Black Ops 2 problems galore with PS3 freezing

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We have been hands-on with Black Ops 2 on the PlayStation 3 for over a day now, and just like most PS3 gamers we’ve experienced a lot of problems with Black Ops 2 freezing at certain points, which includes audio that sounds like a rap when you get freezing for a few seconds during online play. You’ll find a phrase repeating itself over and over occasionally, although this hasn’t stopped us playing the zombies mode in Black Ops 2 but of course the problems are extremely annoying.

The good news is that Activision are aware of the Black Ops 2 problems targeting PS3 users, and confirmed today in a tweet that a fix is being worked on for connection issues and freezing with the PS3 version. You can see that tweet in the image below, which has received some messages from angry gamers. Some people are telling other PS3 players not to bother using Black Ops 2 on the platform until these issues are fixed. One gamer said, “I’ve had enough of not being able to connect in Black Ops 2, and it keeps freezing“. Others are explaining how “stressed” they are and hope Black Ops 2 is fixed on the PS3 before the double XP weekend starts.

Shortly after starting up the PS3 version of Black Ops 2 yesterday we noticed patch 1.02, although nothing official had been said about what this update included but we did have a few ideas that we reported in this article. These included making online play live and other ideas like bug fixes for the launch, but that article received a lot of comments about Black Ops 2 problems and connecting in multiplayer with freezing on the PS3. One of the most common complaints is in regard to error messages asking you to try again after you can’t connect to server, which we’ve also experienced a number of times over the last 24 hours.

Black Ops 2 multiplayer freezes on PS3 – this is the problem we’ve experienced the most on our review console, although a few PR readers have had things a lot worse than us, which is thanks to their PS3 console freezing completely “every hour or two” and crashing. This meant a hard restart, and we know that’s not something we like to do under any circumstances.

Have you had any problems with COD Black Ops 2, and if so is it with the PS3 or Xbox 360 version? We might see patch 1.03 rushed out to update the PS3 system with better performance, so we’ll let you know if this happens, but for now hit the comments with any server issues and freezing that you’ve experienced. It is also worth noting we’ve seen a few glitches with people flying around in Black Ops 2 as well, so not sure if this is just us.

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  • mjr

    yup, has given me this error message in public match for over 12 hours now, very frustrating

    • edmunds1707

      I managed to play online multi player last night for a few hrs but when I put my ps3 on this morning I have not been able to play online all day….EXCEPT……..for mosh pit trial league matches which are better than nothing but i didnt pay full price on pre order to only have a fraction of the game available to me. I bought MOH warfighter a few weeks ago and that too was a major dissapointment after the excitment of waiting for the game. COD people need to get a grip and get this fixed ASAP GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR!!

    • Dez

      Me 2, Pissin me off, think I’ll buy an Xbox lol

      • Dustin

        I would buy an Xbox just so I did not have to experience the lag of PSN…

      • Random

        It is clearly Activision and Treyarch’s servers and game, and not the PSN. If you blow money on an Xbox just to play Cod, then I am sorry. Treyarch and activision treat PS3 like second rate customers. They build the game on the 360 and then do a cheap port to the PS3, otherwise the game would be nearly bug free at launch; or at least to a state of playability.

        • rety

          Well actually we could then also play Halo 4.

  • LT–SHiNySiDeZ

    This game was released as a complete mess just like the last 4 COD games have been. I just don’t understand how they have a year to build the game and not have it completed when they release it. I haven’t been able to play Black Ops 2 in almost 20 hours now due to connection problems. This is completely atrocious and ridiculous on Infinity Ward’s behalf.

    • Modern warfare still better

      Correction I may be wrong but infinity ward is responsible for the modern warfare series not black ops. So I’d fault this one on treyarch

      • Wyteboytim225

        Second correction they had two years to prepare, thats why they switch up between treyarch and IW. Because they say a great game cant b made in a year. Theyve had two. {loadofbull)

    • Danny Friday

      Infinity Ward Did not make this game…. Treyarch made the game….published by crappyvision

  • Tyler Pruett

    my main complaint with online play on the PS3 platform is the 5-10 minute wait for a match to start. The game will have max players and note that more players were needed to balance the teams, but after 5-10 min (24 min at one point) it would migrate to a new host and start the game. I hope this glitch is fixed. Nuketown 2025 seemed to not have this issue near as bad as the core: team deathmatch games. I only got booted from a server once, but server lag was horrible, worst lag I’ve experienced out of any game….ever

    • Come_At_Me_Bro

      I didn’t any issue with the game working when i first tried it last night…everything was pretty good (minus the slight lag and occasional distinction) The games all loaded fairly quickly..then everything went to shit….now i can’t even connect to the public matches….that the true problem…waiting to play a game isn’t as bad as not being able to play…what was the point of per-ordering or paying top dollar for this anyways?? Why not wait a few weeks or months until they can figure this out and buy a used copy? You would think that with a game like this there shouldn’t be so many issues, you know it is going to sell out so prepare your servers…

    • John

      Agree, the team matchs take forever. I thought it had something to do with making sure the teams were evenly matched.

  • Adrian

    Can’t connect at all to public matches. The multiplayer gameplay is the only reason I bought the game, to say that I am annoyed would be an understatement.

  • Alex B.

    This is what I waiting in line in the cold for at midnight. Shitty servers!! I love it!! Once again, Treyarch showing the world the quality of their work. Good Job guys!!…LoL!! With servers like this, you should call the game modern welfare 2…LMAO!!

  • Rolando Gomez

    yea my ps3 keeps giving me errors before I launch my multiplayer im about to lose it.

  • Gav Kennedy

    Yes I’ve had major connection problems at the moment I can’t play due to the error msg can’t connect try again on launch day I and my friends were experiencing the connection dropping out with a white Ethernet picture on screen then it would jump to the maps load page and freeze the. To add insult to injury I got put into probation so had to wait 5 minutes before I could play again and I didn’t do anything wrong!!!!!!! I know new things have teething problems but this is taking the p*** ……. There is a work around but won’t help u that much ….. If you create a new psn user the game will let you connect no problem but your starting from scratch and I put over 8 hrs in on launch day and don’t wanna start again

  • Jen

    My son can’t even get to past the opening credits, it freezes at the helicopter or melting face thing. I went and traded in one disc already and its the same thing. We tried other games and they work just fine…..hopefully its fixed soon!

    • Jay

      If he wants to play the campaign or offline combat training until it’s fixed then sign off and then load the game….that worked for me, but still can’t get into the multiplayer

    • James

      I’ve had that problem with L.A. Noire, just uninstall the Black Ops 2 game data utillity and then re-install it and it should be fine

    • Danny Friday

      How old is your son? Do you know this game has a rating of 18 years of age? And if he is over 18 years old then WTF is his mom sending messages on forums for him

      • Dummy Friday

        have you not played this game before tons of kids play it

  • imojack

    Sick of it now. wont even let me on multiplayer and yeah ive had to hard reset the ps3. Not impressed. They shudnt have brought out the game if ther servers cant handle it

  • Forever Stranger

    this company will anything they can to screw up the PS3 players… remember black-ops 1?

    • StopCrying

      Oh stop it with the BS about them screwing up PS3 players, Xbox players are also having problems – myself for example! Stop it with the “poor me” sob story.

