iOS 6 Maps without Google keeping users on iOS 5

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It appears that Google are still putting the final touches on their highly anticipated Google Maps app for iOS 6 – the app that will be the savior of many iOS users it seems. Apple is currently hard at work on desperately improving their own iOS 6 Maps application, but a good portion of consumers are still running iOS 5 on their devices, purely due to the poor performance of Apple’s Maps on iOS 6.

We told you almost two weeks ago, that Google were apparently in the final stage of getting their iOS 6 Maps onto the App Store ready for the anxious approval process, that will needed before the app is available for public download. We haven’t heard any progress from Google though since then, which means that the app may already be on the waiting list, with Apple probably busy deciding whether or not they want a rival mapping app to overwrite customer preference to their own in-house app on iOS6.

A recent report published by Bloomberg, suggests that Apple are frantically trying to work on an upgraded version of iOS 6 Maps in a ‘race against time’, which they hope will change consumers minds and give the app another chance. However, mapping is a service which has to be 100% correct at all times, and after seeing various result errors on Apple’s app, consumers may have already decided that Google Maps is the only alternative.

Furthermore, certain users have even resorted to staying on Apple’s old iOS 5 firmware, simply due to the fact that they want to remain on Google Maps, rather than be forced to use Apple’s own in-house application.

It’s a delicate situation indeed as Apple does want not to be pictured as the ‘evil’ company blocking Google’s attempts to provide an alternative for frustrated consumers, but then again, if Apple does approve the app, they are surely going to see a significant drop in consumers that are using their own maps application.

What are your thoughts on the current maps situation on iOS 6? Apple has apparently fired senior members of their company that were previously responsible for releasing the maps app in its current state that you are using at the moment. Do you welcome this bold move in the hope that the software is improved, so that you can take a second look?

How many of you are actually still on iOS 5 as we mentioned above? Will you update the moment that Google releases Maps for iOS 6?

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  • Willing to be patient…

    I’ve been waiting to see when the media would pick up on this. Many of us are still on IOS 5 for this exact reason. As soon as Google Maps is released and confirmed to be working with at least IOS 5 functionality, I will immediately upgrade. I will not be giving Apple Maps a chance until it gets fully vetted and reviewed…

    • Vetluver

      Me too, I”m waiting. The answer is obvious, Apple should bite the bullet and put ios6 maps on the back burner until it is ready for prime time.

  • Waiting

    I too am waiting to upgrade my iPhone to iOS5 until Google Maps is available. I updated my iPad to iOS 6, and am quite unhappy with the maps performance. Fortunately, I use my iPhone maps much more frequently than I do on the iPad.

  • ender

    I recently searched for resturaunts in a city I was visiting. Apple maps brought up only fast food chains. Totally useless. Thank goodness I kept my wife on IOS 5. Google Maps found a good German resturaunt and provided accurate directions. Thanks for nothing Apple. If you block usefull apps I’m going Android.

  • Jasbart

    Still on ios 5 due entirely to apple maps on ios 6. Will update when google maps are on iOS 6.

  • nickoberg

    I’m still on iOS 5, and I tell everyone I know, “if you want to br able to get where you’re going, don’t upgrade!”. the little red 1 on the settings app, is well worth staying on ios5!

  • Mr Android

    Apple is failing miserably and I love it. How does it feel not being able to upgrade to the most recent operating system? Haha, what a joke!

  • Dean

    Apple maps is an absolute disgrace. If they block the Google maps for iOS 6 I’ll be getting an Andriod phone.

    • Adam

      This is exactly my position. If Apple doesn’t get this sorted out, that Galaxy note is looking mighty tempting. I love my iPhone, but Google maps was invaluable to me when I moved to my new city. Google even has the local transit site beat for scheduling, and that’s the primary reason why I have yet to upgrade to iOS 6.

      • Arcanum

        Got the Note 2 a week ago. Awesome phone. So glad I chanced it instead of getting the iPhone 5.

        • Bea

          My son has a Samsung Galaxy 3, we have other Android phones that were never updated, which is why I got my iPhone 5 for myself. My husband has the 4S. We have 5 kids and many devices. The only one that held up after Hurricane Sandy with the battery backup and hotspot was the iPhone 5. Everything still worked beautifully and I ran my Mac with the personal hotspot from my iPhone 5 for a week. The GS3 would not connect after the first use with a battery backup, and they are both, all the phones, on AT&T so I know it was not the cellular provider. With nothing else running and no power for 11 days, my iPhone was the only thing running and working well, for news etc. that was important.

    • Tom

      I’m not only still on OS5 because of Google Maps, I haven’t upgraded my iPhone 4 because of Google Maps. I run a business from Asia using my phone. There is no way in hell I can do that with Apple’s solution. I’ll switch to Android if something isn’t done. I already have a Samsung tab, so don’t think I won’t do it Apple.

  • jim

    still in iOS5 and will be until I see a Google Maps App available!

  • Jack B.

    Still on IOS 5. Waiting for Google IOS 6 map app before upgrading.

  • Matt

    I swear I’m not buying another iphone till Apple put goole map back on it’s OS!

    • Faisal

      ha ha., nice one, I liked it. I waited for the iPhone 5 and ended up buying Galaxy S3. I regret having downloaded iOS6 for my iPhone 4.

  • Richard

    If apple declined the google maps I would not buy another iPhone and switch to an android based phone

  • Dunx

    Waiting for Google Maps before I go to iOS 6…

    .. If I find that Apple are holding it up, then Android will be my next phone OS!

  • Adam Ford

    I stayed on iOS 5 and I won’t move until it has Google maps. Period.

