Verizon’s Droid Bionic ICS update page confuses

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Verizon made things pretty clear last week when they announced that the Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update had started to roll out, although looking at the growing number of comments about the Droid Bionic ICS update shows a different story. It is fair to say that this might be a small number of people that are not receiving the new software yet, although taking the feedback we’ve received and adding it to the growing complaints in the official forums, then it seems that there are some issues with the staggered update.

Things become more confusing on Verizon’s website – we thought a quick check of the official system update page might be a good idea, and after looking we noticed Verizon still have “coming soon” next to the Droid Bionic ICS update. You can see a screenshot of this page below, which we took just moments ago and clearly shows that the update is not live. This might be a lack of Verizon updating the page, but we have to wonder when you take all the comments into account as well.

This page also has a couple of links to the benefits of installing the Ice Cream Sandwich update on your Droid Bionic, and some tips on how to do that. We’ve included an image below that shows the main features of the Droid Bionic ICS update; so feel free to take a look if you need a refresh.

We would still love to know if you’ve managed to get the software update, and if so what location you’re in? If we find out any more details from Verizon on their Droid Bionic ICS update schedule, then we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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  • joannabear

    Nothing is southern California

  • glauco

    Still waiting in new Jersey!

  • jay

    Nothing in Texas

  • Ken

    Nothing in NC although location might not be a good indicator of rollout. I believe for an update with a file size > 350M Vz would update customers based the phone’s internal hardware to provide a more random and uniform distribution across the entire domain of customers.

  • Steve

    Nothing in Phoenix

  • mikena

    Still waiting in Florida … boooooo

  • bc767

    Not a surprise at all considering everything that has gone on with this update….Meanwhile shopping for another phone….

  • brian

    Still waiting in Sacramento.. verizon tells me its on google to send it out and Motorola tells me that ics hasnt been released

    • Ken

      That is pretty funny.

  • bill w

    LMFAO again bull crap. verizon and motorola are still junk dealers. yea right for the open communication and transparency. almost fell for it but they both have proven they have not changed at all. cant wait for my nexus.

  • mike

    still waiting in Washington

  • john sandoval

    I just talked to a verizon representative and they told me the roll out started on the 19th.
    they also let me know that the roll out would be in stages, starting on the west cost. I asked when it would reach the Chicago area(thats where I’m from). They told me that it could take up to a week for it to reach the east cost. I was then told to be patient and wait…. yeah “BE PATIENT AND WAIT!!!” I about lost it. I had to hang up on the representative before I said something I would regret.

  • thelemurman

    Nothing in Oklahoma

  • Ben

    Nothing here, Ohio

  • thelemurman

    Has ANYONE gotten the update???

    • john sandoval

      i have heard of some people getting it but its only been a handfull.

      • thelemurman

        I havent in Oklahoma yet.

  • JayDee

    Got 4.0.4 in Gunnison, Colorado.

    • thelemurman

      Awesome!! Now i know that it is happening.

      • thelemurman

        What time today?

  • Mark

    Nothing in New Jersey. My wife has had hers since the day it came out and mine I got in March. Nothing for either of us!!! I just want the update

  • Dom

    Nothing in Albuquerque, New Mexico yet. When I got my updates (4.0.4 and 4.1.1) for my Galaxy Nexus on my other line, I noticed that the support page still indicated “Coming Soon” even though I clearly had them downloaded and installed. I presume Verizon keeps it this way until every wave receives the update that way there are no disputes.

  • Nate

    I got it Friday afternoon. I’m in central MA.

  • bob just bob

    Class action lawsuit anyone?!?!

    • Ken

      On what grounds?

  • bvyork

    Still awaiting the update in Tennessee

  • Johnny Pea

    NYC No update yet. read on an alternate site users in Southeast area got update OTA on Fri and Sat

  • Ken

    Based on the various location responses from around the different forums, it seems as if my contention that the update is being dropped on more or less random fashion rather than by region. For example, a user in VA posted the he received the update about an hour ago. In NC, I have nothing. I think that the update is live but Vz is dropping it in batches so that the network does not crash.