  • Jason1088

    Proper disgusted in the way this is all being handled. Millions of people have spent their money and preordered bo2 to end up having a game which is pretty useless! I have had freezes and crashes and am unable to connect to any multiplayer game as it just says there is an error try later that was 8 hours ago and still not working, so I thought ok ill give zombies ago but this too is unplayable either error is displayed or it will crash mid game. So I thought I’d give he online league mode a try and after waiting 5 mins for every game to start I was playing….. Great eh, but then after playing my first 5 matches I was placed into the gold division rank 164 I then proceeded to carry on playing and worked my way up the ranks and then as soon as I hit rank 1 in gold division I was then demoted to silver division! Then I played about 6 more games ( which my team won) to be put back into the old division again but without all the points I had earned all day! What the hell is going on!

    • Danny Friday

      your be even more disgusted when you play the game….IT SUCKS

  • MUFF-DIVER5000

    League play is the only way to play at the moment and there is no hardcore version of it. People pay for a game and get garbage. The campaign mode even freezes. Ridiculous!

    • John

      THANK YOU MUFF. Finally I can play online using League Play!

  • Stuart

    I can’t play public matches at all, I get the message “An error occurred while trying to find a session, please try again” Which I have done maybe 100 times or more. And to think this is one of the biggest games of the year. Treyarch are an absolute joke and I can say I will never waist time and money on this company again. I think they need to sack there entire testing division or find something they are able to do properly. Cheers. A very stressed and unhappy customer!!

  • Anders

    I keep getting “error please try again” when I try to join a lobby, again it’s very frustrating! Seems to me that treyarch bite off more than they can chew with every game they release maybe there can take a leaf out of infinity wards book they seem to have there games ready by the release date! Soo frustrating!

  • Zillas123

    Froze 5 6 times opening night , today won’t let me online at all GARBAGE! I took 2 vacation days and bought 2 copies and this is my problem!

  • Titan_Rain

    Honestly, its a disgrace there was not more beta testing before release date. It was clear as day the issues that MW3 had and should have been addressed by treyarch. They failed miserably at this! Game freezes randomly and requires a system reboot. Can not connect to servers. Lag issues. From a companies point of view, you see what issues other games are having and you do what you need to to avoid those issues, common sense. Big disgrace treyarch has made of itself!

  • Nally84

    yes ive had some issues already, every time i try to link it with my Facebook it freezes. 1st league game i played it was very laggy on a 3 bar connection. Both issues were after installing 1.02. hope it sorted soon. also i Hope to see you all through my scope. :)

  • Dez

    As u said, game plays fine, zombies fine also but trying to log on2 multyplayer is a NO GO WTF come on fix this ;)

  • Matt Canning

    Stop Playing Online if its so frustraiting play the campaine mode its not just an online game

    • will

      Some of us purchase it just to play online. Nothing wrong with wanting to do what you paid for.

    • Whatever

      Even campaign is freezing for some people.

  • A Rivera

    Hurry up and fix, don’t sleep until its fixed!!! Millions if dollars already made on this game and it has been poorly tested before released!!!

  • andy1

    trying to join a game on black ops 2 and it coming up with error all the time no matter what game i try and join not leting me play any games on line

    • bryr8883

      I’m having the same problem now. I was playing a match and got disconnected from the server and can join anything now.

      • Saa

        I’m in the same boat have been locked out for an hour now was able to play zombies but like nuketown 2025 or any other multiplayer game it won’t let me on

    • zach

      the same as me :( do you know why? servers?

    • Brad

      Im having the SAME EXACT PROBLEM!!!! lol. Not to be mean but Treyarch COME ON! Some people can still play and its irratating cuz i wanna be a higher lvl than my friends but now since its not affecting them they can get further than me.

    • Cheeze

      I’m having same thing about an hour. Hear is the weird thing I tried
      my other account and it works!

    • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

      The Treyarch team is most likely running tests

  • danny

    grrrrr why is not working :(

  • hating on black ops 2

    what really chaps my ass, is this is the same problems that were in the 1st black ops, why wasn’t this fixed before launch

  • Mark

    Both my sons have bought the game (one xbox 360) and (one ps three) not one problem with the xbox but the PS three, my son cant even get past the credits at the beginning keeps crashing and freezing, 70 pound for hardened addition and hasnt even had one game online – what a load of crap!!!! (think he needs to change to xbox )

    • nahMate

      Xbox 360 is having it’s fair share of problems with the game.

    • Danny Friday

      How old are your sons? Do you know this game has a rating of 18 years of
      age? And if they are over 18 years old then WTF is their Dad sending messages
      on forums for them

  • Dez

    Shocking….. waste of $$$$ u new the launch date, thot u would have been ready for a high capacity of players, doesnt look like it. sort it out please or xbox it is !!!!!

    • Dazza

      Xbox is having it’s problems too mate, it’s not just PS3/PSN. We are experiencing “Game Server Unavailable” errors, laggy/glitchy menus, emblems not loading, when the “Game Server Unavailable” error doesn’t appear and it let’s us search for games it takes a while to find a game, sometimes it never finds games and we get put into fresh lobbies to wait for other players to join but none EVER do. And also sometimes we just cannot find games.

  • Benji

    I was playing no problems til this afternoon when I also got the retry connection issue. What I did was create a new psn ID and loaded up multiplayer and it worked again no problems. Though it does mean starting again from scratch. Think it’s something to do with elite, as I noticed my iphone elite app stopped working completely from this afternoon… If this works for anyone else let me know. Hope trey arch fix this bs soon.

  • stuart green

    have been playing it 4 over a day now working fine until today at lunch time every time i go to public match it comes up error

    • James

      Same with me but zombies online works fine for me

  • DurtyBird_83_

    I still havent been able to connect. “Server not available” ps3

  • beet1872

    Not been able 2 connect th whole day . Error msg FFS sort it out

  • Will

    My PS3 just froze up for the 2nd time in about 10 minutes. The first was when the match was loading the second was while in a map.

  • Stickem

    Mine froze 7 times, It seems to happen when I mute players in the lobby, Also it took about 4 mins to start a new game after seeing “waiting for more players to balance teams” (WITH A FULL ROOM) Right around 1am Est people could not even join a room unless someone was already in a game. Then you would have to join that persons game


    Just been kicked of hope they reward us for this as we pay for a game 2 work

  • Marco Almeida

    erro msg all the time

  • Whiteboi069

    Havnt even been able to play the game or contact the company to give them a piece of my mind for wasting my time and money on a game that wasn’t even ready to hit the shelves

  • Will

    Right now I have an awesome screen saver for my tv of me blasting a dudes face. Too bad I have to reset my PS3 again. lol

  • Michelle Southwick

    I can’t get my game to let me in a room to play a game. It just keeps saying “An error occurred while trying to find a session, please try again”

  • Anon

    I have a PS3 and I have been getting the error message when I try to connect to multiplayer. I haven’t been able to play multiplay for about 12 hours as well.

  • stoner203

    was playing on-line last night 8/10 games just crashed and ended and now it wont let me play on-line apart from zombies wtf going on i didn’t pay to not play please sort out the lag of play gffrrffdffrrrf

  • Iamtsunami

    Same nonsense, waiting ages for a match to start, and then unable to go online at all with the game (error, please try again). Very disappointing considering most customers pre-payed or waited in line to acquire this game. Don’t know who’s to fault, but both Sony and the software developers make tons of $$$ on this, so they should both be held accountable.