  • Mrdowntown

    Well Alan…It looks like you got your answer. 13 people still Google-bobble-heads.

  • Chris W.


  • Klauzz

    I decided to wait for the approval of Google Maps for iOS 6 before upgrading my iOS from 5 to 6. I think this is a real big Apple flop! Map apps are not quite so simple, and Google was certainly aware of it.

  • szfofa

    Ive actually had very limited problems with apple maps. My job requires me to always be going to new and different locations and it seems to do well at the task. I have had problems finding a few things or if you need to find an in n out or something. At least here in the sf bay area. I say its safe to say 80-90% of the time it works for me. I also use waze as waze’s ETA has been the most accurate to me of the three.

    Though, when google does release theirs for iOS6, i probably will migrate.

  • Crosslad

    The only problem I have had with Apple maps is the quality of the satellite view, everything else has worked well. The satellite images around where I live have improved tremendously in recent weeks and now show buildings that are not even on google maps. I still miss street view though. Don’t be too hard on Apple with this new product, Google maps is far from perfect and the recent news storey about the island google shows as being off the coast of Australia but doesn’t exist proves this point.

    • Jase

      That’s not a fair comparison. The island you refer to is on many maritime charts as well. That’s why its been such a big deal in the press. Its not really Google’s fault they took approved charts and published them. The fact that Apple can’t even get roads correct is a bigger problem than a small sandy island with no inhabitants!

    • Juan

      Crosslad, are you serious? Do you work for apple, do you work in an apple store and think to be part of the apple family or something? Have you actually used this map properly??? Mate, I’m from Melbourne, Australia, and the only thing I get from this apple map is no results, no results. When you’re browsing the map, it doesn’t even show the neighborhoods! It just shows council names, but guess what? Each council has more than a dozen neighborhoods here! It even looks so bare, stripped of names, directions, info, everything…
      I worked myself in an apple store years ago, super loyal to Mac, but after this major f@&$ up, and not even have the chance to roll back to os5? They lost me… Last strike for me is going to be googlemaps app approval or not. We’ll see…

      • Ian Zakharov

        I live in Russia St. Petersburg and can tell that Google maps did a great job. It has traffic indicators, correct public transport stops, nice street view option. I enjoyed how it worked in Prague on my last vacation. Since I have made an update to iOS 6 I have lost all this things. Apple maps even do not show buildings numbers. I found nothing plesant in new OS except night call mode, but it did not worth other loses. Sorry for my English.

      • DB

        I think Crosslad is obviously from Cupertino and Doesn’t travel much.

  • Hungrysumo

    If apple block google maps coming out, I won’t buy another iphone again, I’ll be going to android

  • WhiteManLost

    Apple maps is horrible!! on vacation in Mexico & it cant find crap!! No results… no results… pathetic!

    • Daniel

      I was currently in Mexico and it couldn’t find anything either but then i used my moms with ios 5 and it worked like a charm. I was able to get to my destination quite easily with google maps with ios 5

  • Nick Riley

    I’ve always updated my os as soon as it comes out – not this time though
    100% if apple don’t let google maps back on soon this will absolutely be the last iPhone I get
    Sort it out apple. You’ve lost the plot you greedy b*****ds

    • Faisal

      Unfortunately some people throw their money on everything that apple offers them. I always depeneded on google maps and regret having updated to iOS6.

  • brucereno

    I moved to ios 6 before realizing how weak the Apple map app is. I tried to get Apple to put me back on ios 5….but that seems to be beyond impossible.
    My only major complaint on Apple maps is that they did not include the property parcel lines in the map info…as google did. I’m in the real estate business, and I have to be able to see property lines between houses/buildings, etc.
    I use google maps on my iphone 4….via Safari…which is a real pain in the butt, but better info than apple maps.
    The bigger problem with ios6 is its handling of public wi-fi networks. Most are now not accessible thru my phone.. Thats a real pain.

  • Jonnygmamnny

    I have an android phone and use it all the time for maps no way I would use my iPad maps instead, since the update to iOS 6 I feel the iPad has lost it’s shine no YouTube no google maps all the other updates have made a difference but removing two great features of the modern world has seen it turn into an Internet browser only

  • Matt J.

    Yep, I am still on iOS 5. I have no interest in iOS 6 if it means I have to give up functionality I was using.

  • Juan

    Absolutely! If apple blocks googlemaps app I’m definitely getting an android. The only reason why I haven’t got one yet is because I’ve been a Mac user since 2002 starting with Os 9. I’m already pissed off that I can’t roll back to Os5 as it also makes my phone work so much slower n clunkier. And apple maps? Pfff, honestly, they seriously stuffed it up there. No new comments about that. I can’t even believe that when you turn around the phone to follow the path you’re going, the map turns around with the motion to stay straight… A map is not supposed to do that! A map has to be fixed so that if you’re following you’re path you can turn it around… Not very well thought. Every other bad thing about it is all around the net so won’t go into details…
    They surely lost my trust. I haven’t even done my 6.0.1 upgrade yet as I’m trying to see if there’s any new surprises…

  • Thomas Bucci

    Apple should approve the Google Maps app immediately. Apple should try to win the map war by offering a superior product and let their customers decide.

    • I’mJust Saying

      That is EXACTLY how it should work and how Apple has always won consumer loyalty. Steve Jobs…we need you

  • Suzy

    Used to have an iphone and hated maps so much. Bought a galaxy s3 and loving google map and the android OS is way better than iOS. I bet apple will take really long to update it’s maps which will still end up inferior to google maps

  • Stu

    Im one not updating because of Apple Maps and so are all my immediate family. I updated my iPad and found Apple Maps to be utterly disappointing.

