Mob of the Dead zombies Easter Egg: Pop goes the Weasel solved

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2013

Mob of the Dead zombies has only been released for a short period of time, but we can tell you that the main Mob of the Dead Zombies easter egg has been solved already. If you are currently trying to solve the puzzle yourself, we have a complete video guide to show you, which will get you the ‘Pop goes the Weasel’ achievement / trophy.

There is a major twist as well at the end of it, which has already become a big talking point. Solving the easter egg has become a great activity for new zombie map releases from Treyarch, and this one is no different either. As you can guess from the achievement title, Weasel plays a big part in the easter egg and there’s actually a deep story line to follow this time around, compared to other easter eggs in previous zombie maps.

There are a vast list of tasks you’ll have to complete as normal, so viewing the video above courtesy of NGTZombies will tell you all you need to know rather than trying to explain one by one here. We’re guessing that a lot of you are having problems finding the blue skulls in the afterlife, so you can just watch this video if you want to skip to that stage.

You’ll also need to pick up the Hells Retriever first, as that also plays a big part in solving the easter egg right until the end. Without spoiling what happens at the end, we do have to mention that there doesn’t appear to be any big rewards this time unlike previous maps.


A full set of perks would be nice, but it looks like you just get the achievement at the end – and that’s it. If you have already unlocked Pop goes the Weasel, let us know your thoughts on the overall easter egg and whether you are disappointed that there are no rewards as well.

Is it one of the best easter eggs in terms of story or not?

Note: For those that are asking, we can also tell you that you need at least two players to complete the Easter Egg, with one playing as Weasel – as it seems like the easter egg cannot be completed in solo mode.

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  • Albert Arlington

    Itspretty hard when you do it the first time. i enjoyed it though

  • jules

    can any of the easter eggs be done offline? like the spoon and the afterlife tomahawk.

  • I DID IT

    What happens at the end of the Easter egg after all the steps audio is played and the audio talks about how Oliver “Weasel” had come up with this fool proof plan to escape Alcatraz and he got these other three guys in on it ( billy, Sal Finn ). The plan was to make a makeshift airplane that he designed. ( thats why you build the airplane) and escape. Although the plan starts to fail and Sal, Finn, and Billy get angry and bring weasel to the roof and murder him. ( In the Easter egg you go to after life and fly the plane and thats when they murder him) After you fly to Golden Gate in after life you have to revive your players in the electric chair. (The reason there in the chair is because the guys were sentenced to death after killing weasel) Once you revive yourselves you have to kill Weasel and once that is done it says Game Over THE CYCLE IS BROKEN and then the Easter egg is done