Black Ops 2 1.03 patch for PS3 crashing issues

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It is not surprising for a new game to launch with problems, and COD Black Ops 2 is no different and might see more issues thanks to how big the franchise is, but we didn’t expect the level of problems seen on the PS3 system since launch. We need to see the Black Ops 2 1.03 patch released as soon as possible to fix the PS3 crashing every couple of hours, which sometimes just freezes and other times you’ll get the PS3 just restart when playing Black Ops 2 in zombies or multiplayer. We’ve had hundreds of PR readers experiencing the same issues over the last 24 hours, and our Black Ops 2 hands-on has also been plagued with crashing and freezes, which are not acceptable by any means.

We have to give Activision support credit with their updates on the matter, and we’ve seen messages on Twitter explaining the problems with Black Ops 2 for the PS3, but also for PC and Xbox 360 as well. Some PC players have experienced crashes and these people are recommended to update drivers, although this is not possible for Black Ops 2 on the PS3 and crashing here can only be fixed by patch 1.03.

The tweet below has been published recently with information on fixes to the Black Ops 2 servers, which are part of the PS3 problem and the reason you might get “can’t connect to servers” messages, or have problems connecting to friends and family in multiplayer. Activision are reporting “matchmaking changes” they hope will fix the Black Ops 2 server issues. At the time of writing there’s no timetable as to when we can expect these fixes to go live, which are currently in the testing phase.

Black Ops 2 on PS3 has numerous issues – We are seeing our Black Ops 2 PS3 version crash every couple of hours, but other gamers see many other problems like messages stating “need more players” and “can’t connect“, although the most upsetting issue for PS3 users playing Black Ops 2 is freezing, which is happening to some gamers “every 20 mins“. This means a hard reset and that isn’t good for a hard drive, so these crashing and freezing issues on the PS3 are making some people feel like it’s a bad idea to purchase a new Call of Duty game at release. We expect bugs but not at the level seen with Black Ops 2 on the PS3 platform, and we don’t think restarting a PS3 a couple of times an hour is good for the hardware.

Your wish list for COD Black Ops 2 1.03 patch – if you’re on the PS3 console we’d love to know about the problems you’re experiencing, and of course what needs fixing with the first update since launch, other than the 1.02 patch we know very little about, so hit the comments with your suggestions and let’s hope Activision are listening.

Update: We’ve heard in the last hour from a number of PS3 players that are claiming the crashing is not just in online play, and Black Ops 2 campaign mode is also freezing up, which is further proof that the software needs a patch rather than just some server fixes.

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  • Spider-Man

    GAMES ARE NOT WORKING. All TDM I have tried to play are not working and now I can’t get into a Domination game that is working. What is happening?!?!? Hardpoint isn’t working most of the time either. I mean I understand having some issues on launch, it is natural, but not this. I have been floating around lobbies and hearing these people talk about the game like they wish they had never gotten it in the first place is disturbing. Black Ops 2 has sold a ton of copies already, but people may be taking their games back and/or not buying the game entirely next year. I have never seen a COD game as plagued as this one. i mean the game everyone has been waiting for can’t even be played.

    • DrunkDragon

      Playing Mercenary mosh pit was working for me. I’m sure they will have it fixed by tomorrow and this isn’t the first time this has happened with launch. I think it was MW2 that was plagued with server issues and was shut down for some time. Be patient, a game this popular and that many users at once is bound to have problems. I was shocked how well it worked on launch night.

      • Skyler Harris

        I can understand having a few server problems at launch, but this is ridiculous. None of this series predecessors had THIS many problems at launch. Anything that causes your system to freeze up is plain and simply, unacceptable. Every time you hard reset your console you’re risking damage to the hard drive. It may take a while before it happens, but eventually it will. Over time you start to see your console load slower and slower, till eventually it just won’t read the drive anymore.

  • Maz

    Cant get into any games online. States error finding game. Sticks and freezes constantly when online. The only way i can join games is to try to get into someone elses match, even then connection is lost after, if not during the match. This is the worst ive ever known the series to be. Currently going through campaign but dont think i have had any freezing with that as of yet.