    • thelemurman

      It would seem so. Im in Oklahoma with no sign of the update

  • Ken

    Nothing in Idaho

  • skeletor86

    Still not here in Colorado

  • Disappointed in Missouri

    My wife got it a couple of days ago. I called Verizon today to find out why I haven’t gotten it. They told me that it appeared my phone had a partial ICS loaded already even though it says Android 2.4.3. Then they told me I didn’t have automatic updates feature activated. They activated it and I rebooted. Its been hours and still no update. We are in southwest Missouri.

  • john sandoval

    it seem more of a soak test than an actual roll out.

  • akrout

    Nothing in York, Pa

  • Clint Scott

    Nothing in Sacramento.

  • Stephen Smith

    Nope in Idaho and I’m not too far from the West coast if there’s truth to the roll out plan,

  • Jason Blair

    Nothing in Connecticut

  • Mattthew Kortenhoven

    i think verizon is just buying time – does any one with a bionic have a friend with a bionic that has actuallyy received the update?? didn’t think so.

  • Glen

    I was excited to get the update on the 19th and kept trying to manually update the phone…for 3 days now. It’s maddening. The update supposedly rolled out on the 19th…yet I don’t know a soul that has received it. In fact even on random forums you hear very few people that say they got it…few enough that you wonder if they actually did receive the update.

    I agree that it seems very unlikely that the update would follow some geological priority. it makes no sense to do so. And everyone knows how notoriously misinformed, if not flat out clueless, most (not all) of the Verizon employees are with regards to this update. Most don’t care and there’s really no money in it for them whether they have an asnswer or not. I’ve read more credible and reliable information on forums than I ever got from some Verizon customer service rep.

    It’s flat-out poor customer service for Verizon to come out of the gates yelling from the mountain tops, “it’s here! It’s here! The wait is over!” And then have an anticlimactic simmering resentment originate in the forums…yet again.

    Ah well. I have the Bionic. I bought it the very day it came out. I convinced a friend that this would be the flagship Verizon phone and is his best bet for an upgrade. I hate to admit it, but once my term with the Bionic is over I’m going right to Samsung. Motorolla’s legacy within the confines of customer support in it’s mobile phone area is abysmal. It’s a textbook study on how to lose customers. Empty promises,. a lack of credible reasons as to why these promises have not been met, and a sort of cavalier attitude towards the complaints mixed in with a healthy dose of indifference.

    The new head honcho admitting Motorolla has mishandled the Bionic was good…but without any action to remedy the solution…well talk is cheap. Real cheap. An apology is only as good as the corrective actions to remedy the solution. Otherwise it’s an empty apology…much like an empty promise.

    I have made an informed and intelligent decision to abandon Motorolla as my phone maker of choice. Until the Bionic I strictly bought Motorolla. But nothing they can do at this point will fix the problem. I don’t want an apology or a sub-par 100.00 rebate…I want the last 6 months back. At this point Motorolla has zero credibility for me. They don’t give out trophies for finishing in last place. …The ICS update, whenever it comes, will be too little too late.

    Samsung and Apple’s best advertisement is Motorolla’s highly public failure and shortcomings with support for their phones.

    • Rococo

      Right there with ya. Switched my wife’s droid to an S3 and she’s happy again. Now I can’t wait to unload the Bionic. I’m guessing Google will have KLP announced before the Bionic upgrade is ready… and will the radio issues be fixed?

    • SirDigbyChknCzr

      19th was ONLY for Soak Testers. General rollout started yesterday evening. Again, this is a massive misrepresentation by media not doing their research properly (surprise!)

      • 9024Steven

        Motorola’s own public forum differs from what the official “soak tester” email indicated. They began getting reports from non-soak testers receiving the update OTA on the 19th and even put up a couple of threads asking for people to post issues and another to post their impressions of the new OS.

  • Mike Poe

    I am in the southeast and I haven’t gotten anything. I read on another forum that the update push was based on ESN and not location, but I don’t have any inside information to suggest that that was correct.

