iOS 6.0.1 update causes numerous problems

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We’ve been hands-on with the iPhone 5 since launch and also the iOS 6.0.1 update, which has plagued some users with problems in a number of forms. Our time with both the hardware and iOS 6.0.1 update has been free of issues, but this is not the case for a growing number of our readers. We reported the new software went live right at the start of this month, and while Apple hasn’t commented on any of the problems being experienced with iOS 6.0.1, our readers are certainly making some noise.

Apple’s iOS 6.0.1 update causes numerous problems – the list is growing and it’s fair to say that some of these issues are for select users, and certain problems are being complained about more than others, which shows a pattern that could affect thousands of iPhone and iPad users.

Problems experienced since the iOS 6.0.1 update, and before for some people, include the iPhone 4S battery draining really fast, issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks that were easy to connect to before iOS 6, and also a number of people are claiming that cellular networks are harder to connect to after this latest software update.

The battery life problems with iOS 6.0.1 and the iPhone 4S are likely to affect a lot of users, and considering we’ve heard about this before the previous update it could be an ongoing problem needing a fix. The Wi-Fi problems are also known to be an ongoing issue that Apple has attempted to fix, but it seems things are still bad for certain people and in some cases a lot worse since the iOS 6.0.1 update.

It is fair to say the majority of people don’t experience call problems, our calls have been perfect on the iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.1, but this doesn’t mean users are not having major call quantity issues. We’ve heard from PR readers stating, “I keep getting a bad connection when calling people“, and “the calls include static and garbled voices“. Our advice to these people would be to try and install iOS 6 from fresh, so reset everything after backing up and if this doesn’t fix it then contact Apple as it could be a hardware issue.

What problems are you finding after the iOS 6.0.1 update? You can read about new features being needed with iOS 6.1 in this article, although we’d love to hear from our readers about their problems needing a fix with iOS 6.0.2.

Seasoned iPhone owners might remember the battery life problems found on the 4S model shortly after it released, and Apple later confirmed these issues and it took a few software updates before the majority of people experienced a lot better battery life. We were one of the initial group of users with battery problems, and after two updates all had been fixed, but it is worth pointing out that millions of iPhone 4S owners had no battery problems, so there is a good chance the current iOS 6.0.1 problems are not experienced by the majority of people. We can confirm on our iPhone 5, and two 4S models in the office, there are no problems after installing the iOS 6.0.1 update. How about you?

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  • Allen Hahn

    Bought iPhone5 for both myself and my wife. Whereas she’s not having that many issues, my phone had to be replaced by Apple. However, the replacement phone is having the same problems, namely: Failure to timely connect. After connection, goes almost immediately to “Failed Call.” Garbled sound when using Speaker. People I call saying my voice keeps dropping out. Callers’ voices dropping out. Outside callers being unable to connect to my phone. AT&T asked that I shut down the phone and turn it back on every day to sync with towers. So I do but the problem persists. AT&T and Apple are playing the finger-pointing game. My personal belief is that Apple rushed the iPhone5 to market before it was ready. Why do I say this? Go try to find accessories, the most common being a simple phone charger for your car. Doesn’t exist (or didn’t as of last week). So their accessory line is lagging far behind the release of the product. Is anyone at the FCC checking into Apple’s perpetrating this farce on the public? I’m heading back to AT&T and changing this out for a Droid. Why? The very least that a smart phone user should be able to expect is that they can make and receive calls. Didn’t have these problems with the previous iPhone3. Thanks for reading.

  • vtraveller

    iPhone 4s. After updating to 6.0.1. Battery drained to 30% in about two hours, only noticed when my pocket became hot. Did the usual cull of apps and a reset and seems okay now – I’m sick and tired on trusting Apple knows best, when they clearly don’t and refused to tell anyone what’s going on like a spoilt child.

    One day map services may also work, but given it took a year to make Siri work outside of the US, hoping doesn’t make it happen. With irony, Siri is now of course broken because those location services use the same broken mapping. *sigh*

    • zane

      still wont work for my accent! have to pretend to be american!

  • Andreea

    Having an iPhone 4S and I haven’t upgraded and I think I won’t until Apple does something serious with the battery thing. I’m sick of having problems all the time…

    • Applepip

      As usual, just don’t full stop

  • Bruce Wayne

    It’s not just the iphone 4s. My iPhone 5 is draining 25% faster since the IOS 6.0.1 update. I’m not very happy. I thought my battery drain was bad before, it’s reallty crappy now!