  • Alan O’Connor

    Bought the game yesterday, played for an hour (multiplayer), turned PS3 off and came back 15 minutes later to get: “An error occurred while trying to find a session, please try again”, been like that since then. The lack of customer support is a disgrace, we should be getting hourly updates as to whats going on, even if theres nothing new to tell us at least we would know there trying there best. I now read lots of others are having to do a hard reset, this could lead to an eventual RLOD/YLOD, and tryarch would be liable for this.

    • Dave Mercado

      Tryarch liable, lol and not at you, at tryarch. they will just say if your system is crashing dont play the the $60.00 game we just sold you. I spend more time looking at a spinning globe than playing the multiplayer

  • Bodhi T.

    COD Black ops 2 for the PS3 will freeze the PS3 and not let me press the home button at loading screen at the beginning of the game before the Treyarch open credit/scene if my PSN is logged online. but starts and works great if i’m offline. Most disappointing waited in 25 degree weather for 1.5 hours. Im at the point where I’m done with COD.

  • Kz Patel

    I hav the same problem.
    All my public match says error cant find session try again and im level 30 since yesterday afternoon.
    I can only play league play now.
    Yes i can join my friends active game but as sson as i reach pre- game lobby the whole lobby is stuck to finding players to balance.
    So i decided to use my other account on my same ps3 and it works fine i reached level 12 and my ps3 froze and same problem again.
    So both my accounts cant join public match anymore.
    Something i realised is wen i played bootcamp after level 27 i froze and i cant play public match and same thing happened on my new account after level 10 i didnt played bootcamp my ps3 froze and cant join public match.
    Plus elite in my phone and ipad says error too. Computer says im level 27 but im level 30
    So i made a new account didnt played bootcamp at all and its working fine. Im level 16 now. I keep my fingers crossed n try to kill. But i keep my arms open for the update coz i really need my level 30 account to b fixed as im the founder / premium.


    OMG is the PS3 version buggy. Mine crashed 4-5 times had to hard reset then scan the HD all times. After I updated the PS3 itself and then installed textures from disc the crashes stopped. Then earlier today after *another* host migration fail…. I could not join any public matches at all but league play worked. Waited hours in que for tech supp. only to have them tell me at the end of the chat sorry nothing more we tcan try. The freezes yeah they suck, but I can’t join a single MP public match. Not 1. PS3 always gets the shaft with COD every freakin year, but this year is the worst by far. I even seen in one forum where a dude got the YLOD from all the crashes and hard power offs… Oh I would be soooooooooooo mad. I miss the “waiting for more players to balance teams” crap. It least it meant I was in damn lobby!

  • Jim

    I’m done with COD treyarch your a disgrace


    I sure have another problem! the problem with second player on one console which can log their own individual account in has MAJOR PROBLEMS… sure a few rounds can be played, but sometimes it gets bugged where you try and create your class but you cant because you cant click on anything and then it bugs the first account where you try and play a match but loads up and then freezes and breaks the account. I had to make a new account to log in a play or i had to delete my save file to play my main account again!!

  • epic_fail_activision

    mine doesn’t get passed the load up clip unless i sign out what a let down cant play any game mode get a grip activision

  • Ashton Gray

    Its more than just crashing. There are sound issues also. At certain points the sound goes out and there is a ticking sound insted. Also sometimes I can play when Im alone but not in a party. What upsets me is if we dont pay we cant get the game and as for myself I purchased the hardened edition and the premieum pass and Im more than sure many other people did as well. I bet the guys who created the game wouldnt create it for free! Basically we all gave them our money for a very cool mantle piece!!! Fix it now!!! Thank You in advance.

  • Jim

    My advice is turn your PS3 off and walk away you may end up with the YLOD

  • Realpro55

    The first tutorial you do when having to control those drones and soldiers doesnt work. I cant see the cursor but i can still finish the mission but then the mission just wont end. this is ps3

  • Jason

    The error message has been fixed for most PSN users.

  • Jim

    Is that official ….I think not

  • bob

    i lagg when playing 4 player split screen zombies (local)….anyone else have the same issue?

  • John

    Unable to join multiplayer sometimes, migrating hosts multiple times in same game and totally freezing! Apart from that it’s great..

