iOS 6 problems incorporate iPhone battery

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When we first got hands-on with the iPhone 4S last year we noted some major changes right away, which the most prominent had been battery life that made thousands of users turn off all the new features to try and improve how long the juice lasted. Now that iOS 6 has arrived we’re seeing similar problems but on a much smaller scale.

It is always hard to gauge how many people are running into issues, especially considering you have to take into account the amount of iPhone 5′s sold when there’s an issue with new hardware. When it comes to iOS 6 problems there are millions of iPhone owners on a range of models updating, so any glitches will be on a much larger scale than just the new iPhone 5. Over the last few days we’ve seen numerous problems reported with iOS 6, which most notably included the new maps feature that seemed to be a big fail for thousands of people.

Apple’s iOS 6 problems incorporate iPhone 4S battery life – we’ve been contacted by a number of our readers, and also had numerous comments left on PR detailing problems with battery life after installing iOS 6 on the iPhone 4S/4. Some people find the battery life “ridiculous” after updating, and the moment they rebooted the battery “drained like crazy“. Apple’s support community also has hundreds of complaints, which explain different amounts of battery drain and some people note a fully charged battery dropping to below 15% within a couple of hours. This is on a device that worked perfectly before updating to iOS 6, so the problem has to lie with the new software.

When thousands of users experienced battery life problems with iOS 5 and the 4S some people wondered what they were talking about, which seems to be the same this year, and again proves this is a software glitch that can be fixed with a firmware update. We’ve heard from a few people losing well over 20% of battery life per hour, and one PR reader claimed a drop from 45% to 8% in under an hour. This is not normal and certainly not an experience shared by the majority of users running iOS 6, so if you have problems please let us know in the comments.

We’ve been hands-on with iPhone 5 and also iOS 6 running on the 4S model, and over the last 24 hours our first impression is a positive one. It is true that the Apple maps need working on, and for users like us that have had every iPhone it’s well known that bugs arise with new software every year. This now includes iOS 6, but Apple has a good track record for getting things fixed and you should expect most of the Apple maps problems to be fixed in the coming weeks and months. Do you think Apple should have titled the new maps application a “beta” just like they did with Siri?

How is iOS 6 for you, and do you have any major problems? We’ve found issues with the new maps but battery is just fine on our test models, although this doesn’t mean thousands of people are not having major battery life issues, so leave a comment below explaining your problem and what model of iPhone, or iPad, you are using.

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  • Olmersean

    Everything is freezing up. Major issues with email. The home button stopped working period.

  • Atarah

    Wow. I can’t believe this is for real. I updated with the new IOS 6 tonight and my iPhone completely shut down afterwards. The update took about 10 minutes but once it was complete my phone would not turn back on. The apple symbol is continually showing and at one point (early on) it told me to connect to iTunes (showed a display of a picture) and when I connected to iTunes it didn’t even recognize my phone at all. I made several attempts to override this by rebooting it and still nothing. My phone was perfectly fine before this latest update. I will not update my iPad and I may even switch to the new Galaxy soon even though I have been a loyal customer for years and have so many Apple products. (This will be my 3rd iPhone if they replace this one; had a different problem with my last one). Maybe Steve Jobs was the key to their sucess. What are you doing Apple?

  • Rob

    Horrible Battery life since upgrade ! FaceTime 3G to FaceTime wifi not working ( using two 4S Devices and an IPAD 2 ) Most other features are very good !!!!!!

  • Nick Smith

    battery life much, much worse on an iPhone 4 32Gb

  • Aivie Andres

    Fucked up battery life and unable to join network! Fuxking ios6!

    • Djsgrant

      Real classy. How does this help the community?

  • Wiz

    I love the new update. But like many others, my iPhone 4S seems to be loosing battery faster than before. I used to charge it at night woke up at 7 in the morning an my phone wouldn’t be close to 20% till 10 pm and I used it pretty frequently. With the update I rarely use my phone and my battery goes from 100% to less than 30% within 2 hours.

  • djsgrant

    Battery droped from 100% too 60% in 1 hour 40 minutes. Hopeless.