  • Clinton Canady

    I can’t move any icons on my home screen or change change folders or my device resets. (iPhone 4)

    • NathalieSp

      Since I updated IOS 6.0.1 (iPhone 4S), my battery does a weird thing. I had 59% battery, left him in stand-by mode with the background apps closed. After 25 minutes I had 55%. What about those 4% ? I am using my iPhone now and he goes immideatly from 21% to 16%… It is very strange and I don’t know if it is a software problem or a problem with my battery?

  • Mimi

    Been having the aforementioned problems with WiFI. I updated my factory unlocked iPhone 4S to IOS6 in September and all was well until 2 weeks ago when I turned my phone off. When I turned it on, I was no longer able to connect to my home network. Sometimes I could if I put my phone on airplane mode. Today I plugged in my phone to my MacBook Pro to sync and update (since i have no wifi capability) and it told me there was an ISO 6.0.1 update. I figured this would solve the issue so I updated, but I am still on the same boat!!

  • B

    I just added new updates to IOS6 last night, and now I cant search the web while I’m on a call. I can’t check my mail or get voicemails while on a call either. I regret updating my phone every time! What is wrong with that picture? Perhaps its time to switch from apple to something else…

  • Christopher Boyer

    It seems the ship called Apple is slowing down without it’s captain at the helm.

  • John Ross

    try new windows 8 phone. you maybe surprised

  • Tim

    I have an iPhone 4S, and recently I noticed that the battery strength was literally falling off a cliff only a few hours of use after a full charge. I called Apple and they showed me that I was not closing programs correctly. If I push the home button only once to close a program, it continues to run in the background. To completely close an app, you have to push the home button twice, touch the app for 3 seconds, and then touch the minus sign for each app you want to close. Also, I turned off my Bluetooth except when I need it to pair with something. Doing these two things made my phone seem like it had a brand-new battery. The battery lasts much longer now!

  • Superman

    my 4S is definitely draining fast….It never would be fully drained in the past…now every morning battery is fully drained

  • Jeff Miller

    I’m actually seeing an improvement in signal strength, faster WiFi acquisition, and a marked improvement in battery life (at the moment).

  • oliolioli

    Ipad2 was having serious problemes staying connected to wifi. Installed ios 6.0.1 and it now connects but is incredibly slow. impossible to do anything online! It is practically useless and I’m not sure it can even be fixed if it can’t even connect. Am considering restoring factory settings.

  • Chopperoonies

    Since downloading 6.0.1 my 4S has been dropping out of wifi connection and 3Gis really slow. No idea why???

  • jonathansetton

    problems with video play from the internet with both my ipad2 and my iphone 5

    wife having same problems when trying youtube as well on iphone4s

    problem getting worse

  • Luis E Autrique

    I’ve updated my iPhone 4S and I’ve noticed a considerably shorter battery life, hitting 25% battery left at 9 hours of standby with minimal usage.

  • Susan

    I updated my 4S last month. I HATE the new App Store set-up & my photo apps crash now. Never did before & now I am being prompted to update again, to fix things I don’t care about. I’m afraid it will make things worse.

  • Justin sane

    Not connecting to wifi unless really close to the router , low signal in wifi, and crashing. I have an iPhone4

  • Misabi

    Since updating my iPhone 5 to 6.0.1 I’ve lost sound on most apps e.g . No music or fx on games that worked fine before the update, no sound on stopwatch/countdown timers.
    Ringtones, podcasts and music plays normally.

    I’ve also noticed that some previously stable apps are also crashing since the update.

    • EngTeacher

      I am having the same issue. The music works, and so do phone calls, but no sound in any app. I just bought the iPhone 4S, and I have been with Apple for years, but I will probably not be purchasing another iPhone again, as my wife has the Samsung Galaxy S3, and I think it is much better.

      • Misabi

        This may sound silly to some, but thus is my first iPhone and no iPhone users that I’ve mentioned this “bug” to knew the solution, but I found last night that if the phone ringer wasn’t set to silent then the sound on the apps work..
        Apparently this is just the way that iPhones work, though none of my friends or family who use iPhones thought of this :-$

        Having said that, the keyboard has crashed several times while I’ve been typing this comment, which is really frustrating!

