Droid Bionic ICS update frustrates

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The last 24 hours couldn’t have been more frustrating for users waiting for the Motorola Droid Bionic ICS update to roll out, and this is without even considering that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is still promised for the future, although it had been released by Google months ago. Verizon and Motorola are working together to make sure users receive the Droid Bionic ICS update and announced that the new software is landing on devices, but as with all of these updates it’s in stages.

It seems that the majority of users haven’t seen any sign of the 368MB Droid Bionic ICS update, which has led thousands of users to take to forums with complaints. The frustration has included venting their opinions on how cellular companies “hold users hostage” with this “cycle” of delays and frustration. It is fair to say some people that claim they’re “done with Motorola” are just venting steam thanks to being not the first few to receive the latest upgrade, although it is true that this problem is one affecting Android updates on numerous handsets.

You can check to see if you have the Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update manually, which involves browsing to settings and looking at the about screen. Here you will find a tab that states “system updates” and then allows you to check for a download, so feel free to try that as well and let us know if you have the ICS update in the comments.

The love and hate relationship with Google Android and phone makers – we’ve seen it with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and waiting for Jelly Bean to arrive, and now users are shouting similar complaints about the wait for the Droid Bionic ICS update and Motorola. The problem lies with Android rolling out to brands like Samsung and Motorola, and after they add their extras it could be many months down the line, which results in untimely updates. These same users could never imagine moving to Apple thanks to the constraints and control Apple has over their OS, so it certainly seems a never-ending cycle filled with frustration for the smartphone user.

Do you feel certain phone makers are better than others at releasing Android updates, and if so what is your favorite right now? It is worth noting that we’ve been contacted by a growing number of people that have the Droid Bionic ICS update, although an equal number also state that they’ve seen nothing yet. Do you have the Droid Bionic ICS update installed, and if so what part of the world are you in?

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  • JM

    I totally agree! I have been checking the whole 24 hours… no sign of ICS update yet. I have been meaning to exchange this phone… because it has been torture ever since 5.6 something update from verizon came out. I hope this update will fix all those bugs. But not really worth the wait… because this device really didn’t get the pampering as Motorola did to its other devices. This device is not even included in the trade-up for a new Motorola smartphone.

    • http://twitter.com/markreif Mark Reifenberg

      Hudson Valley – Nothing yet

  • happyagainwithmoto

    I have received my ics update on the 19th! I’m so happy with it!
    No dropped 4g connection and everything is speedy to the touch!
    But let me inform everyone that you may experience your bionic heating up
    and short battery life.. I’m just figuring out smart action to keep phone from
    Heating up!. Life good everyone, My suggestion to those people who haven’t
    received it yet is to shut off your phone turn it back on and go to setting and check your update! I love my DROID bionic!

    • http://twitter.com/Fritzy83 Fritzen

      Where are you?

      • Adler

        Montgomery AL

    • Daniel Rudolph

      Where are the people wo received the update already?

    • Lester

      I updated mine this morning, and it feels like it is going to melt now it is so damned hot. My battery life is now non existent with an extended battery! How are you dealing with the heat issue?

  • icsfeedbacktester

    I have ICS now on my Bioniv and let me tell you – this turns this phone into what it was supposed to be from the start. Solid 4g connection now too!

    • Daniel Rudolph

      Which state are u in? Cause i never received my update in maryland.

  • Still Waiting

    Still Waiting in Upstate NY. Very upsetting and disappointing at this time. Maybe next time they should announce a “roll-out” schedule.

  • jess

    Still waiting down Georgia .. this is gay. It wouldn’t look so bad if Motorola haven’t promised us the update for several months .. and now the say it is out and a huge majority of us still haven’t got the update. Motorola this best not happen again or im gone

    • JGandy

      I agree. Extremely homosexual of VZW and Motorola to keep us waiting like this.

  • No ICS

    Still waiting in York,PA.

  • Jeff

    No ICS, from this former Motorola fan, located in Milwaukee. Have been checking for the manual update since this roll out was announced. The taking forever update made this user buy a Nexus 7 so I could experience Jelly Bean, without the bloat ware junking up the Android OS. My next phone will most likely be a Nexus phone. A year for an update is pure BS.

  • Leon

    Still waiting in the maldives.cant wait for jellybean after ICS.