  • blastimus

    I played about 4 online matches then got disconnected. After that I made several unsuccessful attempts at joining a match. Just kept giving me the error message that said to try again. I was however able to immediately go play a few rounds of zombies online without issue. Hope they fix this soon! btw it was on PS3

  • ben palmer

    im ftp_1997 i love jaffa cakes add me

  • Free

    All of these problems are crazy this is why I usually wait to but call of duty

  • Matthew Floyd

    Beat before launch would of been great……

  • Lyfesdaddy

    I keep getting errors when trying to join public match on my main account but my other works.

  • Josh Simon

    I have been experiencing similar problems with the game, sound going in and out and random times, not being able to get into TDM or other Multiplayer modes. It was working briefly with Hardcore, but then it was unable to balance the team there as well. I have also got a system freeze twice now while playing the game and hard to hard reset. I have the first gen 60gb unit and was told by Sony that they no longer guarantee the “Fat” models to be replaced if I should get a yellow light of death. Well they are going for over $1500 on ebay, so is Activision going to buy me a new one if mine fries out by freezing up all the time? I can’t risk losing this unit, so I guess I’m going to have to shelve my game until I read that the issues have been corrected. It’s disappointing to have preordered the game and waited to play it, and come to find out, it’s unplayable.

  • johnmcclane0077

    My game won’t load team death match and freeze when browing players emblems. Its irritating. When I looked up the issue I didn’t not expect the issues to be so vast. Its very disapointing to hear another game I had high hopes for to have such major issues for ps3. Xbox and PC alike especially after the hudge let downs of skyrim . Please fix this it really is a great game so please activision let everyone enjoy it to its fullest . And what the hell happened with that mass effect thing.!? That’s just frikin weird

    • Ned

      The Xbox version of this game is not suffering from hardly any of this mess that the PS3 is having.
      If you have both consoles buy Halo 4 and forget about this nightmare…

  • CPizzle

    Bought Black Ops II on Tuesday, at first apart from the usual problems trying to find a public match the game ran okay. Last night I had a friend over to play multiplayer online as a ‘guest host’ as part of a team. It would find a match, connect and start loading however when the match was about to begin, the screen froze up to just a black screen and the whole console froze so that I cant do ANYTHING. I had to manually turn of the PS3 and start over again and it would do the same thing over. I then tried to play multiplayer online by myself and it loaded up just fine. I decided to put my old copy of the original Black Ops back in the console to see if the issue was with the playstation but when playing two player multiplayer it worked fine. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • johnmcclane0077

    P.S. don’t let this game be the end for my ps3. I could just as easily be playing halo 4

  • ps3 user

    Hard reset my ps3 4 times tonight. we have only played one match online. what the f***ck. why did we wait in the cold if we cant even play? i keep getting matchmaking issues and the games never start. game keeps freezibg. please fix!!!

  • Blop

    Halo 4 shows that a big brand name game can still sell on it’s quality of workmanship and not rely on brand name alone,
    Black ops 2 on the other hand seems to be the complete opposite……..


    This is a joke £40 for a game and can’t even play online I wish I didn’t complete the campaign 1st

  • Alex bolster

    Mine use to freeze every other game now it doesn’t do it that now all It keeps doing Is I can’t join session. Very poor to be honest seeing as it is prop the biggest online game there is. They should give something for this nuisance :@

  • Sticky Dragon

    Manage to get into MP lobbys ok , But will just stay there and switch between ” needs more players to balance teams ” , even when there are 18 in lobby and ” the match is about to begin ” … thats as far as its gets .

  • owen

    I have been experiencing the same freezing and rebooting of the PS3 and not been able to get on a game since release day due to connectivity issues.

  • lol

    i keep getting this message when try to join my friends and what are this updates popping up

  • Mckeownk

    Yeh big issues with this and what’s it going to be like on double XP weekend if they don’t do something in preparation to that lol . I can only play league matches online and zombies but I cannot access any normal online multiplayer matches which is fusrtating

  • Mickey

    I can connect to the main server and it only works when you are palying private matches, if private matches work then how come the main server does not work.

  • we got the keys

    ha ha ha ha guess theres to many people on CFW 4.30 playing black ops 2 with aim bot.
    Weird been playing black ops 2 on CFW 4.30 , no problems here , what fun day this was

  • Drizzle

    Wack Ops 2 multiplayer on PS3 sucks 4 real. When you try to play online you get an error message. We can talk bad about the trashbox 360 but there not having these problems. I’m selling my PS3 and Crap Open 2 on eBay.