      • ProspectiveProf

        With the new OS the mute switch will silence all apps except for phone and music player. Ran into this one myself

  • Shay

    After upgrade, I lost all sound from my iPhone.

  • Raul Gonzales

    I have upgraded to 6.0.1 and my iPhone 5 battery drains considerably faster now. Light internet browsing, facebook, twitter, ect.

  • Mak

    Probably like top 5 biggest mistakes in my life to update to 6.0 or 6.01 on my iPhone 4S. I go to the apple store to let them know my problems and they tell me to get a car charger. 6.0= horrible battery life and over heating camera etc… 6.01= network connectivity problems and a long list of network diagnostics logs that dont mean anything to the geniuses at apple because they’ll just tell you to restore and come back. Sad to leave this beautiful brand but I have given up all hope for iPhone and will move on ASAP :(

  • Ross Stainlay

    Am so disappointed withe BATTERY LIFE on an iPhone 4S after moving to IOS6 – including the 6.0.1 update. I do not use Bluetooth – use a handful of calls per day yet the battery drains before your eyes now. I even have special phone pocket made in my shirt so the phone is never far – but now have to recharge the battery after lunch. And of course it gets left behind! Why should we have to go and force apps to shut down … they worked pretty well in ios 5? As for Maps – the less said the better. thinking i now I’ll give an Android or maybe Windows phone a try – after many years with Apple.

    • Pras Anand

      many times it’s because users have loads of push apps running in the background and forget to close the apps, leaving them open in a suspended state. I’ve seen devices that take hours to charge just because there are apps running in the background. Also, when was the last time you rebooted? That might help too.

    • Not iOS 6

      I haven’t update to iOS 6 yet and I started experiencing the battery issues early last week.

  • Jake

    The update gives my ipod touch (4th Generation) about two hours of battery life but only if it is in airplane mode and not used. If used, I get about a half hour. Also it left itunes inoperable. That’s right. an ipod that doesn’t play music. Great.

  • Axm3000

    I have an iPad 3. Since upgrading to iOS 6.0.1 it no longer automatically connects to 3G networks (no 4G/LTE in Belgium yet) when coming off wi-fi. I have to turn off cellular data and then turn it back on to connect to 3G. Also, when moving longer distances, 3G connectivity drops. Hope for new update soon, that resolves this problem.

  • Dranreb

    Bluetooth problem with iphone 4

  • Chris

    I got the iphone 5 on IOS6, with 6 hours usage my phone lasts me easily 2 days possibly 3, upgraded to ios 6.0.1 and havent noticed much difference, I think people just need to restore if they are experiencing bugs. My wifi has been good on both ( better signal than my S3 ), i spend about over an hour a day on the phone to my gf and the battery is fine. I think correct configuration ( turning off mobile data unless needed, screen brightness dimmed, itunes match off, location services amended so only ure popular apps use it etc etc ) will result in much better battery – Afterall if ure a geek and love using ure phone every minute of the day then i personally think ud enjoy android better. Apple is more for simple use.

    • Chris

      ALSO I believe that when you set up your phone – select no when asked if you want to send diagnostics usage etc to apple, I have a sneaky feeling that plays a part of the battery drinking as well ( I could be wrong ).

  • Reality Bytes

    I started observing that my iPhone 4s is becoming hot and battery draining faster after I upgraded to iOS 6.0.1.

  • Jesse Ship

    Got an iphone 5 on the first day it came out, returned a week later due to frequently dropped data network. Updated to iOS 6.0.1 last week and the problem is back with a vengeance. WTF APPLE???

  • Erin Garica

    Since the update to my 4s with the i06 I’ve has numerous issues with my battery. The battery indication bar says I have anywhere from 50- 85% left and the phone shuts down completely with the red out of battery indication on. I plug it in and it boots right back up to the 50-80% it was at prior to shutting itself off??? I’ve cleaned the phone out and deleted several applications, transferred pictures to my computer and still I’m having issues.

  • NolanH

    My iPhone 5 completely drained after 3 hours and haven’t used it but to send a few texts.. Updated ios6.0.1 over the phone 2 days ago, instantly noticed high temps and severe battery life decrease

  • s12l

    serious network connection problems and wifi problems. no longer any good for apps like IM+ and whats app and skype and the battery life is majorly decreased. seriosuly disappointed with apples work on this one. I cannot even access mail due to the network problems and wifi.