  • John Hawes

    Charged my battery last night fully then went to bed , woke this morning to find my iPhone 4 was only on 16 % power ,now that is crap it will now not last through out the day

  • Ruth O’Leary

    I have an iPhone 4S 32Gb, and since upgrading to iOS6 everything works fine but the battery life is terrible. I don’t dare leave the house without my Pebble battery or it’d be flat before I got home.

  • Wan S

    Having the same problem. The battery is draining really fast. I had to disable the icloud features to avoid continuous interaction with the Internet.

  • Mike

    I’ve just updated to ios 6 and within 8 hrs my 3gs has gone from 100% to 0. Have not used it much i/2 hr of reading the news a couple of minutes on maps and 4 txt msgs. I had no problems prior to update.

  • calum

    I just updated my iphone 4S to IOS 6, and the battery drains ridiculously fast now. Im carrying the charger everywhere because im scared of the phone dying while im out

  • Kevin Loh ♡

    Updated my iPod 4 to iOS 6. Battery life is a travesty. Charged overnight and after 6 hours or so, only 30% left.

  • Materinoe

    Over 25% an hour here. On my 4S

  • z0mki

    Got the 5 tonight and just noticed the battery is draining about 15-20% per hour. I’m wondering if passbook has anything to do with it since location must be on at all times to work properly.

    • Brandon

      I have the same problem. I had charged my iPhone 5 to 100% and after a 4 hour trip it was at 9% battery life. I figured it was constantly switching from LTE and 3G so I disabled my cellular data and have just been using wifi and its just as bad. I’m really upset by this and I scheduled a phone support call with Applw to see what is causing the battery to drain so fast.

  • zombjgie

    From 100% to 5% in little over 3 hours!

  • William Wilson

    I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have had 5 hr, 44min Usage and 15.5 hours standby and it’s at 16%. I also did a full battery cycle and charged all the way to reset the battery gauge. You couldn’t pay me to get that kind of life on 5.1.1.

  • Ingles771

    Same charged iphone 4s last night ith new ios6 software and within 3 hours I’ve lost 27% battery life!

  • Materinoe

    This seemed to solve the issue for me:
    -made a full back up of my phone via iTunes (of course iCloud can be used to)
    -go to settings>general>erase, choose “Erase All Content and Settings”
    -wait for action to be completed and restore the backup.

    Battery drains a lot slower now. This worked on my 4S (64Gb).
    Just resetting all settings did NOT work.

    Hope this works for you

  • Dev

    After i updated my iphone 4s to ios 6 my phone dosent go switch means when i try to shut down it will automatically reboot and volume bar does show up no sound is come from speakers except for ring tone amd alram and battery is draining like anything i wonder my phone worked well this ios 6 thing has ruiened it up

  • Danny Dodge

    This happens when you restore a backup from ios5, the only way is to restore your phone as new rather thrash from a backup then you’re battery will actually be BETTER than on ios5

  • Rob

    The battery life on my iPhone 4 is rubbish, going to be putting mine back to iso 5.1.1

  • Nevada

    My phone will not stay charged for my eight hour shift and i only use it once during my lunch half hour, nowhere to charge at work, I cannot have this phone in this condition! iPhone 4 which worked perfectly before iOS 6 “downgrade”.

  • Ross RB

    I’ve just installed IOS6 and I’m loosing 10% battery an hour without using it! 100% when I went to sleep 20% when I woke up!! this is ridiculous!!

  • London

    I’ve just got my hands on an iPhone 5 and the battery drains like crazy – way way worse than my 4 which got stolen last week…

  • Disappointeduser

    I lost 16% battery life in an hour without using it….and its messing up with my wifi and app updates have taken over 24 hours….and maps has been downgraded….quite ridiculous really!!….I was better off with

  • Gerri

    My iPhone 4S drains quickly as well, I have to recharge completely every 8 hours.

  • maiandra

    I had my Iphone 4S on the charger for 6 hours straight and when I disconnected it, it was only charged to 99%. Usually I always have 100%. My husband has the same issue.

