iOS 6 untethered jailbreak dated for iPhone 5 by newbie

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 10, 2012

We’ve been led to believe that any iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 will come via a well-known hacker, and some of these security researchers have wanted credible news websites to keep pointing out certain scams to stop newbies falling for them. Just last week we saw a new video posted to YouTube that claimed to reveal an iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak for iPhone 5 and 4S, which we published tweets from p0sixninja, Joshua Hill, along with this video although Hill did show further frustration after some people believed certain claims later on that day.

You can see a tweet below that revealed just how frustrated some hackers become after claims of an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, which it is fair to say the majority of them are fake. In this tweet Hill explains “they’re all fake“, although we’re not sure exactly what this had been referred to but it could be the so-called video proof seen on that same day last week.

Confident iOS 6 untethered jailbreak release date – one of the most confident claims of an iOS 6 jailbreak has arrived over the last week, which comes from a hacker not from the so-called closed circle that we touched on in the past. Going by the name of “Dream JB“, found at, it seems that this relatively unknown hacker is claiming the first untethered iOS 6 jailbreak will go live for public download on “22/12/2012“. It is also claimed that this jailbreak will support iOS 6.0.1 and should work with iPhone 5, iPod touch 4G/5G, iPhone 4S, and a number of other iDevices that includes the 2nd generation iPad.

We love the attitude of the person behind this claim, which is stated at the top of their website with a quote talking about achieving “the impossible” by attempting the absurd. This reminds us of Geohot, aka George Hotz, which showed the power of an individual and while we’re not saying the latest claim could be from a new Geohot type hacker, we have to keep an open but also skeptical mind. You can see a tweet from the @DreamJailbreak official Twitter account below, which points out that this iOS 6 untethered jailbreak will not be an iPhone 5 bootrom exploit, and is better known as a userland hack.

Do you believe an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak is possible for the iPhone 5 / 4S from an outsider? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this happen, although we can’t help but remain sceptical after so many scams in the past. The good news is we can’t see anything to be gained here, unless money is asked for that is, which we don’t think will be the case and if it is ever asked for with a jailbreak most people know it’s a scam right away. The latest tweet from this hacker can be seen below and points out that proof is on the way.

Joshua Hill has pointed out that most videos can be faked or proven wrong, so it will be interesting to see what the proof will be next week for the claimed iOS 6 untethered jailbreak from Dream JB, and if it will be running on an iPhone 5. Keep connected to PR as we keep you updated, and also leave a comment with your thoughts on this latest claim from an outsider.

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  • Fr33zty14

    Dev Team Has always been there and always released there work freely.. Sn0w and the abthrine how ever u spell it are the same.. But who has been there all the way to ios6? Iv seen all the scams throughout jailbreaking.. And geohot sold his sole to apple as an intern.. If dreamjb wants to cram fake stuff down ur throat and show proof of something he already supposedly has in a week. And for that matter, a untethered starts with a tethered.. When did he ever have proof of that.. Till Then i aint gonna follow him like a rat following cheeze.. 

  • Shakur Ali is a tit

    Dont knock it til all the facts are out. Obviously we should be skeptical about this, the guy is unknown. He has no ties with the Dev Team… Its funny that he put the release date for December 22.. the day after the world ends lol.. I guess its kinda like a new begining.. still skeptical, but intruiged. Maybe this is geohotz…lol who knows.

  • Danny Dodge

    Probably a believer in the Mayan apocalypse hoping that he won’t have to deliver 😛

  • iospixel

    A webkit exploit…

  • Skept1Kal

    I’m skeptical about this, it’s not like we have a choice but to wait and see. As soon as money comes into play it’s fake, standard. The only thing that we can be certain of at this time is that mr “Shakur Ali” should go away and buy an android device!

  • Woodedman

    Interesting point about apple being involved. I can’t see them having direct connection to the devs though, surely apple would profit from such a team? We know how greedy they are, and from memory I’m sure the ended up hiring a few members of the community like comex, which is more than likely why ios6 is proving such a task?

  • anonymous

    if he asks for money or there is a survey to download the file its fake.

  • Jdizzle

    Going to have to agree I say wait and see if it is legit or not… If they manage to do so then good for them and us people eager for our jailbreaks if not then we wait and stop bitching about how we don’t have our jailbreaks and wait for a legit one to come out. Any how my hopes is these guys can pull it off I hope it isn’t something to build people up just to knock them down.

  • Aslam

    I Believe in Dream JB 😀



  • Jb_ninja

    The proof will be out in due time. Why not give someone else a chance to show there talents. The world is full of smart people. And just relying on one small group to come out with a jailbreak is outrages. I mean they could of even made a teatherd jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and 4s but they didn’t. Which puts a lot of dbout in my mind that they just don’t care any more.