  • Bicho

    I uptaded my iPhone 3Gs to iOS 6.0.1 and the phone heated up drained the battery and now it will not turn on, even if it is connected to the charger. Time to get a Samsung Galaxy III, I am tired to deal with apple f*#kups.

    • Applepip

      Apple are a joke. Don’t EVER upgrade software!! You’ll need the latest iphone to run it at all.

    • Zane

      i went to a galaxy s2 and had nothing but bad battery the entire time…

    • Kate Bellone Coleman

      my husband had to take his iphone 4 to the apple store and they had to revert back to original settings and update again to ios 6.0 and he had no probs til he went to 6.1 i think we are both going back to original settings bc this is so stupid

    • Mike D.

      I have a 3g phone. Should I update?

      • cthomp

        well, I updated mine & now I have no sound – no ringer, no sound in apps, nada! I’m so disappointed. I guess all I can do is try to restore it’s orginal settings & then RELOAD all of my data. SUCKS!

  • Apple without Jobs

    now we know that his death is not exaggerated.

  • Chris

    My battery has been draining a lot faster since I upgraded to 6.0.1 (iPhone 4S 8GB), and my sister is experiencing the same issue. My phone is already down to 90% after an hour of light use today.

    I also had an issue where my sound meter wasn’t adjustable, like something was plugged into the dock connector. This went away when I plugged headphones in though. Also, my phone refused to turn off yesterday, it would just restart instantly when I turned it off.

    These last two problems sound like a hardware issue though, not 6.0.1 (I can always hope though).

  • Daniel

    Horrible battery drain for me. Phone gets very warm while on 3G browsing and data use, and battery went down 40%!!!!!! @___@
    This was only 2 hours 38 mins of browsing.
    Didn’t happen to me on ios 6.
    I upgraded to 6.0.1 to fix the keyboard lines issue but now have a worse battery drain problem. Since the phone is getting warm (very warm) I’m guessing its a 3G data usage issue???
    Lets get ios 6.0.2 out and fix this.
    Or… Is it possible to downgrade to ios 6 if I do have a backup? Anybody know?

  • Momma Dooks

    Since updating both my Newest iPad and iPhone 5 the battery life is being suck dry very fast… I update my stuff every time a new one comes out in the stores and I am not a happy camper right now! I purchased 3 iPads for family for Xmas and was thinking about getting 3 mini for Xmas gifts was just in best buy today looking at them but if this software crap don’t get fix soon that won’t be happening and I will take the 3 iPads I have will be going back also!

  • Sean

    I used to charge phone once a day now after upgrade my phone is dead by noon

  • Troy Palmer

    Trouble connecting to wifi everywhere since this update

  • Bilal

    With ios6 I can’t connect my iPad to the iPhone via Bluetooth and thus cannot use the personal hotspot feature. Very irritating. That’s the only reason I didn’t buy the 3G iPad. Now I’m stuck.

  • geoff

    Upgrade ruined my phone. I can’t get it to charge past 42%. Really weird.

  • Saul

    My iphone 5 is draining so fast should of never updated!!

  • mikey

    Killing my battery on my iphone 5! This is 2012- WTF???

  • Edward

    I lose audio every now and then after long time usage on ios6.0.1! what the sham. How do I revert back to iOS 6.0???

  • chastodon

    I have an iPad 3 and since the iOS 6.0.1 update, my battery life is horrible. The battery life drains way, way too soon. I also am having the same problem with the constant spinning wheel in safari. I am pretty upset that this new software update is KILLING my battery with very little usage. I hope they release a new update soon. If so and if the battery life problem is resolved, I will not update my iPad 3 anymore. I should have kept the iOS 6 software.
    COMPLETELY BUMMED OUT! The iPad 3 costs way too much for a battery problem due to a stupid software update. My device is also getting hot rather quickly. This is also a new problem,

  • Les Armstrong

    Since upgrading to IOS 6.1 my battery life on my iphone 4 is poor and it will not recognise my in car charger, saying this accessories is not supported, so unable to use hands free, credit to apple for , i’ll get back to you on that one

  • Johan Devos

    I updated my iPhone 4S to the 6.0.1 some days ago, and today I noce my battery going down about 20% per hour. Any suggestions? I didn’t notice this the days before that (even if I had 6.0.1 already installed)

  • Beatlesbabe

    My battery dies immediately when it hits 5%. There is no warning nothing just bam you’re dead. Not. Happy.