  • BK

    Like everyone else battery life on IPhone 4 has been dramatically affected negatively since update. I also updated my IPad 2 and it surprisingly has not been affected at all with battery drain. I like everyone else have went through settings and changed what I thought would have affected the battery drain and it has helped a little, however, Apple needs to send out a fix SOON

  • Romax

    Battery life very very very poor on my 4s, apps won’t stay open for more than a minute, wifi poor, iPad fine on ios6 tho……….

  • Chris

    I have lost 63% battery life over night from 100% on my iPhone 5.

  • Michelle Poirier

    I’m having the same problem with my phone the battery keeps draining when I’m not even using my phone oh and does anyone have a problem with people hearing them on the phone I’ve always had great reception but since this update I can’t talk on the phone anymore cause its always breaking up… :(

    • SuzeH

      I’m having exactly the same problems. Brand new iPhone – not happy.

  • sathish

    i have an iphine 4 n battery drains about 20% per hr

  • Mike Anon

    Wouldn’t touch another iPhone with a barge pole. My Samsung has excellent battery life, maps are accurate, apps work a treat, no bugs or problems at all. iPhones are over priced, always have bugs, this is disgraceful from a company like Apple.

  • Alsodisappointed

    I have been experiencing the problems described below. This morning, in less than an hour, my 4S went from 99% to 79% and I wasn’t using it. I have turned off everything I can think of but nothing works. This is a ridiculous problem and one hopes this isn’t the beginning of “…it ALMOST works…”

  • AndyR72

    I can see the percentage dropping as I use it it drops by 1% every 2 minutes

  • Naija Brown

    Having the same problem with my battery. Completely drained when I haven’t used the phone. Went from 100% to 0% in less than an hour.

  • Waterworx

    Maps displays major bridges that appear broken. Even though the nav doesn’t speak in the iPhone 4, why can’t it alert turns with a “ding” like my 10 year old Toyota nav does? Also, there’s no way to advance the route once you’ve started. I’ll stay with the free Mapquest Nav app for now. I have also experienced much faster battery drain than before.

  • Aaron Stewart

    I’ve got the same issue – on an iPhone 4 after upgrading to iOS 6, I’m losing 1% every 8 minutes or so.

  • Lisa

    Battery drain here too. “Ridiculous” is a good word to describe. What good do any of these new features do me if my phone is dead?! Hope they come out with a solution soon.

  • Jeff Gerrits

    Since installing ios 6 on an iPhone 4, battery life has been terrible. While reading this article (Bluetooth/wifi off) my battery went from 23% to 18%. Overnight drain is now around 25-30%. Watched one 5 minute movie, that took the battery from 56% to 25%

  • Kim

    I am also dealing with poor battery life on my 4S. My phone used to last me all day through the night without having to charge it. Now I have to charge it every couple of hours because the battery life drastically reduces without even using the phone!! The fix for this better come out real soon or I’m switching back to my droid!

  • Daniel O’Hanlon

    My battery keeps draining fast on iOS 6 on my iPhone 4

  • Tom

    I am having battery life problems after upgrading to iOS 6.0 on my iPhone 4. Battery drained from 71 to 8% over a 3 hr period while not using the phone. Went to the apple store in Pittsburgh, PA and was given a brand new iPhone 4 and still have the same problem although not quite as bad.T

  • yousef

    on my iphone 4S ios 6 is horrible, apps crashing all the time (probably memory issues?) and the battery drains like hell!! i’m really really disappointed

  • JAC

    With iOS 6 starting the night fully charged, my 4s is drained by the morning. Alarm clock is useless.

  • J J

    I have experienced another problem too, my apps seems to shut down after installing ios 6 on my iphone 4s :-(

  • Dataeater

    Same battery issue with iPhone 5 here. From what I heard, I could almost bet it is from the release of iPhone 5. It’s data hungry chip is chewing way at service providers more than ever. What better way to govern this than eating up your battery with intentionally glitched software so it gives the service providers some relief because their network wasn’t ready for this. Having to charge your phone more puts you off the grid so to speak,for a longer period than normal. It’s all about who gets to lines thier greedy pockets first,at our expense. Get rich first, & slap a bandaid on it later.

  • SuzeH

    I have an Iphone 5 hot off the press. My battery is lasting for about 3 hours and I’m not talking on the phone! I have Facebook running in the background and all other apps are off.

