GTA V won’t look like this on its release date

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 28, 2013

Considering Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently landing on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with a release date of September 17, there is no way the game would look this good on a console and only stands a chance with the PS4, Xbox 720. Once mods appear for the PC version, which hasn’t even been announced yet, then it would be impressive to see what’s possible with GTA V mods.

We have all seen the Sony PS4 specs and they impress the majority of PS3 gamers, which will most certainly take graphics to another level for console gamers. There are those that would love nothing more than to see a next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5 when it releases later this year, although we are yet to hear a release window for the so-called Xbox 720 that has an event planned for May 21.


The photos on this page are from the latest tease of iCEnhancer 2.5 Beta 1, which were taken from gameplay on GTA IV. If this is possible on the latest version of the game with a PC mod, what could PC gamers have to look forward to with GTA V and mods in the future?


The screenshot showing a close up of leaves in GTA IV with iCEnhancer 2.5 Beta 1 is extremely impressive, although until we’ve been hands-on it is hard to tell how good things will be during normal gameplay.


PC vs. PS4 / Next Xbox graphics – this is a debate that will see PC and console gamers split, although you can be sure developers will work hard on draining every bit of power from the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. It would be amazing to see the Next Xbox include a better form of upgrading of hardware. The PS3 let users upgrade hard drives really easy, but imagine if the next Xbox included other hardware upgrade options as well. In our opinion this would be a game changer for consoles.

Some PC gamers have had problems running iCEnhancer and comment that a “GTX 560ti could run it alright, but the 1GB of Video RAM killed it”. Another PC gamer stated they upgraded to a GTX 660ti with 3GB of VRAM, which had no problems with settings maxed out.


Have you tried the latest version of iCEnhancer for GTA IV? How close do you think GTA V graphics will be to these screenshots on the PS4 and Xbox 720? The GTA V release date is currently set for September 17 on PS3 and Xbox 360, have you pre-ordered?

Images thanks to DSO Gaming. Get ready for three new GTA V videos expected on April 30.

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  • Mark Venediktov


    • Bob Dillan

      Really? No shite Sherlock.

      • tecnoshaman

        ienhancer is not fake you guys are dumb

  • Doggie

    Who are you to say how it’ll look? I swear, anybody can post “news” on games nowadays.

  • I care more for gameplay rather than graphics. Graphics is just a added bonus for gta v.
    Who actually remembers the graphics in the heat of a mission? The answer is the people not playing.
    When I’m on a mission I don’t look at the graphics, my mind is fixed on the mission.
    GTA SA was and still is great because of the gameplay not the graphics. And again graphics was just a added bonus.

    • noob

      Go back to pong you noob!!!

  • jimithejack

    i understand where the writer is coming from, but this is GTA IV not 5!!!!!!. These are mods done on a PC with a old game, so going from the title of the article “GTA V wont look like this on release date”, it wont look like that on ps3/xbox 360 because they are consoles and not not ramped up modded PCs

  • Yeah it wont look like that but looks dont make the game

  • wir2ality

    Fake screens!! This is not gta5

    • Chinoman

      ”The photos on this page are from the latest tease of iCEnhancer 2.5 Beta 1, which were taken from gameplay on GTA IV.”
      Can’t you read ?

      • wir2ality

        They are real cars . Rockstar dont have the rights to use them in any GTA game . U RTAARD!!!

        • wow

          Oh my god are you seriously that stupid as to not know what a mod is?

        • Mark Venediktov

          Yeah a mod is a modification of the game using its development sofware so it means i could make these pictures or even you (couse i kno u want to) so it means that this is not GTA. Why i am explaining this to you kids i dont know.

        • jacob

          This is GTA 4, modded with icenhancer 2.5 ENB and a car moddle made by a user. google gta mods, and click on the first website, and you will see that you can download new car models, and new lighting engines, for the game that make it look drastically improved.

  • Jason Jenkins

    GTA V will still look amazing on XBOX and PS3, look at how LA Noire looks on console?! Graphics arent everything!

  • Rio

    Gonna upgrade my PC.