  • Skyler Harris

    I have officially been unable to play any matches online since 4 hours after release.

    I first encountered the error, “Can’t join session, try again” for about 16 hours. So basically no gameplay for me.

    This issue seems to be fixed for the time being, but now we are seeing the multiplayer matches refuse to start. The game lobbies go back and forth between “Need more players to start” and “Match is about to begin”. It does this over and over, even when the lobby is full and no more players can join.

    Needless to say I will never pre-order a COD game again. This was the first and last time I will ever do it. What’s the point in preordering something so you can be one of the first to play if what you’re purchasing doesn’t work properly to begin with?

    Sad thing is, I know that Activision will not compensate the customers with problems simply because they don’t have to. A nice 48hr double XP would be nice, as I will have A LOT of catching up to do in levels with all my friends, since they all seem to be playing just fine. It’s funny that I can’t play, but the kid who lives a floor above me is having no problems whatsoever.

    The freezing and the hard resets I have not yet experienced but I know of a few friends of mine that have been having this happen every 20 minutes and one friend actually got the yellow light of death after about the 5th or 6th time he had to hard reset. Go figure, he preorders a game he’s so hyped up for, only to have it nuke his console within the first few hours of play. Bet he won’t be compensated for that either.

    Way to go Activision and Treyarch. You have successfully pissed off most of your loyal customers who expected much better from you.

    PSN SN EndxthexFed

  • Justin

    You guys fix this quick all my friends were ready to play but because the server crash and ps3 freezing we got super mad and we think we wasted our MONEY on your stupid game.

  • Rodrigo Almeida

    What happened to beta testing? It seems every game nowadays is released full of bugs! Im about to give up gaming, its getting more frustrating than fun…

  • adibaby

    Bought it Tuesday morning and it has crashed my PS3 so many times that by yesterday evening I had given up playing. The game freezes in multiplayer mode, deletes custom builds, drops you in to different game modes, drops you out of games and can’t find any connection to the server. I thought that this morning they may have fixed something but no. NOW I CAN’T EVEN GET THE GAME TO TURN ON!!!!

    This is their FLAG SHIP product???? What the f**k. They should be ashamed, seriously thinking of asking my money back and waiting till they have sorted out the bugs. Absolutely shocking. All the positive reviews I had read and none mentioned it was so buggy. I had it less than a day and I could have told you it was.

  • muzz

    Anybody experiencng bland texture in game graphics? I already used the hdmi cable and hd tv. VERY DISSAPOINTING.

    • Skyler Harris

      You obviously didn’t install the texture pack in the graphics option….

  • Danny / knockoffnigel

    I bought the game on Tuesday after work and loaded everything up and away I went. About an hour into the game host migration caused it to freeze up, only had it a couple of times but touch wood since I installed the texture it seems to be ok. My main problem with the game is that I seem to be getting quite a lot of lag where as I’m pumping round after round into them but then they hit me twice and I’m dead then on the killcam it shows me doing nothing, no shots at all, then on the flip side with the same people its bang on. I only play online with people I don’t know and from all around the world I guess. I have heard others commenting saying it really hard to make kills. Overall I’m really glad I bought the game and am happy with it. If you guys want problems try buying f1 2012 now that’s full of glitches and stuff.

  • Angel S.

    This is so wack! I waited in the cold for for hours to receive a game that might be the doom of my PS3. I mean really? if we can put a freaking man on the moon, then why can’t you develope a game that doesn’t have all these problems? People paid good money for this game and I think it’s pretty safe to say that we want our moneys worth… Just sayin.

  • 1 guy

    On the campaign during the tutorial I experienced it to not continue on to te next level. It also does not let me skip the tutorial and once I try to skip, it doesn’t let me skip and it also doesn’t let me have the option again after I have already tried it. Also I am seeing some of the same problems on multiplayer like it says that it is searching for more players to equalize the teams when there is no need for it. I also get freezing as well. I hope all of the problems will be fixed and I hope I was of some help.

