Netflix Christmas Eve outage, problems today

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One of the busiest times of the year for TV entertainment is over the holiday period, and considering this extra demand it wouldn’t surprise some people that Netflix has experienced a Christmas Eve outage. The official Twitter account updated within the last hour, and explained in a tweet that Netflix are sorry for going down on Christmas Eve.

The timing is not good although their engineers are already fixing the Netflix problems today, but the Twitter account is yet to post another update. You can see the original tweet below that gave the first status update.


We have seen Netflix experience login problems at various times of the year, like in October 2 years ago, but these issues normally occur when demand is higher. Let us know if Netflix is down in your location, and if you’re having problems signing in share what part of the world you’re in below. Has the service been pretty reliable for you this year?

You can also track updates directly on Twitter via @Netflixhelps, which also updated within the last couple of hours explaining they’re “aware” that some members have problems streaming TV shows and movies. At the time of writing it seems that the issue is still not resolved for a number of PR readers.

This is really going to suck on a holiday if Netflix is not up soon, and you might have to resort to regular TV viewing for now. Feel free to share a comment if Netflix comes back up for you, and remember your location and how you’re accessing the service.

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  • Macbodd

    Down across all platforms, Naples fl

  • Barbara Osborn

    I just started my Netflix subscription two days ago. I am unable to see any movies on my TV or on my computer.

  • Hakansoderbom

    Down on PC, iPad and Smart TV (Sharp). Scottsdale, AZ

  • trim

    down on all platforms..grand rapids mi

    • svetlana borisova

      down on logitec in charleston sc

  • Fenton Ashbury

    Down on Roku, Eastern CT

  • Tom

    Down on all devices. Philadelphia PA

  • Hakansoderbom

    Just managed to start a series i have been following on XBOX 360, but not all choices appear in the interface. Problem is not completely solved.. At least I have something to watch.

  • Jill Schlueter

    No Netflix in Columbia Mo

  • Jord

    Down on iPad. Samsung galaxy nexus. And Asus nexus 7. Montreal Canada.

  • Netflix User

    down on laptop, iPhone, Roku, and Blu-Ray Player

  • User

    Down on iPad,iPhone and Panasonic tv( viera cast Netflix player) Boston, MA

  • Tater Farm

    Down on PC and PS3 in Athens, Ga. Netflix Grinch stole Christmas – LOL

  • gchider

    down on the mississippi gulf coast area

  • Douglas Buehrle

    kids present and promised movies for xmas. Thanks neflix … sheesh

  • Douglas Buehrle

    down on all platforms in NC. Amazon is not down going there now and perhaps for ever

  • Claudia DeMent

    Chicago suburbs – Neflix will not connect. Down on TV and laptop.

  • Connie Fiveash

    No Service in Texas

  • Robert Hardy

    down in marysville, ks

  • Nancy

    down in Michigan….PC too!


    Down on PS3 in NYC

  • Coleen Sullivan

    Down in Pittsburgh, a

  • Deb

    Down Cinti.,OH. On IPad,laptop and blue ray.

  • Paris

    Down on iPad and wii Baltimore, md

  • Andrea Loewy

    down in north chesterfield, virginia

  • Surfer13US

    Down on NetTV, Xbox and PC. Cincinnati, OH

  • wmmcflnd

    Down, down,down in ATL GA

  • Jerry

    Down on All Platforms Perry, GA

  • Jessie O

    Down on all in Texas…vizio bluray, motorola droid, and hp desktop…

  • Jack

    No Netflix in nw. North Carolina. All forms of media .

  • EpicMale

    Down on PS3, Dallas area, TX

  • VP

    Down on tv since this afternoon. Andalusia, Alabama

  • Blah

    Down roku in Nebraska

  • SB

    Can’t stream to tv in Rochester, NY.

  • cwgrlfromhell

    down ps3 ft. smith, ar

  • susienrs

    area code 17866 cannot connect, Coal Township pa no service at present

  • Danny

    Down in the fresno area, ca for all my iOS devices at home.

