Skyrim Premium Edition minus DLC questions value

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2012

Many consumers have still not bought Skyrim yet, in the hope that Bethesda would release a GOTY edition before the end of the year, that would come included with the two DLC expansion packs, Dawnguard and Hearthfire that have already been released on some platforms.

However, that isn’t going to be the case though unfortunately. There will not be a Game of the Year Edition of Skyrim in 2011, but we can confirm that Bethesda are releasing a Premium Edition of the game instead. You may be surprised to hear though, that it doesn’t look like it will ship with any of the existing or new DLC packs.

As unveiled by Amazon, the Premium Edition is going to be available for all platforms, PS3 included, for 60 Euros and will release in the UK on December 7th. Bethesda has confirmed the existence of a Premium Edition, but for the moment they haven’t given a release date for when the Premium version will be out in the US and other regions.

So if you are not getting DLC with this, what are you getting and is it really worth the money? Bethesda are throwing in a t-shirt, a Skyrim map, a novel titled The Infernal City and no fewer than 6 postcards featuring official concept art from the game. If you opt for the PC version of the Premium Edition, you’ll get a 600 page ebook, some soundtrack music and background interviews on top as well.

It goes without saying that this is a further kick in the teeth for PS3 users who are still without any sign of getting their missing Dawnguard DLC content. Having said that, the whole value of the package remains up for debate, as really the majority of gamers will be wanting some sort of extra content to play at least.

Bethesda won’t be releasing their GOTY edition just yet, but when they do you can bet that it will come with all of the DLC released so far. Our guesses are that they have delayed the GOTY edition due to the ongoing PS3 DLC crisis, but still needed to put something out quickly to take advantage of the Christmas sales – hence the Premium Edition.

Will you be getting this, or are you waiting for the GOTY edition? We say save your money for the moment.

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  • ConcreteCube

    Do you remember the golden time when you got the whole game just by buying it? 😀
    How can it be that the immaterial version of game pays more than the physical one, Example Skyrim: in my corner grocery store 49.99€ and in x-box live 69.99€??? What th fk Microsoft? Gimme dem dlc:s as physical versions or cheap downloadable ones, NOT just over priced bytes.

  • Arthur Jorges OM

    I’ll only buy a full version, with dlc

  • I don’t understand why anyone would buy a “special edition” ANYTHING a whole year after the initial release… unless it comes bundled with DLC. They can’t seriously expect to make as much money off of this as if they had waited and put all this merch crap in a GOTY edition.

  • spiritreaver

    Personally i will be purchasing neither.

    I get from a marketing perspective why Bethesda is going to be releasing this product. But then common sense rears its ugly head and i’m forced to ask what the heck they are thinking?

    Base game, a T-shirt, a map, soundtrack, some commemorative postcards, and a book…really Bethesda? Aside from the book, soundtrack(which most die-hard Skyrim fans have already), and base game(which i doubt will have received any addition patches and is without DLC), the rest is something i could get my artisically inclined cousin to whip up for me in an afternoon’s time, for free.

    We’ve been talking about this on the Bethesda forums a bit now and the approximately $78 price tag is just not worth it. Most people who want Skyrim have a copy by now. I mean the game is a year old in a few days. And i doubt this bundle will coerce holdouts into buying now.

    As to the speculated GOTY version, that’s a ways off imo. And more to the point who would buy it? PC and Xbox 360 players have the base game and have had access to DLC for months. And PS3 players who have been strung along by Bethesda since 11/11/11 are definitely not going to run to the store and buy ANOTHER copy of the game just to get content Bethesda is either unwilling or incompetently unable to give access to atm.

    No, this premium edition and any forthcoming GOTY version are money-grabs that will cost Bethesda more to produce than they will likely bring in. Focusing on getting DLC to the PS3 and making sure the next DLC is ready for all three platforms simultaneously is what their efforts should be put toward.

  • Is the shirt full of bugs?

    • hahahaha So true

    • Ichibod

      GOLD! The sleeves will need about 7 patches.

    • Grease Me Up Woman

      Don’t worry just wait 6 months and they’ll “work on it”

  • You’re kidding me! I bet it is the PS3’s fault! Real gamers on XBOX 360 have to wait because that ridiculous console cannot run Skyrim! I’m still waiting for the GOTY. Silly Bethesda. So predictable! Why buy it now when the GOTY is always around the corner with their titles?

    • PS3 Supporter

      So real gamers should have to pay for everything on their console? Here is a breakdown for you:

      PS3 users pay $30 for the remote, Xbox users pays $45;

      PS3 users had wireless built in from the get-go, Xbox users didn’t have built in wireless until last year (the adapter was $80 in the beginning);

      PS3 console media holds 2 1/2 times more information than Xbox media does; PS3 users pay with actual money for the add-ons available, Xbox users have to go and buy a points card which has no actual monetary value outside of the Xbox Marketplace;

      PS3 users did not have to worry about the “red ring of death”, Xbox users did; Sony has not made any mass recalls of their consoles due to hardware issues, Xbox has;

      PS3 users did not have to buy a separate piece of hardware to play BluRays, Xbox sold the HD-DVD player separately;

      PS3 offered users 40 GB, 60 GB, and 80 GB hard drives in the beginning; Xbox users were offered 256 MB (that’s just on-board memory), 20 GB, and 60 GB in terms of memory.

      This can continue for quite some time more if I really wanted to look things up, but I think the point is there. Now I know two things that will be brought up in retort to this; the RAM issue on the PS3. As I understand it, the systems have the same amount of RAM but how they function is completely different. The second is the fact Bethesda has been known for this kind of crap since Oblivion was released on PS3. So, Benji, shut up. You apparently don’t know crap.

      As for this Skyrim Premium Edition thing, it is a joke in light of Bethesda’s track record. I hope sales on this thing is absolute garbage. They should be concentrating on releasing the DLC for PS3 before anything else…

      • lelouch

        Finally PS3 Supporter is right these X-Box members who come to these web sit to start a consoles war have no real life but to wast other people time. It sad they can says things that are not true and has no meaning to be on the web at all.

      • andy

        You are both blowing hot air. Benji much more than ps3 supporter, but you both still are. Xbox has problems, so does ps3. I own both. There isn’t a superior system. They are simply different. I find that ps3 is more well rounded, with more media connectivity, but games tend to run more smoothly on xbox. I don’t own any duplicates or I could be more definitive. DLC should be made available for ps3, probably at a discounted price. I own it on xbox and payed full price for all the add-ons( I’m sorry, but I did see this coming because Bethesda isn’t the most ps3 friendly company), but this is getting ridiculous and I know I would be fed up by now. If owners of the ps3 version get a discount I will respect Bethesda just a bit more. But I digress, both are great systems and people shouldn’t be fighting over their personal preferences.

      • Agreed with you my brother

  • Pretty Obscure

    A GOTY edition won’t be made until all of the DLC is released, that’s how it has always been.

  • Noillik Trebor

    Passing on this one, I don’t think it’s worth it without the dlc, even with all the extras which can all be gotten off the net for free, aside from the shirt. But I’m sure you can find the shirt pretty cheap on the net…

  • Raimo Kangasniemi

    Still waiting for GOTY edition and passing on this.

  • Zero Requiem XX

    Many players have already played this game through 20 times and sold it to their friend who has also no played it 20 times, Bethesda is being lazy to say the least if they arent going to release a dlc for the holidays