  • Scott Stiffler

    I have been experiencing multiple problems. Instead of actually freezing, my PS3 will shut itself off and the red light will blink. It does this in every mode (zombie, campaign, multiplayer) and ranges from 10-120 minutes of game play before the involuntary system shut down. It starts right back up after it does turn off and completes its routine check on the hdd. It appears to happen when there is a heavy populated battle or a very detailed setting in the game. I’ve also lost the ability to play multiplayer due to not being able to connect to the servers. I’ve experienced the lag (in the 10 min. of actually playing it), which in contrast to the system shut down, is very low on the totem pole list of priorities. Although some issues may present themselves on release day, I can’t help but feel this was a poorly made game and I would not recommend it to others.

    • Michael Gaule

      I have the exact same thing happening with me. I get the feeling if I keep trying to play, my PS will eventually fail completely.

  • lazy devs

    well, as a ps3 owner i can tell treyarch, much like bethesda, cut corners coding the ps3 version, its like they cut-and-paste the 360 version onto the ps3, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this problem…….

  • juju568

    Last night every time I tried to join a game it said that there was an error in trying to find a game and to try again later. My game also freezes when in a party or pre-lobby for about 3 seconds, it does this quite frequently.

  • Scooby

    On tranzit when on the bus if you aren’t host it becomes all laggy and still laggy off the bus. Nuketown zombies seems fine. It cod elite that’s doing my head in that crashes every time me and my friends try using it

    • Scooby

      Ohh and what else winds me up is I paid for the hardened addition as was told I ended to or I wouldn’t eat nuketown zombies. What rubbish you get it with season pass which I was planning getting anyway. That’s £20 I ain’t getting back


    since launch i havent been able to play online with black ops 2 on my ps3, Zombies or multiplayer they both crash my system…. I have completed the campaign mode and played single player zombies which is no fun on your own….I and alot of other gamers went to lenths to change there lifestyles for the launch date of this game and personally I feel like ive been conned and left in the dark……

    There must be loads of issues with this game as its not effecting everyone in the same way. some people get a game weather its for 2mins or 2 games where as others have no issues at all and then there is the totally unlucky ones that cant even sign in without there system crashing….. I would like to think that compensation would be in order but we all know that thats not going to happen dont we…..

  • Jamie

    Treyarch just don’t produce. I knew this was going to happen based on black ops. U still have to buy the game though as everyone else will. I think that this is definitely the last straw for me, i’ll only be buying infinity ward games from now. I’d encourage others to do the same.

  • Jocelyn

    Yea freeze right before match starts. At the end we all end up getting fked 65 dollars fr the game plus 14.99 for new maps.almost everyone I know buys maps so at the end of the day we paying for a 100 dollar game

  • kaz no yojim

    im having the same issue, got the game on its release date ehh prob played it about 4 hours and all of A sudden my ps3 freezes and then i have to do this long ass system recovery and i cant connect to any games, i tried to have friend invite me, he did in a lobby , but guess what!!?? he couldnt find a game either… minutes later i left and i see him playing on TDM just fine… sure zombies work, and other, but really how are we suppose to play a game knowing there is double XP for the mean time, after this is fixed you guys should add more days for double xp users, cause obviously we arent .. wait ” cant play or use them” please fix

  • steve

    Yep same problems as most people. Ps3 freezing and not been able to join games. It’s great they are looking into it but this is another BIG fail for treyarch! Yet again there whole system has come crashing down on day 1….just like last time! They must of known there was going to be extremely high traffic on day one so why was they not prepared for it? It’s a disgrace, people have wait for a long time for this game and paid good money just to see a repeat of black ops 1 issues. I just hope all the issues are resolved ASAP. If it does continue then some form of compensation and a formal apology wouldn’t go a miss ever!!

  • tony

    i can not play anything it freezes on zombies, campaign and mutilplayer, ive tried playing it offline and its exactly the same, ive deleted the game data utilty 4 times and even rebult the data base and still nothing, it wont even load up half the time and when it does it just FREEZES very unhappy what was the point in even getting it at midnight, i really really dont want to have to switch to Xbox but it seems like a good idea COD and Skyrim DLC i am really really starting to get very angry ive played playstation since the beginning and this is how we are rewared…….cheers

  • murf99

    I can’t even load black ops on my account it instantly crashes but I can load it with new account hope it hasn’t corrupted my data

  • Phillip

    It’s Sad how they can take your money and
    give you absolutely nothing they should be giving refund’s

  • bowhunter

    Its freezes in campaign mode at the same spot every time

  • lb46

    cant play any online matches with PS3 console. This is ridiculous. No solution in site, just tons of other people having the exact same problem “error in trying to find a session”

  • deanna daniels

    I wasnt able to play multiplayer on my ps3, but everyone that had their profile on my ps3 was able to. Except me. Very frustrating. Mine was saying error everytime i tried to play an online match.

