Wii U security in jeopardy after exploit

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2012

While Nintendo would have enjoyed the success of the Wii U console during the initial launch period, it looks like the company may have a major problem on their hands in relation to security. It’s no secret that the original Wii was prone to piracy via the Wii Homebrew channel and now it has been confirmed that the Wii U console has also fallen victim to the same process. Evidence of a Wii U Homebrew Channel has emerged, and it could be a worrying sign for Nintendo that full piracy on their new system could follow if the situation gets worse.

To make an important point, the actual Wii U hardware doesn’t appear to have been compromised – yet. However, the Wii software functionality inside the Wii U has, so technically the system has been exploited in a way to make it possible to run custom software on the Wii U.

As far as we’re aware, pirated games hasn’t been achieved yet, but we all know what the end result of the Wii Homebrew Channel was once that was up and running. You’ll be amazed how easy it is over in Hong Kong to pick up a Wii system that has already been chipped to support the Homebrew Channel out of the box and includes games such as Wii Super Mario Bros straight away.

With the Wii U now semi exposed, all eyes will be on Nintendo to see if they can quickly come up with a patch to eliminate all possibilities of the actual hardware being cracked open. We saw a similar situation on the PS Vita where hackers were able to use exploits within old PSP games to launch custom software on the PS Vita and the same thing looks to have happened here with the Wii U.

It goes without saying that exploring this side of the Wii U will immediately void your warranty, so we don’t recommend you trying this out. Have we already come to a point where the new hardware is already at the mercy of hackers? If so, then Nintendo are going to be on the warpath for sure. Let us know your thoughts on the first instances of custom software on the Wii U.

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  • Elijah is pro


  • Elijah is pro

    It sucks reply bad #nintendobringbacknintendowififotwii

  • Elijah is pro

    Nemtendo did fix it

  • Elijah is pro

    I have a wii also and nets do did fix it by discontinuing nentendo network for wii

  • Scampi

    I havn’t bought a Wii U but own a Wii and hate playing online with people who cheat – mainly Mario Kart where people just have infinate invincible stars – why do it it justs ruins it for everybody. Nintendo needs to sort out these issues as it ruins it for the people who don’t hack and cheat!!

  • Agent Zorn

    Nintendo is going to have all the stuff from the first day patched pre-installed into the Wii U in the Spring. I suspect that Nintendo will make sure to close any exploits, but hackers might crack open the Wii U with launch Wii U.

  • ScottJC

    You don’t need to chip a wii for the homebrew channel, get your facts straight

    • dichromaticb3c

      Not sure why you got a downvote, you are correct. One could easily install the homebrew channel via save game exploit and original copy of LoZ TP. The author must not be aware of softmods…