  • WhatDuHeck

    My 4S will not shut down, just reboots. Also many WI-Fi issues.
    It just will not talk to my home network anymore. Not what I have come to
    expect from Apple.

  • Chris Brown

    i am suffering from major battery drain on iphone 3gs also odd glitches on mms message sending freezing on album having to reboot phone

  • Trazzoo

    Hi, yes it’s iOS 6 on iPhone 4S has huge impact over battery drain.

  • Trudy Russo

    I’m very upset…I have been dealing with battery drain issues since I updated my iPhone 4 over a year ago, I think way back to ios 5 update…losing atleast over 20% an hour & at times my phone would be burning hot!!! I finally took it to an apple store because I was still under warranty & they did some tests & really never told me what problem they found, but did exchange my phone & gave me a new one…immediately I had the same problem w the new phone…I kept dealing w it, doing hard resets, restoring from back up, restoring from new…I spent hours & days of time dealing w the same problem!!!! I kept dealing w it thinking that the next update & then the next update would fix my problem…again I’ve read every article online & tried everything o solve & fix this problem!!! Turned off almost every feature, the list goes on & on & still the same battery drain!!! I’m so beyond frustrated!!! I download iOS 6 on my iPhone 4 thinking maybe this will fix it, NOPE, still same problem! So finally I get my iPhone 5 yesterday & I think heres my shot…new phone, new iOS 6 software, finally I will have a great phone that works like everyone else’s…I spend 6 hrs downloading all my apps etc via wifi because at this point I’m thinking maybe it’s some bug in my MacBook or my iTunes or something & if I don’t use my USB & restore that way maybe I can avoid whatever bugs in my system??? I am having the same exact problem!!! Draining 5% at least every 15 minutes….it has to be a bug in my apps or something, I don’t even know what to do anymore!!! I’m ready to box my new iPhone up & switch to a Samsung even if that’s not what I want because I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THESE BATTERY ISSUES ANYMORE!!! And I not know who to go to for help & I can’t continue to waste days & weeks & myths of time on this issue anymore!!!! I think about restoring as a new phone, but do you know how time consuming it is to redownload 200 apps, 2000 songs, loss 400+ photos, 200 contacts, 4 different emails & on & on?!?!?! I really hope someone here can help me, this is my last resort cause I am done wasting anymore time on this…I love apple, I have a MacBook pro, an iPad, iPod of every kind…my husband the same items, we’ve spent 10′s of thousands of dollars over the years on apple products, but I need a phone I can use the way it’s meant to be used, without worry of keeping it plugged into a charger all day. Please help me!!! Thank you-Trudy

  • Raii

    My 4s has gone from 100% to 6% in 4/5 hours with minimal use and hardly anything running in the background!!!

  • Todd

    Updated 4s and have lots of bugs. Same issues as below. Went to sleep with 89%, woke up with 8%, typically I only loose 10% at night. Apps crash, icon moving issues, what a bummer as I am a big Apple fan. I can’t understand why they would push out an update without a longer beta life! Very disappointed, especially after switching everyone in my company from Blackberry to IPhone! Now I have a black eye too! Come on Apple, fix this soon!!!

  • John

    My battery drops like crazy! Wifi cuts out, I want my 5 back!,,,,,

  • David P. Burke

    My battery life has dropped considerably sinse the upgrade to ios6. I unplugged from the charger at 9 am est, and was down to 89% within 15 minutes without any apps running! A noticeable difference for sure!

  • David P. Burke

    Also the commentater audio on my tiger woods 12 golf game app, started repeating over and over like a old skipping record. Uninstalled the game then reinstalled to no avail !!

  • BradF

    Count me in on the problem. Ridiculous is a good way to explain it. i have the same problem with my IPhone 4 AND IPad2. This can not come at a worst time because the support staff is overwelmed with the release of both the IPhone 5 and IOS6

    • disgruntled

      exactly! Why would they launch a new phone and a new update at the same time..stupid move Apple,

  • Dana

    I would go all day without having to charge my phone unless I really used it heavily. Now after upgrading to ios6 I cannot make it till noon without having to connect it to a charger, even when barely used. I turned off location services completely and that seemed to help a little.