  • Devon

    It keep freezing and lobbies ain’t working

  • Thomasa10115

    The Campaign level Cordis Die is really annoying me. Everytime I drive to where the truck is supposed to hit me, I return to the start. It also keeps saying to failed to protect the president when there is no bullets firing at me.

  • Guest. Natiboy1982

    Right after I created my new emblem, I started to play diff matches in diff lobbies. And for the last day I have been playin, I get in about two matches then the whole system freezes. This has happened more the second night I had it than the first day. I hope Sony fixes this or ensures anyone’s hardware that migt be damaged by the games are compensated!!!

  • J_Chavez09

    I’ll be on the Battlefield until they fix this.

  • sadisticdreams

    mine just continuously gets stuck on the match is about to begin part continuously changing the teams, with the message “finding more players to balance team” but the match just wont start even when full. shows the map and everything,the teams just continuously get switched around id prefer if it just didnt work to this. In all the call of duty games i’ve never seen it so bad.

  • JJantzi

    GREAT – I CAN LOG IN NOW, but it seems that TDM is now broken and ya can’t play anyways. DO they not test this software – JESUS. They sell a million copies from one store in one day, you think that they would use some of that money to thoroughly TEST THEIR SOFTWARE! Just because its a game should have no impact on how well software is tested.

  • anonymous

    exactly what you said is exactly whats happening, zombies works for me but multiplayer doesnt this fix better not take a while…better not

  • anonymous

    yeh treyarch can guarantee 0 preorders on their next COD

  • James

    I have the original 80 gigabyte, four USB, backwards compatible ps3 and it shuts off when I’m playing black ops 2. When I went online it would just restart my system, when I played offline it would just restart my system . However, when I uninstalled everything, then reinstalling except patch 1.02 the game seem to work offline. However, without installing the patch you cannot play online. If the game freezes offline without the patch i will write back.

  • Chasedathunder

    My classes keep changing on me ever scince i tried to change them on elite its like i have two lists and i dont know which set of custom classes ill be able to use each round

  • april

    older 80gb ps3 system crashes at main menu screen after pressing start and trying to set up volume levels and screen size.cant even play game. this has nothing to do with multiplayer. just spent $60 for nothing.

  • rob

    My game has not been freezing, but yesterday i could not play multiplayer, it just came up saying error please try again later, left it for 24 hours, today on the matchmaking it will not start the game, just keeps on saying ‘need more players’ when there is 12 people there. But it still lets me play a league game or zombies.

  • Evan Bertrand

    Bought it the day it came out and worked fine for the first day. Then I started having connection issues playing online multiplayer. It was super glitchey and then kicked me off playstation network. Kept giving me an error code when I tried to sign back in. So I decided I would just play offline campaign and zombies but once I started playing those my game kept freezing also. So I restarted my ps3 and got the safe start up thing “your data may be corrupt” and was very angry so I stopped playing and now I’m waiting for you guys to get on this and use the money we all paid for your very disappointing game and fix it.

  • Dave Mercado

    Terrible game. Im going to the Toy R Us to return it today.

  • Abdul Magid Ahmed A

    Its because of people like you that encourage activison and treyarch to sell gamers broken games. Easy fix to this is by not buying the game.

