Microsoft Surface wins consumer love in reviews

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Microsoft knew that they were a little late to the game in the tablet market, which they have made a bit of a habit recently in other markets as well, but that has not deterred them from producing a device that has gained them a decent amount of support of late. We’re talking about the popularity of the Microsoft Surface and how it has been winning some consumer love in recent reviews.

It’s been reported that while sales numbers have not been as impressive as the likes of the iPad and the Nexus 7 and 10, those who have decided to go ahead and purchase the Windows 8 tablet have been very pleased, well according to a recent Best Buy survey. Okay, so we know that the Microsoft Surface lacks in a number of key areas, but it more than makes up for it in others, such as a decent amount of storage capacity and also a respectable starting price as well considering the Microsoft Surface spec list.

We do fear that because sales have not been as impressive as Microsoft would have hoped for their tablet, it could share the same fate as the Zune, but if they stick with it like they have done with some of their other popular products in the past, then in a couple of years we could see the company rise back to the kind of levels we have seen in previous years.

How can Microsoft make their tablet range more popular? There are numerous reasons why Microsoft’s tablets are not selling as well as expected, and one of those could be down to confusion. An example of this is Microsoft’s Windows RT tablet, as some experts believe that the Redmond company should drop that moniker and just simply call itself Surface, but we do know how consumers hate change so late in the game.

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  • pmunden

    I love my surface! I’m a college student, and it’s important to have a portable, durable system that’s fully compatible with the windows file formats. I used to carry my laptop at school, but the plastic case plus the 17 inch bulk of a machine made it almost impractical on my postage stamp sized classroom desks. With the surface, I can set it to video record a lecture with one note or evernote open in a split screen, plus it’s sturdy with a small form factor. It’s a great little machine for those that need portable productivity in a strong package. I got my tablet a week after they were released, about three days after my fiancée got his Asus infinity- he already had to do a factory reset on his top of the line android tablet, but my little surface runs just as smooth as it did the day it was delivered. As far as the touch keyboard, it’s no too bad once you get adjusted to the keys, I can touch type on it just as fast as I can a traditional keyboard, with less pressure than on mechanical keys, in fact, I’m a little thrown off by mechanical keyboards after using my touch cover so much.
    (sent from my Surface RT tablet)