  • bill

    down on wii


    party of 6 in Mass, sadly disappointed not to have planned family movie event

  • bill

    i can not even access parts of their website

  • Product Reviews

    No Service on Samsung Blu-ray not laptops. Phoenix, AZ 6:15 PM local time.

    • Product Reviews

      nor* laptops

  • Markelplumbing

    No service in st petersburg Florida

  • boswoodv94

    home for ten days hopeful it comes back on watching huluplus it sucks. Huluplus has commercials. and worst of all no TOP GEAR.

  • bill

    sorry upstate NY

  • Terry

    no service in North Carolina

  • Athena Realm

    Been down for several hours here in North Georgia


    with 2 accounts in this household, would not have expected this problem

  • Carl White

    cool…Not working in Ca…. Merry Christmas everybody !!!

  • Jeff Lors

    Out in Montana in the middle of our EARL Marathon…guess it is karma’

  • someone

    Down in San Diego, Cali

  • Forrest B

    No service in south haven michigan ps3 roku android all down PC opens won’t stream

  • Marichella

    No service in Strathmore, Alberta Canada; man! Christmas Eve..

    • Marichella

      It is at our home Via Wii, just to mention it…

  • KM

    Can’t connect in Lititz, Pa

  • Tyler

    Down on all devices in Idaho

  • katmaxx86

    down in ohio tink refund is in order!!

  • matt

    no service in Tucson

  • Mr Jimenez

    No service in Norwalk, California!!!!!! not a good time with family in town.

  • Dirty

    Down on PC, Wii, PS3 and Roku in Omaha, NE

  • Stephanie Stuart

    No service near Daytona Beach, FL … Been reliable up until now.

  • Sharon

    No service in Saginaw, Michigan :))

  • Matt B

    No service in Texas, on my Wii at least. Comp is slow but does work for the most part. Or at least it was. This absolutely blows, as my satellite is out as well.

  • Blahvo

    Down in Los Angeles

  • tropicalbabe

    Im in Los Angeles and i got NOTHING!! Its so darn ANNOYING!

  • Linda

    Down in Detroit – WII no connection

  • druidcat497

    Down in Mass. Thank goodness I have Amazon Prime and can watch the movie I wanted on it. Netflix, not thrilled with you right now!

  • Mishelynn

    Down in WI

  • noackd

    no service in Cedarburg, WI

  • Matt B

    Def down in TX, though my PC sometimes gets thru.

  • Joy

    Down all platforms Orlando, FL

  • Siscee

    Minnesota is out too.

  • Cricket

    No Service in Columbus, Ohio! :(

  • Michelle

    No service in Russell, IA – worked most of the day, went down around 6ish as far as we can tell.

  • Joy

    Down on PC and Smart TV, Gladesville, WV

  • Jorge

    NO service in North Central ARkansas. Have an LG and a Vizio and both say unable to connect to internet, yet all other internet features work. Tried logging on with desktop and got the “Sorry” message, “having technical difficulties.”

  • Dave Boyer

    No Netflix in Eastern North Carolina!

  • Jocelyn Tichenor

    No service in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

  • Chelsea Huertas

    No service in Springfield, nh

  • grubberdog

    Wow what a Lame and Flimsy excuse **** Some People Are Down**** how about possibly 100′s of thousands. With no update since their intelligent assessment of *** Some People Are Down **** Ha Ha, I guess the joke is on us paying customers. Fools I tell Fools

  • Jeanne Grill

    Down in Tampa, FL

  • Jocelyn Tichenor

    DNS attack — Denial of Service Attack. Netflix needs to move their DNS service out to AKAMAI to protect themselves from DDOS DNS attacks. And save all us customers this grief on the one night of the year EVERYONE was planning to watch!!!

  • A

    No Netflix in Holland, Michigan on PC and Wii

  • Jacob Pierce

    no service in north ga either

  • Lissa

    nothing in MN either. :(

  • Eezak

    No TV/cable Netflix in Okemos (greater Lansing area) Michigan.

