Fallout 4 is supposed to be bloody and violent

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 21, 2013

There are some games that deserve the higher rating thanks to their extreme gore and violence, which the majority of gamers wouldn’t want any other way, This includes the likes of upcoming games Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout 4, but it seems some people want to see more family-friendly versions of these games.

We have looked at the idea of no swearing in GTA V in the past, obviously the majority of our readers point out the tasks you can undertake in GTA V that are classed as mature as well, making the removal of swearing pointless in most cases.

Fallout 4 is supposed to be bloody and violentthis article has taken a look at the idea of making Fallout 4, a game without a release date or any solid details, more family-friendly with a lot less violence and blood.

This very idea has caused a number of gamers to comment on the above article in disgust and these people quite rightly point out that Fallout 4 is known for the violence. Reducing the levels of violence that the game is loved for would “ruin the series”, which is our opinion and that of most fans we’ve spoken to.

Other gamers point out that if this change were ever made with a Fallout game, it would be a quick way for fans to desert. These gamers love this franchise for some specific reasons and they include the mature content.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on making games like Fallout 4 more family-friendly, take a look at the above article and let us know if you agree with us that Fallout 4 is supposed to be violent and bloody? You might also want to read about a Bethesda tease that some thought had been for Fallout 4, which we now know had been for a game called The Evil Within.

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  • Josh Brooks

    They should make violent games bloody. People should see that if you shot a man or take a sword swing at him that the results are not cartoonish and something other than gruesome. People who watch violent media need to see just how we humans are just bags of meat and blood with skeletons to hold us up.(Game of Thrones reference)

  • John Bonfield

    If anything they should pump the blood and gore to the max…I wanna be able to see in detail the poop fall out of my enemies intestines when I mulch them with a minigun!

  • Sir_K33tanz

    That’s completely retarded. Unless Bethesda wants to lose more money than they spend, they should not even consider it. Fallout owes nothing to the gaming world by being a designated “family game”. Go pick Hello Kitty Adventure Island or some garbage like that.

  • Luca

    I’m not a big fan of this. Taking off blood and gore would be really dumb. But I want an option where you can take off swearing because my parents get mad at me when they here it

  • I wanna blast super mutants to a green pulp with my minigun.. Is that so much to ask?

  • Longdongsilver

    Nice hat Calamity Jane

  • Abyss

    Its simple the game is rated M for MATURE. Sadly no one ever takes the rating system seriously. Fallout 4 is meant to be played by Mature people not your 12 year old cod addict

  • John

    Making Fallout 4 family-friendly is like censoring The Godfather. You just don’t do it. You can’t without ruining the entire ideology of what Fallout is. It’s not a peaceful wonderful place where people have learned to control themselves, it’s a crazed world that deserve a crazed people! It’s up to the parents to purchase their children games acute to their age, not the game to adhere to the words of parent’s wanting a game to be child friendly. Most kids won’t even bother with story anyhow and go straight into the shooting. I do every single quest in all the Fallout games I’ve played and even played and done a 100% playthrough 5x plus by now. It’s not a gore-free moral wonderland, and it shouldn’t ever be, and it wouldn’t ever be there was an alpacalypse (apocalypse lol).

  • Ath30s

    I personally will be so butthurt if fallout 4 never comes out.. cmon bethesda!!!!

  • dakan45

    How about giving the STORY to obsidian, because fallout 3 story and quests were meh. Thats all i care about and modding.

  • Kris Liddle

    But fallout is based in wastelands caused by nuclear war, its not supposed to be kid friendly.

  • Kaiaa

    Fallout is meant to have blood and violence. It’s about surviving in a post apocalyptic world. It’s about surviving in a lawless environment. It’s kill or be killed. If you want a family friendly video game, check out the E for everyone section of your local gaming store.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t want your child to play violent video games, don’t buy violent video games for them to play.

  • PH

    Some of the stuff that guy wrote actually sounds pretty interesting, if you ignore the parts about watering down the mature content. Having helping “the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse survive and rebuild” be a central theme could be very interesting. Family friendly would be bad, but a wider variety of gameplay options could add increased immersion and make it that much more open-world.

  • Sean Gutowski

    I would definitely not buy fallout 4 if it where made more family friendly. Fallout is about the open world options and hemming them in with family friendly quests would destroy that.

