Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users enticed with code

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 28, 2012

If you class yourself as an advanced Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user with coding skills, then you might want to get hands-on with the latest enticement from Samsung over on their open source website. Samsung had been expected to release source code for the Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular after the smartphone landed on these carriers, which is exactly what has happened.

Curious users can give it a go by playing with the kernel source and find the files needed at, although direct links to the different carrier variants can be found for US Cellular here, T-Mobile here, and of course everything you need for Sprint here. You can expect further code to arrive in the coming weeks once the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launches on the other networks, although you should always undertake any messing with code at your own risk.

We pointed out earlier on this week that the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 release date would land 3 weeks before Verizon Wireless, and it had been interesting how Samsung promoted the US Galaxy Note 2 as launching when in fact this had only been a pre-order, which some people found frustrating considering how long they’d waited already this year.

Has your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 order been placed, and do you dare to touch the source code? Feel free to hit the comments with the US network you prefer from all of those on offer, and also if you do play with the source code what do you like to achieve from this?

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  • Damon Aldora

    It’s a pretty good phone to begin with, so I may not mess with the code.
    I will be sticking with T-Mobile since they are the only one with an unlimited
    plan as useable internet speeds. In most cases, the 4G on my current phone than
    the LTE phone that one of my DISH coworkers has. We use the DISH Remote Access
    app on our phones to stream live and recorded shows through the Sling Adapter
    that we have on our home receivers. His phone buffers constantly, so it hardly
    seems worth paying extra for LTE. It will be nice being able to stream as much
    as I want without hitting a cap.

  • Ever see Apple or Microsoft doing such? Pity the thought. ..

  • What does this mean. Someone please explain what this a code…for what? I dont get it.

  • rjmg

    Im using it now… its great but I wont be messing with this one for quite a while… :))