  • MsGolden

    I cannot stream through my ps3 at all but I did get through on my acer laptop. When I did the loading time took a while and the audio did not match with the speed of the movie. Location: Richmond, VA

  • rstafford

    no service in southern West Virginia

  • Barry

    I can’t stream pass 7% in NC

  • Ken

    No service east central fl. New Smyrna Beach

  • Pattie Rodriguez

    No service in San Diego.

  • Elle

    no service in Burbank, California :(

  • Mike N

    Indianapolis down. On apple, roku, pc and android.

  • Yu

    No service in Las Vega

    • John Barenberg

      If Las Vega is similar in any way to the Chevy Vega, then it’s no wonder it’s down.

  • KimJ

    No service in Compton either and I just purchased my roku 2 hd a week ago and can’t even enjoy it for the holidays. Netflix should give everyone a free month for this.

    • Kirk Berry

      no joke this is unacceptable

  • charlie

    No service in Ohio

  • Jeanine

    Down in MN on the PC and Wii.

  • Ed N Emma Highlander

    No Netflix in Central Indiana

  • Nathaniel Naybore

    South Texas still down 2145 hrs CST

  • Shadow

    No Service in Clarksville Tn/ OakGrove Ky

  • Петр Маленкин

    Goofy. Works on an iPad but does not work on Roku, and any of the Androids (various ROMs and builds).

  • OscarOtter

    no service in albuquerque, nm 12/25/2012

  • gee

    No service Visalia Ca

  • Denise Lehman


  • Brian Hasbrouck

    not working in NW PA

  • Bonnie Rose

    HP laptop OK Can not connect on Vizeo smart tv Central PA

  • Randaway

    Down in West Tennessee… 10:04 pm Christmas Eve.. darn shame..

  • boggin828

    Down on Windows phone in Seattle…

  • abcteacher

    no service in south suburbs of chicago illinois bah hum bug………….

  • ronaldsauve

    Writing from southern Maine, in Eliot, next to Kittery. Access via WII, no service all evening and tonight, we also always have problems with the service stopping and starting several times during a movie.

  • John Barenberg

    No service in southwest Idaho

  • Katie

    No service in virginia

  • Ace in the Islands

    No service in St. Croix, Virgin Islands

  • Ryan

    Still down in Chicago as of 10:20PM Central Time on all platforms

  • coventree

    Down in Bloomer WI

  • mary

    down in ky

  • punkchick

    maryland streaming I’m completely out!

  • Kirk Berry

    down in westren colorado

  • Kirk Berry

    nice going losers. applauding your coustomer service

  • bigphilly

    Down on pc and ps3 in north GA great timing

  • Connie Taylor

    no service in ohio for 7 hrs at least


    No Netflix for Xmas in Florida …thanks Netflix btw who are your competitors again?

  • will

    down in casper wyoming

  • Shane

    Down in central wisconsin

  • Darlene Morgan

    Down on D-Link in Mississippi. Can’t get to online assistance either.

  • John W. Mihalchik II

    Gee, thought it was just me…
    Nothin’ doin’ in Northeast PA… So much for a mini “Breaking Bad” marathon….
    Wonder if we’ll get a month free? Ya, right…..

  • Vicky Doss

    no netflix service in a Beckley WV

  • Ruby Bickford

    Dear Netflix: No service here in Rogers County, Claremore, Ok.

  • Joy Tomhave Riddle

    Down and out in Bryan, Texas. Both computer and ROKU are problematic.

  • Kat

    No service in Las Vegas I want to watch all the holiday movies without commericals, I had to work today, couldn’t be with my family now no Netfilx…..Merry Christmas to me

  • Arlene

    Im very sad the one night my husbandis back from being on the road and there is no netflix to watch….mount dora, fl

  • Ron

    no service in western South Dakota…we have trouble all the time with movies cutting out


    No service in Lenox, Michigan.