  • Eddie J Camacho

    So pissed nothing in upstate NY

  • Julius

    Im still waiting for the update to hit the Bay Area. -.-

  • JesusG90

    No update yet here in CA.. Giving it until Friday to start getting upset. Lol

  • Joe Wright

    It went out to people that are part of the Motorola Feedback Network on Friday and Motorola sent an email to those people on Sunday asking for feedback. Should be out for the masses by this weekend.

  • Manuel

    Still waiting here in Northern Cali.

  • RJClarke

    I called verizon today and they redirected me to Motorola’s customer service… Motorola tells me that ICS is still in the soak test phase and has NOT been released yet. Someone needs to get their ducks in a row and let us Bionic users know whats going on…

    • RJClarke

      Motorola said the soak test was deployed on the 19th and that the official release would be at least onother week or so!

  • jxjcj

    umm nothing in san fran

  • JR

    this was what i was just told by a Motorola tech in live chat support
    10/19/12, Motorola and Verizon will be conducting a user trial for the
    Droid Bionic MR4+ICS software upgrade. During this time, a restricted
    amount of users will receive the download via a Motorola-initiated
    notification. Once this testing phase is complete, the update will be
    pushed out by Motorola in batches to all users over a 5-7 day time

    • frankiefish

      Question is, how long is the test period and when does that 5-7 days begin?

  • ANC

    Like every other update for Verizon Android phones, they roll out in groups to prevent their servers from turning into a black goo. Did everyone forget that? Not everyone is going to get it at once. It was like this for the last Bionic update as well, and it happened for the OG Droid as well. It’ll probably take a week or two before everyone gets it. I want it bad, too, but the fact that it’s rolling out is reassuring enough to make me a little more patient.

    • JesusG90

      Exactly.. I’ve been waiting over a year, 1-2 weeks is nothing! Haha

  • eg

    Oregon and nothing still waiting impatiently

  • david

    Nothing in seattle

  • Frankiefish

    Nothing yet in detroit either

  • kt

    NO Luck in Georgia! !

  • Bionic Man

    ICS in the 317. Webtop working great. Car dock working.Loving it.

  • dp5

    I got my update in NYC I still haven’t been able to uplaod my emails wen I click on the app…I’m having issues listening to music on my car thru Bluetooth…it keeps freezing…wen I first start the browser there is a 2-5 sec delay…many apps have 2-5 delay

    • dp5

      Battery dies extremely fast on 4g

    • donnieboy

      I’m in NYC and didnt get it yet. When did you get it?

    • JD

      is your device registered with Motorola? if so did they email you first or did you just get the update OTA you have a 917#?

  • Leonard

    Still waiting in Alabama…can’t wait to upgrade in June!

    • 9024Steven

      I’m already eligible for a phone upgrade but tried a leaked version of ICS a couple of months ago and loved it so much, I decided it was worth the wait. I got my update in the wee morning hours so now have the official version, which I’m waiting for the phone to settle in before I declare it to be equal to or better than the leaked version I had been running.

      New phones coming out, or at least known at this time, don’t excite me enough to make me get rid of my Bionic. Who knows by June what will be out, but I think you’ll be surprised at how much this OS upgrade changes our Bionics for the better. You may actually want to keep it, lol!

  • figjam

    No luck here in atlanta. I bought it the day it came out as well so im not sure what logic they are using to roll it out. I feel like I’ve been rick rolled.

  • Chris

    Nothing in New Orleans!!! I’ve checked youtube and no one has posted any videos of their bionic with the update. You think ONE person would be excited enough to post one

  • FelbD

    Nothing in Denver Colorado! Pissed!

  • matt

    Nothing in Mississippi

  • Lastexit

    Nothing in Philly ! Way to treat your customers right Verizon ! Yet again thanks for nothing. I’m glad you pushed the update out to 2 users and screwed the rest of us.

  • Bob

    I was in the soak test. Works great butway too long to wait for my phone to work this well. Verizon and Motorola owe us for all the months of terrible service. In Michigan by the way.

