Google (Motorola) X Phone to upstage Samsung release

By Posted 26 Feb 2013, 17:36

When we predicted last month that the Google X Phone by Motorola would be an irritation for the Galaxy S4, we did not know how right we were. We say this because there is a recent report suggesting that Google needs to be wary of Samsung because of how big they have got in the Android market.

Google (Motorola) X Phone to upstage Samsung release

It seems as though Google is concerned because of how big Samsung has become, and they could start to dictate their share of how much they get from advertising through apps etc. However, the WSJ says there could be an answer, and that is if the Google X Phone will come with specs that would upstage Samsung and their flagship Galaxy devices.

Things are not going to be easy, but with Google and Motorola working so close together there is a chance that they can at least start to close Samsung down. What they need to do is work on some key features that will only run on stock Android devices, and more so with Key Lime Pie, which we expect Motorola’s Google X Phone to have.

We find it funny how Google wanted Android to become a success, and now that it is the search engine giant is now worried because they are too big – a little like Google are with their search engine. We have seen over the years how they can make or break a business, and now they are facing the same issues with Samsung threatening to take more profit from them it all seems a little ironic.

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  • Ana

    Very bad article written with no sound proof

  • zurginator

    I’m the original artist of the image used in this article! You’re making money off of my work, without my permission? What the hell?