  • Kevin F

    Stood in line at WALMART 7:40am -8:40am… almost missed my course at 9am. Couldn’t wait to get home at 5pm …1hr drive from nearest walmart.Got home Turned it on loaded and all well tell started campaign. It started to freeze up. Hit power button on console then rebooted. Joined multi player and still freezing up. Only couple times been able to reset ps3 by pressing Home button, other wise have to his power button on ps3 which is not good for system this about the 8th time i had to do it. Also during campaign mode had the talking cut out on me..and black screen when loading sometimes…IF my system crashe for good you will be reliable for a new ps3/elite package/game

  • AmbaRRR

    My game freezes up sometimes almost as soon as I hit the multiplayer screen. The times I’ve had to restart my ps3 is probably in the double digits and I’ve only been able to play about six matches in the last two days.If I’ve been able to join a match, chances are that as soon as I hit the screen where I’m in game and it’s counting down to play or my gun is being loaded I’ll be lagged right back out of it. I connect with high speed through an ethernet cable. Did I mention my ps3 freezing? Server connectivity issues aren’t so bad when they’ll be fixed soon, but I doubt my ps3 can handle so many improper shut downs from being frozen up. That and I’d like to actually PLAY some matches. patch 1.03 couldn’t come soon enough.

  • Sony gaming for life

    Microsoft and activision plan this to win over more ps3 customers. How else can you explain these problems. The PS3 is a more power game system then the Xbox 360

  • Saad

    Main issues.
    Sitting in lobby for a while and you see “waiting for more players to join” then when you get enough players it says “need to balance teams” then all of a sudden people disappear and teams become unbalanced again and thr process repeats for a while.
    Constantly getting kicked out of lobby before players even pop up because of server issues.
    Can’t play TDM at all.
    Hardcore TDM works sometimes.
    Migrating hosts occurs often.
    Connection interrupted.

  • Matnetic

    Posted this same reply on another topic, but i feel its also valid for this one as well:

    The 1.02 patch for PS3 includes the Multiplayer map ‘Turbine’. Sadly though, it also ruins the graphics for the game, making everything blurry and low quality. Its really bad. If you delete the patch data (242mb approx) from your PS3 menu, boot the game and DO NOT update to 1.02, then start a local game with bots, you will see the graphics as they are truly meant to be, which are very sharp and high quality.

    Since 1.02 was out straight away at launch most of us would have updated, and never seen what the graphics were meant to look like before the patch.

    So obviously the 1.02 patch has done something wrong to the PS3 graphics…

  • edgar barron

    Issues with matchmaking need to be fixed, mainly the “need more players to balance teams” problem, its constantly expressed in lobbies how infuriating this is so we give Treyarch, Activision, and Sony our support. not being able to connect online has been fixed for the moment but freezes and lobby issues are still present.

  • Christopher Michael Alcantra M

    When I’m signed in to PSN the game freezes when loading up, I can’t even get to the menu, However when I’m offline it loads up fine. I have had the game since midnight release and I haven’t got to play online one time!! Every other game works fine. Please fix the issue.

  • Ali Syed

    My PS3 keeps auto-shutting off by itself. Sometimes it happens at the start of the game, but other times it just happens randomly. When shutting off the Ps3 power light will blink red, and it will beep three times. It’s getting very annoying, because while other may have server problems, I among with other (most of the people with the “fat” Ps3 (60GB here)), can’t even play the game!! Untill now i got 1m 30s gametime…that’s ridiculous, the game can’t even save my progress because of the system shutting down all the time! It’s not something wrong with my system, EVERY other game works just fine. Treyarc, fikk this problem please!

  • gary gosling

    its a great game as well … needs a proper fix on ps3 freezing every 20 minutes… game lags really bad … have to re set my ps3 everytime it crashes

  • Frank Gomez

    why is this even happening? with all they money they make they couldnt figure this out before launch?

  • C

    After playing a match, lobby will say “need more players to balance team” and there is clearly 12 people in the lobby in the 6v6 TDM. PS3 freezes all the time which makes me have to do a hard reset. I must’ve done it like 10 times tops since i’ve put this game in. Every Cod game has it’s weekly problem. Just get it fixed

  • devil

    found 20 best matches found 45 best matches but cant join any one of them waiting for 1 hour.. plz any one help wht going wrong?
    cod black ops 2 ps3 user

  • devil

    found 20 best matches found 45 best matches but cant join any one of them waiting for 1 hour.. plz any one help wht going wrong?

    cod black ops 2 ps3

  • Ben Sant

    My Black Ops fpr PS3 has had problems with freezing, but more annoyingly I’m having problems with the sound, mostly no guns sounds & voices echoing.

  • Dredcrumb

    please make a patch for the campaign’s hit markers, seeing an X show up when I make a hit is annoying and takes you out of the experience. Blood and gore is enough to know I shot an enemy.