  • Hello, Android

    Importance of a working Map application is far greater than anything iOS6 has to offer.
    Stayed on iOS5 and with a Nexus 4 coming soon, iOS5 may be the last for me.

  • jos

    apple maps stink

  • joe

    APPLE SUCKS (maps that is)

  • Steve

    Unfortunatley my fingers got trigger happy on upgrade day.
    I live in Tokyo and often visit South Korea. I can’t start to express
    the utter shitness of Apple Maps. The Han River in Seoul, one of Asia’s
    largest has gone!! Stations float 2km off shore in Tokyo Bay. I assure you
    this is just the tip of the iceberg. The place I stay in Seoul has gone, not just the building
    , the whole dam neighborhood. If Google maps don’t return I’ll be trading my iPhone for
    something with Android. Thanks Apple, you bunch of Twats!

  • Juan

    Hahahahaha! I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Just searched for a shop in Doncaster, close to the city… Not only apple maps found the wrong shop name, but also sent me straight to Doncaster in the UK… Pathetic.

  • Juan

    I love how apple says “oh, os6 has been downloaded millions of times so it is successful”… Am I the only one thinking that’s a bit if a stupid assumption? D average iPhone user doesn’t have a clue about software, computers or anything, so they would download an upgrade (or should I say a downgrade?) without reading what’s coming next. I didn’t do it myself as I never had serious issues with a Mac update before. But I do consider this a serious issue. People’s work, jobs and sometimes lives rely on a reliable map system like google…

  • sp763

    I swear to God, if the @$$holes at Apple block Google Maps, I’m chucking my iPhone the second my contract ends. I don’t need to be jerked around like this.

  • Jim

    I recently bought an Iphone 5. I previously owned an Iphone 2 several years ago and switched to Android for my next phone. I am done with Iphones! The navigation in the primary reason, but I really don’t see what people see in these things. I intend to buy a new Android next week and put this substandard Iphone in a drawer where it belongs.

  • Rob

    I’m one of those people who is hanging on to iOS5 because of the map issue. I use my Google Maps app almost daily, and I don’t want to deal with the alleged inaccuracies in the Apple Maps app. I’ll wait, or else I’ll switch phones eventually. : (

  • Nigel

    I use Google Maps regularly for my job in the UK. While there are many improvements with iOS 6 I’m sticking with 5 until they resolve this mess.

  • Andy

    As the article reports, I too have chosen to stay on ios 5, purely because of how unreliable apple maps are. In fact, I didn’t buy an iPhone 5 for the same reason. I think if Apple were brave enough to release a shoddy app like they have, they should be brave enough to respond to their customers and approve the new google maps app, plain and simple.

  • Derek

    Google Maps should have been made available as soon as the bad reactions to apples maps happened.. I’ve stayed on ios5 and will not upgrade until Google maps is on the App store. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    • Faisal

      unfortunately Apple is an arrongant bunch of idiots, they dont care as long as they sell their product to those hard core fans of apple. Apple is way behind the race and is loosing its way. This reminds me of the times when Steve wasn’t with them. We are stuck to the same OS with minor changes and nothing pathbreaking or innovative whereas the Androids are marching. Its a hare vs turtle game.(Apple is the hare – but sleeping)

  • Awn-ye

    Apple maps are lacking in information and totally inaccurate. With Google maps I felt confident in any unknown town or city – I could walk anywhere or get on the right bus and know where to get off! Google maps gave me confidence – Apple maps don’t and never will…. I can’t believe Apple released such an inferior app – what happened to quality control?

  • Petri

    Upgraded iPad to iOS6 just to test how Maps works in Madrid. Didn’t quite like it.. at all!! So, using still iOS5 with iPhone 4s/4 – due to fact searching addresses works poorly in iOS6 Maps and lack of public transit. The 3D maps was very neat eye candy, but doesn’t really help me along to day to move between various locations using public transit. Going to upgrade rest of iOS devices only when Google Maps is available and tested working as great as the old one did.

  • dooogis

    I am holding out getting an iPhone 5 purely because I am waiting to see what happens with Maps. I need a new phone and if i don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel i will get an android. Maps is essential

  • Mike B.

    I have an iPad2 running iOS6 and a Nexus7 running Jelly Bean 4.2. Google Maps works just fine on my Nexus7 as my iPad2 sits idle on my bookcase.

  • Johnny

    I am so desperate to have google maps back on my iPhone that I would pay $10 for the app. I seriously cannot believe how in accurate apple maps is even in Sydney Australia.

  • Sunil

    I want Google maps and will upload to IOS 6 only after that

  • Frustration

    I recently travelled to Puerto Rico, apple maps has absolutely nothing there. I had to do a google search to find the location and transfer it to apple maps to use turn by turn. Very frustrating.

  • Gspederson

    I’m still on ios5 because of google maps. I can’t understand how they didn’t realize this would cause a crap storm? Even if apple maps was >= google maps some people would still be upset witha forced change. This comes off as very arrogant to me. Also, why couldn’t they just add both options and let users decide which one to use as default? Make swapping between the two easy.
    During the browser wars,I think I remember MS getting sued for bundling IE with their OS because it gave IE an unfair advantage…or something like that. How is maps issue any different?

    • Neil


  • Scott

    I share the sentiments expressed here. I am still running OS5 on my iphone and ipad and will not change until the google maps app is available. If apple declines the app, I will be getting a galaxy phone for Christmas.

