Nook vs. Kindle rivalry brings tablet price cut

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When it comes to choosing an e-reader the only real choice you have is the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle because they are both similar in what they bring to the table. However, in the build-up to the Holiday Season there could be a shift that might force you to reconsider your choice.

We have recently learned that Barnes & Noble have lowered the Nook price, which means that the Nook vs. Kindle tablet e-reader device contest will now have a different result. However, it’s not always about the price, but it certainly helps, especially when you don’t have as much disposable income as you once had.

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The new Nook price is now $79, which saves you $20 from the previous $99 price tag. The current Kindle price is $89 with no signs that Amazon is to retaliate and lower their price. There was a cheaper Kindle model, but that’s currently no longer available. As we mentioned above both e-readers are evenly matched with their 6-inch black and white displays and Wi-Fi connectivity, although most of you should already know this by now. To take advantage of the new Nook price then you can get the e-reader from the Barnes & Noble store, or even Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

If we were looking for an entry-level device to read our e-books on then the Nook from Barnes & Noble would have to be it, but when it comes to moving up the ladder, then some of Kindle’s other models will be more worth it. We already took a look at the Kindle Fire HD earlier today, and while it is no match for the Nexus 7, it can certainly hold its own against the Nook HD and HD+ model. So it seems that Barnes & Noble wins the e-reader round, while Amazon wins out in the budget tablet market – well between the two companies anyway.

Nook vs. Kindle rivalry brings tablet price cut