  • Superannoyed

    update my iphone 4 to ios 6.0.1 and now when I plug into the remote usb port in my dodge challenger music will not play and it slows the whole system down. Anyone else have this problem when connecting to a remote usb to play music?

  • Mentalking

    Since updating my ipad 2 to 6.0.1 my battery drains like crazy. Anyone knows what to do?

  • S.J

    I have an ipad 2 and it was working perfectly before the 6.0.1 update. Last night I noticed I had an update, so as usual I went ahead an updated it. Once my device restored, my WiFi signal goes in and out. It NEVER did that before…EVER!!! I tried to reboot it, with no luck. I cant connect to anything. They need to fix this fast!

  • Kyle

    iPhone 4S dies so fast now after the update :( I went to bed last night with 35% life and no apps running and it’s dead by the time it has to wake me up for work. It’s happened every day this week and my boss is getting tired of me coming in to work late every day.

  • Justin F

    My iPhone battery on my iPhone 5 is ridiculous!!!!!!! I really angry!!!!

  • shunte

    Battery life is abysmal on the iPhone 5 and its not gotten any better
    with the 6.0.1 upgrade. I’ve had nothing but dropped and garbled calls
    since I upgraded and if I could downgrade I would – after a month of use
    this iPhone is likely to be my last!

  • d

    We have a 4S and 5 and both phones no longer show in the blue imessage text. The 4S is not having internet connection issues where it did not in the past.

  • Dom

    Audio keeps crashing music plays for a few seconds then cuts out no alerts no alarms only vibrations ever since this update I have a 4s I think Im giving up on apple and going to droid apple is getting too big as a corporation and caring less about they’re faithful customers its a shame I really loved apple before this

  • Leslee


  • gellybear

    My iphone 4 won’t connect with my macbook pro (2010) via bluetooth anymore, after upgrading to OS6. So apparently apple products no longer recognize each other…

    I guess this is just their way of forcing me to get an iphone 5 and their newest macbook pro… Or maybe I’ll just throw myself into the open metallic arms of the Android robot.

  • Ray

    My mail interface has no reply and other such useful buttons

    Am I the only one?

  • Ric Andrew Ya

    My iPhone 4, on the 6.0.1 has heating issues. When I am on the phone, it gets really hot, not warm. Plus, when I am just surfing or sending text messages, it gets hot.

  • Laney

    I upgraded to IOS.6 and my iPad 2 would not connect to wifi automatically and was so slow that videos would time out. Upgraded to IOS 6.0.1. Still wifi connection problem, generally a bit faster, but videos timing out. Our Internet provider eventually solved the problem by changing our modem settings to WPA instead of WPA2 and changed channel to 5 instead of 6 as well as renaming our modem. Now my husband doesn’t want to throw the iPad in a drawer and leave it there.

  • James

    The new ios is more like the downgrading version. After the update, both of my devices (iPhone and iPad) are useless because of the battery problem. The more I use the more frustrating I get. When will apple stop messing up? I want my ios 5.1 back.

  • Tom C

    I cannot even get a day out of my iPhone 4s since upgrading to IOS 6.0.1. I have Siri shut off, along with all location services. I was just at the Apple store, and they could not help me because I did not have Genius Bar appointment. I am rethinking Apple products, and will probably be looking for alternatives in the future. I am tired of so many “software issues”.

  • Kevin

    iphone 5 running 6.0.1 – I can’t sync over wifi!

  • Prismis

    My husband an I both have iPhone 4 (not 4s) updated to iOS 6.0.1 – his ringer doesn’t work anymore & my battery drains fast! Always plugged in. Drained 5% while reading this article and posting!!

  • K Chang

    iPhone 4s with iOS 6.0.1 => no WiFi and no bluetooth after upgrade. Both are grayed out and cannot be turned on at all. Tried power cycle, hard reset, network reset. Nothing worked.

  • ao

    my ipod touch updated fine but when it fnished it sayd to connect to itunes so i did but now it starts the power on screen and the update screen but the the screen turns whight and turns off

  • xweihsinx

    Every ringtones/sounds that I bought disappeared from my phone. I was surprised this morning when the alarm rang with a pre-installed sound. I thought it was another phone than mine!