  • max

    maps is the no1 app for me. despite a couple of nice new features, apple’s maps in the uk are way below par – in my own experience it sometiems fails to find streets by name AND postcode when you stand on them, finds other streets without making it clear it is not what you looked for, tube stations bad in london etc. if google not brought back or apples maps are improved (seriously doubt it is doable in under 12 months), will consider switching

  • Maskedchris

    I totally agree if I am not able to get Google maps on my iphone and ipad I will move to the android system. There is no way of planning jouneys anywhere in the world with the Apple version of maps and then save them for when you go on holiday

  • amsterdaam2007

    It is a complete disaster for me as the ios maps does not have correct information on public transport. trying to find a way to downgrade to ios 5. was planning to buy new iphone for xmas but i am considering moving to google software base phones. this is not acceptable as apple is not recognizing their error and we are force to use a system that does not work.

  • KH

    How could they justifiably block Google Maps when they have recently approved Nokia’s mapping app (albeit not something that can even compete with Apple).

  • RP

    What about the fact that Apple pushed the ios6 package into my phone via WIFI and it is taking about 1.5 GB of space! They messed up the product and now they are forcing me to “upgrade”? I’m lucky enough to have 32GB and I wonder how people with less more memory feel.

    I think this issue should go to court, we purchased a phone with specific functionality (Google Maps), and Apple are not providing this functionality so shouldn’t we get our money back?

  • Ed

    As soon as Google Maps is approved on the Apple App store, I’ll move to iOS6 straight away. That is the ONLY thing keeping me from updating my firmware from iOS5. Nuff said.

  • RP

    People who defend Apple maps sound like the people who claim there is no global warming.
    People (like myself) chose iPhones over Android because it’s stable, safe and easy to use. That’s a feature in Apple products in general. People trust Apple product and the company stabbed users in the back.

  • Trunce

    I used google maps a lot especially together with StreetView, and whilst I am grateful for Google providing a web access alternative – it is not a replacement.

    This loss together with an inability to print direct, unless I ditch my perfectly good Xerox, for an Airprint compatable device, and having restricted browsing experience – because of lack of Flash, has rendered my IPad a nice piece of engineering that will not meet my needs.

    Android phone & Chromebook are looking attractive, meeting my needs without breaking the bank.

    The Cache of owning Apple devices is becoming the domain of masochists.

  • Mike

    I’m one of those people who hasn’t upgraded to iOS 6 yet. It’s disgraceful that they forced the adoption of Apple Maps onto the public and especially sloppy of them to release a product that is so riddled with problems. Apple’s recent activity is sending me in the direction of Nexus and Samsung for my next iPhone

  • JW

    Maps are a make or break feature for me. Googles maps are just superior.

  • Bo

    I REFUSE to upgrade to iOS 6 until Apple approves the Google Maps app for my iPhone 4s as well as 3 others I purchased for my family! I purchased these phones when released in October 2011 for both Google Maps and You Tube…now both will be gone if I push the upgrade button. That I will not do as I depend on both. I agree with what has been previously stated…Android is becoming MUCH MORE appealing to me going forward. Apple is losing in this badly and it is really surprising to me how the company is destroying itself since Steve died.

  • Lisacheesed

    Fcuk you apple theives my business slow down due to your maps poo application

  • Timothy

    I live in Japan and can zip around Tokyo like a native with google maps. The tight integration with public transportation makes this possible. Apple’s unlinking of public transportation from maps, in addition to the fact that is terrible in it’s own right, is a total deal killer for iOS 6. Come on, Apple, this is embarrassing.

  • Clark

    Still on iOS5 solely because of Google Maps. I will be replacing my Apple iPhone with a Windows Phone this holiday season. This has gone on long enough.

  • Dave

    I agree with other statements I’ve been offered a galaxy 3s for free. If apple blocks googles map app I’m making the switch to Samsung. And getting my iPhone jailbroken

  • Pam

    Is it possible to get my ios5 back? Google maps is/was a HUGE part of my decision to go Apple. Two of us have contracts ending very soon. Other carriers being considered.

  • Julie Brown

    Yes. I have an iphone4 and see no reason to move to IOS 6 if it downgrades my mapping. I use google maps every day. It shows street numbers and land boundaries of properties which is invaluable in realestate work. Looking at my sons ipod (IOS6) it doesnt compare. Yes I would try google maps for ios6 ( on his ipod first!).

    Are there ANY benefits to move to ios6 for iphone 4 users???

  • gerblanski

    I, for some reason “upgraded” to IOS 6 and now my alarm app won’t work. First world problems, am I right! But seriously, this petty game apple, google, Samsung, and whoever-else-has-got-involved is playing, we, the consumer get the raw end of it, like the child in between splitting or arguing parents. They’re just going to end up going down the wrong road, hey-oh!

  • Maclover

    I’m usually the first to sing Apple’s praises having used their products for years but the maps debacle has caused me to question Apple’s apparent trend towards meglomania. They should do what they do best and not try to cover (and control) everything in a quest to make more money at the expense of reliability and quality. I have held off on getting the iPhone 5 – despite being eligible for a free upgrade – because I regularly use Google maps and trust it. If Google have their iOS app approved I would consider the iPhone 5. If they don’t I may look at another phone. C’mon Apple have some humility, admit the maps time and expenditure was wasted; Google have an excellent product that was years in the making and functioned seemlessly. Do the right thing.


