Dark Souls 2 trailer defies platform belief

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2012

It was inevitable that the 2012 VGAs would produce at least one major surprise and it certainly didn’t disappoint over the weekend. Dark Souls II has been announced much to the joy of fans who played the original and a debut trailer released almost defies belief that the game is still going to release on current gen consoles, not next gen. After the success of the first game, it would have been a safe bet to assume that a sequel would be coming out on next-gen consoles considering that Dark Souls only released last year. If you watch the world premiere Dark Souls II trailer below, you will see some truly mesmerizing graphics on show which again back up belief that this is a next-gen title we’re seeing here.

However, a press release by Namco Bandai has confirmed that the game will still be releasing on the Xbox 360 and PS3, once again defying the capabilities that current-gen consoles still have to offer, right at the end of their respective lifespans. As you can imagine, no release date has been revealed for the game yet, but if this comes out at the same time next year, then should it perhaps have been saved for the likes of the PS4 and Xbox 720?

The new consoles are heavily rumored to be arriving during the holiday season of 2013 and considering that Namco has yet to reveal a release date for Dark Souls 2, we would assume that the game is only at the very start of development – meaning that it is going to be a while yet until we see the game.

It is a bold move to release on PS3 and Xbox 360 if the game is still not out by the time the PS4 and Xbox ‘720’ are on the market. Do you support this decision made by Namco to still release on current gen, or would you have instead preferred to see the game on next gen consoles instead?

Either way, expect more fiendishly difficult gameplay to come your way when the game finally arrives. The Dark Soul II trailer seems to be disappearing from YouTube frequently, so watch the video below while you still can. Was this the best game revealed during the VGAs in your opinion? It looks so good.

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  • time_crumbles_everything

    This is, hands down, the best game to feature at the VGAs. Extremely exciting news. Couldn’t be happier. I love the Souls series and will be a lifelong fan. I am open to whatever new direction they take this series and don’t believe they will disappoint us… the core mechanics will remain the same. If the changes or additions are well thought out, as I suspect they will be, it can only GROW the franchise.

    My hope is that it gets as popular as Skyrim someday… It deserves that level of recognition and appreciation. Just my two cents.

    Lastly, I am happy with current gen or I can wait for next gen. Doesn’t matter either way to me. I will wait awhile to buy the next gneration system UNLESS dark souls 2 turns out to be next gen release, then I will shell out just for that.

  • asdfas

    whoever wrote this sensationalist article is dumb as a nail

  • SiriusTexra

    Um, that was a CG trailer…….

    Wow, really? Console’s have at least 15 more years before they can pull of CG quality non aliased super renders. PC could however pull of somewhat near these graphics right now, based on evidence from Square Enix and Unreal’s realtime demo’s that they ran on PC this last year.

    You’ll be waiting a long time for a console game to look like that. There’s a reason it’s rendered on multiple thousand dollar machines to produce single frames. What you’ll get is low poly, low texture games with “nice” lighting and shadows next gen. Or, nice models and textures, but static baked everything else.