  • Jeffrey Horseman

    The one or two nights a year when you need them!!!! down oi Souther California as well.

  • iluv2crochet

    No service in Northern CA.

  • Joanna Hickey

    Just decided today to go back to Netflix after almost 2 years. Not a very auspicious beginning . . .

  • mandagirle96

    No service in Oklahoma

  • Annie

    Netflix out in Cromberg, CA. Thought I did something ……but it isnt me it you Netflix…thats a relief and disappointment at the same time….please hurry and fix. We r snowed in tonight and was looking forward to family movie night.

  • nanabob

    No service on Oregon coast

  • Cherlyn Polk

    No Netflix in Riverside County, California

  • Marie Mcguire

    netflix on laptop it is sorta working but tv is not working at all on the coast of virginia

  • Renate Lewis

    No service in Alaska

  • Renate Lewis

    No service in eagle river , Alaska

  • Bree Slaten

    This sucks no netflix in sugarloaf ca Merry Xmas to all and all a goodnite😡

  • zoechristine

    no service in Los angeles, ca

  • Alex

    No Service in Antioch, CA

  • Teresa

    No service in NYC :(

  • CallmeK

    No service in alaska

  • no ho ho ho

    no service on any platform in eastern WA.

  • Mrs. Taliaferro

    no service in southern oregon, and i’m not sure why it’s assumed that i can just turn on my cable, i don’t have it.

  • me

    Oregon no online threw computer- nor threw the wii. service been out since after 1:00pm its now after 10:00pm.

  • circle5hosting

    6 hours of complete outage on all media in PNW/Seattle. 20 mins on hold to CS to be told its being worked on, but they dont know what the issue is…Well Doh!! DDOS attack, maybe the engineers need to leave the christmas sherry alone if they cant figure that. Ive run a server/hosting business for 6 years and any DOS attack ive had is resolved within the hour – does this mean we all get december free i wonder – maybe EVERYBODY should demand it on the busiest tv day of the year ;)

  • Richie

    no service long island new York Computer,Ipad, and dvd player !am 12/25/12

  • mfknv

    Idk what to do w my life now. Netflix ruined my Christmas

  • Archer

    Down in Pomona, Ca.! Bummer!!

  • SherylinMT

    No service in Billings Montana—Boo

  • Bob Smith

    Down in British Columbia as well at 10pm Pacific time

  • Bruce Rindler

    no service in Oak ParK, IL on Samsung Smart Hub BluRay – sketchy on iMac, but ok on PC. 2 days into trial and not looking so hot.

  • Natalie L

    Vancouver BC

  • carolyn

    No service in Gilbert, AZ

  • caregiver

    no service in MN on smart wifi, pc or wii, Is this something we have to look forward to on New Years Eve also? If so, I just might have to switch to something else.

  • Clint Conley

    Down on all devices in Misawa Japan (US Air Force Base).

  • jay

    no service in toronto on apple tv , computer or iPhone

  • M Bush, Brentwood CA

    No service in San Francisco Bay Area on Roku, Wii or Nook…Merry Christmas Netflix…maybe to make it up they will finally make Netflix available on my BlackBerry Playbook. When is redbox available for streaming?

  • RB

    No service in Northern California and we live 10 mins from Netflix headquarters!

  • j and s

    No service since 3 pm christmas eve. We live in Texas. Ee have had times while looking at a show, it’ll just reload, but it’s never beenout this long. It’s now 12:55 am, christmas morning. We’re still on our 30 day free trial period. We’ve only had netflix about 2 weeks. With the exception of this outage, we love it. We have no complaints about the shows or movie selection. For us, it’s been pretty great, although from some of the comments we’ve read, not everyone feels that way. It’s

  • rebeck

    No service in Ohio on PC or Roku.

  • Mark Sharp

    11:30pm Pacific Time Down on Smart TV Vizio in Sequim, Washington..across from Victoria Canada. Sucks! However, is streaming through my laptop and onto LG tv via HDMI. Hopefully Netflix figures this one out…..won’t be sticking around for problems like this…got enough problems with other E devices!!!


