Apple Store down as new iPad mini with Retina hoped

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 5, 2013

The Apple Store is currently down, which had been first reported 4 hours ago on April 5, 2013. This might seem like some minor news, but for loyal Apple fans that love the latest offerings it turns into a waiting event with hopes of new products.

Top of the list for new products would be the new iPad mini with Retina, which some thought might appear at WWDC 2013, although Apple is known for releasing updates to products with a quick Apple Store update following the renowned “Down” message.

We looked at a few of the best iPad mini 2 conceptual videos a few days ago, and looked at the possible price for iPad mini 2 that could emphasize some staggered enhancements. What would you like to see from the iPad mini 2, of course other than Retina?

From what we can see it looks like the Apple Store is down in all countries, which we’ve checked the UK, a few others, and US first hand. Please share a comment if the Apple Store is down in your part of the world, and let us know what you think might be introduced today?

We will update our readers when the Apple Store is back up, although it is good to remember we might see the store return with no new products.

Update: The Apple Store is back up, sadly no new iPad mini 2.

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  • Nathen Morris

    Maybe they were making the more modern design I saw recently.

  • Brad

    Wow…why would you even think that? They never post things on their site without announcing it first. You guys…