  • B

    Battery drain is rediculos.

  • Ham

    Yep serious drain on battery 100% this morning 8 hrs later 12%!! What the use of added features if you have to go through settings pages turning things on and off to save battery on a daily basis!!

  • Brian

    I just woke up an hour ago and my battery has already dropped 15% since it was plugged in and charging overnight. I have the iPhone 4. It is also very warm or hot to the touch on the back of the device. All apps are closed and nothing is streaming. I never had an issue with my phone or battery life before iOS 6.

  • Joe

    My battery is draining ridiculously fast on my iPhone 4s. I have turned off everything and is hasn’t alleviated the problem.

  • Mike Schniers

    Phone was 100% 3 hrs ago. I have sent 2 text messages and have no programs running, phone is now at 85%. Used my iHeart radio yesterday for an hr when the phone was at 90% and it had dropped to 19% with in an HR! I’m pretty sick of this happening every time there is an update. Apple FIX THIS NOW!

    • disgruntled

      I’m so frustrated too…No wonder the Samsung Galaxy is starting to outsell the iPhone

  • mad as hell

    my iphone 5 really sucks with battery life. i know i should have waited it seems apple always has one major glitch to work out when they launch a new phone

  • Ricecakes

    Battery life is significantly affected on my iPhone 4S after downloading IOS6!

  • JohnW

    Upgraded my 4s and noticed the battery draining in the same day.
    Got the new 5 and seeing a “over the top” draining on it.
    Charged over night to 100% and when I got up, it dropped to 95% in the first 5 minutes

  • Tim

    Same here. My battery only lasts a few hours with moderate use

  • Jay

    using 3GS device -accidently installedIOS.6 -Battery dies after 6.5hrs of being turned on

  • SGarcia2

    I have noticed a decrease in battery life, however since I updated I have had a boost in reception. So I don’t know if I should be complaining or not. I am on a iPhone 4 with Verizon.

  • Kirsteen Torrance

    My 3GS is cutting out during texting, internet, use of apps, the works. Took me 20 mins to re-write and then eventually send a text. Really really frustrated. Close to ditching iphone and getting an htc or something. Sort it now apple. Really disappointed.

  • JuliaC

    my battery went from 60% to 10% in 1.5 hours. That is with brightness low and only running app being safari connected to wifi on my iPhone 4.

    • LabZen

      My Iphone begun the IOS 6 update with 37% of battery and it was charging, and after about 4 hours the updating process had finished and battery showed 34%! During all this time iphone was plugged in wall and in the display I saw “plugged signal” only (without the charging thunderbolt icon above it). After that I have tried all stuff to make the iphone recharge and got no success. It refuses to recharge, restore, reboot and it is now is DEAD. The iPhone 4S was purchased on 9th, September.

  • hvn fun yet

    when will the battery life, maps, u tube and wifi be fixed? all of them are terrible – if there is no fix allow us to downgrade to ios 5 – if not working properly soon will be leaving iPhone after having all generations – apple should be red faced over this one – totally disappointed

  • Randolph

    I have had my philips alarm clock since I got my iPhone 4 in 2011. After updating to iOS 6 the phone tells me that charging is not supported with this accessory. This is a major issue for me and I hope that Apple fixes it soon.

  • Pat Altstatt

    Upgrade to ios6 on Thursday on iPhone 4s. Since then, everything runs super slow. Apps won’t load; games won’t load; iTunes will not connect on new Passport (whatever that is). I am getting error messages that my location is turned off (it is on). I loved my phone, right now I hate it and will give serious thought before I consider upgrading to iPhone 5.

  • Doc Nitro

    My battery life is terrible….from full to nothing in about 3 and a half to 4 hours….this phone is almost useless if it cant make it through the day… needs to get this fixed asap this is by far the worst battery life of any phone ive ever had.

  • Leodis Green

    i had 7 replaced iphone to battery drain. got the 5 the battery last only 3 hrs without use. apps takes for ever to load itunes does not work , i even got the 64 what a rip off. apple you are getting this piece of crap back and never again. by the way who does the review on how great this phone is apple people?