    • Who r u calli g a tit

      • You are, go away

        What are you on about now shakur, please would u kindly piss off and troll somewhere else, thanks.

      • You!!!!!

        In English?

  • Shakur Ali is a tit

    Not supporting this at all, simply keeping my fingers crossed that’s its another geohots. So far it seems, like already pointed out, too much of a business strategy. I’m hoping to be proved wrong, do us proud dreamjb!

  • TwistedWristah

    Nobody else finds it kind of amusing that he claims to release a jailbreak the day after the supposed end of the world?

    • Jameses7


  • dready

    if he claims he has it ,let him release it ,i dont see any reason his works is being critisized b4 it is made known to the public.

  • Watch out fakes about

    • Get lost!

      Piss off shakur Alibaba… No one wants you and your pointless input on these articles, go and photoshop a jailbreak for team Aladdin or whoever your playing with yourself over now!

  • herpingtus derpitus

    LOL Dev Team is buttmad. They can’t wait until the proof is out to start discarding DreamJB’s claims… clearly someone is jelly. “we be da smeartist, nawbudy ken breka dis ios…. fak nd gai” – Dev Team. We’ll see on thursday maybe, and on the 22nd for sure whether this is fake or not. until then… cheers!

    • herpingtus derpitus

      tuesday* lol

  • Fingers crossed

    As much as I want to believe this is real, all I’m expecting on the 22nd is “jailbreak is only $$$” ……. He’s using bog standard business mentality to grain product recognition, granted, it will get him the custom he wants, but a fancy website and all the rest? No need. Please don’t just be another scam 🙁 a well thought out and no doubt profitable one, but still a scam

  • pulseps

    i think dev team is simply backed by apple. when apple wants they releases jailbreak. afterall if apple products not get infected by spyware or virus so how come someone really able to do jailbreak without apple permission. apple do this on purpose.

    • Jsmoove

      THATS IT!!! Now what you said make sense


      I know I ain’t losing my 5.1.1 jailbreak over this. Even when a new jailbreak “does” come out I hope it’s as stable as Dev teams. Oh yeah what you said about Apple is starting to make some sense. Or we’re all getn

  • Fastcar

    The DEV, and especially pussyninja can not come up with any JB or ETA, last JB came from POD2G.. They are out as far as I m concern… Now they get upset cuz someone (maybe) come up with JB (regardless fake or true)

  • Sameel

    Since many years every version of I phone got jailbreak how is this possible not this time, sure jailbreak will come guys, this is how people got interest in iPhones, as I phone team wants ..

  • VC

    Why isn’t it possible for someone else outside the Devteam to come up with an untethered JB? it is very very possible..It’s a huge world..there’re so many talent out there..Im not saying this JB is legit but just saying it is very possible for an individual to come up with a JB..

    • Batman2012

      i got it!!! is design to not be able to jailbreak. apple will sell the jail break as add on..9.99 for jailbreak apple store download.

  • Fake

    • Shakur’s Mom

      Prove it’s a fake Shakur. Better yet prove that you don’t live in your mom’s basement or troll for Chronic Dev.

      • Get lost!

        He trolls for the “Arab dev team”……… Every single article on jailbreak and this twerp is there. Go away shakur

  • paolozz92

    The “Proof” will be uploaded on Youtube, his website and on tweeter on Wednesday (12th of december). I think from that “Proof” we can then tell if this is legit or aanother scam.

  • I for one accept him so far he has the mannerisms and sincerity of a hacker. He is modest and not claiming the world and he provides information. Now what I am skeptical of is why we need to wait for proof if he has proof show it right away. I am assuming he didn’t just arrive at his current state recently and I doubt there is much more work to be done. If I wanted to prove my self I would show proof right away so no skeptic, like myself, would be able to use this as evidence.

    • If he’s trying to make a name for himself, then I think it’s a nice strategy he’s using right now. First he spreads the word so everyone talks and discuss the availability of an actual JB (like we’re doing right now :P) and, at the same time, gets the world to know him. After a couple of days he actually presents proof to the world, and after some more days, he provides what you’ve been waiting for so long. Quite a nice way to carry sth like this along, huh? 😛

  • Guest

    I for one invite him into the community with open arms. He seems sincere and very the hacker mannerisms. I hope the other teams don’t initiate him to hard.

  • Well wait and see on 22 December if it’s real or fake

  • Mic

    As seen before with Geohotz it’s been done before by an individual, Geohotz has upset the Devteam with his talent before ,What’s to say that there isn’t another guy with the same amazing skills!!!
    I’m confident in the Geohotz of the world ..