  • Davon

    Im in sacramento California and no ics for me yet

    • 9024Steven

      Why is everyone mentioning where they are – the update isn’t by region, it’s based on phones registered on Verizon’s network and known to be in operation and rolled to them in groups, not by where they are – they can’t roll it out to all Bionic’s at the same time or they’d crash their distribution servers the way Apple did with iOS6. Please people, just be a little patient, THE ROLL OUT IS HAPPENING, and it’s not a soak test and it is official and the Bionic will get JB. Sheesh, do a little research before getting on forums and whining you haven’t gotten it yet. If you did your won research, you could have been running a leaked version of ICS months ago like I was!

  • Donnie

    Not here in NYC yet. I hope this comes out soon. Why do they role it out in stages? Doed anyone know?

  • http://twitter.com/unclpierre jerry shea

    sitll waiting in MA, if this doesn’t make significant changes/corrections i’m gone motorolla. Waited to do my upgrade for this and get treated like crap both from Verizon and Motorolla.

  • tony

    Nothing yet in Omaha Nebraska.

  • dumbfounded

    No relief in New England.

  • http://twitter.com/Fritzy83 Fritzen

    Still waiting… central Florida

  • Noe

    Still waiting here in Wa.

  • swanmxracer

    Still waiting in Texas

    • swanmxracer

      And still no update today. Maybe there is no update?

  • js

    Still waiting in North Carolina

  • Russ

    Nothing in Michigan… This is such a joke… This ics better be remarkable

  • Kevin

    Still waiting in oklahoma also

  • bionic ms

    Got it on the 19th.

    • Spear_Fish

      Are you part of the soak test program?

    • matt

      Where at in ms

  • Boinie

    I have a the Droid Bionic. No update yet. Why does it take so long. It took God 6 days to build the world.

    • silverfox

      That’s because God didn’t have to go through Verizon first for approval.

  • Eric

    I went back down to system 905 and have been waitinf all weekend. This blows. In in San Bernardino, ca.

  • Tammy

    No update here in Central Maine!

  • Colton

    No update in Indiana……

  • Kelsey

    Still waiting in western pennsylvania

  • Oswaldo Vidal

    No update in NJ and ive been trying manual update search almost every hour

  • Anonymous

    It’s still in the soak test phase. It should roll out in a few days. Usually should be a Monday. I received it as I signed up for the Motorola feedback network.

    • Daniel Rudolph

      Tell me when it should hit maryland. Do u have any idea?

  • wez

    Nothing in Missouri… verizon you stuck!

  • bye bye Motorola

    Still waiting and pissed off in Virginia

  • cdox02

    nothing in SW MO. I check every hour.

  • Koob

    Still lacking in Louisiana.

  • Ternie

    Been checking every few hours for a manual update since Friday but nothing yet. Seriously, why even announce the release when you can expect backlash when your users still aren’t getting it.

  • b0517

    Nope not just venting … this will be my last Verizon /Motorola phone.

    • Bobwalski

      I hear ya, but I feel like this is a Verizon issue moreso than Moto (not that the don’t have their issues too). Unfortunately, I don’t have any other reliable cell service in my area.

  • rediculous

    Still without the update in north jersey. Have restartd the phone and checked manually. Ive been waiting for to damn long. Never going back to moto bc of this. Cant wait for a samsung.

  • iceman

    I’ve had ICS since the 19th, and received the soak test for Jelly Bean a few hours ago. Said nobody, ever..

    • lzbanks

      That’s a good one!

  • Frustrated_bIONIC_oWNER

    No ICS and I’m frustrated. I have this phone for a year with nothing but 4G connections issues. I have to remove the battery at least once a week to reset my Bionic to get connected. I manually check for ICS updates several times a day and live in Mass. Based on this continuous delay I will probably buy a different supplier phone and change my carrier when my contract is up. Verizon and Motorola are at fault for this delay.

    • soaker

      Its still being tested, please be patient

  • Steve

    Still waiting – North Georgia

  • Phil

    No OTA update yet in central Alabama

  • Deveureax

    Still waiting in south texas

    • Robert

      Yea me too still nothing supposably my deviceit up to date

  • ThinkingaboutgoingtoApple

    No updates in Virginia Beach, Va yet. I’ve check your comments so far. No updates are coming in from all over. Where exactly did Verizon/Motorola start this “update” releases, the moon?

  • Scott Serbin

    No offense, but ICS is still in soak test. If blogs like this one would stop misreporting that it’s in release, maybe already annoyed Bionic owners would have more realistic expectations about when their OTAs are coming.