    Same here, still on iOS 5 – Scotland on apple maps is dreadful. If google maps app doesn’t appear soon I’ll be ditching the iPhone

  • Alejo

    I upgraded my girlfriend’s iPhone 4 to iOS 6 and it was a huge mistake. She hated the new maps and found the facebook featured to be pointless. The phone ended up becoming useless a couple weeks later with no data connection until we were able to get it replaced (we live in Tallahassee which has no Apple store for some idiotic reason specially since it’s a huge college town). Lucky for her, the replacement iPhone 4 ironically came with iOS5 and now everything is back to normal. I’ve been really disappointed with Apple lately, specially yesterday with the nightmare iTunes 11 gave me for a good portion of the day until I managed to revert back to 10.7 and get everything back to normal. Looks like I’ll be sticking with my old MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard with all the older Apple software and my iPhone 4S with jailbroken iOS 5 for some time.

  • Julian

    I’ll be ditching my iPhone 4 for an Android phone if I can’t get Google maps back. If it wasn’t for the over air upgrade I would still be sitting with iOS 5, as I would have had time to see the developing situation before being able to upgrade (perhaps this should be downgrade??) if I was still tethering to update iOS – lesson learnt – in future I’ll always wait a week or two before updating os’s.

    For me the main appeal of the iPhone is the user experience and Apple have trashed this with their pig headed approach to mapping. My son has an Android phone running ICS and tbh I find the user experience on his Android much more fulfilling at the moment and with their lack of innovation for the iphone5 their phone is starting to look like an overpriced lagging behind disaster

  • pablo

    I recently switched to a galaxy s3, was getting a bit bored of the iPhone making no interesting changes but the maps debarcle was the final straw and made me leave apple. The gs3 is an excellent phone, Google maps and navigation are fantastic! The sad thing is no one can beat the user experience of the iPhone but they really blew it with this embarrassment. As someone else said, they should let their consumers choose from the best product. If they can’t rival Google don’t try!!!

  • Dinakar

    ios6 is useless for me without google maps! Still in ios5.What a shame for Apple!

  • Coltrane

    i have been an iphone user since they came out. THE most useful app ever since I started using it has been the google maps app. By extension it made my iphone incredibly useful beyond normal phone capabilities. I upgraded to iOS 6 immediately – and, yes, foolishly did not read/know about them dropping google maps and how bad their map app was. Suffice to say, my phone experience is without a doubt terrible as I use(d) the map app almost every day. The apple map experience is annoying, frustrating, infuriating, etc! I am on the cusp of getting a newer smartphone and am seriously considering an android phone for the first time. I am only waiting to see if apple give me the choice to use the google map app because I have no faith in their own app. I see no other option as I cannot revert to the previous iOS version. Seriously.

    • qwackers

      Hi I really do feel for you as well as thousands if not millions of others in the same predicament as myself have been through and face the same delemor to which I have been advised by every one I have spoken with is an irreversible process and have previously looked at doing the same myself
      I am a charter coach operater in New Zealand and chose the iPhone 4S specifically over the competition especially for the iOS 5 maps applicacation which had proved itself to be a very welcome addition and very useful tool in my area of expertise
      But since accidentently upgrading to iOS 6 taking for granted into thinking at the time to be just another quick update or bug fix
      Have found myself dusting off and bringing out my previous map books out of retirement
      1 of a couple of solutions though I have tried and found to work however thankfully having previously had an iPod 4th generation was to sync it with the iPhone on Bluetooth using the personal hotspot modem feature on the iPhone 4S which is an extra hassle but does work
      Another which I am actually unfortunately contemplating is resetting my mac book pro by reinstalling my origanal snow leopard installation discs which thereotically should restore it back to iOS 5 and disable any possible further updates to do with iOS 6

  • Petr

    I am also staying on iOS 5 because of the google maps. I have already thought of migrating to android, if the next releases of iOS suck like before.

  • semajjsj

    It’s good to see I’m not the only one refusing to upgrade o iOS 6 or purchase the iPhone 5 because of the maps debacle. The Google aps app has always been one of my favorite apps. I’m sticking to my 3gs with iOS 5 until that Google maps app is released. Otherwise the s3 will be in my future.

  • JStones

    People moan about the maps. However you can submit an error to apple with the tap of a button in the maps app, and is usually updated within 48 hours. For example an incorrect street or name, neighbourhood perhaps.
    If everybody took 30 seconds to do that imagine how more accurate they’d be. Stop moaning and just go to the google maps site via safari… It works!
    People just moan over anything now.

  • Carl

    This maps issue might seem ridiculous to many but the implications are larger than the issue. I’ve had iPhones since day 1 but I am considering switching to Android if Apple rejects the Google Maps app. Apple Maps needs time to evolve and get better, which is fine and normal. In the meantime, I want to be able to have a choice and use an alternative. If Apple refuses to give me a choice this time, I won’t let it slide, they will loose a faithful customer.

  • paul archer

    I have ordered a Samsung Galaxy S3 as Apple sucks.

  • Neil

    It’s insulting to me that Apple thinks so little of its customers that it can just take away one of the most fantastic applications on its iPhone. They are missing out on 2 new customers – me and my wife – until the Google Maps App is approved. The whole situation is disgusting – how could they EVER think they could make a product that could even come close to the EXPERTS at Google?? Their arrogance and disregard for what their users want is unbelievable.

  • Jack

    IOS 5 here as well, will not upgrade until Apple pulls their head out.

  • B

    I am one of the iphone users who will not upgrade to iOS 6 until the Google maps app is available. If Apple wants to maintain credibility and its reputation for excellence, they should stop stalling consumers and allow the Google maps app back on Apple devices. If Apple’s own maps is ever improved enough to rival Google maps, consumers will not have to be forced to use it. It will be a choice to use a good product. But now Apple is creating resentment and risks losing loyal Apple customers who resent being forced to use an inferior product.