  • mikey

    Nothing in central new jersey

  • summer

    Nothing here ft worth tx

  • googalabosh

    No update. Just checked. Colorado Springs.

  • bruce

    Nothing in Ohio. S3 here we come

  • Dave

    Upstate New York. No update at this time (Monday Oct 22, 10:47 PM

  • 9024Steven

    I’m still waiting here in Jersey but know several users who are not part of the non-public soak test who HAVE gotten it. On Motorola’s Bionic forum they’ve set up a couple of threads asking for both feedback on ICS and benchmark test results. It IS happening! Can’t understand those on here saying it isn’t as a little reasearch proves otherwise. Also, Motorola has never said they roll these updates in a region, rather, it’s done by ESN numbers active on Verizon’s network from what I’ve been able to ascertain.

    • 9024Steven

      Finally got it about 6 hours ago. Took about 45 minutes to install and has been settling in since then without issues. Solid data, smooth actions, etc. Can’t see a difference between this .246 version and the leaked .232 version I had been running but I’ll continue to explore.

  • jj

    I will not be buying another Motorola phone. Tired of the BS. I’d leave Verizon also, but all the carriers are the same: No customer service. They only want you under contract so they can over charge you.

    • 9024Steven

      And don’t forget that Verizon has the best 4G network – so even if you leave Moto, you’d be downgrading if you went to another carrier, IMO.

  • Mike P

    Long Island, 516 #, NO UPDATE, purchased droid Sept 2011, phone not registered on moto website

    • 9024Steven

      If your phone is activated on the Verizon network, your phone’s ESN is registered with Verizon. The updates can’t possibly be pushed out to every phone at the same time, they are being done in phases and as I’ve been told, by ESN”s currently registered on the Verizon network.

  • Angel

    Nothing in Boston!

  • Hawksfire

    Nothing in Denver, CO :(
    Bought it the day it was released over a year ago and signed up for the Motorola Feedback Network about 2 weeks ago.

    • Hawksfire

      Just got it!!! Downloading now.
      Apparently complaining on here worked :)

  • Justin W

    I have it, but I am involved in the soak test. It hasn’t been released to the public yet, but should begin an official rollout within the next week. No major issues have been found yet, so I see no reason it won’t begin as scheduled.

    • 9024Steven

      It IS being released to the public so I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from. I’ve been in previous soak tests as well, but this time was not and I and the many others who stated the same above have gotten theirs. So, caution on proclaiming it isn’t available to the public before you post without doing a little reading (see the many posts above) or Internet searching. Even Motorola’s own forums said the public roll out would begin on the 19th.

      • Justin W

        Is being released to the public as of your post, but not mine. I got that directly from the private forums we used, thanks. The public rollout did not begin until today, but the soak began on the 19th. You may want to caution yourself on proclaiming you know whats going on in the future.

        • 9024Steven

          Justin, so much confusion caused by the continued lack of communication from V and M, it’s impossible to know when the “public” OTA began. There were many on Motorola’s Bionic forum who received the udate OTA beginning on Friday who did not take part or were not invited to the soak test, I guess we could onky debate this to a draw.

          Either way, its happening and people now know. I felt dissed that I didn’t get picked to soak but followed Motorola’s site which made it appear as though the roll out began well ahead of your post. Further to that point, they were asking for feedback PUBLICY about ICS days ahead of your post so I’ll defer my fact checking to the usual poor communication from both Motorola and Verizon .

  • Bentley

    In KC. Still no update. Pissed and disappointed with Verizon and Motorola..

  • Matt Schrader

    Dowloading ics right now. 12:15 am. Grand Rapids, MI

  • JR

    just got the update……its there go grab it…. upstate ny

  • techie

    Downloading ICS right now on my droid bionic Seattle, not part of soak test. So stoked!

  • Ken Davis

    Downloading in NC now.

  • anonymous Bionic

    Just got it – SLC, UT

  • therobert

    Just started the download here in Sacramento area. Been checking all day, and boom there it was.