  • Michael Commons`

    Very Very Very annoying iv not been able to get into any online lobbys at all today…. PS3/COD GET IT FIXED ASAP…..

    I dont recommend anyone else buys this game until its sorted WASTE OF MONEY, more so for those of us that pre-ordered WHAT WAS THE POINT?????

  • dk

    hit level 21 yesterday now 2day cant play cuz of an error this is crap

  • Said

    My ps3 keeps Constantly Keeps Freezing in My ps3 on multplayer hopefully this gets fixed in time!

  • rick

    take all the copy’s bought back and get a refund, again another release where you dont get your moneys worth, would you buy a car with no wheels an wait a month for them!!!

    PS when you get it working lads il be buying but until then you wont get my money.

  • Sam

    Now you can only play league play…public games aren’t working!!!

  • Stuart Johnon

    It keeps taking at least 5-10 minutes for the game to start. I keeps saying it needs to have more players to even out the teams, but it has max number of players in the lobby. No problems with anything else. Well except for an occasion lag spike.

  • BlackOps2Problemz

    On Xbox 360, my internet is better than average, yet I can’t seem to find games much. The menus are really laggy and glitchy, they freeze and sometimes my emblem won’t load so I can’t edit it. The game all around is very glitchy and laggy more so the menus and matchmaking than the in game stuff.

  • Chrissy Mason

    Yep…same problem here trying to connect to multiplayer game. Last night playing there was a ton of LAG!!!! Hopefully problem will be fixed soon……

  • Come_At_Me_Bro

    I have been getting the error message for public matches now for over 19 hrs….not pleased. League matches and zombies works just fine…….I have tried to delete the stored data and re-install it…that worked great….loaded for 5-10 seconds then froze and gave me the same message….There are plenty of people still able to connect….bullshit

  • craig

    hi its letting me play league matches bt not letting me public matches pissing me off now

  • ATG

    try joining a friends game already in progress.. that just worked for me.

  • Ligitty

    I only had one “freeze” last night during a 4 hour period of gameplay. I should also note, i installed the textures prior to any online gameplay. It may be possible that this eases the “freezing” issue.

    • Wyteboytim225

      Where do I find the textures


    You think all your problems are bad. Everytime i play black ops 2 for 10 minutes my ps3 turns itself off and the light starts flashing red. I turn it back on, it does the download thing where it is checking if any data has being corrupted or not. Then it happens again when I go on black ops 2 again. Is it because i have the fat ps3 that causes this problem with black ops 2. Who knows but I blame the game more than the console. Please get it sorted activision. PLEASE POST IF ANY OF YOU ARE HAVING SIMILAR PROBLEMS AS ME.

    • Wyteboytim225

      Mine froze 25 times yesterday

  • LUV LE55

    damn error message IT WONT LEMME SAVE THE WORLD NOW!!!

  • JT

    Game has frozen half dozen times system works great with other games

  • Cameron Dennis

    I have been having the same problems as well, where when I got the game on day of release (not midnight release) and the error message for the online servers I started getting just last night, and it still won’t let me play online, suppose I am stuck playing local offline.

  • matt

    tried to connect to online multiplayer all day and it just says error please try again. wtf is going on?i just wana play a game i have paid for. treyarch sort ur act out. bet xbox aint having this problem???

  • Evokondo

    Quit working at 10 pm pst last night can only play in ladder games

  • Oliver Potts

    Get the “An error occurred while trying to find a session, please try again” message when trying to find a match, have the dlc with the hardened edition and dont want to lose my dlc

  • Adam

    The main problem I (PS3 user) face is that I can get through 2-3 multiplayer matches, then my PS3 freezes during the between match lobby, forcing me to perform a hard restart. This has happened consistently every 2-3 matches since I purchased the game…. I have never had this many issues with a game after launch. I am severely disappointed in this purchase and am now regretting buying the season pass ($50 wasted) for a game that, in its current state, does not inspire me to want to play it due to the knowledge that I will spend more time restarting my system than enjoying the game. If this issue is not resolved completely within the next week, I am going to add Black Ops 2 to Gamestop’s ever increasing pile of used copies. I cannot understand how these issues were never addressed during the testing phases, unless they only tested with PC and 360….. WTF Treyarch?!?!?!

  • Come_At_Me_Bro

    Yea, 10 pm is about when everything went south…zombies or leauge are your only option at this point…but plenty of ppl are able to connect and play public matches…..waste of time…they need to fix this ASAP

  • dag

    hi my ps3 keeps crashing on black ops 2 and i have to turn it off by console is this happening to any1 else

  • Jack

    My PS3 is unable to read the black ops disc when I put it in, it makes some funny sounds, then it tries to eject it but doesn’t. Anyone else with this problem? (Ps. other games work absolutely fine)

  • Shane Hawkins

    This could be the end of call of duty’s dominance of the market. To much competition for activision to put out a sub standard product. I doubt they were unaware of the glitches before delivery of the product.i can’t play multiplayer at all. I only like hardcore team death match and I can’t play it at all. This is b.s. how many billions of dollars worth of your product do we need to buy for you to not insult our intelligence. I bet you spent a fraction of the money developing black ops two then any other call of duty title.

  • Colin Kelly

    just getting an error occurred message when trying to join a match….

  • don

    You would think after a year or more in the making that the servers would be the least of the problems…error here error there you have got to be kidding me……and yes that waiting for more players when the game room was full was ridiculous to say the least

  • Shayne

    Local bots on veteran. Enjoy while waiting for them to fix the servers.

  • Roberto Carbuccia Jr.

    same lag issues when I brought it home, killed by so much lag I felt the waste of money in my pocket, a whole 2 minutes of a clicking noise only while I played, then no access to games at all on line, solo zombies. am really hoping they fix it and make it up to us, I didnt stand in line at midnite but I saw and know people who did, its a slap to people who love the game….

  • Sebastian Vanharten

    I havent been able to play online at all it keeps telling me the servers arent available

  • Bagel

    An Error occurred when trying to find a match.. please try again….

  • J

    I can play it up until around level 10. After that, my game crashes and I’ get an error message saying I can’t connect to the servers. I made another PSN ID just to make sure it wasn’t a once-off thing, and the same thing happened to that.

    Bravo, 3arc.

  • Yo

    Says error for me and wont let me play multi but lets me play zombies

  • Jon Martin

    I also am having a terrible time trying to join Public Matches. I have access to the League Play, which is better than nothing, but the Public Matches are why I bought the game in the first place. Another annoyance is that when I was able to play in the Public Matches it would take forever for the match to actually start. The time I spent actually in a match was fantastic, but it was a major headache to get there. This is ridiculous.

  • Ahmad

    It won’t let me play on my particular psn account but other psn accounts can play

  • Peter

    I hope it’s not bricking any PS3s out there or can you say “CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT”.

  • fresh

    havineg error issue to unable to join team deathmatch or anything multi since last night over 12 hours just zombies works fine online

  • Dagoose

    This sucks, I took 2 days off to play so all day no chance. They knew this was coming out right? Issues in the beginning with freezes and being knocked out, now no access at all. They have also closed their phone lines and online support. Thats speaks volumes to their care for the end users. Please make sure when they do ask, you tell them exactly what you think. Hope this gets cleared up soon. Supposed to have double XP weekend. Gonna suck too.

