 per month for 24 months, or $630 for those who are planning to buy the phone outright, unlocked and without being tied down to a contract.

For everyone else, the wait still continues to be able to snap up a Galaxy S4 from an actual T-Mobile store. We’re hear to tell you that T-Mobile has sent out word that only select T-Mobile stores will have Galaxy S4 stock on May 8. It means that you’ll have to check with your local store to see if you are lucky, but if not – May 15 is now the final date for when all other Galaxy S4 sales will begin.

That is perhaps a little disappointing to find out that the wait may now continue until the middle of May. Then again, it is still earlier than Verizon customers and let’s not forget that this is arguably Samsung’s most anticipated smartphone launch in their history.

The question is, are you holding on to pick up the device from T-Mobile, or have you already opted for Sprint, AT&T or Verizon instead?

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  • Saberfang321

    This is strange. This release date is all over the internet, price too. But I just came from the Tmobile store in my city and they told me they’ll have the S4 in stock on the first of May, and I can get one for 100 dollars down payment.

  • dose anyone know when the 64GB comes out?

  • Steve

    Just got mine

    • Mai

      Ahh! Thanks for keeping us updated! Just got mine too 🙂

  • Dizzlez

    Been refreshing their website for hours, when is it going up?

  • Jake G.

    Jesus. I’ve been working the night shift all night. Been waiting for tmobile to update their website. It’s definitely made work a long day. Lol, I just hope this excruciating wait was worth it!!!

  • jason mendoza

    I’m waiting for the site to update, I was told by the loyalty team that the phone will go onsale between 3-6am est. and that it would not ship until April 30th at the earliest. If there is a shortage it will I guess be first order first served so I am personally going to suck it up and wait it out as if I was camping in front of a store for the release throughout the night. The problem for me is I am laying in bed watching TV and it actually makes it MUCH more difficult to keep awake, but still exciting. Good luck shoppers!!!

    • UmOk

      You can do it..Stay AWAKE!

    • NgTurbo

      Good luck Jason, hope you manage to get one!

  • Lorna

    Yea wtf man thought it was supposed to be $150

  • UmOK

    and their site has already said $149 not $199…?

  • anon

    tmobile doesn’t do contracts.

    • NgTurbo

      You’ll still need to pay $20 for 24 months for the $149 down payment option.

      • UmOK

        But you can pay off at any time..that’s not a contract

        • extremely_well

          You can also pay off your subsidized phone (ETF), or your house mortgage, etc. at any time. 😉 T-Mobile monthly phone payments are a contract; better terms contract (that doesn’t bundle service charges), but a contract nonetheless… Semantics…

        • Yeah A contract on the phone payment, not on thier services!

        • Mexicano810

          how is that a contract when you can get out when ever you like without a penalty all you have to do is pay your phone of that is not a contract smh