  • Alex Visico

    Bought the game at midnight on release day, got home, downloaded all the bonus content and codes given by gamestop for pre-order and what not, then started to play. First lobby I went into wouldn’t start due to “need more players to balance teams”, then joined my clan in a lobby, same issue. During my first “league match” I experienced the usual lag issues, but as soon as the game was done my screen went black, and continued to struggle in loading the lobby page. It literally took about 3-5 minutes for my screen to return to the main lobby page. It wasn’t an issue on launch day but as of the last 24-36 hours my PS3 has frozen multiple times in under 2 hours. I really hope that Trey Arch will get on their horse and release a patch fixing these issues, with a franchise as big as this one you would hope as a consumer and gamer that these issues would be forcasted and brought to light before the games release, apparently they didn’t think THAT far ahead with this one.

  • Angel Guzman

    cant even play zombies the starting game message will just hang there for ever and i have to quit then join again so it can start thats if some one else hasn’t join already payed 80$ for harden and its like i dot have the game because i cant even play the stupid crap

  • Jackass316

    The graphics are less blurry without the 1.02 patch aswell for some reason ! like they added a filter to smooth things out but its to strong and just makes it look fuzzy, Delete the patch and it looks less fuzzy but you can’t play online without the patch, That needs fixing aswell

  • Coully22

    I purchased it for the xbox360 and it is crashing at the same bit everytime just after you save woods and hide behind the log when it comes up checkpoint reached it crashes and this is in campaign mode is this a problem anyone else is getting or could it just be my disk?

    • barbob75

      the same thing happens to me at the same checkpoint. the only difference is i have the ps3 copy. even traded it in for a new copy and the same thing happens. its annoying not being able to play campaign mode. i just hope they fix it.

  • alcatraz669

    Im really annoyed that the kid with the 3 bar is ahead of my 4 bar by .5 to 1 full second…oh and hes a bullet sponge..and the framerate stutter and lags…and all this happens right before my ps3 freezes up

  • Curtis LeBlanc

    I agree Alan, but what we need is the update to come as soon as possible

  • Rob michaels

    Need to fix matchmaking. Lobby host has to leave lobby for game to in all game modes

  • ScorpioMarine

    For all the problems this has caused…instead of having consumers purchase a season pass and to make you jackasses richer…as a compensation it should be given for free. It hasn’t happened to me, but what if all these crashes caused someone’s PS3 to not work any longer.

  • Jack Swatman

    My game often crashes during the loading of multi-player maps which results in my having to endure a 20 minute system check, also I have fallen victim to the ‘need more players to balance teams’/’time remaining:’ problem in online lobbies (usually in team deathmatch and S&D lobbies.

  • Jack Swatman

    Forgot to mention the problems i commonly had (haven’t had this for a couple of days now) that would not allow me to join the online servers and only play online through joining a friends game, which in-turn often resulted in the aforementioned problem of the game freezing

  • brendan halsey

    We should ALL take our games back!! No one should buy anything and it not work!!! I am returning mine and buying it again later whenever they can get it together!!!

  • Romulus

    what you should be doing instead of expressing how upset you are. which is about as useless as our our last five presidents (excluding Clinton), is count the number of hours you’ve spent playing. then subtract the number of hours you’ve spent TRYING to play divide that by amount of money you paid to buy th game and you see just how much treyarch thinks your time is worth. next I think you should all count number of hours till Tuesday which I think is long enough to give them to make the crap game playable again and wait around a redbox for someone willing to buy your copy rather than wait any longer for one to get returned.



  • Jomar Jonas

    Activision and Treyarch I had to HARD RESET 2 times my PS3! Fix Black Ops 2. Make 1.04 patch. I don’t wanna YOLD. My PS3 never freezes on MW3 and Black Ops 1!!!

  • volker

    the game will load and half way through setting up multiplayer it will bring up the loading screen then it disappears and brings it back…. its a pain to even try and quit the game

  • quadracer

    I am having issues in ops 2 campaign. It locks up, resume story, plays the video, but won’t load my mission, screen goes dark and locks up Xbox. Could it be the new update of the game. Called Activision, but too many said they are closed for support, ugh!

  • nebulor

    hey if had similar problems also cant join friends online zombies or multiplayer not sure wether its nat types or server problems