GTA V release date enticed by Microsoft with extras

By Alan Ng - Apr 6, 2013

We have some very welcome news for Xbox 360 owners now, as it looks as if Microsoft are attempting to gain the upper hand on Sony with regards to the biggest gaming release of the year – undoubtedly Rockstar’s GTA V title that is due out on September 17 later this year.

While Rockstar has been silent on the possibility of a GTA V trailer 3 releasing in the coming months, the famed developer has put a smile on faces recently by unleashing a barrage of new beautiful screenshots for everyone to enjoy. They then followed that up by revealing the official box art for the game – which you can check out here again if you haven’t seen it. It’s lovely.

Now, we have some important news for those planning to make an early pre-order for the Xbox 360 version. You may want to cancel any retail orders that you had in mind, as Microsoft are now offering 1600 Microsoft Points as a free gift for anyone that pre-orders GTA V from the Microsoft Store online.

As far as we can see, there doesn’t appear to be any catch for this – simply pre-order from Microsoft and the company will email you a redeemable voucher within 10 days of the GTA V game being shipped. Obviously though, this deal won’t last forever and it will apply whilst stocks last – Microsoft has warned in the small print.

The end date for the offer is December 31st 2013, so get your pre-orders in now if you want to secure your free 1600 Microsoft Points that you can use on say the next batch of Black Ops 2 DLC. You have to say that this is now a great incentive to pick up the Xbox 360 version from Microsoft rather than anywhere else.

The big question is whether Sony will respond to this with a similar offer of their own. Perhaps some free PSN network credit as a direct response, or even a few months of PlayStation Plus access would be great. Let us know what you think of Microsoft’s generosity and whether you will jump straight on this deal.

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  • Barber Michael

    That’s because it’s coming out January google it

  • Hooplah

    Nope. Im pretty sure there will be MUCH better DLC content from Best Buy and Gamestop.

  • xHDx

    Not available to anyone other than American Customers 🙁

  • Michael Baber

    How does the offer end on Dec. 31, 2013 if the game “is due out on September 17 later this year,” and you’re supposed to pre-order?

    • Hooplah

      You have until December to redeem the code for the points.