Beyond GTA V with next-gen and bigger worlds

By Alan Ng - Dec 17, 2012

GTA V is easily going to be one of the defining games of 2013 and may even go on to be the best game of next year as well, with the way the game is shaping up at the moment. While GTA V is looking like the best game in the series to date, it is going to be interesting to see how Rockstar aims to top that with an eventual successor on next-gen consoles. Some recent comments from Rockstar in an interview has given us a fantastic indication that the future looks bright for GTA fans, with hints that we may see a GTA title where every single city featured in the series will be merged into one massive world as part of a single game.

That is obviously the stuff of dreams for most GTA fanatics, though the task of putting the likes of Vice City, Los Santos and Liberty City all together in one space is a challenge that we’re sure Rockstar are going to love once they have figured out how to use next-gen consoles to the highest potential.

We believe that such a feat will be possible as well, as don’t forget Rockstar recently confirmed that the map size in GTA V is bigger than GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas combined. If they can squeeze a map that size into current consoles, just imagine what they will be able to do when next-gen consoles are out.

Rockstar North’s Leslie Benzies made the comments when speaking to DigitalTrends and added that they would like to let the player ‘fly between these areas’ and that remaking Vice City would be a ‘very interesting’ thing to do. Would you welcome the idea of being able to travel between each GTA city, or do you prefer the current format of keeping the cities separate in between each release?

It’s safe to assume that GTA 6 is going to be on next-generation consoles when the time is right to release, so will Rockstar be able to make this specific change for the next game after GTA V, or is it going to take them longer to implement all of the cities into one game?

It looks like we’re going to be blown away when we see the actual scale of GTA 5 up close and it is going to be amazing to think that Rockstar is planning to expand on this even further. As we wait for more official news from Rockstar, let us know your initial thoughts on a GTA game that includes all of the locations merged into one. Would it be the ultimate GTA game in your opinion?

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  • Jamel Frazier

    So that’s six cities! Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and London. So six characters that all eventually team up for something big, or like in GTA V, you can switch between them at any given moment. They can also have 3 characters per city that all have nothing to do with each other but, cross pathes at points in the game. If they do do every city in one game, it will be bigger than world of warcraft (Sheer size, not popularity). I can’t even immagine what the multiplayer would be like. Multiplayer wouldn’t be your standard multiplayer. They could also have a seperate Aliens &/or Zombies campaign. Team Mafia work on GTA VI would be Epic with the Map size. They could also have an MMORPG aspect and have players own individual houses in the game & or have apartment buildings. On top of that, house, car, and player customization. Have actual gangs, families, or clans. If they make a map that epic, they would have to make multiplayer that epic to. And in all honesty, IMHO, Rockstar wouldn’t have to make another GTA if they made it even anything to what I just described.

  • S3R6i0

    If they had the technology they would’ve made an entire country within GTA. San Andreas was a good game, but the development was stretched thin trying to create the vast state. The end result was a world that was much bigger than it’s predecessor, Vice City, but a lot less realistic. Nowadays, building on GTA is concerned more with graphics and visuals than during the GTA III era. So, when R* releases a sequel to San Andreas, every city and countryside portion of the game will be as thoroughly detailed as GTA IV’s Liberty City.

  • H-J

    That would be amazing…
    I really like the idea..

  • M.O.B.B.

    Wooow does he not know about the game?? Soo many mistakes. Anyway it NEEDS to come out already.

  • Logan

    That map is going to be huge

  • Bonnie Barko

    Bigger size is all well and good but I would prefer a game drenched with detail and intricacy over range and size. Id prefer a next gen GTA V size map but that is saturated to a point where every house is possible to enter. Even have a whole dynamic population to interact with

    • this….is the best thing ever, of all time.

  • Se7en

    For GTA 5 they should make a series like GTA 3, so have San Fierro and Las Venturas as other games instead of in one game like San Andreas.



  • RockNRoll02

    Three cities in one game would be a mess! Unless if each city has it’s own story, it’s not worth a try. I wanna see Los Santos, Liberty City, and Vice City in one game, but then they would have to include different characters for each city’s storyline, as well as different atmosphere for each city!

    • Joe

      San Andreas is a GTA game with 3 cities, and that was either the best or one of the best (depending who you talk to) GTA games ever. So why would it be a mess? Also, the quote references EVERY city, which would include San Fierro and Las Venturas, possibly even London, since there was a GTA game set in London

  • Fluffy_Dinky

    All Cities merged together would be great. I’m disapointed that GTAV returns to San Andreas but doesn’t include Vegas and San Fransisco like 2004’s San Andreas did. GTA San Andreas was the best game ever and will never be topped, it came along at the right time. My fondest gaming memorys ever are playing the GTA games at Christmas, hate the spring launch, go back to your October releases please Rockstar North.

    • Luke williams

      I agree I do have great memories playing gta over the holidays. I think the spring launch is great though. It shows other developers ” hey look we sell MILLIONS and we don’t need Santa’s help either” hopefully Developers will learn if the have a great game it does Not need to be released for Christmas. Im sick of the lack of games through the summer months.

    • Go back to your October releases?You’re dumb.You actually want GTA V to come out even more later next year rather than early next year?Kill yourself.

      • dont be so violent. some people, like myself, like having big releases come out during the holiday season. that doesn’t make him dumb. besides, a later release date might mean a game with no glitches or very few.

        • Nope,his idea was dumb.And there’s no such hing as the perfect game.I’m a GTA fan.Glitches or not,I will enjoy the game.Rockstar has been working on the game for years and it doesn’t make sense for it to come out later next year.I’m surrounded by ignoramuses

  • Yeah, so they should start making it sometime late next year, because it will be out in 4-5 years probably. Plus as they are making it, they can hear our Ideas, of what they should add to it. If they don’t have UFO’s in GTA V, then add UFO’s in GTA 6, but make real Aliens, so we can be abducted, and taken all the way to the moon, and maybe we’ll have an option to kill the Aliens on their planet, subsequently stealing their space ship, and going back home. That will be epic

    • Dave

      That is the most stupid and ridiculous comment iv seen along with the most childish comments for what to be on a gta game now go to school little boy!!

      • That’s actually not a bad idea.Trust me,I’ve heard worse and more childish ideas for GTA.At least UFO’s and Aliens make sense,after all,that type of stuff was teased in GTA San Andreas.Remember when you had to do some of those weird missions for that hippy?At least it’s not a kid talking about a zombie DLC.Do you know how many people who keep crying about how much they want Zombies in GTA like Red Dead redemption.Zombies are overblown and they’re in every game.GTA V alone is just fine with me,but if there’s ever a DLC with some weird concept to it,I wouldn’t mind a Alien themed game.I always imagined a GTA where you were able to go to space at least for one mission on the moon.

        • Jamel Frazier

          Or why not just have both aliens and zombies as multiplayer modes?

  • Kurva

    Yay! Great idea! I will download that one or wait until it’s second hand as well though!

  • Trevor

    Los Santos is in San Andreas ya big dummy. Anyways yeah it’ll be amazing.

  • Ri5ival

    If they are gonna combine all GTA cities that will probably be 5 years away for a release date so not bothered at the moment, but it’s a amazing idea though.

    • yamon

      its coming out march in tesco. you can already pre-order it. so it wont take 5 years, your wrong.

      • yid

        You are wrong actually you pillock. He’s on about GTA 6 not GTA 5 which is out in march. So learn to read before correcting someone.

      • Frank

        He’s talking about GTA 6 ^^