    • Adler

      Scott is right. ICS is stilling the soak test. when ICS is released to the general public it may well be different from ICS 246. ICS 247 has lalready been leaked. It supposedly is designed for a future easy jelly bean update. But that is just rumor. I believe that anybody can become a soak tester by joining the Motorola Bionic user forums and applying. Applying does not mean automatic acceptance.

    • jemerson

      Not in soak. I got it on the 19th. I also got my droid the first day it was sold. Upgrades arent done by state…phone is like a new one now. No 4g drips.

      • Daniel Rudolph

        So how come we havent received our ics update?

        • jemerson

          It would make sense for the upgrade to be released in stages according to ownership of phone. It is a large patch so they can’t just release to all at one time.

        • Daniel Rudolph

          When do u think all the bionics are gonna receive the update notification

        • Benjamin Dombek

          I got my Bionic day one. Still waiting on update…. Upgrades not being done by ownership

        • jemerson

          I was one of the lucky ones. Now it appears the update has been cancelled, and money will be awarded to bionic owners. Verizon will review all comments and reward people who cried like a baby the most, first.

      • Glynn Marsh

        I bought my bionic on launch day also and as of now no update in Gainesville, Fl………. waited for the bionic for nine months to launch and i guess this waiting thing has become a part of life owning a bionic

  • Jim E

    Nothing yet. I used to love Motorola and respect Verizon. Isn’t it great they can’t gives all ics in a short time. We just need to wait and prayer…at least till our contracts are up

  • stuckingingerbreadhell

    Nothing in Columbus Ohio either

  • http://twitter.com/MinajAffiliated {♦Noot_Noot♦}

    No updates in Connecticut :( im sad but at least im not like other idiots talking about (oh im done with motorola, this is my last verizon motorola phone) like you guys who say that need to stop being a bunch of little b****es/p***ies and be f***ing patient the s*** is coming so calm down like really im only 15 and the sad thing is half yall n****s is like 40 something…like you don’t see me complaining, grow the f*** up….there are more important things in this world than this update. How about you people who are complaining go get a d**n life and by time your done with that the update should be here. i swear man…bunch of impatient b****es.

    • http://twitter.com/Fritzy83 Fritzen

      Maybe it’s because us adults are pissed we spent our hard earned money on a phone that requires this damn update just to work at it’s potential. Maybe you need a life other than sitting in front of a computer cursing at people’s venting frustration just to make yourself feel “big”. Lame.

    • Tetons

      I 2nd ur thoughts…best post to date…its a.d**n phone

    • me

      You’re an idiot. If people want to vent then let them. Don’t like it then don’t read them

  • Heff

    No Update in CO. even with power cycle. 10:00 MT

    • RobG

      As the man said, still WAITING here in Denver :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.griggs.714 Jason Griggs

    Nothing in DFW yet. Still waiting. Sucks big time. Gonna try shut down.

  • craphone use

    Nothing in Columbus Ohio.

  • aj101

    nothing in CLE

  • WHO DAT!!!

    I called verizon yesterday, and the lady told me it could take as long as 2 week to a month. What kind of s**t is that!????!

  • Bobwalski

    Nothing in Central Ohio @ 11:10 est. Is it actually going out? The Verizon site says “Coming Soon”…

  • Jon Emerson

    It isn’t in soak test. I have ICS now. Uploaded on Friday. I purchased my bionic the first day it was available. So I guess that is how they are staging release of upgrade. I am in Virginia. No 4G drops since upload. It is like a new phone.

    • Kerry

      Nope I got mine day one and no update yet

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.griggs.714 Jason Griggs

    Nothing in DFW yet even after reset…. Crap

  • LarryB

    Hasn’t happened in San Diego

  • bionicsoaker

    The update is still being soak tested, folks. It’s not in general availability yet. Be patient.

    • Daniel Rudolph

      How long do we have to wait before it reaches maryland.

    • funnyphill

      They skipped the soak Test. Idk how many times we have to say it so you people understand. Motorola posted official ota rolled out in october and verizonwireless posted official ota rolled out on the 19th. Most of the people to get it are not in the soak. I’m in the damn thing and don’t have it. I’m not impatient just want you to all know the soak was skipped.

  • Beedo

    My wife and I both have a bionic. She received the update to ics on the 20th and I’m still waiting. It seems to be completely random who gets it right now.

  • Kevin Phat Le

    Recieved my ota update two days ago. Everything works fine besides a slight delay for keyboard input entry. Performance and speed is fast and smooth. It also seems that the battery life lasts longer. 4g connection issue finally resolved. After months of waiting, ics update is pretty nice and I am not disppointed.