  • Miggles

    Have any of you even ever played Fallout? Fallout is disturbing and violent. That’s a good deal of what makes it a great game. If you took that away you would be playing a lukewarm puddle of urine.

  • hobo

    The answer seems pretty straight forward to me. In game options. When you start a new save ask the player for their preferred violence/gore level. Everyone wins.

  • digitalkiwi09

    no… i wouldn’t like to see a “glittery mess” perk instead of “bloody mess”

  • Games like GTA and Fallout are successful because of the level of immersion they give the player. To truly make a game immersive it needs to simulate real life in every way possible without going overboard. If GTA has a cutscene with a lifelong criminal not swearing it, the character feels fake. If in Fallout I shoot a outlaw in the head point blank with a shotgun, and I’m not rewarded with a realistic explosion of skull, blood, and brains, the simulation of combat feels fake. TLDR immersive games simulate real life, in real life people swear and die bloody deaths in combat.

  • headcheese3

    If you don’t want blood and violence, don’t buy a game that has blood and violence. Parents should keep a close monitor on the games that the kids buy and know what their child we be exposed to.

  • Rokk

    Dear Family Friendly consumer:
    Stop ruining my games because you don’t want your children to be subjected to violence and gore. I understand its not something a child should see, but take some responsibility and don’t buy it for them as opposed to censoring a popular gaming title and ruining it for everyone else. Perhaps pick up a less violent game instead.
    Yours truly,

  • Smashwa

    So what your saying is a religious group wants to push its stance, beliefs and ideals onto everyone else? Sounds like usual.

  • anon1234

    its about surviving in a post apocalyptic world its supposed to be violent, its not supposed to be a family game or family friendly, if you want family friendly go play mario party

  • unknown

    Family friendly? That is beyond stupid. If you want family friendly buy mario kart. Making games like this family friendly doesn’t make sense. Since when does a family get together to murder people?

    • whodat1

      I don’t know why, but when I was reading the last line of your post this popped into my head:
      Fallout 4 DLC: The Bates Motel

  • Danial

    fallout is meant to be mature it’s history is mature just because some people want it to be friendly than she shouldn’t comply. If you were to accept some change that “offend” people then other people will demand to change other aspects until you are left with crap

  • Greg C.

    Am I the only one who wants the game to get MORE evil? It’s a post-apocalyptic hellholes. I want to loot, pillage, and rape my way from one corner of the map to another. I’m a nice, goofy family guy in real life. In the world of fiction, I want the ability to be so evil the bad guy for Mad Max would tell me to tone it down.

  • jaxative

    And I want angry birds to feature more full frontal nudity but it doesn’t so I will have to watch porn instead.

  • Anon

    I think that James Wallace, below this comment, put it best: “Fallout is about the brutal, savage nature of man.”

    Like, there’s nothing else to it. You don’t make that “family friendly.”

  • Philip Erskine

    These people should just stop buying their 8 year olds 18+ games. I know they do, because I have to listen to them online.

  • Evan Westermann

    screw making “family friendly games”. I am so sick of society trying to soften down every single aspect of media from video games to movies. If you don’t want your children playing excessively violent video games, DONT BUY THEM.

  • Billy Mack

    Sure, make a game LIKE Fallout that is family friendly, but DO NOT ruin Fallout for me. That would piss me off to no end.

  • Everything game has a target audience and Fallout series is aimed at mature folks what is so hard to understand? Mario Bros’ is for Kids, Fallout is for Adults. I tire of everything having to be sterilized so little Johnny does not see something inappropriate. Meanwhile these same folks let their kids watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Two and Half Men’ and other misogynous shows on TV and say nothing. Guess what? Gay people are going to get married, video games and movies are going to continue to be violent, weed is going to get legalized and MAN CREATED GOD!

    • amcc

      I totally agree with everything you just said and I like you last comment because it is very true. they worship a false god that they themselves created. but I agree look at the rating before buying it for your kids. tell them to stay on cod lol

  • Auraboron

    Yeah, and could you make Fallout 4 more like Bejeweled and other Facebook games? (sarcasm)

  • Moose

    Some parents can’t say no to their bratty little kids so they expect others to bend over backwards to change their product because it might give lil johnny nightmares. Please don’t change a thing bethesda, your games are for people that can actually afford them and don’t need parental consent.

