Xbox 720 announcement with PS4 deja vu

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 26, 2013

Microsoft console owners have been bracing themselves for news about the next-generation of Xbox console, aka Xbox 720, which this confirmation finally came over the past couple of days. The new Xbox 720 launch event had been confirmed by an image published on the official Xbox page, and all related social channels for the brand.

The image, seen here, simply stated A New Generation Revealed with a time and date. Full details about that event can be seen via the link in this paragraph.

Since the confirmation of an Xbox 720 announcement the obvious has happened, which is blogs speculating how much news fans will be treated to at the event. This has included well known analysts explaining that gamers shouldn’t expect the full reveal just yet, which could mean some key details will be left for a future date. The PS4 event didn’t reveal a console but did deliver full specs.

Expectations for the 21 May Xbox 720 announcement – respected bloggers, like Paul Thurrott, have also stated that we should consider the upcoming Xbox 720 announcement to be stage one.


Microsoft will be planning very carefully and taking into account every move Sony makes with the PS4, which previous rumors claimed that the Xbox 720 event had originally been planned for April but changed to 21 May thanks to the PS4 reveal.

There will be a number of events following Microsoft’s new Xbox press event, which includes E3 2013 and the June Build conference in San Francisco. These events will allow Microsoft to focus on certain details like platform insight at Build and Xbox 720 games at E3.

Our readers can get even more insight from Thurrott in his recent blog post, which touches on a number of Xbox 720 possibilities including price, specs, ‘Always On’, and another Xbox 360.

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  • Elliott

    I’ll be buying a PS4, not interested in Xbox

  • Lacerz

    I find Mr. Thurrott’s suggestion that Microsoft pushed their reveal out due to the PS4 announcement very interesting. Initially it was believed that the PS4 was going to only have 4GB of GDDR5 memory, which would have been relatively similar to the 8GB of DDR3 rumored for the Xbox. However, as we all know, Sony doubled the memory to 8GB of GDDR5. I’m curious what Microsoft was able to do to counter this.

    • slims_post

      First of all Thurrott is wrong as often as he’s right and when he is right he’s usually just repeating older leaks that seem plausible.

      “we all know, Sony doubled the memory to 8GB of GDDR5. I’m curious what Microsoft was able to do to counter this.”

      Did they double the memory or were the 4GB rumours just wrong? We don’t really know for sure but it’s likely both Sony & MS had their own spies and a good idea of what the other side was doing.

      • Lacerz

        Google this:

        “PlayStation 4’s 8GB RAM kept secret from third-party developers”

        All the 3rd party devs were initially told that the PS4 would have 4GB of GDDR5 RAM, which would arguably be on par with Microsoft’s 8GB of DDR3 RAM. The performance jump from 4 to 8GB of GDDR% RAM would be something Microsoft wouldn’t be able to compete with if they only offered only 8GB of DDR3. Just sayin’.