Xbox 720 may not have backwards compatibility plan B

By Alan Ng - Apr 10, 2013

Microsoft still hasn’t announced any official information on their next-generation Xbox console, as we approach the middle of April. Despite that, rumors are still continuing to flow on a daily basis and we could now see the reality where the next Xbox won’t play any Xbox 360 games, on top of the now-infamous always-on internet rumors.

This could turn out to be a major problem for Microsoft, especially if they don’t have a plan B. We say this, as it is also no secret that the Sony PS4 will also not be able to play PS3 discs straight from the Blu-Ray drive. Sony does however, have a plan B in motion with the confirmation that select PS3 titles will be playable on the PS4 thanks to the acquisition of streaming service Gaikai.

At the moment, we haven’t heard any rumors whatsoever that Microsoft will have a similar streaming contingency plan in the works as backup. Don’t forget, we have also heard additional rumors that Microsoft will also announce a $99 Xbox 360 console alongside their next Xbox system, to perhaps alleviate the pain that consumers will endure when they find out their Xbox 360 discs may not work on the next system.

It is obviously early days yet with nothing but rumors to go on, but is it perhaps looking a little bleak for Microsoft already? The always-on connection seems to have been confirmed already, cemented by the fact that Adam Orth, a creative exec for the company recently told complainers on Twitter to ‘deal with it’it being the fact that always-on may be a feature of the next console.

If Microsoft doesn’t offer Xbox 360 support in the next Xbox, does that provide the final nail in the coffin in your difficult decision on which next-gen console to pick up? Backwards compatibility is still a big requirement for the majority of consumers, with most simply not ready to kiss goodbye to their endless library of games.

Brand loyalty aside, what are your honest thoughts on the possibility of the next Xbox console without 360 playback? Is it really a big deal for you or not?

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  • No backwards is backward

    Only issue is that GTA V out in Sept with new consoles end of Oct/Nov. Therefore, I have to decide whether 1-1.5 months is enough time to play GTA V. As I will only have the one console hooked up in my theatre room and the kids will get my ps3. I will be torn if the 720 has backwards coz I would rather stay with ps, but they have already said it’s out 🙁 To me, waitiing longer than day 1 to buy a next gen console is NOT an option.

  • Mr_stuff

    The only problem I see is when the 720 is new for the first 6 months people may want to play 360 games after that only new 720 games will be played

  • Ian Mcdonald

    I personally don’t buy new hardware to play old games.