HTC One vs. Galaxy S4 decided by social hangout

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 27, 2013

When it comes to the best Android phones right now: the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are certainly top of the pack in terms of popularity. Each of these smartphones bring a different flavor of what users want from Android, but we are also seeing fans debate what is the better smartphone.

PR has taken a look at a number of reviews for each smartphone in the past, which included a video featuring a HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison. The HTC One brings a fresh package to the industry and the Galaxy S4 will most likely be the biggest selling Android phone this year.


Today, we wanted to feature a video that runs for over 40 minutes and debates the HTC One vs. Galaxy S4. It aims to find out what Android phone is better via a Google+ hangout. The people involved in this debate are some of Mashable’s well-known bloggers and tech analysts.

HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Which Android phone wins in your opinion? Take a look at the video and if you have enough time watch the whole thing, then share a comment with your choice.

Another article you might want to read looks at how easy the Samsung Galaxy S4 is to repair, which we published earlier today thanks to insight from iFixit.

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  • installed a custom launcher the moment i got the HTC One. no use for blink-feed at all. the fact that you can’t turn it off or customize it very much. main reason i went with the custom launcher. that aside, HTC One for the total win, IMHO.

  • cayano1

    I bought the HTC one developer edition. I am using it on att lte. This phone is amazing. I never liked the touchwiz.

  • Bruce W. Bixon

    I love Blinkfeed. I don’t understand how people shun it. I use my phone mainly for the news & videos . Great job HTC

  • Stephen Adams

    Also just read this article on blink feed, HTC one is the only one to choose 🙂

  • Dan

    If you own an HTC One, you’ll agree that everything that was missing or wrong with prior HTC smartphones has been fixed and then some. If your basing your opinion on said prior phones, don’t. This phone is nothing like other HTC phones I’ve owned…simply put, this phone is AMAZING.

  • drew

    HTC all the way!!

  • HTC one is like Rolls Royce a well built car with good interior, engine, and transmission. The vs4 is like a Lexus full of toys. I found out about this ad on BlinkFeed

  • Loving the One as well. Ironically found this on blink feed. I find the design on this phone makes me want to use it more. The speakers are amazing and the camera is decent for a phone.

    • djinn123

      that’s not “ironic”, it’s “coincidental”. 🙂

  • Nick

    I appreciate you guys are trying so hard to convince yourselves you made the right choice by choosing the one ..but if we must tell ourselves the truth, HTC is no match to GS4..I have owned HTC sensetional Xl and HTC one X and my experience was nothing to right home corrently using GS3 and Iphone now ..have already dropped the two HTC..My friend who bought GS2 even before I bought my Sensentional XL, Samsung is still supporting the phone up till now…whenever you handle the S2 you still feel like when you bought it new..HTC is a no go area for me..That company still have a long way to go to be able to catch up with Samsung..

    • Jeff

      Hold on there Nick. It all depends on what you use the most on a phone. I listen to music and the Beats Audio 2 speaker HTC One sounds like the answer to my prayers. The Sirius and iheartradio apps get most of my battery.

      • Bruce W. Bixon

        If you owned that many HTC devices I’m sure it wasn’t all bad. I mean the company did get you to purchase multiple devices. As far as updates go htc updates faster than any other Android oem for the last three years . Samsung just recently started being up on updates.

    • Did you read this article on BlinkFeed?

      • Fabian Haverbeke

        Yep, I was just redirected from BlinkFeed to here!
        Haven’t tested the gs4, but I don’t see any shortcoming on my One, except of the lack of having a changeable battery. It is a serious shortcoming which made me seriously consider whether I’d buy this phone, but now after owning it for 2 weeks, I can only praise everything else about this phone. Except for the battery, this phone has reached perfection on every single variable.
        It’s my first Android I’m completely satisfied about (4th android I possess).
        I’m a techno geek, which makes me an android fan, but I’m also perfectionist, which leads me to only one phone constructor: HTC. And now they have surpassed themselves!

    • Bob Hanuman

      We are not trying to convince ourselves. We know we made the right choice. I knew after 5 minutes in the store.

  • A K Rana

    Htc one is amazing.

  • Kendall

    Both phones are great. With that said for my money I have to go with the one. When you buy a high end smartphon, you want it to feel premium. I got the one on April 17 and I’m loving it. It reminds me of my MacBook Pro, in terms of quality build and sexyness! Good job. HTC!

  • Sterling Hawes

    I can’t take this video serious with two ios users! Htc one! By the way I found out about this article on my Blink Feed ‘

  • Bob Hanuman

    Get the ONE. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Cornelius


  • Bonedatt

    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, which is why we swear by the devices we own. Both phones do several things exceptionally well. I own the HTC one and it’s really beautiful, great camera features, love the speakers, appreciate the sense UI but I hate being limited to my 32GB storage (thanks AT&T for owning exclusive rightsto the 64GB option) and the inability to change my battery should the life span on the built in battery expire. Fortunately, I am able to forgive those shortcomings just as I forgave my HD2 for being a windows 6.5 with limited apps and my iPhone 4’s antenna issues, ridiculous file sharing methods and worthless bluetooth sharing between devices. On the other hand, I’m not quite sure of what I disliked about my Galaxy S2. Maybe it’s the fact that it was so easy to root and install custom ROMS; so I could bare dealing with CM10 but not touchwiz and it’s gimmicky features that most users only use for a week. Bottom line is that no phone does EVERYTHING very well. We make the phones work for us regardless of their shortcomings. Unfortunately, some of us love to impose our opinions on others.

  • Reyes376

    Just read this from my One.

  • Simply put, i have both phones, and to me the htc one is a clear winner with one caveat, if you want to keep lots of movies and music on your phobe go samsung, its about time h t c added a msd slot to dominate

  • I’ve never been a fan of Touchwiz, and have always preferred Sense. Having used the cameras in both phones, I gave the win to the One when indoors, where I use it most. Once you listen to Spotify on the One’s glorious speakers, you’ll understand why I’m typing this from my new HTC One.