  • Rob

    This is crazy. I just upgraded to iOS 6 and right away I noticed a battery problem wtf

  • SearchingForAnswers

    Upgraded to iOS 6 on 4/s and immediate battery drain. Should have waited and cannot believe Apple would allow a product like OS 6 to hit general release. This has shaken my trust in Apple and if not corrected with an explanation of the root cause, will permanently change my Apple buy bias. Very disappointing… SJ would be ashamed.

  • QuickDrain

    The quick battery drain is an Apple patented feature. Samsung better not try to copy it!!! :-)

    • Mahvi

      Sadly it’s the reason I switched back from my nexus to iphone. my battery was just not cutting it. Seems now apple can’t get their s–t sorted either.

  • Adriana

    Battery drainage is unreal!!! Is this problem going to be fixed ? I have 100% in the morning at 7 am and by 10am I’m at 60%!!! As it is battery charge is not all that great, that is the only downfall apple iPhone has , but after installing ios6 on my 4s battery doesn’t even last half a day let alone a full day:0(

  • Lisa

    Same here – my phone was perfect before I downloaded that damn software and now it’s running down more than 20% an hour with no use, siri disabled, brightness right down so I can hardly see the screen – is apple going to do anything? Can I unistall this sogtware? It’s awful – I run both my businesses off this phone – help!

  • Matty

    Exactly same problem with battery life. Draining very quickly!!!

  • bc1980

    I have had no issues at all since upgrading my 4S to iOS 6. It’s been great, phone is way faster now! Thanks Apple!

    • Sam

      Appel Sucker

  • ajeet

    i have update my i phone 4 to ios 6 on 21st of this month. the next day around 3 O’ clock I fully charged my phone, I have attended a 5 calls not more than 9 mints. When i woke up in the morning the phone was dead!!. My battry drain out.

  • Lota

    batt goes kaput in half a day… Would easily last more that 10 hrs before the update. The reboot issue mentioned is particularly interesting, because I had exactly the same experience! I rebooted hoping it would solve the problem, but its gotten much worse.

  • stian

    Yes i have theese problems. Batter draining like crazy and all apps are crashing all the time

  • Oldscool67

    My 4s battery started to drain faster after I upgraded to IOS 6, but that was before I disabled the assistive touch feature (there’s an auto-lock issue with assistive touch enabled in IOS6 – the screen stays on). I have yet to observe the battery life with that feature disabled. I only use AT to preserve the physical home button, still I hope Apple comes up with a fix for this bug. BTW, I’m not sure if it’s automatic, but I noticed that cellular data and 3G were both activated after the update, you may want to check those settings because 3G really drains your battery faster.

  • kramiz12

    Iphone users are basically guinea pigs. Maps fiasco will be ‘sorted’ out by users and now battery drain. Other people are having problems with wifi. Brand new product and the consumers have to sort it out. Why do people bother ?? There are far better alternatives out there with so many great features.

  • Ed

    iPhone 4S upgraded to ios6 yesterday. After charging overnight battery life losing about 10% every hour. No apps running. Also had issues with contacts store. Some contacts lost altogether, some lost details such as email entry, all ringtones deleted. Very disappointed.

  • AndyT

    I lost 2% battery life on my 4S, with a 30 second phone call. I’m hoping it’s an iOS6 bug, because I’m having to keep my phone on permanent charge for risk it running out of battery when I go out in the evenings!

  • Mike

    iPhone 5 is useless battery was charge 100% went to bed didn’t even use phone woke up to a dead iPhone. I’m get 3 hours out of a fully charge

  • Dissapointed

    Since updating, issues with excessive battery drain. Location services are off as well as push notifications. It’s draining even when not in use.

  • Mitzi

    My battery drains like crazy as well. I also have to charge it throughout the day. I have an iPhone 4S using iOS 6. It doesn’t have seemed to have the same effect on my iPad 2. Hope they fix this soon. Reception is also terrible!

  • Jack

    Never updated, no complaints, not broken why fix till apple sorts it out, usually wait a few months

  • MIZ A

    Since I have updated to the new iOS 6 software, my battery life is significantly less. It dropped 20% after the first hour off the charger, with no apps running.