  • craig

    Jusr checked for an update in Indiana at12:15 am. To my amazement ics was available. Downloading now.

  • JesusG90

    I just randomly checked for an update and got it! Everyone should check! I’m in Southern California it’s 930 p.m

  • Tetons

    Atlanta Ga…bought phone in April. Went ahead and wiped cache .. And heard about FDR…. Phone rebooted…I set it back up and then did the system update which I have been doing since Oct 19. And low and behold there ICS 246 is … She’s a downloading .. Punit Soni..he kept his word…and possible news of JB even better. Hasn’t all been MOTO IMHO time to enjoy new phone. Not sure if doing FDR prior had anything to do with it but my purchase date not long ago.

    • 9024Steven

      FYI for those that don’t know, doing a full data reset erases your phone so if you haven’t done a full backup, you’ll lose your data.

      Tetons, there have been a few reports that an FDR has allowed some to get the update however, not enough evidence to recommend doing one. I used a leaked version of ICS for months, one of the older ones so I could get back on the Moto-Verizon update path by being able to go back to GB. I went back to GB over a week ago and started to get nervous that I wasn’t “in the path” so considered doing an FDR. But happy days, got my update during the wee hours of the morning and it took mine about 45 minutes with no loss of data or applications.

  • Mimatt

    WOO-HOO!!! Not in soak test, and ICS is currently downloading to my phone.

  • Ken

    Downloading from NC now. I was NOT in the soak teat

    • tbuck

      im in nc too. mine says an update is currently being downloaded. has shown it for around 20 mins. is this normal? turned phone on and off two times by taking out the battery

  • cmg

    Downloading now!

  • Kc

    I just got it. Downloading now. Central CA

  • Matt Schrader

    Downlaoded twice now with the update failing then rebooting..

  • Robert

    ICS downloading here on the east coast in PA.

  • thomas

    9:45 pm pacific time I am just now receiving the ics update via wifi-Reno, Nevada

  • Josh

    Downloading ICS here in Phx AZ… not a soak tester

  • Kyle J

    Been obsessively trying to do the manual update since Saturday. While writing a legal memo, I realized I hadn’t tried in about an hour (usually has been an average of 10 minute intervals of checking). I decided I would try one more time for the night, and wa la!! It’s downloading on my phone as we speak.

    Southeast South Dakota here!

  • tbuck

    says an update is currently being downloaded. has shown it for around 20 mins. is this normal? turned phone on and off two times by taking out the battery

    • 9024Steven

      Don’t interrupt the update by pulling the battery! The worst thing you could do. Research a little – updates for ICS take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple of hours. By disrupting the process while it’s going on could corrupt the data and brick your phone.

  • kt

    In florida and just got it

  • John

    I live in Arvada, CO, and I have checking for the update on my Bionic fairly often since the 19th with no avail, BUT as of about 10:45 PM Mountain time, I FINALLY got the confirmation that the update was available, so I am currently in the process of downloading the ICS update.

    Not sure how the roll-out of ICS or any other update works, but It makes sense to me that it may be just coming out in spurts as to ease traffic on servers, much like others have said. Give it time and keep checking periodically and it should eventually become available.


    • tbuck

      my update is taking forever. it says its been currently downloading for 25 mins or so. is that normal?

      • John

        I’ll be honest in saying that I’m not entirely sure, but I would suggest to just let the phone do it’s thing, since it is a rather big update from what I gather (368MB). May also depend on whether you are on 3G/4G or Wifi, signal strengh for either one, the amount of people currently downloading the update from Verizon’s servers, and/or other factors.

        Hang in there, and hopefully it won’t take too much longer…Ben waiting a little while myself.

        • tbuck

          i let it do its thing all night and has yet to download it. it says downloading updates at 0% :(

      • John


      • 9024Steven

        An hour seems to be the average. It took mine 45 minutes, others over 2 hours. It’s over 385MB so it’s a large download and a lot has to happen for the upgrade to install. Just be patient.

    • 9024Steven

      As has been said on here and all over the Android forums, the roll out isn’t by region or state or city, it’s by groups of ESN’s (our phone’s unique identifier) so as to not flood the download servers or a particular area’s network.

