Anticipated Canon 70D unveil event disappointment

By Peter Chubb - Apr 17, 2013

Earlier this month there was a rumor suggesting that the Canon 70D release could be sooner than expected, as a Canon press event was said to be taking place on April 23, 2013. The report seemed convincing enough, but we still had reason to doubt this because of several 70D predecessors never launched at this time of year.

We cannot say for certain how much truth there is to this latest news, as Canon Rumors has learned the Canon EOS 70D unveil rumored to happen on April 23 will not happen, although they do point out this could be for another camera. This makes us wonder what new Canon model we can expect to see in less than a week’s time?

The Canon 70D release may not happen until October, with its unveil during August, as these were the months that coincide with the unveils and releases of the 60D and 50D. We know things can change, and proof of this is because the 70D is considered to be a year late, but we still cannot see Canon changing the month they have released this DSLR range.

Expected Canon 70D specs are to include a 18-megapixel sensor, the same as the SL1, 6.5fps, WiFi and GPS, 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen display, but we do not know if this will be able to swivel. We expect the Canon 70D body to be made from magnesium alloy and be weatherproof.

The Canon 70D price is expected to be about $1199 for the body only, which could be slightly larger than the 60D.

Do you believe Canon will announce the release of the 70D soon, or will it be a little later in the year? Would you agree those specs mentioned above are correct, if not what features do you think are more plausible?

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  • mel

    If the 70D isn’t released til june i might also have to change to nikon. The d7100 is to handle with and also a good value…

  • bigusdickus

    I’ve been waiting for the 70D but need a new camera before October. Might have to go with the Nikon d7100. I’ve always been a Canon guy but I’ve played with this new one at work and it’s pretty nice.

  • reviewfever

    they are going to drive me to get the mark iii instead of sitting on my trembling hands as i nervously have waited for this stinking camera.

    • i am being driven to save my money or go with blackmagic and new lens for video and use my point and shoot for photos. I cannot WAIT for this camera ANY longer. The 6D is junk. 5DMk3 is wayy overpriced.

  • Formercanonowner

    After 20 years with canon, I am done playing catch up with nikon, I have sold all my canon gear and moving to Nikon!

    • Radha Krishna

      Not A Problem If Canon Looses One Customer…..Canon Rocks

      • What a silly comment!!! s it happens canon is WELL BEHIND Nikon just look 60d v d7000 one is gimicky rubbish and not as good as predisessor 50d and one is semi pro quality

        • rt

          My thoughts exactly. I wrote to Canon when the 70D came out and told them that’s what I want. Make one and I’ll show you the money!

      • rt

        Actually, Canon is rapidly losing sales, while Nikon is holding on. I’m also near the breaking point. Canon had better deliver or my long range plan will be to move to Nikon.