  • Susan Waters

    I am having battery life issues. With very little usage, I have had to charge the phone at least twice a day. I will have to return the phone if they do not offer a solution for this problem.

  • Peter

    I find maps a good update, obviously needs to be polished but I think it’s a nice update, but with the battery life I’m so disappointed, my battery last half that used to last with iOS 5 and I have an iPhone 4S.
    Hope apple solve this problem asap

  • Bluepeter

    Battery life on my new IP5 is surprisingly poor – worse than my IP4.

  • Jeffrey Hubbell

    Battery Life after update is embarrassing for Apple

  • Andy Peterson

    Batery won’t last for a whole day now I’ve installed ios 6 on my 4s, ridiculous

  • Jeffrey Wisler

    My 2 issues..the phone charger, and the phone shutting off by itself. Phone keeps saying “Charging is not supported with this accessory”. The phone stops charging and buzzes twice. I updated the software to 6.0 and twice since then, the phone has powered off by itself.

  • Jeffrey Wisler

    I might add, i have the Iphone 4 for almost 2 years now. I have had no issues with the phone itself….until now with the 6.0 software update. The only issue before, the phone charger cord literally fell apart and had to replace it. Other than that, I have been very satisfied with my Iphone. Please fix quickly Apple!

  • Basel

    Yes i do have a major issue in my iphone 4s battery life it drops 20% every one hour

  • Aggervating

    I honestly wish I didn’t update to ios6. I used to keep my phone of charger for at least 32 hours now I can’t go 10 hours without it dying. And it chargers ungodly slow. And it will freeze if I’m on the Internet and get a text message and then I have to reset my phone.

  • Dbmb

    Battery on my 4s! And I always close all my apps when not in use, keep my screen orientation locked (which usually saves battery life), and I’m not using voice- just web browsing and texting went from 84% to 34% in 90 mins.

  • Azad Mozafari

    after i installed the ios 6 my iphone battery discharge very fast.even if it was locked.and it’s warmer than ever.after 1 hour my battery discharged.what is the problem?

  • Nickinoo

    Since upgrading to ios6 I cannot hear people talking when they call me it is really low, I’ve tried all the usual things like turning up the volume during calls but nothing seems to work, even when on loud speaker it is quiet, it was so much better before I upgraded ?

  • Jordanna Bruce

    Phone battery won’t last a day!!

  • ed

    I’ve found that turning off the ‘find my phone’ function and icloud has restored the battery life to an acceptable level.

  • Bill Bowser

    Battery life has been demonstratively worse since iOS 6 install. Full charge will not last more than 7 hrs under nominal use while before battery would have 75-80% left under previous version last week! iPhone 4 not 4s model

  • Jill Allmandinger Moyer

    My battery life is worse since upgrading to 6.0. Any thoughts on getting that under control?

  • Bryant Fletcer

    battery life sucks, and all my apps keep crashing. Cant even type a whole text message without it closing on me need a fix for this asap!!!

  • Scott

    I have the same problem n a 4s. Before IOS6, my battery was great.. After recharging. it goes from 100% to 92% in about 10 minutes… I’m going to reset the whole thing. This worked when I went from iphone 3 to 4 but I don’t know now. I’m more worried that it is going to use up the battery recycles prematurely. Ugh !

    • Jill Allmandinger Moyer

      When you hit reset you have to go back to your last saved back up? I have never done the reset button. It terrifies me!

  • Jill Allmandinger Moyer

    Someone suggested to me to turn off the maps. Web search has found the maps stays on. I have not found a way to do except to delete the app. Any thoughts?

  • PeteS44

    I have also immediately noticed a deterioration of my battery life once I upgraded my 4S to IOS 6. It isn’t as dramatic as some have reported but sitting here with no use at all, it seems to drop in standby by about 5% per hour. I have shut down everything unneccesary as I always have. Prior to the upgrade, I could count on standby consuming only about 1 to 2 % per hour

  • Marcel

    Same problem here! After installing iOS6 the battery keeps draining! After playing a few games of Ruzzle and sending a few What’sApp messages in less than an hour the battery went from 96% to 76%! Not happy!!!