    • Danny Friday

      You need to get a life

      • Jesus Suarez

        You need to get a life. Stop acting all tough.

  • Memz88

    Think this will be last time I buy a decent game for ps3 gona get for Xbox may have to pay but at least u can play

  • corey

    same thing to me this some

  • Jordan456

    It was the same for Black ops 1 every time you got in a game “Connection Interrupted” appeared. That’s why and this is why i didnt want to get Black ops 2 and still won’t get Black ops 2, WHEN ARE TREYARCH GOING TO MAKE IT FAIR FOR PS3!

  • Kr0n1koNe

    Glad I only rented this from red box what a joke

  • Gg

    Utter garbage and hugely annoying. Have got error message all day. Expected more for forty quid! Get it sorted!

  • Stewy

    Pc Version Works Perfectly New Update Today :)

  • x ray anto41

    played grand up to 17.00 then nothing if the game was not ready it shouldnt been launched

  • skinny

    it is sad that the thousands,(more like millions) of dollars playstation earns a year from customers like us cant even let them afford software that will prevent this crap from happening every couple weeks. maybe bill gates should buy the company.we dont ever hear about xbox screwing up like this!!!!!!!

  • mr.m

    every time im trying to search an online multiplayer match i get a message that there is an error by loading the game. whattodo?

  • joball

    Load of s**t get ur acts sorted same with call of duty 3 when u launched
    It problems every time .money for nothing really the first map pack should
    Be free for compensation

  • John

    Now I can’t even find a Match??? It just goes back to multiplayer screen and says Error, UGGhhhhhh!!!!!

  • Diger245

    Cant get on to a single public match – verrryyy annoyed

  • Sad

    Ive had to hard restart my ps3 at least 10 times now.

    Not looking at peoples profiles and not changing classes while waiting for a game to queue/begin seem to partly stop this issue.

    Hope this helps.

  • B

    What about Xbox 360. Freezes on boat mission. As soon as u get in the jungle it freezes. Totally sucks.

  • Wanted

    i have had my ps 3 lock up a few times while loading maps and have had to hard reboot my system, i do not like this, also now after playing this morning, i am unable to connect to an online multiplayer server. activision needs to wait on releases till all bugs are fixed, at least the angry forums and emails wouldn’t be as bad if they fixed the game before releasing it. is xbox 360 having these same issues or just ps 3?

  • A.j.

    OOOOOHH yeah. I cant even get in a lobby says an error occurred while trying to find a session. This is all that happens now. It went from small freezes to a complete freeze, which i had to hard restart my PS3. That’s great on my HD….. When I was lucky enough to get in a lobby, we’d have have full lobby (12 players) and it would still just sit there and say looking for more players. The second I would leave it would start the match. This is confirmed from my friends telling my that after i left the party and lobby. Better fix it… I didn’t just spend over a $100 to not have a service that works. If there will be no solution, definitely better get my $ back….

  • dante dives

    Playing this game with all the freezing lagging and unavailability to join parties and the long time waiting to play a game i would rather wait another year then experiencing all these errors and we all there someone to blame but i am a die hard sony guy so fix this

  • Dave

    First team death match of black ops 2 on ps3. The LAG was unFuckingbelievable…
    Get this sorted asap Treyarch/Activision. Game is unplayable with freezing and what not

  • Wanted

    On another note, due to XBOX always being first for maps and games and the hardened edition of BO 2 being available much longer for XBOX than PS3 , for the next game system I will be buying XBOX not playstation, Sony is confused about what keeps customers and I’m sure they will learn the hard lesson of that when most people turn to XBOX on the next big game system sale.

  • steve

    can play all online games except the public ones zombies and league games are ok and have experienced freezing while the games are loading online which has foreced me to turn my ps3 off which is not good for the system hopefully it gets fixed soon as i want to get back online

  • speedy_taz

    i mostly bought this game to play online and when it comes up with error it makes me think we should get our money back

  • Victoria Ross

    If anyone bought CODBO2 for zombies don’t waste your time. They really screwed it up! You have to do weird things like use fans to open only curtain doors and crap. Half the time you cant play it. the other half when playing you have to piece things together to do things. We almost threw the game disk out the window as an expensive frisbee.

    Plus, the campaign and multi-player freezes, or it kicks you from online. Alot of error messages. Can’t have a gun and a grenade because it’s too full. Can’t start matches. Can’t start matches with more than one friend. Pure Garbage!!! Again expensive frisbee!!!

  • jayden

    my ps3 just freezes over and over ,, either when the treyarch symbols are loading or when im in multiplayer game. ive only played 2 full games of blackops multiplayer ,, havent even got to see the new zombies yet ,, i even went and got new disk still freezes all the time ,, all my other games work fine assassins creed 3 borderlands 2 , they dont ever freeze ,, but blackops 2 wow its froze my ps3 probly over 200 times now ive had to restore my data on ps3 bout 50 times know because blackops keeps forcing me to shutoff ps3 and corrupting my data !!! getting really sick of it i paid 63 dollars for games i cant even play .. i got it at midnight release too sadly still lvl 10 because it freezes every 5 mins .. not my ps3 either its a 160 gb slim model only like 3 months old ,,, plz let me know if anyone else havin this issue

  • Tg

    Black ops 2 worst COD ever. I played every one of COD never experience it this much freezing or problems.

  • AlexQuesada32

    Im getting to the point were im thinking of taking this game back. I traded in some good games for this amazing black opps game that I cant even play. On top of that I waited in line for hours to get it at midnight. I got to lvl 11 and I cant get back on with all these errors. Can you say frustrating

  • leo

    my ps3 keeps freezing and playing online is virtually impossible witj all the lag

  • Zar

    Horrible, horrible job with the multi-player. Was more of a BF3 guy, decided to give this black ops a shot. Played for about 30 min yesterday and haven’t been able to get back on. I reset everything and tried every option on the forums. Going to return it now and go back to BF3. Good luck everyone else!

  • activision_epic_fail

    there tweet was not forth coming if info for us poor people that paid our money and cant play get a grip activision and tell us some thing

  • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

    yes annoying…..very true. Note that the combination of playing population, graphic engine, matchmaking, elite transistions, and everything they revamped is overdosing the servers. In my opinion this COD has alot, if not, too much to offer from graphics to services related to the game.

  • Softballkid31

    I’m sure glad I’ve got all these tokens.. I wonder if I have enough to return my game and get my money back

  • violentvole

    Why oh why did I bother buying this? Should’ve known better after seeing how shoddy the the first Black Ops was.
    Great game, but not being able to get a game is giving me doubts about keeping it.

    As it’s such a hugely successful franchise Activision can hardly claim to be overwhelmed by the amount of people online.

    Couldn’t organise a **** up in a brewery. , Modern Warfare 3 for another year it is. Anyone want a cheap copy of Blops2??

    • Softballkid31

      Organize* dumbass

  • seth

    these special edition coins are great wish they would have spent more money on the game and not the coins you get to keep

    • Softballkid31


  • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

    and it also seems to me that any elite clan with the $ sign in the tag will probably have to register a new name due to the fact that BO2 clan tags do not allow the $ sign. So thats another issue on top of the other stuff they have to fix.