  • some soak user

    Hello, as a soak user I received it and it works great
    Ota should be very soon since no major bugs in the tests so fat
    However, when you.upgrade, expect it to take a VERY long time ifyou have a lot of music or pictures. Also expect a short period without any signal whatsoever

    • bionic frustrated user

      Thanks, I hope soon is this week

  • Adler

    Montgomery Alabama

  • Chaser457

    It’s NOT in soak…it has been officially posted on Verizon’s site with the “Coming Soon” caveat so that everyone realizes it will be distributed in phases. Phases are not to punish, only to spread the update out so that we don’t have a Crapple-like server overload. Patience…

    • jemerson

      Agreed. Finally someone else with some sense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Herweck/100003256792306 Anthony Herweck

    It’s not a soak test. It’s an official update. That Verizon employee told you incorrectly. I am a former Vzw employee. It takes about a week for the update to go through. It goes through incredibly random phases. They do it that way so the update especially being so large that it doesn’t bog down the network. Be patient. Stop sounding like immature children who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas.

  • wb

    Despite the slow rollout of Android updates, at least Android phones have a visual indicator that the ringer is switched off. I’m forced to cartgisry an iPhone when I’m oncall and found out there is a switch, hidden by the Otter case, that silences the ringer and the phone gives no visual clue that its been muted! Count your blessings!

  • bionic user

    Damn people. Grow up. It IS still in soak test. Read the previous reviews. Why does everyone think they are owed the world. Bionic was known to have issues. I had to purchase mine online just to get it. The phone came with GB and everyone was fine with it, UNTIL, ‘Wait for it’, a new OS was planned. Then everyone was like, “GB SUCKS, I WANT ICS, WAAAAA”. If you were really unhappy with you’re phone and threatening ultimatums, you would have done something about it a long time ago. Instead, you played the victim over and over. It’s a population of ADDers. What were you gonna do with ICS once you got it? Love it for about a month and then pine over Jelly Bean? Most likely. Do something productive with your life and actually make a difference instead of crying about it. Btw, this is my 2nd Bionic and it still has GB. I love this phone. It’s way better than my previous ones. AND THAT INCLUDES THE ORIGINAL BB STORM. So, I know very well what frustration is like.

    • 9024Steven

      Wrong – go to Motorola’s own forum and quit relying on rumors you hear on the Internet. Soak was last week, official OTA updates began rolling out on the 19th. And I’ve had ICS on my Bionic for months now – had to downgrade to GB so I’m back on the path of getting it OTA.

    • http://www.facebook.com/guitargod33 Josh Stanley

      What a terrible entitlement mentality to have, to expect a phone to actually have useable 4g when it’s advertised as having such. Gosh, I can’t believe all you whiny-asses.

  • IU

    Nothing here in Southern Indiana, although i do know someone in IN who has gotten the update. The update is in OTA!

  • J

    I Still haven’t received the update…

  • http://twitter.com/markbarrey Mark Barrey

    It sure would have been nice to receive the ics update before the weekend was out so we could get familiar with the changes. I guess the customer is the last thing Verizon is concerned with. I’ll be moving onto AT&T and buying a Galaxy Nexus very soon.

  • James Pennington

    I received the update on the 19 th, I live in columbia sc. My phone works like it is new. 4 g works great now.

  • Ken

    This is not a soak test. It is the release. Vz is pushing out it our randomly to keep the servers from crashing. Hopefully we will be seeing it in a few days.

  • luckystl

    Got my update on Friday the 19th in St Louis. I got my Bionic on the first day it was released. It took an hour over the mobile network to get 50% of the file on 3G and finally I went home and used my wifi to complete the download. It did make the back of the phone hot and drain the battery.
    The phone is much improved and the ICS enhancements make it feel like it is new. It sucked waiting forever and having deadlines come and go. It has been tough to be a bionic user with delays and connectivity issues that have been frustrating. It remains to be seen if the bugs are gone, but it seems much improved and I can get some more months out of it until my contract is up.

    • bster

      I am in st.louis as well and havent recieved the update. Where will you be in an hour so i can swipe your phone for mine? Can we see a screenshot of th software page? It seems everyone wants proof its being rolled out.

  • dp5

    NYC…i’m having issues connecting to my car thru bluetooth n when i connect theres a big delay playing music…sometimes it dont play at all…the web browser have a 2-5 second delay

  • http://www.anthonyvictorio.com/ Anthony Victorio

    Just flew From Texas to Oklahoma to Colorado. Tried power cycle and updating in each, nothing yet. Next stop California, hope it works there!