  • Zak

    Google maps was/is the most useful app that has ever been designed. I used to be a huge apple fan, but if apple don’t change their tact sharpish I can guarantee that my next phone won’t be an apple. It also worth pointing out that millions of us bought other applications for our iPhones under presumption that other core services would not be cut. Having an iPhone without google maps is like having half a smart phone. Will we be getting a refund for all those other apps we bought. Apple over to you!

  • Disappointed Apple user

    I think the sacking of a particular Apple executive and the pages of posters contempt for Apple Maps says it all. I upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 6 as a test before doing the same on my iPhone 4 which is still on iOS 5. I can’t believe how bad Apple maps is and how it ruined other apps that use it, like the Right Move app so I can see where train stations are in relation to houses for sale or rent. I was so annoyed not being able to roll my iPad back to iOS 5 either grrrr. I was considering getting an iPhone 5 but not with the sh*t maps. I use street view all the time and in the easy to use way I hd before. Apple you need to fix this otherwise it’s android for me and I have invested a lot in iTunes so this is saying something!

  • Charles

    So I had a disaster just today. I had been avoiding iOS6 on my iPhone 4 and staying on iOS5 just because of Google Map…. well that and because my wife upgraded her phone and has been complaining about slowness and networking problems ever since. I travel and a good map application is important to me. Today I had my phone plugged into my computer and I look down at it and it is upgrading…What a disaster… I had not told it to upgrade. Either I missed the nag screen when it came up and it timed out and upgraded or it just did it on its own. Last time I saw the nag screen to update I told it to not ask me again….. perhaps that is what happened.

    well, I called Apple and they could/would do nothing to help me get back to iOS5. They did apologize. It was just sad to talk with them…

  • Craig

    I’m a life-long Mac user, and normally jump on upgrades immediately. I have not moved to an iPhone 5 from my ailing iPhone 4 because of the terrible ios6 maps and lack of transit directions. If the Google maps app isn’t available in the next few weeks, it will be necessary to switch to Android.

  • Macfaithful 1

    I have been using Apple products since I bought a Mac SE 30 in 1987. I still have that Mac and it still works fine, totally obsolete except for packet radio but it still boots like new. Communication phone, text, email etc are the most critical use of my iPhone and mapping is the second most critical use. I will not upgrade away from IOS 5 till Google maps is fully functional. This is Apple’s biggest screwup since the MobileMe disaster. 
    Jobs wanted thermonuclear war on Google because he was threatened by the competition. This is what happens when you play with fire. You just can’t buy a second rate mapping company and expect to turn it in to a product on the scale of Google’s maps division over night. Google has an incredible head start. Can’t we all play nicely in the sand box? This is silicone valley after all! 
    Rest in peace, Steve, we love you. As for the Apple E Team just let it go. Get Google maps and running on IOS 6. Please don’t force a not ready for prime time app down the Apple Faithful’s throats. I will not up grade my current IOS nor my iPhone 4 till you put the full Google maps back on IOS.
    This is starting to piss me off because I want a iPhone 5 64 gb for Xmas but that plan is on hold.

  • chunkEcheez

    I have not upgraded to iOS 6 because I heard so many bad things about Apple Maps from my friends who made the jump. Apart from telephony and messaging, the map app is the most important app on my smartphone. If it does not function smoothly then I may as well go back to using my 1999 Nokia. I am waiting for Google Maps before making the switch to iOS 6. However, this will be problematic because it will not be the default map app in the phone. Apple must provide the user an option to set the default map app otherwise I will be looking at Android devices the next time I need a new phone. And that’s sad, because the Android interface sucks compared to iOS.

  • Massillon

    Still keeping my iPad from updating. I want nothing to do with apple maps.

    I will update once google maps app is approved. I would even pay for the app, although I think google will make it free.

  • bloodyphlegm

    Its also an environmental issue. Apple Maps has wasted millions of gallons of gas. Apple, help save the planet, put Google Maps back on our damn phones.

  • Massillon

    I’ll raise you one better. I bought the s3 over iPhone 5 because of this. I am so impressed by it that I’m not sure if I’ll bother to look at a new iPad when I replace this one next month. Some of those galaxy tablets are looking really good right now.

  • Moi

    Stupidly trusted Apple and updated my old 3GS right before a trip to Europe. Thank heavens my husband didn’t have time to do it! Rome would have been a disaster. My ipad won’t be updated until Google Maps is available. Period.

  • qwackers

    Regret ever downgrading to iOS 6 on me iphone 4s thinking it were just a quick fix bug fix at the time & did’nt realise until it was too late
    Maps are just plain dumb & stupid in comparison to iOS 5
    Luckly i still have my iPod 4th gen on iOS 5 which I bluetooth sync to personal hot spot on the 4s as a last resort inconvenient alternative solution
    Have even thought about resetting my mbp back to snow leopard with the original installation discs and switching off any and all updates to do with iOS 6
    Realistically I’m not expecting apple to do anything to waiver there annual profit margins as has been the case funnily enough since Steve Jobbs passing
    But not to worry as the iPhone 5s or 6 should be out soon enough with the maps sorted then as there next sales pitch being iOS 7 with google maps in about 6 and a half weeks
    But In saying that though Im still an apple fan as I have just bought a new ipad 3 just recently as I wasn’t sold on the new flimsy looking and currently incompatible with any docking station lighting port on the iPad 4
    But what really sold me was the fact that the 3rd gen ipad shipped with iOS 5 which I plan to never to update until I can rest reasured iOS 900 is finally up to speed with itself

  • ChrisSteves

    Apple has to do one of these three things before I upgrade to iOS6 or buy a an iOS 6 device:

    -Work with or allow Google to put a Map App similar to the old one in the app store.
    -Upgrade it’s own Maps to the point where its as accurate/useful as Google maps (including transit). Apple should know form follows function better than anyone. No function=no form=no approval=no users.
    -Bury the hatchet with Google, smooth things over, have Larry Page come to a keynote and announce that the two companies are working together again, starting with Google helping apple to improve Maps again. They got a bit too competitive with one another but they’re still good friends or something like that. Like Steve and Bill gates did, except in this case Apple is seen as the evil Microsoft by most. I can’t see Tim Cook doing this, but I could have seen it with Jobs. They would take a huge loss with their Tom Tom acquisition though.