    Not able to watch any videos on Netflix. My Location: Gardena, California.

  • Shirl

    on Vizio smart tv says there is no connection to internet but other internet apps work. Kind of works on pc but freezes. Anyone else getting no internet connection on tv when trying to start netflix.

  • boo hoo

    no service in highland, CA

  • Jacq

    Netflix is back on my PC, playstation, and older RokU but still wonky on all our newer ROKU units. We are in Mill Creek, WA.

  • alan pudsey

    out in san diego (alpine) Ca.since yesterday. SUPER UPSET !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Durham

    I’m able to watch on the pc but not television or Nook in Durham NC

  • Dissapointed

    No service in Port Charlotte SW Florida since 7pm last the free month period so I guess u do get wat u pay for: Will not subscribe..going to Hulu..

  • Dissapointed

    They should at least pull their ad from MSN Home page!!!!

  • S in NC

    No service in North Carolina- Wake County area. This is totally insane. They should have been prepared for this as it has happened in the past. Everybody needs a free month for this blunder!!


    still no netflix on roku in nc

  • disqus_52CIlc8bVc

    No service I Lexington, Ky. Since midday xmas eve. Sucks xmas balls!

  • maxfl

    Service down on my smart tv, but is running on my computer. Miami, FL – Christmas morning – 7:00 a.m.

  • Chuck Caldwell

    Down in northern Virginia but oddly down in different way from yesterday – able to log in but not play any title.

  • syko

    no service with ROKU or IPAD this morning. PC working with frequent interuptions.
    Jacksonville FL

  • Jeanette Ranney

    No service in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Eddie

    Still no netflix on Comp or Roku. Roku says no internet connection but all other aps work. Been ot since 4pm 12/24 .Wilmington, Delaware

  • sad at Christmas

    no Netflix access through Roku on eastern shore of Maryland….my main source of TV…hope it comes back soon…..

  • Eric Odell

    No service in Illinois since 6 pm last night.

  • Miguel Stein

    Tuesday 25th 12 pm Uruguay time no wifi connection, though yes if cabled to adsl connection

  • Mari from San Juan, PR.

    No service on through my Vizio smart tv Netflix app. Somewhat working on my IPad since December 24th. No luck today on Christmas Day either. I’m upset!!

  • vote4reform

    No service upstate New York Tuesday am 12/25/12. Not even an email from Netflix to communicate the problem! Unacceptable customer service!!!

  • M

    out on PC and TV on the North Shore of Ma. Merry Christmas

  • keith harrison

    Netflix is not showing a picture at our home. It is playing the movies or shows but no picture.

  • keith harrison

    Please fix..

  • sammy

    down on Roku in Plymouth, WI

  • Jake Shine

    No service in Las Vegas Nv… to the casino!!

  • Daryl

    Good thing Amazon Prime Instant Video service was working! Guess you shouldn’t count on Netflix!

  • richard

    sound but no picture in south carolina,was ok at 2 am.

  • Jose

    No service in Atlanta, Ga

  • Dissapointed user

    Still no service in Houston, only three days ago I started my free trial, so far not good service, I’ll think if it is a good idea to continue with Netflix or look for other options

  • Ken

    Hulu works!

  • Linda Penett

    No service in Tobyhanna, PA

  • MyLifeIsOver

    No service in NW Washington state. What ever am I going to do? Life simply cannot go on without my television! Could somebody ple-e-ease tell me what kind of world is this that we live in, where we can send a man to the moon, and yet I can’t watch the television of my choice?

  • Joan Juner

    Laptop sound is all screwed up and stopped on android phone with “buffering” for at least 10 minutes. I turned off phone at thar point. I hate Christmas specials and was looking forward to a few hours of “Supernatural” I live in Philadelphia suburbs,so east coast is screwed up too

  • William Loren Powell

    no service in oroville, ca and my playstation 3 won’t work either, what the hell happen, a virus or something