Nikon D7100 buffer capacity issues

By Peter Chubb - Apr 1, 2013

The long-awaited Nikon D7100 has been available to you and I for a little over two weeks now and early sales figures seemed to be pretty good, as there had been several stock issues the moment this latest DSLR went on sale. Thankfully retailers have finally managed to get on top of these early problems, which is more than we can say from one or two of the cameras features.

It seems as though several owners have issues with the Nikon D7100 buffer capacity, because it does not take long before being filled. Nikon will not go out of their way to share this information with you, unless you dig into the full specs, although a Forum member has felt the need to share this information with you, as they feel it’s an important factor in your buying decision.

The Nikonites Forum member says, “The D7100 frame buffer is 6 lossless-compressed 14-bit NEFs, or 7 lossless compressed 12-bit NEFs.” You’ll agree with him about this being a bit of a concern, especially when you consider the D7100 is said to be a birding camera.

What confuses other members of the Forum is the fact the D7100 has a much improved sensor than its predecessor, the D7000, so why have they stuck with the same buffer size? If you have yet to come across this issue, then look out for a bird in flight and start shooting, you will get through those frames in less than two seconds. However, if you select a larger image those frames will be used up in less than one second. You can see this issue in action in the video embedded below.

There are many more cases like this, which are explained in the Forum, which you can see HERE, but we’d love to know if you have experienced these buffer issues with the Nikon D7100? There have also been several issues with older Sigma lenses not being compatible, again have you noticed this problem?

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Nikon D7100 buffer capacity issues

  • What card are you using? I use SanDisk ExtremePro 90mb/sec and have no issues. With my other cards (20mb/sec) there is poor performance. Makes a HUGE difference.

    • Nikon John

      I use the same cards, I can confirm this, nice choice Steve.

  • Indrajeet Singh

    Been using it for 3 days, only use it for birding, I never use the burst mode, max I use is 3 frames per sec. No issues thus far. Great camera. Only use Nikkor lenses, again no issue.

  • Ctu

    Thanks for sharing…
    I really thought Nikon might over come this buffer issue in D7100!!! Disappointing.. :(

  • Nikon John

    Get a fast memory card you idiot! A class two card isn’t gonna cut it for that size file. I know you didn’t mention what class card you read and I assuming but I’m basing this off you being an idiot! I’m never surprised what noobs will post…

  • Looks like the Canon 70D will be a better choice