  • wtc13

    yup, a bunch of jive, but what can we do? nothin. o well time to play outside kiddos

  • courtney111

    how long till it will be back on ffs its so annoying i pre ordered a game, got it and now cant fking play it waste of money :@

  • Dan

    Cannot play online all day!!! No response from COD support no surprise there. Why would they now they have our money. Cannot even play the game in zombie mode. Now in the rubbish bin. Back to MW3!!

  • leoknighted

    really sucks with the freezing… i wanted to level up a bit and get some decemt stuff unlocked before double xp wekeend kicks off so i get the best out of it but it isnt looking for for me…… whats worse is it froze on me like 5 times and each time, i was actually doing good, i kinda suck at the game so getting 2-3 kills for every 1 death is grea. i was 24 and 10 which is something i never do and it froze…….

  • Softballkid31

    Well in my downtime I’ve got a sweet ass player card! #sarcasm

  • Roger

    Absolute crap.
    “An error occurred while trying to find a session, please try again.”
    Router settings are perfect and free IP packets/partial packets clear. No firewall on hardware.

  • Angry

    Seems to me this should be illegal. They knew what the pre-order numbers were and should have been ready.
    It’s like they take our money, then after they have it they use the money to create the product and service. There are laws in almost every state prohibiting this in construction with contractors. Should be illegal for the same reason here.

    • D

      Cannot play online all day!!! No response from COD support no surprise there. Why would they now they have our money. Cannot even play the game in zombie mode. Now in the rubbish bin. Back to MW3!

  • Kyleegerton

    Can’t get on anything at all to do with online even though my bro is playing in the room next to me, waste of holidays from work and big waste of fourty quid

  • Disgusting

    They use our money to fix what is wrong. They should be held in court over this. Absolutly disgusting!!! Qued in line and for what??! Oh how could I forget to be let down more than I ever thought possible!!

  • hunter

    Can’t play any public matches unless I use a different psn account

  • Brooke

    This is disgusting. Working fine till about 4.30pm now can’t play multiplayer at all you need to sort this out and fast or compensate your thousands of unhappy customers. Treyarch you JOKERS!!!

  • I hate COD

    Think there should be a vote on what to change the name of this game too…… CRAP OPS 2 or CRASH OPS2 either way this game is a mess

  • ALI

    everytime go on multiplyer nuketown or any other map it says AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE TRYING TO FIND A SESSION,PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER

  • Oliver Ward

    Playstation 3, Just playing games and I disconnect now whenever I try to join a game it just comes up with error! Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  • Edvard

    Ok my ps3 freezes and I mean totally need to shut it off and on and do hd scan anyways installing texture and first 50 mb take ages to install with my laser moving without a stop does anyone have that aswell?

  • alan

    So. california PS3, ERROR OCCURRED message, So, logged in and played with my son’s account !!! that worked for now but this sucks ! Is x-box having this problem ? Please don’t make me move to the dark side !!!

  • E.W

    Is a total joke again, pay good money to play a game and I can’t as it either crashes or it just won’t connect me to a server. Last treyarch game I buy. Never had this issue with a modern warfare title. Back to MW3 it seems.

  • E.W

    Can only play league series moshpit as well

  • seeker

    “Some people”. ???? Last i checked the forums were saturated by millions of people experiencing problems. Apparently activision never got any beta testers. That could be rumours but whatever, they better hurry up and fix it or buy us all new ps3s when they break down.

  • Petergriffin808

    I’ve had to hard restart my ps3 about 4 times in the last 24 hours due to freezing issues. The game is awesome but this is getting frustrating. It’s not my connection either everything on my end is good.

  • steve l-w

    I’v got all these issues.had my ps3 crash/freeze 5 times in a 2 hour period.totally unacceptable.I have an xbox,and would swap it but game UK persuaded me to buy all the downloadable crap,so I’m kinda stuck.I am filled with hatred……

  • Dino

    I’m having freezing when im in a lobby then I have shut ps3 down completely and stats reset what the hell is going on. Come you guys are better than this fix this please

  • mike

    Same as me was able to play all day went out came back and now all public matches comes up with error while connecting but zombies works and so does that new trial game but this is highly pathetic of a company like this to screw up on a game of this title lagging I can accept but after waiting for for more players even tho its a full lobby they really need to fix this or lose so many customers even more annoying seeing my friends play with no problems

  • Thomas Medlyn

    I am having the same issues as everyone else, if the game isnt ready than maybe treyarch shouldnt have launched. It sucks paying $60 for a game and be unable to play for 2 days now. Treyarch should ponyup and send everybody somethimng. How about my $60 back!!!

  • stu

    on campaign i make it to shore ans hide behind the log then nothing it freezes then i restart and it says file i paid a lot of money for this game!! but the online play is great but id like to play campaign….

  • alex

    I understand people getting annoyed like myself, But getting “stressed” is abit far its just a game. I hope they do fix it by tomorrow though because I would actually like to play online.

  • Sarah Wernecke

    Mine doesnt freeze, it shuts down within 5-15 mins of gameplay!

  • Alicia

    This is super upsetting…I have 2 boys one on Xbox and ps3 and Xbox is working just fine. So needless to say my younger son has been going nuts. This is sad

    • Jason

      Xbox is working great for me treyarch must hate the ps3 gamers


    I heard if you make a new account and DO NOT ENTER the Barracks from in-game you can play crash free have not tried it yet but worth a shot.

  • violentvole

    Just tried league mode to get ‘some’ use out of the disc and first game froze after 5 minutes. 8 hours of ‘error, please try again’ and as soon as I try something different I have to do a hard restart.
    I don’t hold Activision to blame – they just publish the game. It’s Treyarch, they’re hopeless!
    MW2…no probs at launch, BlOps…glitchy, laggy and crashing to the extent I traded it in inside 2 weeks. MW3…no probs at launch, BlOps2…useless.

    Treyarch should take a long, hard look at Infinity Ward and stop using paying customers as Beta testers.

    Shame really because the few hours I had I really enjoyed.

  • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

    theres no way around it. Things like Elite collaboration into Black Ops 2, Gamer Population, Improved matchmaking, and that problem where Elite clans with special symbols in their MW3 elite wont be able transfer elite information into BO2 because making Clan Tags in BO2 wont allow special symbols. On top of that the Graphics Engine is AMPED up, Leagues, COD casting, and all the goodies Treyarch is yet to announce. Give them a break. The reason yall complaining is because the game is spectacular. Be patient. Last I check they are on Defcon 4 so Defcon 5 is sure to follow. And when they do patch things up, it will be twice as nice. Patients is a Virtue

  • NbK_Hoax

    I was able to play regular earlier today but now it wont let me play any public matches, says “Error, An error occurred while trying to find a session, please try again. But no matter how many times i try it keeps happening. Also the game freezes up on me a lot but only when i was in the barracks or other screen when a game is loading. Using a ps3 btw, hopefully this gets fixed!!

  • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

    Patience i meant

  • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

    theres no way around it. Things like Elite collaboration into Black Ops
    2, Gamer Population, Improved matchmaking, and that problem where Elite
    clans with special symbols in their MW3 elite wont be able transfer
    elite information into BO2 because making Clan Tags in BO2 wont allow
    special symbols. On top of that the Graphics Engine is AMPED up,
    Leagues, COD casting, and all the goodies Treyarch is yet to announce.
    Give them a break. The reason yall complaining is because the game is
    spectacular. Be patient. Last I check they are on Defcon 4 so Defcon 5
    is sure to follow. And when they do patch things up, it will be twice
    as nice. Patience is a Virtue

    • John Zoidberg

      I am not having problems playing alone. The problem seems to be when you are in a party of friends on public matches. We have no problems playing a custom match. Everytime a new COD/MW comes out we get the same issue. They will fix it. I don’t like the clan symbols issue. No one thought about it? WTF

  • Porra

    I’m getting sick of activision, I can’t log in anymore, yesterday I could but had to hard restart my ps3 3 times, I have played every single cod since the begining and am starting to not wanna buy the franchise anymore, I was already on the fence about bo2 and all the glitches and lags and errors, I hear good things about halo so I think I’ll just take my business elsewhere. Very very disappointed as I have always backed up cod as the best game.

    • NbK_Hoax

      Halo is very good, but just think like ‘violentvole’ said, BO2 has some much more stuff added in their game theres bound to be glitches… i say give it a couple days if not a week to give activision to fix this. Noones perfect, and most games have many bugs in the first release.

    • Porra

      Sorry no activision but treyarch

      • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

        Treyarch will fix it. It will be worth the wait.

  • Mike159

    This is ridiculous! 9 out of 10 games I join, it says “Need more players to balance teams” Even though the lobby is full! And whenever I play Nuketown.. Wait, let em rephrase that, whenever I TRY to play Nuketown, it always freezes on me. My ps3 never freezes with any other map. Only Nuketown. I did NOT spend $110 on this game to not enjoy it.


    i got the game at the midnight launch played a total of two hours on multiplayer on line then i was disconected from the server mid game have now played an hour more of getting kicked..frozen now all im getting is error connot connect to server please try again.
    after paying £70 for the hardened edition (i now feel cheated) for something i cannot play.
    take it back you say tried to an was told that because its open all i can get is the TRADE IN VALUE less than half of what i paid.
    As an avid cod player from day one an still have all games im thinking enough is enough after the problems with all the other games on their realese you would have thought they might have learned something they are quite happy takeing everyones money well how about delivering a service to go with it …
    Thank you rant over

  • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

    theres no way around it. Things like Elite collaboration into Black Ops
    2, Gamer Population, Improved matchmaking, and that problem where Elite
    clans with special symbols in their MW3 elite wont be able transfer
    elite information into BO2 because making Clan Tags in BO2 wont allow
    special symbols. On top of that the Graphics Engine is AMPED up,
    Leagues, COD casting, and all the goodies Treyarch is yet to announce.
    Give them a break. The reason yall complaining is because the game is
    spectacular. Be patient. Last I check they are on Defcon 4 so Defcon 5
    is sure to follow. And when they do patch things up, it will be twice
    as nice. Patience is a Virtue

  • miraa.

    We have a PS3.. It will let us play online but by ourselves it won’t find any matches though. Someone I work with also has a PS3 but had no problem at all and played online all night. We have even tried making a new account and still nothing. I just don’t understand why we can play online but it says there aren’t any matches?

  • Nate

    everytime i try and hop on a match it boots me back to MP menu and gives me the message: “Error occurred while finding session. Please try again.” Doesn’t seem to affect league matches.

  • disappointed customer

    I’m able to play and I love it until it freezes up every 5 mins. and makes you reboot your ps3. Treyarch needs to learn to stop releasing these games so early without really testing them.

    • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

      Im sure they tested the game. I really believe that part of it consists of the increasing sales in USB internet routers that phone companies offer with 3G and 4G speeds. It slows things down alot when Matchmaking comes into play. They also went into a dispute with Infinity Ward about a contract that states Treyarch will develop pre vietnam war based COD’s. Im sure there is still some factors there that halted a perfect launch. Regardless, Treyarch made a product worth waiting for.
      theres no way around it. Things like Elite collaboration into Black Ops
      2, Gamer Population, Improved matchmaking, and that problem where Elite
      clans with special symbols in their MW3 elite wont be able transfer
      elite information into BO2 because making Clan Tags in BO2 wont allow
      special symbols. On top of that the Graphics Engine is AMPED up,
      Leagues, COD casting, and all the goodies Treyarch is yet to announce.
      Give them a break. The reason yall complaining is because the game is
      spectacular. Be patient. Last I check they are on Defcon 4 so Defcon 5
      is sure to follow. And when they do patch things up, it will be twice
      as nice. Patience is a Virtue

  • Dharmon

    EVerytime I try to play any type of match it says ” “An error occurred while trying to find a session, please try again.” It’s been 8 hours now…what a joke I’m a huge COD fan but this is ridicuolous

  • cod=poor servers

    The ammount of mony duty makes and we are suffering like this i think its a joke and a rip off easy to take our money so we can look at the main menu spend some of our money on DECENT SERVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MasterSmith

    There is another issue on PS3 Black Ops 2. With my older fat ps3 it says that it is overheating and shuts down after about 10 mins of play time. However I can play BF3 for hours upon end with no problems. The Activision forum is full of similar complaints. It works just fine on my sons 500gb SuperSlim. Haven’t tried the MP portion yet on his PS3 though, so not sure about the soft lock problems.

  • Justin Barash

    Can’t join public matches. It will only let me play zombies and league matches. Not bad, but I can’t do split screen multiplayer since I can’t go on public games. I keep getting a message that says “Try again later”. I think it was after I got that 1.02 patch.

  • Deborah Hutzell

    i have been trying to get in a game for probably 10 hours now and im trying every game mode but nothing is working. PLEASE i would love to start playing black opps 2 at least tomm! this is my sons game.

  • ThatDude

    For about two hours now I can’t find a public match on multiplayer. It keeps saying there was an error and to try again. However, I can find a public match of zombies.

  • Joze415

    My ps3 turns off by itself 5 minutes after Black Ops 2 is started no matter what I play(campaign,Zombies, and Multiplayer ofcourse)

  • john aka thewhiteaznguy on psn

    yeah in black ops 2 this just started happening to me by sides the freezing i’ll try to deal with ti’ll patch but monday night (when i first got game at midnight) an early tuesday morning the game was fine except for freezing an now its wednesday now it wont let me into a public match game but it will let me in league play an all i wanna play is public games but ill keep trying

  • Jason Bushey

    YES YES AND YES. Purchased bops2 at midnight release. Downloaded patch. Game froze my Ps3 5 times in the first 12 hours. About 20 hours ago began receiving the infamous ERROR. Can’t join any modes at all core or not. League play does not work for me either. No error message but I never get past the lobby. Only way for me to play games was to select “join game” on a friend who was in a game already. That didn’t help for long…

  • Emily Baker

    Fix the problem every time one of my family or friends play And my self it freezes , or errors , And now it it wont let me move in zombies that mee and my friend are play on the same tv and only my screen says Down Loading Game Settings. My friends are still play and im still dying . If this keeps up im taking it back. And how do we know all the Freezing is not Screwing with our PS3′s.