  • BloodtheObliterator

    If you want Fallout to be family friendly, pay a game studio to make a Fallout clone for kids. Hey, I have an idea, how about LEGO: WASTELAND. That seems to be the trend; if you want a kid friendly version, lego-tize it.

  • Nzgrim

    Fallout is about mature and adult content. The setting and the world is full of violence. Slavers, raiders, mutated monsters …. How the hell COULD you make it family – friendly without removing these things and still be able to call it Fallout?

  • the world has ended, better not have death.

  • Harley Burke

    Don’t make it a family friendly game that would just suck. I’m into blood guts and gore thats why I play fallout. Doing so would make the series crash and burn HARD! And that would be bad. (Karma Loss Sound).

  • How do you make a post-apocalyptic nuclear war setting “family friendly”

  • SkankyPineaaple

    The wasteland is a bloody and violent place, making Fallout family friendly would destroy the atmosphere of the game. If anything they should make it more bloody and violent

  • Lenny

    I can’t believe this is even a matter of discussion. How could you possibly make Fallout into a family-friendly game? Even if you take the swearing out, you still have the violence of shooting things. Surely the author isn’t suggesting that weapons be removed from the game? Contrary to what American TV would have you believe, removing the swearing and keeping the violence doesn’t make something “family friendly.”

  • James O’Neil

    if these people actually looked at the age rating on the case they will notice it has a rating of “18” on it, games with that rating are not usuallymade for family entertainment.

  • The Cat

    Family Friendly Fallout???????? HELLLLL NNNNOOOOOOO

  • jmcmullan

    War….. War never changes…

  • I have been a massive and loyal fan of Bethesda since elderscrolls arena and I will definitely “jump ship” if they even think of making fallout 4 a family friendly game. We all know that consoles are the best babysitter, but these titles have never been for the younger audience. you want family friendly? go buy viva pinyata or mario cart! Fallout is about the brutal, savage nature of man, not holding hands! This game has been long awaited by the gaming community, make it worth the wait!

    Thanks for reading

  • Will it coming out on PS3 or PS4

    • whodat1

      Everything that read says it won’t be out until next year and it will be developed for the PS4.

  • The theme of fallout is mature, it’s a post apocalyptic world! if you tried making it family friendly it would take that gritty survivalist edge away from it. There’s nothing more satisfying than poping a raiders head off from 300 yards away with the Lincoln repeater. Keep the gore!

    • Jordan

      I agree. The problem isn’t reducing the violence. I enjoyed the bloody mess perk in the original, but i don’t feel that was the draw of the game. I feel that the story and settings are the problem here, since THEY deal with very mature topics, which wouldn’t be the same if they had to cater to a younger audience as well. Forget exploding heads, can you really put in a possible option to nuke a town in a kids game?

  • Really wouldnt make since for the post apocalypse setting to be family friendly..since technically it would be really dark and horrific…

    • whodat1

      Yes, somehow replacing trying to find a good working rifle with standing in line to get an EBT card just ain’t going to cut it.

  • duke

    It’s rated mature not 10+ if you want a family game buy a Wii and get Mario or Zelda

  • Ha! I love that this page basically puts that other one to shame.
    Fallout wouldn’t be fallout with out bloody mess perk.

    Your sneaking, crouched behind a rock. You see a large creature from afar, checking your sniper rifle for any defects and a full clip. As you steady the rifle on the dusty, dried ground, taking aim at what now is confirmed to be a Deathclaw. You steady the crossairs for a shot, you fire. The dust kicks up around the muzzle. Two seconds pass and the enormous creature falls to the ground with a spring of grey matter coloring the dry rocks behind.

    Oh fallout, how I adore you, I could write so much more if the iPad wasn’t about to die 🙁

    • whodat1

      Or more likely, the dust settles down and the deathclaw is charging right at you! Reload and fire again? Or run for your life? These are the kind of choices I like about fallout.

      • the game is might to be violent. but i usually do not take out a deathclaw with one shot. it usually goes like whodat1 said take out a bigger gun or load it with more bullets. if they make it family fun i will never buy a other fallout game again. that is what the rating system is for learn to read it. i am so sick and tired of companies making games easier because people dont like a challenge. to bad if it is to hard dont play it.

  • if fallout games series events were to happen in real life, it would be alot more bloody and violent and you would imagine. I want a game that i can loose my self in, and pretend its a real situation, so make it be realistic ..simple as that

    • Kaiaa

      This is the exact reason I love the Fallout series.