  • Joe

    Got what I thought was the ICS update yesterday, but it just ended up being a late ass verizon system version update (5.9.902), good job verizon and google, ultimate tease…
    I’m in Columbia, SC

  • http://www.facebook.com/guitargod33 Josh Stanley

    Has the author of this article even read any history on this issue at all? No, some of us users are not “done with motorola” because of a simple staggered rollout. Its a history of broken promises with not only my bionic but also my droid x (which i preordered), both devices being ignored while later devices received the updates we were promised from day one. Both cases we didnt have promised functionality – flash with dx and 4g with bionic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/D3m3nc1A Edgar Demencia

    no update in new jersey!! wtf . i want my update!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/D3m3nc1A Edgar Demencia

    someone from new jersey!??? did you get the update already?

  • http://www.facebook.com/D3m3nc1A Edgar Demencia

    new jersey anyone!!???

  • Jim E

    I tried the suggestion of rebooting the phone and trying again, When I clicked system update the screen went white and the message “Checking for available update” appeared along with “please wait”. This has lasted for over 30 minutes. I was wondering if the update may be downloading during this time? Any suggestions. I am in Terre Haute IN

    • Jim E

      Just an update, I rebooted the phone and now it comes back that the phone is up to date…still waiting in Indiana.

  • chuckles

    Nothing in Indy

  • The Jombie

    Nothing in NYC as of Monday morning

  • icecreammeplease

    Nothing here in New Jersey yet

  • 007


  • Chakiide

    I received it yesterday in Nairobi Kenya.

  • M

    No update in No VA as of 5 minutes ago

  • Kaution

    Nothing in michigan. I’m running the .232 leak and have the update blocked. .232 seems welll enough for me. I don’t like the idea of not being able to go back. I don’t want to end up like the poor razr users! I got burned when my droid x got the gb update. P.S. I was checking for the update just for the heck of it.

  • mG

    I brought my Droid the first day sold last year. I thought I would at least be one of the first to receive the ICS. Today, Oct 22nd I am still waiting on my upgrade . I live in Indiana.

  • cmg

    Where’s my ice cream sandwich!!!!! Waaaa waaaaawaaa!!!!! Been waiting to this software update but I’m not going to complain about it. Like Chaser said, have patience.

  • Mimatt

    From what I’ve heard, Verizon is upgrading by MEID serial numbers. Not by state.

  • Alex

    Started the download in Chicago about five minutes ago. Showed up after a manual check and I was shocked.

    • Bobwalski

      Same here in Central Ohio on all counts. Must have become available after midnight, found with a manual check.

  • Mimatt

    Currently downloading ICS in TN. Everyone check for the update manually, it should be up now.

  • frank

    Got my update this Morning at 1am!!!! South Carolina!!!

  • mrseerious

    Wilmington NC came in at midnight!!

  • joe

    I received the update at 3am, I’m in Florida.

  • Jim E

    Just got the update. Lost my email settings but other than that I am very impressed!

  • mtmkjr

    RDU in NC, found the update available at 8am! updating now. How long should this take?

  • RobG

    Starting getting the update 6am in Denver!!

  • Andy

    Got it in Chicago area last night around 11p; update went fine; media database update portion took about 1 hour in and of itself as others have reported; total duration for update process was about 2 hours … but it is done and works great so far

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.wilson.9275 Bill Wilson

    I awoke this morning with a message on my phone, there is an update available, do you wish to install it now? Took almost 75 minutes, most of that was updating media, I have a 32gb micro sd with lots of music. Located in Philadelphia.

  • Thom

    I am getting the update right now. (Phoenix, AZ area) I did sign up for the Motorola Feedback Network last night–dunno if it had anything to do with that.

  • Davon

    Got the update last night and let me tell you guy’s its like I have a new phone the ICS update is great.Oh and I’m in California if you wanted to know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.dozier Steve Dozier

    after update can’t get past an Emergency Call / Emergency Contacts screen. what to do? havre pulled battery, sim card and sd card still can’t get past screen.

  • jeffinbalt

    I updated on the 23rd, 4g is flawless. Had some issues with yahoo mail sync and camera flash still doesn’t work…

  • birddog40

    i have the new update looks and works really slick, much improved functions on the camera, real frustration is second update i’ve received but hasn’t got any updates on my wife’s phone that is identical to mine bought on same day.