  • Jason Bushey

    *****POSSIBLE FIX***** delete the user account you having problems with on your ps3. Then “create new user” and “sign up” to psn. Same login as before just click “use existing account” boot up bops 2 it might let you join games again. It is letting me in after being down 20 hours. You can test this by using a friend’s login info. Creating new user and using his login to play on ur Ps3. Or making a new user and creating a new psn account. If you are able to join on the new/friends user account. Then the problem must be your account as was mine. Remember to trophy syn before deleting and recreating your account.

  • lil_ceezy1984 (psn)

    I just tried what Im about to tell you guys. Those who arent able to find a public game isnt everyone. Look through your friends list. See which one is in an actually multiplayer map. For those that cant play, join your friends game while hes in the match. It let me play

  • Sean Carey

    [ps3] im not having any of the same issues reported, for the most part. no random freezes, no disconnects, no lagging or messed up audio. the only thing i am getting is my system freezes most of the time if i mute people in a lobby. only other problem is I can not join a game a friend is playing in unless they send me an invite, and even then it doesnt work most of the time. itll just give an error “error: can not connect to game.” nothign game-breaking or infuriating, just annoying and bothersome.

  • Jason Bushey

    Warning before deleting your user account. Be aware it does delete all saved game data with it. So if you are in the middle of any campaigns they will be erased.

  • hi-to-mb

    whenever i join a game and it brings you to the load screen just before brings you to your gun choice menu, it freezes then. I have to hard restart each (3) times now. I have also had a problem with in game connection errors where it freezes up for a few seconds and kicks me from the game. I have also experience a few flying bodies. thanks

  • tsyhss

    Ps3 turns off when trying to play an online match….

  • Pissed off gamer

    I can’t get into games bc of the error, I freeze about every 20 min and I have to hard reset. I will never buy a new call of duty until about three mouths after its out. Maybe we wouldn’t have a server error if there was more than one.

  • Bear

    hmm it kinda freezed up in campaign mode. Had to restart the PS3….

  • Stephen Denny

    Unable to play multiplayer at all from 3pm onwards yesterday. Only Zombies and league play possible. Freezes and crashes the day before – resulting in at least one hard reset. Original BLOPS ruined my hard drive due to this issue. Not good enough in this day and age. Treyarch are amateurs.


    epic fail…. SO SAD!!!!

  • psn roosterkogburn4

    Go to game data utility go to black ops 2 and delete update reinstall and it works fine then I done it myself works fine after that he ur game on

  • Mickey

    I can connect to the main server and it only works when you are palying private matches, if private matches work then how come the main server does not work.

  • Benji

    Fixed! Tried again this morning and all back up and working for me .

    • William Linton

      But it was working

  • William Linton

    Just tried playing Black Ops 2…PS3 went up in flames. Thanks Treyarch

  • tbag

    Won t save classes properly. Keeps going back and forth from new save to old class

  • William Linton

    Combat Training works for me online

  • Tor

    Trying to connect to team deathmatch and it just switches between The match is about to begin and Need more players to balance teams. Nothing happens!!!


    I’m one of the muppets that have bought every COD on PS3.. every one of them had issues during initial few days/weeks of release. I would have thought the techies and programmers would have learned from previous release problems..

    Anyway I think the issue is related to sort of database record lock (I think it believes your user is already in a lobby) as if I go online with different PSN account I get access, but no doubt this will be short lived until that account gets the same issue.

    Oh well back to MW3 for me until its resolved.. its a waste of time getting upset about it, just a fact of life for us PS3 users who are allways going to be the poor relation to XBOX.

    I’ll be thinking very long and hard about the purchase of any new COD releases

    • Whatever

      Or at least wait a few weeks until all is clear. Not worth the hassle- I agree.

  • Lasimees

    I had the same problem yesterday and it just keep saying “Error cannot connected to server, please try again later” Today the problem is different. The game is freezing now in a Core/ team deathmatch lobby and it just try to find more players in the game and trying to balance teams.

  • General_Graybush

    Man, I thought the freezing issue was coming from a system hardware issue. It reminded me of an orignial Playstation system that had overheated. Just locks up and you have to force it to close and shut down.

  • Joe Thomas

    So, basically, Activision sold us a beta. Better be some dammn vouchers for DLC coming to those of us who paid full price for a BETA!

  • Kong Lee

    PS3: Zombies work great, the only issues I have with is multiplayer. Even though the room is already full with 12 people, it keeps saying “Need more players to balance team…”. GET THIS FIXED ASAP

  • 5ith

    BO2 is freezing every time a lobby is about to launch into gameplay. I’ve played one glitchy game and have frozen 3 other times. Don’t bother picking this title up until the bug is fixed or you’ll just have a frustrating experience. Activision should do a Beta launch before the actual launch to minimize this royally F’d up experience. I have been a loyal midnight launch pre sale buyer, but this latest experience is going to jade my confidence in this franchise. GET THE BUGS FIXED ASAP!!!

  • bill p.

    yes been kicked and froze up. had to hard start 4 times in 2 days. couldnt join with clan into and multi player games. could by myself. what a pain in the *#$!!!!!!! please fix before weekend.

  • Bryant

    I think it is something to do with the nuketown bonus map or the season pass download. because my other account can connect without these downloads

  • C

    Game freezes for me on ps3, have to reset machine to get anything work. Gutted but sure they will fix it given time.

  • Dj Ray Ray

    My ps3 has Completly froze now 4 times due to black ops 2!! I don’t like having to hard start my console due to concerns regarding damaging my console not to mention it takes 20 minutes to restart my system and attempt to get back into the game psn has told me that the reboot error message is just a safety precaution on the ps3 and doesent mean its actually causing damage to my hard drive. So far so good but this is still a major concern and activision needs to fix this ASAP!! Otherwise alot of us die hard COD gamers are bound to give up on BO2 for awhile which is no fun because its a great game as long as you can get into a match.. Geez launch night I was up till 5 am and only recorded 1 hour of playing time (multiplayer).. Lets fix this before treyarch has to start forking out money to replace gamers consoles due to damaged HD’s.. But yea I have to agree I spent way too much money to end up dealing with this kind of BS!!!

  • Joe Barrett

    My young son queued with about 60 others for three hours to be one of the first in the area to get their hands on the game. He paid out, over a ten-week period, a total of €199 to get the prestige edition.
    Now almost three days later he still has not been able to access the game.
    I would have thought that the game manufactures and all those connected with its development and distribution would have thoroughly checked the game before its release.
    What I now intend doing, is continue attempting to log on to the game for another two days.
    If it does not connect after that, I intend returning the faulty game to the shop where my son bought it from and demand my money back, because it is not doing what my young son paid for.
    I suggest others who are not happy with what they have paid for do the same thing.
    That will soon enough sort the problem out because the shops will not want to lose their money.
    And can I also suggest, that if the company intends releasing another title in the series, that they check it works properly in all systems before they put it on the market or people will not want to buy any further titles from this company.

  • clarence kingston


  • Jackmunday1234

    Common sense they should just start doing beta again for everyone can try that will sort out most bugs and other issue.