  • shikamaru317

    It seems to me the solution is simple. Put in a blood and gore toggle. They’re in several games now, and the developers that have given people that option have been praised for it.

    • does the setting include water pistols and nerf guns?

      • shikamaru317

        Well, Fallout 3 does have BB guns, those are kid guns. But your point still fails to make any sense. I’m not one of those people asking for less blood and gore so they can play the game in front of kids, that’s just stupid because Blood and Gore is just one of several elements that gives the game a Mature rating. I want less gore so that I can play a game I enjoy without occassionally shaking my head at the sheer ridiculousness of the comic gore It’s not like I’m even asking for the removal or gore for everyone like some of the crazy activists are, I’m asking for a simple gore toggle to make both sides happy. Bethesda can easily do it and they would be praised for doing it, just as the other developers that have taken that step have. The fact that you’re arguing against something that makes both sides of the debate happy, and with a snide comment no less, is stupid.

  • Christian Franchick

    Leave Fallout alone, all it wants to do is entertain you!

  • george

    when is it getting released

    • shikamaru317

      Nobody knows yet. Could be as soon as Q4 this year, though Q1 or Q2 next year is more likely.

  • Please, Dont censor my fallout. This would be a let down of monumental proportions to anybody with a love for video games. Childhoods around the world would be destroyed. Fallout, should not be family friendly. It never was intended to be. If they want a more family and child safe fallout-style game, Pick another series.

  • Fallout is set in the far future after a nuclear war in an alternate timeline. Even if people declared the nuclear was ‘family friendly’ it’d make no sense if they removed some of the more violent aspects of the game, including the use of drugs that make you stronger or gives you night vision. Would those family friendly people want to remove guns entirely or just make it so that there is no blood being shown or limbs being dismembered? Then you only have the body to deal with, and imagine if these people want the game to be more friendly for their children, then tada! Your son committed murder and took his belongings! Fallout is a violent game through and through, to make it more friendly would require an overhaul, if its even possible. If you want a family friendly game go look for Mario Party or Pokemon.

  • Fallout, Family Friendly? F*ck that sh*t …….There are enough family friendly games around, thats what the Wii is for(Not Nintendo bashing as I love Nintendo, it’s just the truth) We love Fallout the way it is, the next one needs to keep doing what 3 & New Vegas did but just have the same graphics jump that Skyrim was given compared to Oblivion……It’s not gonna happen though, Bethesda wouldn’t ruin their market just for a new fanbase

  • Fallout is one of my favorite game series. It’s a violent game, yes, but there’s more to it than that.

    We have ESRB ratings for a reason. It’s not up to Bethesda or Rockstar to tone their product down for your kids or you. It’s up to YOU to monitor and regulate your own entertainment experience or that of your children. If you don’t like the violence and language in Fallout and GTA, buy a different product.

  • People complaining about the mature nature of a title are not the people paying Bethesdas bills.. just a thought 🙂

  • You’ve got issues if you want to share this game with those not even old enough to view its previous titles.

  • gerrit

    sure they can make the game more child friendly and add the other stuff they said but while they are at that why don’t the take away the Apocalypse aspic of the game change the name and give it to some new company to create it. maybe then they will be happy don’t change a epic game just because your to lazy to tell your children to leaf the room or play the game when they are asleep or at a friends house

  • Here’s the problem you run into with this idea. Sure, Bethesda could implement an option in the game that allows for a mode with less violence. I’m sure they could. But the type of people who write articles like that won’t be satisfied even though they got exactly what they asked for.

    The next game they’ll be asking for the less violent option to be enabled by default. Then they’ll want the more violent option to be complicated to activate (because, the children!!). And at last, they’ll be asking to do away with the violence altogether for everyone.

    Lets not forget for a moment that the ratings system is there SPECIFICALLY to address the concerns of people like this. They got their ratings system, then, that wasn’t good enough, they wanted more. And it will continue to be like that until everything they dislike is criminalized/banned.

  • If someone wants game like fallout which is family friendly then they should just look for another title. What’s the point in wanting fallout and then ask for it to be castrated and singing soprano…

  • IamSlave

    Please PLEASE don’t make Fallout “family friendly” that would be just horrible. There’s plenty of other titles to go that route, leave Fallout alone.