  • Steve J

    I’ve kept my iPod touch on iOS5.1, and my iPhone4s is the last Apple product I’m going to buy unless Apple allows GoogleMaps and does things very differently in the future. Currently, I have the choice of upgrading to iOS6 for a better Siri experience and no native GoogleMaps app, or sticking with iOS5, which is what I’m currently doing.
    I’m also about to buy my first tablet, and it’s not Apple. It’s the Nexus 7. I think it’s a better tablet than the iPad Mini, and yes, it’s Android based. No ripoff price price and profit like the Mini. If Apple don’t sort themselves out, they will take themselves to their arrogant grave without Jobs. Perhaps a case of history repeating itself…

  • David

    I am one of the many who have decided to forego iOS 6 in order to wait for better maps. I use my iPhone for driving, and the lack of reliable locations or traffic information is a showstopper for me. I simply cannot endanger my life or the lives of my passengers by having to futz around with maps while driving. I will, of course, entertain Apple’s native map application once it is improved, but I will likely always keep both apps around for their relative strengths. I don’t see myself trusting Apple maps in the near future. Lack of approval for Google Maps is a show stopper for me. I won’t upgrade without it.

  • Dominic North

    I am remaining on iOS5 until the Apple maps are sorted, or, maybe, until Google Maps are available for it, and also of sufficient quality. To be honest, Google Maps on iOS are far from perfect, especially when it comes to linking addresses to locations, but at least their maps are reasonably accurate and complete.

  • Brian Diehl

    I’m someone staying on iOS 5 until google maps app maps app is released. Even considering android if this does not happen.

  • Matt

    My wife upgraded her 4S to IOS 6 as an experiment since she doesn’t use Maps that frequently. I have stayed on IOS 5. I discovered that it’s possible to use Google Maps from within Safari in order to find things and then get directions on the maps app. It’s clunky. I don’t like it. IOS 6 seems to be more of a drain on her battery as well.

    Maps is the #1 reason I won’t upgrade. Fear of degraded battery life on my 4S is #2.

    I’m eligible for a discounted upgrade next year. I won’t upgrade until the Google Maps app is available on IOS 6.

  • urlgrrrl

    I chose to stay with iOS 5 partly because I didn’t want to lose Google Maps. Another reason is that iOS 6 broke many apps in ways that suggest poor quality control on Apple’s part. Screen rotation issues, for example, has forced updates to several apps.

  • John Nayler

    I suspected that I was not the only one of 200 M odd iphone users put out by the inaccuracies of Apple’s maps. Australian city of Rockhampton 100km wrong …. and the lack of the Google places information puts Apple’s info way behind. ios 5 is still on my iphone 4s.

  • TheSloth

    Count me in as another waiting for the Google Maps app before upgrading to iOS6 (and iPhone 5 for that matter). Apple really screwed up on this one….

  • Jack Randall

    Still on ios5 on my ipad and will be unlikely to upgrade or buy a new ios device unless Google Maps is re-released on ios.


    The App is rubbish in the UK and does not work at all in the Middle East, a total joke. Give me back my google maps that you stole.

  • Funya

    I’ll update my iPhone as soon as Google Maps is on the AppStore. Not before. I don’t want 3D buildings ; I just don’t wanna get lost :)

  • James

    Apple maps isn’t a disgrace – its just not as good as google maps.. what’s a disgrace is Apple forcing users to use it. If Apple don’t give their users choice that’s taking monopoly one step too far and my next phone won’t be an iPhone on principle. They should attract users to their maps app by making it better and more accurate.. Not by blocking the competition – that leads to inferior products. i have no issue with their own being the default but blocking the alternative is sticking their fingers up at their customers..

  • Stryker

    iOS 5 simply because of the map.

  • DB

    Im on IOS5 purely as apple MAPS don’t cover any detail in middle east. Apple should stick to building solid hardware with great user interface. it’s also th ereason I havn’t upgraded my phone but if the time comes and google maps is not avalible I’ll buy a different phone.

  • Need Google Maps back

    I live in NYC, and I unfortunately upgraded to iOS6 when the option presented itself on my iphone screen. I had no idea that my google maps were about to be stripped, and replaced by apple maps. As a result, my abilities to find the closest subway stations, restaurants, and directions are no longer available in the same efficient manner as I was accustomed to with google maps, and now I am basically left with a glorified ipod/camera with phone and email capabilities (and a screen that is awful to type long emails on). The google maps integrated into the iphone platform is what made this my dream device here in NYC, and sold me on switching over from a blackberry. I never thought that I would ever switch from a blackberry to an iphone, but I finally did last year, and rationalized the switch with the fact that the overall benefits of the iPhone platform far outweighed the benefits of simply having a great email machine (in the blackberry). If Apple doesn’t allow google maps back as an app, and as a default search option for the whole platform of the iphone and ipad, I am going to have to be forced to look into the android market. I just hope that Apple is taking into account that they are simply handing over market share to companies like google and samsung, by staying with Apple maps, and opening up the mobile market to those companies even further. I really don’t want to switch brands again, but I will if Apple doesn’t allow google maps back onto its platform. The ball is in your court, Apple. The way I see it, though, is that Google or Samsung is going to end up acquiring RIM, and then Google will have the best overall mobile platform with its map and search capabilities, email, and overall experience for end users. (And Samsung will have the best hardware to run this platform). Apple can easily avoid all of this by simply allowing google maps back into its platform right now. If they wait too long, though, it will be too late…too many people will have already made the switch.

