Battlefield 3 End Game DLC reignites classic mode

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2012

Are you still heavily addicted to Battlefield 3? The game has been out for well over a year now and we’ve now reached the point where EA has released the fourth DLC expansion pack called Aftermath. There’s one more pack left to go which you know will be called End Game and we have some of the first details to share with you, including confirmation of further new vehicles to try out and also the return of a popular multiplayer mode as well.

The game may have released in October 2011, but there are bound to be thousands of gamers who prefer to get their BF3 fix, rather than playing newer shooters such as Black Ops 2. The DLC content releases have been slow for the DICE developed game, but the content released has been substantial and the beauty of the varied BF gameplay always ensures that each battle is a new experience every time you enter the map.

End Game looks to be the final curtain call on a very successful game and will provide gamers with their last piece of official content before the likes of Battlefield 4 arrives, which has already confirmed to be in development with a beta planned next year and access already confirmed for those who picked up a copy of Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Four new maps will be available in End Game, although the names haven’t been revealed just yet. What has been confirmed though is the addition of a dropship, which will provide support to ground troops by being able to drop vehicles from the skies, as noted by CVG. Don’t forget that this will be coming after the addition of the Gunship in Armored Kill, which aside from providing air weapony, it also served as a mid-air spawn point letting troops parachute undetected into nearby conquest points.

The other big change in End Game will see the return of Capture the Flag, which Battlefield veterans will fondly remember from BF 1942. The game mode allows two teams to slug it out for possession of the flag, with the bearer having to race back to the base to score the point for his or her team – obviously a difficult task with both ground and air troops trying to stop that from happening.

We wondered when Capture the Flag will be coming back and it’s great to see that DICE has saved it till last. What are your thoughts on the state of the game at the moment? Are you enjoying Aftermath, because from what we gather, a lot of gamers preferred Armored Kill much more.

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  • hmmmm… havent played bf3 for a while. cant find any games now, since everyone has the dlc and i dont. mabye ill have to pick this up to play a few more rounds.

  • I really like Aftermath, but then again I like all DLCs, sure theyre are some glitches that are bothersome but none the less great game and great variations