GTA V dog possibilities from holiday tease

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 29, 2012

It is in the gamers nature to hunt for clues when new material arrives for upcoming titles, and with Grand Theft Auto 5 this included looking for Easter eggs in the two trailers and signs within the screenshots. Rockstar had published the latest tease right before Christmas, and this included a few screenshots showing underwater exploration and a few other possibilities. One of the most interesting GTA V screenshots for us, from the latest batch, had been the one that showed a dog riding in a car.

You can see this image above with the dog clearly riding shotgun in the car, so what could this mean for GTA V and dog involvement? Some gamers feel that having a dog ride in a car is Rockstar’s way of teasing what might be possible once the game arrives, and could hint that certain dogs could follow commands in GTA V. We’ve heard from a couple of our readers on this very topic, and imagine how much fun you could have by giving a dog certain commands? Sending them to attack people, retrieve certain objects, or just protecting you when on a job.

How would you like dogs utilized in GTA 5? It is clear they will play a useful role and Rockstar wanted us to understand this in the above screenshot, so what ideas do you have for dog possibilities in the next Grand Theft Auto? We discussed the GTA 5 release date just before Christmas and touched on what some people thought would be a launch in March, although it seems increasingly unlikely this would be the launch month and April/May look more favorable.

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  • Tim

    Just hoping the pooch in GTA V will be more entertaining than Skyrim’s Lydia.

  • JESS

    That dog looks mean and could be your partner in crime, I really hope we get to deliver commands, this would be amazing.

  • TonyKC

    I would love to control the dog and go looking for things, but that won’t happen as we can only control 3 people, well I think that’s the case.

  • Susan

    The dog might just be a small part of one mission, although I hope this isn’t the case as it sounds great to have dog commands in GTA 5.

  • RickyT

    I’d love to tell a dog to attack in GTA 5, that would be cool.