  • HalfBrian

    Just got it here in Sacramento, California. I doubt that location would matter though, it’d be better for the network to roll it out in phases to a select number of people in each locality to balance the capacity. Just hang in there my fellow Bionic-ers!

    P.S. I manually checked for an update through the settings menu (and have been for a while). It finally went through!

  • Tehhund

    Got my update notification, downloading now. Ohio. I was never contacted about the soak test, so I guess this is the real deal.

  • gray

    I am downloading the update as we speak. I got my phone beginning of october last year. In Arkansas

  • MH34

    Been checking manually since Friday and finally got it around 11pm EST. Savannah, GA

  • Kc

    Downloaded with no problems. Very nice!

  • At

    Mine (finally) started downloading in Kentucky

  • Reggie

    Got the ICS update….Oceanside, Ca

  • Mark

    Finally got it. Being downloaded as we speak. Youngstown Ohio

  • JVC

    Just manually checked updates and it was there. Chicago, Illinois

  • jonski

    Indiana-got update about 7 hours ago.

  • thelemurman

    Just got it in oklahoma!!

  • cjinscore

    NC, Mine is saying check for update is unavailable…so can’t even check to see if I have it…

    • Nikki

      Mine says the same thing. Unavailable to check for updates…wth!

    • Droid-NC

      That’s what mine said. I just kept rechecking (6-7 times) and it finally “clicked.”

  • jay

    I finally got the update last night…San Antonio, TX

  • Robert Lewis

    Downloading it now Upstate NY

  • Droid-NC

    Downloading now in western North Carolina. I had to retry checking for updates several times before it would even check, then it appeared.

  • Allison

    I got mine this morning in VA, but my boss did not get her update yet.

  • B

    Received ics this morning at 450am i just check for manual update and it was there i just noticed that there is some lag when texting online. 4g has not dropped though.

    • B

      Im in grand rapids michigan

  • Shepard

    Got it last night at 2:30 am. A lot faster and a crisp tight look. I to was hitting update like crazy and stopped last afternoon because I was getting crazed. Worth the wait! North Carolina

  • shunk1

    Just got the 4.0 update. Eastcoast – Hartford, CT!

  • Bill Wilson

    Awoke this morning to see a message on my phone, update is available do you want to install it now? Philadelphia PA

  • iambe

    Got it this morning – Los Angeles. The lock screen icons don’t show up until you touch the lock. I haven’t played with it much yet.

  • Vanessa!

    I think it’s hilarious that I’m in Alabama and got it over a day ago and people in much bigger cities are just now getting it.

  • Aron

    I have been manually checking over the last several days and I just got the option to download today. I selected the download option 2 hours ago and my phone hasn’t done anything yet. Very weird….

  • Michael Ghan

    This update is TERRIBLE. Every time I try to start my phone, the apps are being loaded and my phone seems to be okay. But after a minute or two, everything freezes suddenly. I can’t turn off my phone nor turn it on, I can’t go home, can’t do anything except remove my battery. But that doesn’t do anything; I still turn my phone back on to face the same thing.

    On top of that, the option to switch from 4G to 3G is no longer available. My issue with 4G is that it’s much less reliable than 3G and keeps turning on and off. It forces me to connect to a wifi connection and limits mobile usability.

    If you receive a notice to update your software, I HIGHLY recommend against it. It’s going to do nothing but complicate your life.

    • Michael Ghan

      Oh hey, it’s doing something new…. it’s randomly deciding to reboot. Lovely.

    • 9024Steven

      Huh? You have one phone and one bad experience and you HIGHLY recommend against the rest of the Bionic owners rejecting the update? I’ve been using unsanctioned ICS for months on my over 1 year old Bionic and loved it. A week ago, when rumors seemed sound enough to believe, I went back to Ginger Bread so I could get on the over-the-air path and get the sanctioned release. I’ve chewed all my nails off trying to be patient with the data drop issues I had on GB. I got the ICS update OTA early and not a single data drop yet.

