Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catalyst for growth with Note 3

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2012

Samsung has only just released their Galaxy Note 2 device, but we’re already seeing evidence that the company are looking to the future with another new Note device, which possibly could be a larger device between 6-8 inches or even early signs that work on the Galaxy Note 3 has already begun.

The Note 2 is now considered to be one of the best Android handsets available on the smartphone market, if not the best Android handset period. The Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3 now seem to be drifting away, with the focus having shifted to the Galaxy Note 2, with its huge 5.5-inch display which consumers seem to have no qualms about putting inside their pocket.

The latest whispers are suggesting that a new Note product has been discovered, identified in a recent DLNA certification listing as the GT-N5100 model. It’s worth mentioning that Samsung has used the GT-N tag at the start of both the Galaxy Note and Note 2 products, so it looks like the cat has been let out of the bag a little prematurely than what Samsung would have liked.

What kind of product are we looking at though? There is increased speculation that this is more likely to be an even larger version of the Galaxy Note 2, rather than a fully fledged next generation Note 3 already. Samsung will obviously have something new to show off at MWC 2013 though, so it is still very much up in their air as they’ve been known to unveil their big guns in the past at this annual event.

Are we ready for the Galaxy Note 3 so soon though? The Note 2 has some pretty amazing hardware specs as it is, although some recent spec rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has started to make us wonder what the Note 3 would be like with an OLED screen and edge to edge technology as well.

At the moment, the Note 2 is ideal at 5.5-inches in our opinion and there really is no need for another ‘in between’ tablet as the Nexus 7 is a great alternative Jelly Bean tablet for just $199. Hopefully we’ll hear some further details on the mystery GT-N5100 device soon, but in the meantime let us know what kind of upgrades you would like to see for the Galaxy Note 3.

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  • i posted something about the gn3 and gs4 please read ,, thanxs

  • Kostas

    Id like to see Galaxy Note 3 with 1.8 – 2.0 Quad CPU , 2 GB RAM , maybe 6″ Display NOT MORE, 12 MP or more camera , 5MP front camera,

  • Sukru

    Note II is really a good phone, but Samsung should come up with two things:

    1) a wireless headset: that is specially design for Note II. With long talk time, ability to call and answer without touching it. The big phone is weird next to my ears, but a specially design headset will stop me holding the big phone next to my face.

    2) a special case to cary the phone: something like a belt or I don’t know but it is a big phone. If there is a special case to cary the phone easily, than carrying the big phone won’t be an issue.

    Those are the features I am hopping to see.

  • Murnende

    I love the Note, but I won’t buy an Android device. I’d love to see Samsung offer up a Note-style device running Windows Phone 8; I’d be in line for that one.

  • Rick

    Why don’t they include the S-Pen in Galaxy S4 ? I’m looking forward to s4

  • Vadik Golovin

    I wish it was a cheaper, tablet-only version of Galaxy Note. Maybe with 3G/4G too, but not a phone. Anywhere between 5.5 and 7 inches would be great.

  • Nassir

    Samsung note 2 is a beast. I just got mine and it’s way better then phone5 in my opinion

  • john

    64gb minimum and twin micro SD slots….. No mucking about with 16gb models that’s 5 year old technology…

    • Vadik Golovin

      That may be not necessary. Samsung started making now 128Gb Nand chips for mobile use. It may as well put it in next Note.

  • Quryous

    If it isn’t at least 11″, preferably 13″ Note, with stylus and all the apps of Note 2, then No Sale.

  • sondun2001

    Wish the note 2 was higher res, but it is sufficient IMO, also wish it took more advantage of the screen space, instead of just enlarging everything.

  • Mike

    Samsung held back on the camera upgrade for GS3 and Note2, The new phone will have at least 12mp camera and 1080p screen.