Xbox 720 Vs PS4 with similar x86 AMD chips

By Alan Ng - Apr 9, 2013

While all the talk recently has been on Sony’s PC-based x86 architecture setup that will replace the Cell broadband engine inside the PS3, we have some very interesting rumors on what materials Microsoft will be using for the next-generation Xbox console. It has now become apparent that we could see a reality where both next-gen systems are based on the same x86 AMD processors as one another.

Imagine if it happened as well – then it could really come down to brand loyalty if hardware specs turn out to be the same. That’s exactly what may happen, as Bloomberg has now published a new article – confirming that an x86 setup for the next Xbox console is also being used by Microsoft.

While the Sony PS4 will utilize a AMD custom system-on-a-chip processor, comprising of eight 64-bit Jaguar cores with a Radeon graphics processor, Bloomberg has revealed via anonymous sources familiar with the matter, that Microsoft will use Jaguar processing units as well.

Specific details on what exact chips are being used hasn’t been revealed yet, but it looks like both systems are now going to have a very similar setup than first thought. If Microsoft also announce 8GB of RAM for the Xbox ‘720’, then it really is going to come down to the key specifics to decide which console will end up winning the initial sales war.

We also have a feeling that the constant ‘always-on internet’ rumors will play a key part in picking up the next Xbox as well, although Microsoft recently had to publicly apologize after one of their execs Adam Orth was caught being unprofessional on Twitter.

If Bloomberg has said that an x64 PC setup is being used for the next Xbox, how does this affect your decision on which next-gen console to purchase? Will you still opt for the Sony PS4, or does this now make you interested in Microsoft’s console?

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  • Microsoft stealing Sony ideas that’s why they haven’t told any1 there specs HOW PATHETIC
    Sony is the best

  • What would be nice is if microsoft opted for a seperate gpu. One that had its own bandwidth instead of what sony had opted for. This may help prevent a bottleneck possibly making the system faster and it could be separately cooled which could avoid system errors from over heating. Shared memory is pretty much a given though I think.