  • Eric

    For the xbox 360 zombies takes forever searching for other players. going on 1/2 hour with no luck

  • Nrtenney

    At times I can’t sprint at all. Other times my player will pull his grenade pin but I cannot throw it, thus killing me. And of course it also freezes like every 3rd fuckin match. Very annoying

  • xtrex30

    between this and skyrim, i am probably getting and xbox 720 when it comes out.i want to play games without a hitch when they come out, and i want dlcs on time.Is that really to much to ask? it’s a shame, i’ve had a playstation for years. oh well.

  • Mad Playstation User

    Have PS3 and experience all the glitches. Its freezes usually at very least once an hour most of the time 3-4 times per hour. I can shoot someone 10 times and they still kill me before I kill them. I tried for 4 hours straight one day to join lobbies or create my own and was just given the error message over and over again. I pre-ordered this game, spent extra on the map pack, waited in line at midnight to get my copy and this is what I get. In the last 2 days I have only been able to actual get in a total of 4 or 5 hours of play because I am constantly either freezing or getting error codes. This is ridiculous and they should fix it before double xp weekend or make it up to the users. I would have rather waited and had the release date postponed than to have to deal with this while playing the game I spent good money to play.

  • pissed off at treyach

    I couldn’t get on any regular game play at all Wednesday only world league. Could not join any friends at all kept kicking me back to start up screen. After jumping in and out of lobbies to finally land in a game that was half over or right at the end I got to be the final kill 4 times today and just got in the game.? Sure hope they fix it before hacker screw it up for everyone.

  • tp45

    When playing offline, (2players against bots) the 2nd players screen glitches; you can see lines fading in and out, when re-spawning it gets really bad. Not completely unplayable but it can get difficult.

  • Carls453

    My ps3 freezes after like 2 games leaving me to check for corrupted hard drive every freaking time and the can’t find game session part I have a fix for, join and play 1 whole game of league play then boom can join public again.

  • RFX

    had the same issue with freezing and errors. not hard reset but there is more than multiplayer to play on this game like the actual story mode or zombies.

  • DEE


  • ineedhelp!!!

    with me every time and sometimes random during a game my ps3 freezes and then says something like connection bla bla bla and you see a cord being pulled out of something, then after this happenned for about 3 seconds i can play like normal again. i’ve already cleared a lot of hdd space, updated to the latest ps3 firmware and installed the texture pack. maybe its the game and i just need to return it but as far as i can see there are no scratches on the disk. also sometimes it freezes when i’m in the mp menu… any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Dame2012

    Game keeps shutting down and rebooting in campaign mode……….. wtf.

  • Frustrated Mom

    We are having alot of freezing on PS3 but nothing on the XBox 360. My son wants to return the game but I guess we will wait for the fix.

  • yupyuppickuptruck

    Somebody needs to have their ass fired!!!

  • steve

    before i even get the game up and going, it has been freezing it just before i get to the main menu, and i have to turn off my hole systum. It dose not do this with blackops 1, has anybody eles had this problem. PS3

  • Hobbyking

    Can’t play solo zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nite-wolf86

    I join my team mates, when in the loddy waiting to start the game. Soon as the count down hits 1second my whole console freezes and i have to reboot my console all over again

  • Aron

    Definitely not Sony’s fault. Go play any PS3 exclusive, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone; they all play fine. Whatever lag you see on PS3, you’ll see on Xbox. The console itself has nothing to do with your connection unless there’s a faulty wifi adapter or ethernet port. I’d rather not pay $120 every year to play a game for a year. That’s ridiculous. So if you’ve been playing Call of Duty online since CoD 4 and payed for Xbox LIVE, you’ve payed $720 just to keep up with it, more if you’re payed for lower timed cards. That’s why I switched to PS3, it’s pointless to pay for a free service. Sadly, we have to deal with crap ports from AAA companies.

  • Baldog124

    Yup, my ps3 keeps freezing after 3 or 4 games in the multiplayer screen. Have to do a hard reboot. This is freakin annoying!

  • glenn

    Instead of receiving an error message, my PS3 turns itself off when I try joining a game, but this doesn’t happen when i try to play different games. Help!

  • asagecalledq

    anytime i go to a game the ps3 shuts down after a 3-5 minutes. every…single….time. their should definitely be some compensation for ps3 users. this is ridiculous.

  • Toonaddict69

    i did a quick format after i couldnt get on call of duty black ops2 because a message saying corrupt data kept showing + it seemed 2 work 4 me im now back on line.

  • Michael

    It still is freezing after the 1.03 update… Wtf?

  • Anthony78

    the simple solution to this problem is in a few steps:
    1. sell black ops 2 and all your ps3 games.
    2. Sell ps3.
    3. sell anything you have that has to do with your ps3.
    4. buy an xbox 360.
    5. buy black ops 2.
    6. buy gold membership.
    problem solved

  • D. Boy

    With ps3′s you get what you pay for online wise! NOTHING!! Spending 40 a year don’t seem so dumb aye! I await the swarms of fanboys scimpering from their ps3 branded mosh pits with abuse and ps3 coolness facts!

  • riz

    I am still having the same “Error…server not available” issue. In addition, my campaign (whether i’m signed in or not) freezes. I have the last patch released. Does not help me. To top it all off, activision site gives it a “Defcon 4″ all servers are enabled status with a few minor maintenance windows scheduled here and there. What?!?!? Been following Blackops for months now, seen every video by tmartn on it and now this…i have a $60 worth coffee coaster. I expect activision to work on this issue through the thanksgiving holidays….they owe it to us. Take 4 days off AFTER you’ve fixed the issue, done your job and justified our $60 and months of following you guys.


    this is what happens when these games are rushed every. single. year.

  • Holden Zenator

    The update didnt fix much and made alot of the online worse, the thing i hate the most about online is that its always “migrating hosts”…

  • matonking

    Why do you people continue to buy these god awful games. Do they even play test on the PS3? or, is it simply a case of them being too busy pushing the 4th xbox controller up their ass.

  • Ads

    Give em time, PS3 is really hard to write games for. Sony think their so special that their hardware should be completely different to everything else on the planet. Not only that but their hardware is a joke, by far way out of date. If you take a look at the hardware it scales up to your tv using low res graphics LAME!!!!!!! at least scale up from 720p like the 360 not 538p thats why i don’t own either there good for a year then way out of date in hardware standards and on top of not working they make you pay for it…….good on ya Sony. I’m not saying don’t own one but at least expect delays much of the time. Want a real experience buy a decent PC. At least they have real time support!!!!!!

  • Haha

    The ps3 is on its ass again lol ha ha pmsl rottflmbfao

  • brendan

    I preorder and when i type the nuketown code in psn it downloads and installs, but i cant access the map In multiplayer

  • xx_okc_killer_xx

    I cant even get into the multi player screen. It has been three days now that everytime I select multiplayer it goes to the black loading screen and freezes up. It is doing it on both my ps3′s. I can play campaign or zombies no problems but can not get to multiplayer.

  • dan

    hope some one can help i put on black ops 2 today (online)and it said it had reset all my classes now i can only use one class cause if i pick one off the others it crashes i cant even turn ps3 off have to turn it of by the main button thanks

  • Jay

    For some reason “Drone” is the only map that I can’t play. If it gets picked, the load screen before the match stays on one spot and it freezes. Just that map for some reason.

  • helmut_hedd

    These problems are far from my biggest, but I won’t be buying any add ons until I see it run a little smoother.