Final Fantasy Versus XIII new challenges on PS4, PS3

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2013

We have another potentially massive rumor to share with you now, regarding the future of the much troubled, but still highly anticipated Final Fantasy Versus XIII game from Square-Enix. Recent rumors suggested that Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be transformed into Final Fantasy XV and a next-gen PS4 title, but we have new details with claim that the game could still be releasing on PS3 – with a big twist.

Despite the long delay for the game, many gamers are still very excited about the prospect of a new Final Fantasy game that could become as good as some of the previous PS1 greats such as FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX. Initial teases of Versus XIII looked very promising indeed, suggesting a more ‘darker’ approach to gameplay, but subsequent delays over the last few years have threatened to kill off any interest that gamers once had.

This week, we hear surprising rumors from French website Gameblog, that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now destined to be a cross platform game between PS3 and PS4. Their information has apparently come from a source ‘close’ to Square-Enix and have added that Sony helped out in a big way financially in order to make the deal possible, thus now maintaining its status as a Sony exclusive and not jumping over to Xbox as some rumors suggested.

The big question if this is true, is the scale in which both versions will differ. Square-Enix is obviously going to have to make the PS4 version of the game significantly better in the graphics department. Having said that, who will buy the PS3 version if it looks terrible compared to PS4?

Also, how can Square-Enix manage two massive projects with the PS3 notoriously difficult to develop for, combined with the fact that Square-Enix are famously slow on Final Fantasy development as well? It is a very interesting situation that is developing here and don’t forget all will be revealed at E3 2013 in June.

Square-Enix has already confirmed that they are bringing their next-gen Final Fantasy game to E3 2013, so we’ll have to wait and see if they have been busy porting Versus XIII over to the PS4 hardware all of this time.

What are your thoughts on this potential outcome? Would you favor a PS4 version of Versus XIII over PS3 – how would it work?

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  • shikamaru317

    I’ve been assuming that they would port it over to the next gen for some time. There had to be some major reason for the silence since the January 2011 trailer. Some rumors/leaks have suggested that the silence was because of a massive redesign, including the removal of real-time action combat in favor of traditional turn based combat, but I don’t think Square would remove the main thing that made Versus stand out in the first place. I think that silence was because they were busy working on a Next Gen version. I will however be dissapointed if Versus remains a Sony exclusive, I was really hoping that MS would fight to make it a multiplatform game since part of the 13 series is already on the 360. I’ll probably be getting the Next Xbox instead of the PS4, the positive rumors about the Next Xbox are fantastic, as is it’s rumored launch game list, Versus would be the only PS4 exclusive I’d even be interested in and one game isn’t enough for me to buy the PS4 instead of the 720.