Life after Skyrim DLC, Fallout 4 and Legendary

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 28, 2013

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be a game we’ll remember for a lifetime thanks to around 800 hours being spent in the virtual world, although all the rumors about a lot more Skyrim DLC coming left us a bit sad when official news came that there would be no Redguard downloadable content.


Life after Skyrim DLC – we confirmed a Skyrim Legendary Edition would arrive earlier this month, although at the time we didn’t have any official word and June 7 had been the date from rumors. Since we published that article, Bethesda published some official details on the release date and exactly what you will get inside the box.

The June 7 release date had been correct for those of you in the UK, although our United States readers will get to own Skyrim Legendary Edition from June 4. The box will include all Skyrim DLC, which means you’ll get Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard with an original game and patch v1.9.

Moving on from Skyrim – It is true that a lot of gamers felt upset after all the bother with the Thalmor, but then this leaves a potential storyline for Elder Scroll 6. Others feel positive now and point out they’re “excited because they’ll be working on Fallout 4 and TES 6”. Are you happy to see the development of Skyrim DLC stop?

Fallout 4 – some people get confused over who will be making Fallout 4, it is hard to believe, but to clear things up it’s expected to be Bethesda Softworks publishing and Bethesda Game Studios developing. It is worth pointing out that the time between Skyrim’s announcement and then release date had been around one year, and at the time of writing we have not had any official announcement for Fallout 4.

We first thought some news would come for Fallout 4 earlier this month, but Bethesda prolonged our wait with a tease that ended up being for The Evil Within. Since then nothing official has been announced although gamers made it clear that the USA should be the setting and not the UK. Blood and gore should stay, and our readers shared some ideas for new features along with possible mods.

Will you purchase Skyrim’s Legendary Edition, and if so will that be on PC, PS3 or Xbox 360?

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  • Skyrim fan

    I’m fine with no more DLC, but they should really make it so you be in control of the dragons after using the bend will shout, that’s the only thing that really disappointed me in skyrim

    • Skyrim fan

      *so you can be in control of the dragons ( be able to fly them like how you ride a horse ).

  • azraelscript

    Only 200 hrs? I broke 1100hrs (450 male Redguard level 62, 650 female Redguard level 78, current player male Khajit level 21). They said there would still be updates, but no new content. Everything is good for me except for the items turning upside down when you pick them up. I think I heard that update 1.7 messed that up. Decorating your home with random items is a hallmark of the Elder Scrolls, it would be unethical to leave that glitch unfixed. I’m not concerned with no new content being released. With all of the issues that accompanied the vanilla game let alone the DLC, it’s time for a rest or else they will kill what is arguably one of the top 10 (top 5 in my book) greatest games of all time. Bethesda showed much improvement with the overall scope of Skyrim and much more responsibility to patching errors and stabilizing gameplay than they did with Fallout 3… or better yet what Obsidian failed miserably to do with Fallout New Vegas (Old World Blues runs crappier than Broken Steel… and that’s really bad).

  • Nicole

    Nice! I’ve been borrowing a friends disk of Skyrim and have been obsessing for the past two weeks about it. I’ll definitely be picking up this legendary edition (:

  • shikamaru317

    I’m satisfied with the amount of work they put into Skyrim and the final product. I’ve put close to 200 hours into the base game alone, and will buy the DLC once it’s price drops. Sure they could have kept working on Skyrim and releasing new DLC, but there are so many people that are ready for Fallout 4 and I’m sure Bethesda knows that they don’t want to keep the Fallout fans waiting. Meanwhile they know that the diehard Elder Scrolls fans will have The Elder Scrolls Online coming out later this year to keep them busy for awhile, so they felt it was time to move on and put the full team towards Fallout 4 now that a suitable amount of work had been done by the smaller team working on it since before Skyrim (the game believed to be Fallout 4 has been in production since 2010, as revealed by Todd Howard in a 2010 interview when he said Bethesda had 2 games in development). With the full team working on Fallout 4 now, it’s even possible that we could see it released by the end of this year, or early next year, there are already rumors of a May 15 teaser unveiling followed by a full reveal at the Next Xbox unveiling on May 21 or at E3 on June 11-13. And I’m sure that once Fallout 4 is out, most of the team will move on to TES 6 while a smaller team works on Fallout 4 DLC and patches, just as they did with Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

  • This Legendary edition means no more patches either. I don’t care what they said there wont be any more patches mark my words. They’re done and this is the final cash grab of their sales plan. It is truly a shame as Skyrim still has a few bugs in need of fixing. The Talos 0% shout time reduction bug, the Dawnbreaker being called Dawnstar bug, the invincible civil war Legates that remain after the civil war is over, the ash piles that STILL do not disappear after 1.9 and perma bodies never going away when they are useless (Ulfric and Galmar), And the vampire hood glitch with the thieves guild hood as well.

  • WrinkleyDog

    I logged roughly 200 hours into Skyrim and all it’s DLCs, and got the achievments along the way, finished all the guild questlines, and made 1,000,000 Septims. I still felt that the developers had more to offer, and when the news came that there wasn’t going to be any more DLC, i was a little upset. I play on console, and because of that, I have no mods to play around with. So I’m sad that Skyrim will now sit on my shelf collecting dust.