  • Royan Bartley

    After 6.0.1 update I can’t play any music on the ipod which, for me, is the primary reason for having an ipod. very disappointed

  • desai4

    updated to ios 6.0.1 on 4s with ios 6 and have lost phone features.. just doesn’t work very frustrated and dissappointed with ipod phone…

  • Mrs P

    I have just tried to update my iPad2 to IOS6.0.1 and it hasn’t worked, I get an error message saying its failed. Tried a reboot of iPad, same thing. Tried 3 times.Wont update. Anyone else having this problem?

  • n]marius

    in iphone 4s my BT connectivity with my stereo amplifier.

    stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working stop working

  • patrick r snyder sr.

    i just purchased an iphone 4 running ios 6 about a month ago and started having problems only two weeks into owning the phone. my main problem is that at random points it will stop sending messages all together and i have to restore the phone almost everyday but it is getting worse everyday…

  • Kate Bellone Coleman

    with my iphone 4s

    after this latest update, i have not heard my ringer and it is on and turned up full blast i checked it like 6 times

    sometimes it will just vibrate when its supposed to ring

    my speaker phone wont work and the only way i can use the phone is to put a headset in it or hold it to my ear which i cant do while driving :(

    the battery dies quickly

    i did not have any issues until i did this latest update so i am so mad and want to chuck my phone in the trash

  • Kate Bellone Coleman

    my siri is not working right either as in i cant hear her but i can read her which it worked perfect before this stupid update arrrrrgggg

  • brandon

    well i changed my itunes email right before and i cant change it on phone it is grayed unable to change itunes email so i cant update anything cant do squat with itunes

  • Fal

    I had the iPhone 5 after a week I took it back and got a Samsung galaxy s3, what a smart move, I’ve had apple for years and paid a lot of money for the devices. That’s all I can recommend i will not go back to apple after I realiseing how poor they really are and reading these problems with 6.0.1 .apple you need to care for your customers not you bank balance.

  • Veedear

    I have iphone 3gs, iphone 4, ipad 2 and 3 and iphone 5. Iphone has the worst battery even with the latest upgrade. Battery drains so fast sometimes I have to charge twice a day. I do not have blue tooth on and witch off wifi when not in use. APPLE NEED TO SORT IT OUT OR WILL LOOSEA LOT OF CUSTOMERS.

  • Eric Price

    ipad worked fine before 6.0.1 update. Immediately after, it no longer connects to my wifi network. Super pissed about this.

  • K8ev

    I have an iPhone 3s and have noticed a major drop in battery life after upgrading to 6.0.1.

  • A

    My 4s keeps turning on speaker and FaceTime by itself when I’m in the middle of a call & I’ve been having trouble unlocking my phone too- both since I updated to 6.0.1:(. Anyone else having these problems?

  • OlympicSquirrel

    Two problems on my iPad2 since the iOS 6 upgrade:
    - No sound or delayed response in several of my musical instrument applications (Simple Music, Virtuoso)
    - WiFi connection problems with email and web browsers, while Fing app shows the device IS connected. Settings app shows WiFi endlessly reconnecting. Extremely annoying.
    Apple Maps is a real turkey. GPS locations are off.

  • Charry Wayne

    with all these upgrade iOS6, and the new iPhone 5, still won’t “do email.” that’s eyes-free and hands-free. There’s a smartphone app called Talkler —billed as “email for your ears.” It’s a free smartphone app that’s voice-controlled, and reads your emails aloud to you…I need this app in my phone!

  • Amanda Gaber

    MY phone started talking to me tonight. I cant scroll i cant text i can only call out and she still talks when im trying to call out. this is so annoying.. have an apt with apple at 330and it cant come fast enough…..

  • Serafino

    Been an iPhone user since it was introduced in the market. The iPhone 5 was very disappointing for me, i had to return it 10 days later. I got tired of carrying a charger around whenever i go, and not being able to really sync my Google apps and gmail. So last week i started using the old phone of my friend, a galaxy s2, . WOW… what a difference. now i understand when friends would tell me to give my iphone 4g to my grandma and start using android, I will definitely wait for the nexus now, next week

  • Arnaud Leroux

    Cellular Networt issues since i updated my Iphone 4, I lost the whole signal…Apple is getting rotten : ( Can we Downgrade iOS without JB it?

  • H. vdrVeen

    Although I have heard a hard reset would solve the problem. But even after 15 hard resets my Iphone still says:NO SIMCARD, SIMCARD NOT INSTALLED.

