GTA V in Golden Joystick Awards for 2012

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 15, 2012

It is pretty exciting seeing the recent Grand Theft Auto 5 news from Rockstar and Game Informer that confirms solid details are incoming for next month, which is when we’ll get to see the December magazine cover. Other than this there hasn’t been a lot of real news surrounding GTA V, although knowing that certain editors received an exclusive demo has teased a few gamers over the last couple of days.

If you’ve been following the Golden Joystick Awards for 2012 and also voting for certain games, then we wonder if you’ve stumbled across the One to Watch category? For us this is one of the most exciting categories thanks to some massive titles on the way in the coming months, which features Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Crysis 3, Star Wars 1313, ZombiU, and many more including GTA V of course.

GTA V the One to Watch – for us it has to be the next Grand Theft Auto game that’s the one to watch, and while we agree that there’s some major titles in this Golden Joystick Awards category, how can they top a game like GTA V with its massive fanbase and also the fact that it has been in the making for years. You can see a photo below that highlights the major games in this category, and also place a vote for GTA V via this page.

Are you voting in the 2012 Golden Joystick Awards, and do you consider GTA 5 as the best title in the One to Watch category? It is worth noting that you only have another 7 days left for voting, so if you want to take part then make sure you place a vote soon. The Golden Joystick Awards this year will take place on the 26th of this month, so not long now to find out what games top each category, and our vote has been placed with GTA 5 for the One to Watch. Feel free to share your votes for each category in the comments, which the 2012 awards include 16 categories, so happy voting PR readers.

If you’re wondering about the GTA 5 release date then currently nothing official has been announced, but this hasn’t stopped fans speculating and some are hoping the launch date will be revealed in a financial call at the end of this month, and then this could be followed up with the finer details in the magazine next month. The date for Take-Two’s financial results for the 2nd quarter is Oct 30, so mark that date in your calendar.

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  • Steven The Troll

    washing machines, bread makers and PS1 crash bandicoot for the win 😀

  • Pedo jaws

    Hello i’m pedo jaws 🙂

  • b man

    AC or gta v i dunno

  • jordan_houston_rfc

    This again doesnt really tell us much about the game

  • WhiteWomenOverBlackBitches

    cant wait to kill white people in this game

    • Fred

      cant wait to kill White Bitches over Black Bitches?

  • Bryan the troll

    What noobs, stop talking about cod fish,……………………………………………………….

  • reeely

    imo R* is torturing us with their approach of ‘release a video, then do nothing for 8 months, then leak a couple of screenshots and let them guess what’s next’ … I hate it to wait and really think they better just f*ck off

  • Dero

    Vote for gta because we have all played the game and know all about it!

  • Kakarot

    Finally a good article with some info unlike the other trolls.
    Anyway GTA V will be amazing, but the release date for it is certain to be 2013 – March, April or May.

  • marhorn

    Just got confirmed…..Xbox 360 is getting new Skyrim DLC….Dragonborn!
    Just thought I would post….cos this site LOVES hearing about that……

  • Trey Donnelly

    Tomb Raider Bitches ^^

  • It would be cool if GTA 5 win’s the Golden Joystick, that Rockstar then, for all their fellow followers for all these years, give a official RELEASE DATE.

  • marhorn

    There is only one game in this category….and its right in the middle!
    Halo 4 is easily the most anticipated game this year….


    There are really good games to come this year but GTA V is special, I can’t compare it to another game yet. (voted GTA V)


    There are really some good games to come this year but GTA V is something special, I can’t compare it to another game yet.

  • imho

    say what you like, i have have a funny feeling it wont sell as much as COD or bioshock.

    • jim


      * I’m Homo

      • imho

        don’t get your hopes up, although i am gay, you are certainly too stupid for me. you can’t even use google to find a definition

        • illuminati

          Its an Acronym and according to acronymfinder(.)com you might have Ostriches…..<o]:D Illuminati

        • your a noob

          troll, you dodgy guy

  • New for Old

    The Last of Us for me as it is a fresh IP, as opposed to CoD, GTA, Halo, Tomb Raider etc. It obviously won’t get many votes as it does not have a pre-existing fan-base. However, if GTA V is like San Andreas, that will be AWESOME!!! – just not as worthy of an AWARD as a new IP.

  • Steve Smith

    I’ll be honest, GTA V would be one of my favorite games even if they just changed the skins and missions on GTA 3 or something, I can’t conceive of a bad GTA.

    • illuminati

      I agree if they had only change some skins and gave it a new edge it would have still been off the charts. I can say that GTA V goes beyond a face lift.. the game time visuals are MUCH sharper and transitions are SEAMLESS!!!!! this means things like walking into buildings are instantaneous. it will break GTA 4’s record easily.

      <o] Illuminati

  • the big dee

    cant pick halo 4 cause dat cortana be dead

    • This Guy

      Cortana is still alive so.

  • Hammer

    Someone break all of this guys fingers so he can’t type, at least until GTA V is released.

  • GtaVBlockbuster

    Gta V obviously for one reason. I am a really big fan of gta and ive been playing ever since the fiirst one came out. So hell lets vote for Gta V and then if we see any gameplay then I will just go Buckwild!

  • TonyHarding

    So you guys/girls saying they shouldn’t have a One to Watch category? I think they should, and my vote is also for GTA 5 under what is my expectations for the biggest upcoming game to watch.

  • Alan Smith

    Halo 4 or GTA 5, both deserve it.

  • Susan

    GTA 5 is by far the best in this category, and it has my vote.

    • dave

      you cant say that without seeing any proper gameplay

      • k e

        lol let’s just vote for gta 6 while we’re at it

        • They may have started the production for this one too xD.

      • Yes he can, because all the GTA’s are good regardless.