Mob of the Dead Zombies US, UK release time with Uprising DLC

By Alan Ng - Apr 16, 2013

We are just hours away from a brand new zombie map landing on Xbox Live for Black Ops 2 Season Pass owners. Mob of the Dead zombies is coming soon and we now have some estimated release times to give you, for gamers in the US and UK who are planning to play the new content as soon as it goes live on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

To remind you, the new Mob of the Dead zombies map is coming as part of the Uprising DLC map pack for Black Ops 2. Aside from the new zombies map, Uprising will also add the Magma, Studio, Encore and Vertigo maps into multiplayer, but no new multiplayer weapon this time around.

Treyarch hasn’t given an official release time for Uprising and Mob of the Dead zombies yet, but we have discovered some information over on Twitter, courtesy of CharlieIntel. According to their page, the Uprising DLC pack will be available on the Xbox Live marketplace at around 2am Pacific Time.

That means that we could be seeing Mob of the Dead available at 5am Eastern Time and 10am for those of you in the UK. Remember that this isn’t a direct confirmation yet, but estimated times just to give you an idea. Either way, it looks like those in the US will have to stay up through the night to be able to play it straight away, but users in the UK can get some sleep first and hit all day in the morning.

Hopefully by the time Uprising is live, there will be no more Xbox 360 server problems as we’ve seen recently. Treyarch has said that they are ‘investigating’ the recent downtime regardless, so we’ll update you if there’s a big update on the issue.

So there we have it – look for Uprising and Mob of the Dead around 2am PT, 5am EST and 10am GMT – estimated times remember. Are you pumped up for Mob of the Dead zombies?

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  • tonesta

    Im dl now in aus queenslad

  • DmanDES

    Not here in the UK yet! 11.47 am still waiting

  • Duck

    Uk = is it out yet

  • duncan duncan

    Too many zombies-like games, no matter in ps3, mobile game, etc.. I am a little bit tired actually…

  • 5:36 am east coast time an no dlc released yet!?!

  • Zurmehs

    Got it! Found it hiding in the in-game store

  • raw

    Add me zI ReaLisM

  • Buzzy

    I just got it.. I live in Canada & it’s 7 am 😀

  • I don’t have it yet and it’s 5:25 and I live in Michigan hopefully it comes soon I’m pumped add me gavins dad2010

  • raw

    Woooo hooo downloaded texas

  • Buzzy

    lol me to

  • Baddest_Bitch_out_here

    I got it! Just now 🙂

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    It still isn’t out yet.. lol where I live anyways :L

  • failing beast

    Out in California so download though

  • OssyRipper

    Downloading right now baby

  • Dahmer

    Got it 🙁 about to pack a green bowl. That’s Vancouver British Columbia

  • Buzzy

    well it’s 6am in Canada and I don’t have it yet… lol

  • floatograph

    Syndicate has it I dont when does it come out in australia???

  • wowow

    where the f*** is this DLC.

  • Duck

    I hope so 🙁 no point me taking a day off

  • Ralf

    10am and not available yet. Must be 11am UK TIME

  • Duck

    When does it come out uk ?

  • Dahmer

    Who has it?

  • Gee

    I’ve got it

    • killer1200

      Do u live in the west coast

    • Where u live?

    • Ag

      I call bulsh

  • davidandsummer

    what time would it come out in tennessee?

  • So what time does it come out central time

  • Bye Byeeeeeeee

    Zombies FTW! Really cannot wait for this new zombies map! Looks great! Im gonna smach the round 30 on my first try… Add me up guys! Gt:Bye Byeeeeeeee

  • ashton

    so toronto has to wait till 5am?

  • Cool

    So many ppl are Skipping school. Comment if u and ur friends set up a plan for this


    Im not going to school tommorrow only 3 and half hours till new zombies cant wait XD

  • iTSWiCK3D

    Was planning on staying up but 5 am leaves me a couple hours to sleep. Add me WiCK3D87

  • timmy baker

    wtf man bmore

    • DmanDES

      Not here in the UK yet! 11.38 am still waiting