iOS 6 ‘Do Not Disturb’ problem on iPhone 5 today

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New Years Day would certainly be a day that a lot of people want to sleep in a little longer than usual, especially if they’ve had a heavy night celebrating the start of 2013 and looking back on the last year. This is one reason a number of iOS 6 users turned on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature, which they might have set to be turned off by a certain time. Today our iPhone 5 ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature is not working, which is exactly what’s being reported in forums today by hundreds of people using various iOS 6 devices.

For our readers that don’t know – the Do Not Disturb option stops your iPhone 5, or other iDevice, from vibrating or making sounds that could wake you up if you’re sleeping. This feature has an option to set a time when it should be turned off, which didn’t work today for us and also for hundreds of other users running iOS 6.

This problem with Do Not Disturb is obviously a glitch with iOS 6, but we’ve already heard some funny comments from users with wild claims. Some people believe it is a gift from Apple, and others are labeling it the “Hangover” feature. Apple has not confirmed the bug, but we expect something to be mentioned within a future software update or from a spokesperson shortly.

Did you receive some extra sleep today? If your device with iOS 6 had been set with the Do Not Disturb on, we’d love to know if you had problems today. Also let us know what device and software version you’re using?

Update: We’ve been contacted by a number of iPhone 4S owners that claim that the Do Not Disturb worked just fine, so we’d love to hear from PR readers that own an older iPad or iPhone. Is the iPhone 5 the only Apple phone experiencing this ‘Do Not Disturb’ problem on New Years Day 2013? You can see a number of people talking about this issue in this forum.

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  • Miguel Lopez

    Ha. I just mute my phone but I guess that isn’t innovative enough for an i device.

  • DDD

    iPhone 3GS IOS 6 had having same problem. Tried turning Do Not Disturb off and back on, it’s lunchtime and still on (its set to go off at 07:00)

  • jrble819

    My DND is still on on my 4S. It should have turned off at 5:30 AM

  • Marlon Bryant

    I have an iPhone 5 and I have problems, it still shows it active even though the time has passed to shut off, but I still get alerts for my text.

  • JayMentality

    Yup, same here. It’s 8:10 AM and my little “moon” is still up when the hour set to go off is at 8:00 AM….iPhone 5.

  • Ted

    Regular iPhone 4 here, and mine is still not working. I’m sure Apple forgot to carry the “1″ in some of their calculations…….

  • Adrian Mott

    My iPhone 4S is having this issue 2 days in a row now. Yesterday, i turned off the DnD and then back on and it cleared it, but today it is persisting.

  • Rich Platt

    Iphone 4S worked fine, however noticed that iPad 3 had it on all day, just wasnt bothered!!!

  • sim

    I have both a iphone5 and Iphone 3GS both with OS6.

    both DND not working, have turned both off, now I can send return sms either.

    My friend having same issue with there phone.

  • Moffat

    DND feature not working on my 4S iOS 6.0.1 I have to reset the phone to turn it off or on the feature, and the same again when it scheduled to go off or come on again #sucks

  • Andy

    2 x iphone 4′s both on DND

  • Ulises

    my iphone 4s and my ipad didnt work today! i usually set up the alarm on both and they didnt work -_-

  • Rosie

    2x 4S at our place both running 6.0.1 & DND not turning off. Have switched the function off altogether now. Hope it’s fixed soon :(

  • JenB

    DND has not turned off as of 10am – set for 7am. I’m on iOS 6 on an iphone 4S. I just manually turned it off for now. Hopefully it will be acknowledged and fixed soon.

  • The Mink

    Ditto 3GS still got a moon showing and its only 16:00, 9 hours after it should have ended.Running ios 6.01

  • johnc

    im using iPhone 4s and can’t use the do not disturb as it wont go off have to turn it on/off manually

  • Mona

    Not working on my 4s. Stayed on all morning, had to shut it manually and now hasn’t turned on for the night. Hope apple puts out a fix soon.

    • Danielle Lee

      I am having the exact same issue with my 4s…..

    • Me

      Same thing for mine now, iPhone 4S, I have to turn off do not disturb when I go to bed, turn if off after I’m awake. Pain in the A**

    • Ang

      Same issue with the 4s. I have to manually do everything now.

  • KG

    It’s not working on my IPhone 4S. It stop working New Year’s Day.

  • Whitney Towns Dixon

    I have an Iphone 4S and this is when I started experincing problems with my Do Not Disturb feature! What is going on?

  • janejb

    exact same problem as everyone else. began exactly 2 days ago. iphone 4s – DND set from 11:30pm-6:30am not working, no moon, nada

  • upacreek

    Same problems on 4S iOS 6.0.1. DNS schedule set to turn on at 9pm and off at 6am and has been working fine for months. It stopped working on New Years and will not shut off unless I turn off DNS schedule manually. Hard boot does not fix the problem.

  • purplerose

    Not working on my iPhone 4s, or for my parents who both also have iPhone 4s.

  • Misjenk

    Still not working on my 4S. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  • tj

    not working on my iphone 4s stop working on 1/1/13 i had it set for 11 at night and to go off at 7 am and now doesn’t work. hope they fix this problem