    Has my simcard crashed?

  • Ali

    Worst phone ever used. Nokia is far more better aftr using it. Update , upgrade huh oly problems. No wonder most of them are jumpin to android. Apple talks big but it has been eaten up

  • Nigel

    I have a 3GS which I have upgraded to iOS6.0.1 and my battery life has been drastically reduced, now having to charge during the day and yet I never had to before, really wish I hadn’t upgraded….

  • ipad

    updated about 8 hours ago. Battery now much shorter life… much. Real problems with wifi speed. Then got message to restore the system.. and lost everything. Not really impressed. Fortunately I had a backup.

  • Vikram

    My Iphone 4S BATTERY got SERIOUSLY affected post the IOS 6.0.1 update. The BATTERY DRAINS OUT out even in STANDY-BY mode, the only option to save the batter is to switch the phone off. :( The phone remains constantly heated up making it so inconvinient to use. The life was so better before the update. Hope APPLE does something fast to resolve the issue, else I’m going to dump this phone. I have already switched back to my old Nokia E71 until the problem resolves, feel much better.
    One take from this, you cannot just rely on an iPhone, as any next update can ruin your phone. Why doesn’t apple allow to switch back to an old update??

    • MajorRockStar

      Let’s hear it for the ever faithful E71!!! 4 years and counting…but will probably be FINALLY trading it in for the 920 by the end of the month. But until then…its E71 all the way! :)

  • 675terry

    I noticed a slight drop in the battery lisfe but I only use my Iphone for work calls so I tend to get a couple of days use out of it. I use my Xperia S for everything else such as navigation, emails, surfing, pictures ets. If I could have a dual sim device with top notch hardware and at least 4.0 Android the Iphone would be sitting in a drawer somewhere until my company got their head out of their ass and switched over. Call quality is shite on the Iphone and I lose calls running on the same network as my Xperia. Cheap piece of crap with a tiny screen.

  • Faye

    I have an iPhone 5 and since updating to iOS 6.0.1 I’ve noticed that my friends (on different networks) don’t receive all off my im’s or texts and I don’t receive all off there’s either. It’s all very hit and miss. My friends all have iPhones to and are experiencing the same issues on there iPhone 4s’s ????

  • BP

    I have noticed my battery running out sooner, but my main problem is that I can’t call out, I get “call failure” messages very frequently. Incoming calls are hit or miss; I am experiencing a lot of static. Is there a way to uninstall the update?

  • benjamin0723

    hey Ross i feel exactly the same about the battery, i even contacted vodafone and swapped my handset for a new one thinking it was the phone, i cant believe with all the money Apple has, they cant put a decent battery in it, i’m the same as you i make a few calls, play songs on the way to work and way home (1 hour tops) flick about on twitter and facebook for no more than 30 minutes and the battery drops to 25% from full, i charge it once a day! i’d be stuck if i went away for the weekend camping!

  • Soldier ant

    I called my bank in order to investigate some transactions, after dialling, I had to input options using my keypad. Unfortunately, i could not, because the first three keypads i.e. 1,2 and 3 would not respond. Also, i could not download apps anymore! This is a nightmare.

  • John

    Since updating I get phantom emails in my mail app all the time mostly dated in 1970!!! These have no details no sender and no way of removing its hugely frustrating.
    The other issues I have are to do with slow down when using many apps and screen freezes that take 10 seconds or more to correct and sometimes mean closing apps and starting from scratch.
    I run a 4s and all my software updates daily to current versions

  • Chancers

    Since the latest update to 6.0.1, my battery life drastically drains. I’m very particular on closing my apps OFTEN (sometimes right after I’m done with it). At home I strictly use WiFi and still it depletes the battery. Even on airplane mode (no WiFi) the battery quickly drains. Location Services? Yup! Those are at a minimum. Bottom line is, I haven’t changed anything and my battery life was great until the update. Next will be a settings reset (soft reboot did not help BTW). My hopes is this venting “forum” and phone calls/emails, Apple will recognize the issue and get it fixed NOW.

  • Kel1027

    My iPhones 4s turn to be so warm when I turned on my 3G until it showed the temperature sign. The battery life is worse. I hope Apple has a fix for this.

