Toshiba embraces Windows 8, merges computers and tablets

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We have already seen a few of the new products Toshiba are promoting at CES 2013, an Ultra HD 4K TV is one of them, and today we’ve heard about Toshiba embracing Windows 8 with some ultrabooks that when combined with the new Microsoft operating system, merges the line between computers and tablets.

The two Windows 8 ultrabooks include the Satellite U845W, which features a super-wide 21:9 screen that would be perfect for movie lovers, and those of you that want to run apps side-by-side. That wider display makes performing these tasks much easier. There might not be a touch screen this year for this model, but you gain 30% more screen real estate. You can see a hands-on with the Satellite U845W in the video below, which had been shot during CES within the last 24 hours.

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You will also see the Toshiba Satellite U925T featured during the video, although this ultrabook does feature a touch screen and also a folding design, which blurs the line between laptop and tablet further. This is a nice feature if you want the best of both worlds; also the way the computer converts from an ultrabook to tablet is a little different. You only need to push the display flat and then slide forward into a tablet, although the draw back is a slightly heavy portable computer.

Would you consider purchasing one of these new Toshiba ultrabooks running Windows 8? Take a closer look at both in the video below, or see the full Satellite U925T specs on the official website here.