      I don’t think it wise or good advice to tell everyone that because you had an issue, that BTW may be related to the types of apps you have, to not do the update. The numbers don’t support your argument if you were to do a little Internet research.

    • Leilalani

      Mine has been that like for months already. I wad hoping this update would fix those problems. Sigh.

  • chuck

    Mine automatically downloaded sometime before 6:00 AM this morning, asked if I wanted to install. In Chicago, not part of soak test. Installed and working great. Very smooth.

  • Lauren

    Neptune, NJ — mine started downloading around 10:30 this morning. It said it was downloading (but didn’t do ANYTHING) and about 30 min after that it said “download suspended, will resume shortly.” it’s been like that for over 90 minutes now, no progress – as it keeps draining my battery!! (it also doesn’t help that when my screen “goes to sleep” i lose my 4G AND wifi connectivity … this is going to take FOREVER). ADVICE??

  • thedocofroc

    Nothing in detroit

  • MNSk8r

    I got my update to ICS 4.0.4 on Friday, Oct 19 @ 6:15am.

  • Thom

    I am getting the update right now. (Phoenix, AZ area) I did sign up for the Motorola Feedback Network last night–dunno if it had anything to do with that.

  • bummer13

    Updated last night (western Chicago suburb area) with full effects viewed this morning upon waking up. Menu is quite different to get used to, but once accustomed, it is quite awesome.

  • michelle

    Just got it in East Lansing, Michigan early this morning

  • ScottB

    Got it last night around 9pm. San Jose. Took its sweet time updating the media database, Went to sleep; when I woke up, it was done. I’ve been playing with it throughout the day. It’s pretty sweet. Also, I have the lapdock, so I am enjoying the tablet experience through that.

  • Lauren

    the update just finished on my device about an hour ago …. took ALL DAY to complete but it’s finally done … and actually pretty neat! the layout is a nice refresher from the older version (jellybean i believe?). the new lock screen is much better too. no glitches yet … having a slight problem with 4G connectivity; automatically connects to 3G first ..

  • roger

    ICS delivered today- seems stable and all apps work fine. The best thing is they’ve fixed the network problems. I live in a marginal coverage rural area.
    Constantly had drop in LTE and wouldn’t revert to
    3G. Now have steady 4G. Data link is reliable.
    ICS is great!

  • Chrome

    I received my update yesterday morning (10/23; Rochester NY). It took sometime to download and install but it was worth it. It is like having a brand new phone.

  • Leilalani

    Received and downloaded the update yesterday but it won’t install on my bionic. I’ve made four attempts. :(
    - Hawaii

  • NYC

    Got it this morning! NYC

  • Derrick Teague

    I just got it..Hartselle, Alabama But I’m having trouble getting a signal now

  • Spyder

    Not a Damn Thing, Cincinnati OH

  • Kathy

    Received mine last night. Took awhile and my phone got REALLY hot to the touch. Even after the phones initial restart some things not working so re-booted and all is well. LOVE it!

  • JoeBob

    What goods an update that won’t install

  • Don

    Got Mine on the 21st. Took all night to load, and finished the next day. didn’t know iit was going to take that long.Like the features, although I was just getting really comfortable with my old setup. Hope it helps the phone work better. Am in the 61455 zip code area.

  • Judy K Alberts-Ferguson

    just got it today. nebraska

  • Robert

    Got it yesterday morning at 7am in North Carolina

  • a1

    Downloading now… North Carolina.

  • DHarris

    I received the update and it has changed the way I look at my device. I thought it was pretty much useless until I got the upgrade. It also fixed my issue with the inconsistent data connectivity.

  • bullydogger

    As excited as I was for the upgrade its been nothing but a nightmare. It made the phone sluggish as hell, most functions didn’t work properly, had major problems with my SPB launcher etc required factory resetting of the phone, still not 100% might have to get rid of the launcher all together. Sluggishness is still an issue. Some of the apps don’t work right. Although, I have to say, that the 4G signal strength and 3G/4G switching has immensely improved