  • Mary-iphone4

    My battery life dropped substantially on my iPhone 4 after the 6.0.1 update. Both my husband and daughter have the same phone, same update, but neither of them have experienced the same battery drain problem. I now have to charge my phone 3 times a day. Prior to the update my battery lasted at least a full day…sometimes up to 2 days. Does anyone know if there is a way to re-install the update?

  • Ny chao

    After i updated my iphone to ios 6.0.1 as well with 6.0.0 it was very slowly to read the khmer font, that doesn’t has in it.

  • joe.ricolli

    battery, wifi and very very bad connection, here from portugal

  • WesHarrell

    6.0.1 really is doing a number on my iPad 2. I updated from 5-something to 6.0.0. I actually had a real great network speed+stability improvement… 2.5x faster than before. Now 6.0.1-Dead stalls with browser, literal stalls in operation… (Keyboard/sysstalled for 3-4 secs typing this…) and very atrocious batt life. While plugged into 2.1a supply (10w) my iPad 2 cannot even positively charge when doing something wi-if intensive (streaming,etc) and that’s with even all other apps off/shutdown, screen brightness minimized to the max, etc. it’s ridiculous. Only way to get iPad to charge up in normal time/speed anymore is to shut data off with airplane mode. Sure wish I could get back to 6.0.0. :(

  • MassiveMos

    Hi, since i updated my iPhone 4S to IOS 6.0.1, I had a wifi ship failure. It was changed on warranty. I’m Also disapointed Wotherspoon the battery life. I bearly manage to use it one day (18h)

  • janet

    battery life is short…. plus i cant use any aplication, messages propreply… because they shout down with black screen… i think about sale Iphone and get any adroid

  • Nuno Silva

    Just updated on 3GS… Basically with the Phone plugged in, if I use it, battery goes down!!!! :(

  • Kok Yong Chia

    updated 6.0.1 but BATTERY LIFE still the same. full charged 100% at 8pm, played facebook 20min, play some online game 30min, reach home 12am and I left 40% battery only. another issue is the SOUND problem, sometime out of sudden, can’t play any music, video and even incoming calls, SMS, testing ringtone on the settings, ALL NO SOUND! so disappointed with ios 6 now.

  • Heli

    I updated to ios 6.0.1 and since then I have noticed some issues..
    1) not able to switch off iphone. It would restart automatically on its own. While this doesnt sound such a big problem, i panicked a bit when I was flying and had to switch off while taking off/landing.
    2) once, my music app didnt show the volume slider button. I cleaned all the pin docks and headphone holes. Also I did all typer of reboot and restores. I could hear ringtones and alerts and also it played nicely when attached with headphones. The volume slider plainly disappers and it plays mute when I remove the headphones.

  • Teacher

    After updating to 6.0.1, sound no longer works on my 4s. My phone is still under warranty, so I will be making a trip to the nearest Apple Store 126 miles away. I had no problems with my 3 gs, but if this is any indication of Apple’s updates, I think my choice to delay the purchase of a computer and an iphone 5 is wise. If these issues aren’t resolved soon, Apple will lose me as a customer.

  • dave

    Since updating to ios 6.0.1 I have been unable to receive oictures via MMS. I had this problem previously, but 6.0 fixed it. I was very unhappy when 6.0.1 brought the problem back!

  • SCH

    battery life a big problem, if this continues will not be able to call it a mobile phone

  • Yosa

    After updating iOS6.0.1my ipad3 is not working properly im so sad, the home screen keeps freezing and goes blank for 2 minutes, how do i fix this

  • Scott1527

    My cellular service is almost non existant with this software. If I dont have at least 4 bars I have no data and cannot make calls. None of my apps will load unless im on WIFI or have full signal. Going to Apple tonight to see if they can downgrade my software…

  • Alex

    loved the 4s on 5.0.1 been hesitating to do the update. When i finally updated i lost everything my contacts my music my settings all of it. icloud nor itunes will allow me to use my restore point which i set up before the upgrade. I am extremely upset and will not advise apple products to anyone again. Screw you apple and youve succesfully screwed several customers by causing bugs as to force users to upgrade. I have no idea how to fix this hopefully one of you guys do. Oh yeah got battery issues as well with no background apps or anything running. Very pissed off 4s owner right now.

  • Anna

    i just updated my iphone to ios 6.0.1 and lost everthing, restored, but it blanked now it has to be set up as a new phone!! pissed off!

  • Momin Agha

    i just updated to latest ios and now i cant recieve any message