  • da_matrix

    I’m not updating to iOS 6, unless I can sneak in gmaps…honestly I’m considering getting rid of my ipod touch..the thing is useless compared to my android phone.

  • Randy

    I love Apple, but was so disappointed with their insistence on developing their own maps application. The point in it eludes me. Google are obviously the experts, and their application and interfacing web-based software have been my first choice for many years. I have not updated my iPhones to iOS 6 yet and won’t – not until Google Maps is available. And even when that happens, I’m not happy that I’ll have another arbitrary app I don’t use (Apple Maps) taking up space.

  • essenen

    I’m in that group of people who are not upgrading my iPad until we can get Google Maps for iOS 6. If Apple is that confident that its map app is superior then they shouldn’t worry about a little competition from Google!

  • 1amm3t4

    I am unlikely to ever convert to Android or Windows Mobile, but I have not upgraded to iOS5 and told all my friends and family to skip iOS6 until Google gets its own native maps app on iOS. Even if they do, I’ll have to manually paste or type in addresses into Google Maps, so I’m not that thrilled about iOS6 in general.

  • Brmcd

    I was holding out for Google Maps but my phone crashed and I was forced to download iOS 6.

  • Gareth

    I have been using the new maps in NZ since their release and so far have not had any issues. Mostly use it finding addresses in the Waikato region and it has not failed me yet. Guess I have been lucky!

  • Yammi

    I will definitely choose google map for the apple map is awful, without any useful information.

  • tsw004

    I’m still on iOS 5 on my iPad & iPhone purely because I want to keep Google maps. I won’t upgrade to iOS 6 until Apple approve the new Google maps app. If they block Google maps I’ll move to Andriod.

  • Julian Wiseman

    Thank goodness I didn’t “upgrade”. I’ll only dot when google maps is available.

  • Peter

    I will remain on iOS5 until the Google Maps app is available. I still use my Nokia N8 which has excellent maps but don’t always want to use 2 phones hence not upgrading

  • Bon

    I Will ditch my iOS for android should apple defer implementation of the google map ap. Steve jobs will be turning in his grave. Apple need to back peddle on this fast.

  • donjose

    I upgraded to iOS 6 and ended up having to downgrade to 5.1.1 (even at the risk of bricking my iPhone 4).
    Google maps is the only way to get around the NYC public transit if you’re not familiar. The Apple maps app is useless as it forces you to download a third-party app. That’s not always an option when you’re already underground and without signal….

  • Jm

    Apple has already infuriated many customers with their poor maps and lets face it, Siri is pretty useless but Siri was never practical like google maps is. They need to let google maps pass and if they are smart, give up on their own maps. They cant keep taking their customers for granted because there are other options

  • Ed Reese

    I have owne three Iphones. The best, the best app on all three has been Google Maps. If Apple can’t get off the stick and get Google Maps back. I will switch to the Galaxy, and say a hearty “Ta-ta” to Apple and it’s IOS 6 and the pitiful, sorry, and wormy little Apple Map app. Get ready Apple, don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out of this house!

  • Anthony

    I’ve waited long enough, I’m going Android.

  • Lucface

    Yes, I am still on os5 for that reason. I will upgrade when I can keep gmaps.

  • Christopaul

    I regret “upgrading to iOS 6 on my iPad.. Still using iOS 5 on my iPhone 5 with no intention of upgrading. Even considering switching to Samsung, just to have Google maps and YouTube APPs.

  • Chris

    Sitll on iOS 5. My next phone purchase is now in a race between Google Maps getting approved for iOS6 and my upgrade schedule with Verizon.

  • gent987

    I am keeping IOS5 on my iPhone 4. When the Google Maps app is approved I will be getting an iPhone 5 … unless the iPhone5s or 6 is released before Google Maps is approved. I need the integrated blue dot and public transportation info when I travel.

  • KYJeff

    I remain on iOS5 for both my iPhone and iPad because of the need for quality maps. I just don’t see how Apple’s 100 map employees piecing together data from other parties can compete for years to come with Google’s in-house data, 7000 map employees and years off work. I’ll upgrade to iOS6 once Google Maps have an app for Apple.

  • xraso

    I have tried using Apple Maps twice this week (large American City in the NW). First time I wanted to know what street to turn down to get to a chain restaurant where I was meeting somebody…AM would only find the one that was 20 miles behind me.

    Second time I was in an unfamiliar part of town trying to get to another meeting. The directions took me up a long road to a turn 5 miles ahead…to TURN AROUND!! And in navigation mode you can’t zoom out to see what is coming up.

    I put Apple Maps into my “Unused” folder along with passbook and Game Center :p

    If we don’t get Google Maps back soon I will be switching to one of the new quad-core android phones!

  • Jonas Sääv

    A Google maps app on iOS 6 will not get things back to normal. A whole bunch of apps use integrated maps and these will still use the crappy Apple maps.

    Another thing. Everything about the Apple maps seems to be about inaccuracy in the content. I think that the maps application is visually horrendous. The maps lacks contrast and small roads only appear when zoomed in a lot which make orientation very difficult.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    Google Maps is now available on the App Store guys. You can all stop bitching now.