  • BazingaJess

    I have an Iphone 4, since upgrading it started telling me that all my chargers were not accepted for charging. I unplug, plug back in and it works. These are Apple chargers, not after market. I charge my phone over night. Saw a text in middle of night, my phone was at 100% but still on charger. I woke up 3 hours later, the charger somehow stopped the charge and it was down to 80% – it wasn’t even used during the 3 hours. One text message dropped it 5%…..

  • Al

    iPhone 4S user here. Battery was never great, it’s noticeably worse after upgrading to ios6. I didn’t think that was possible, but here we are. And I am diligent (insane) about turning off location services, closing programs, etc., to save battery life. It’s not working. 100% charged phone at night, 85% in the morning with NOTHING all night? That’s a joke.

  • Erik

    Count me in also! I can’t work with a cable on my iPhone when I am in the field!

  • Ada1kind

    Got the iPhone 5 on Friday and the battery life sucks! Even when it’s on Standby, it drains at a rate of 10-15% every half an hour to an hour. This needs to be fixed!

  • Leo Furness

    I’m having the same problem with my Iphone 4, 4s and New IPad. The battery of this devices keeps draining fast in IOS 6.

  • Julius

    Hi there, I also have the same issue but it’s already resolved! First, plugin your iphone to your computer and run itunes. Second, backup your data. Third, Click Restore to factory default. Once done, it will automatically installed the ios6 version. Fourth, restore your backup data. Lastly Fifth, turn-off unnecessary settings and turn-on if needed only.

    Hope it helps!

  • molikins

    battery drains rapidly now that i installed ios 6 on my 4s. thinking of going back to ios 5.

    • disappointed

      I was told apparently, you can’t go back to iOS5

  • jes

    Upgraded my 4S a few days ago. Last night left with 40%, this morning phone “dead”…battery drain too fast!!

  • Nicholas Tang

    I have an iPhone 4, upgraded to iOS 6 last Friday. When I went to bed last night at 11:30, battery level was 70%. I woke up this morning at 6:00 and found that battery level has dropped to 2%. Terrible.

  • Geoff

    Hi Same issue Battery normally lasted a day now dead by midday, crazy Apple better get a quick fix….

  • martinski

    Still happily using a 3GS which upgraded nicely to IOS6 however battery is now draining far more quickly -using the new “Do Not Disturb” mode at night helps preserve it overnight

  • Jess

    I Have had my phone on charge all last night and for 30mins this morning , but I’ve still only got 57% . I’ve got iPhone 4S and have only had this problem since I upgraded to ios 6 software

  • zamejam

    tiz morning after ived update to ios 6. my batt life decreasing 1% for every 2 minutes!!!
    i already charged till 100% juz now… 6 minutes waiting…it is still 100%… thank god.. =)
    i juz found d solution (i hope im right) =)

  • zamejam

    14 minutes waiting… one call received… still 100% (using ios6 for 4s) =)

  • shamus

    Have 4S and battery life is awful. I did charge my phone once a day now twice a day after “upgrade” to ios 6. WiFi issues on certain WiFi networks too.

    • zamejam

      try to restore ur 4s (not downgrade)..but 1st, dun 4get to backup b4 you restore it via itunes.

  • colleen

    my phone has been absolutely unacceptable. within 3 hours of being off the charger, it was down to 47%. in those 3 hours it sat on my desk at work unused! by the end of the work day my phone was dead leaving me SOL. PLEASE FIX THIS NOW.

    • zamejam

      try to restore ur 4s (not downgrade)..but 1st, dun 4get to backup b4 you restore it via itunes. it works! =)

  • Gia Wild

    I’m running a 3Gs, everything was fine til I downloaded ios6, the 1st.thing I noticed was my battery life seemed to be cut after just using it for 30minutes of youtube streaming, battery life went from 100%fully charged to 73%; The 2nd. issue I’d noticed was this morning when I went to text a pic to our office administrator and it stopped the pic with text from going through, so I attempted to just send the text only, it went through fine, then I attempted sending the pic only, it wouldn’t go through it will attempt to but then will suddenly stop and post a “not delivered” message just below the pic. I tried to reboot but has made no change. With the battery issue I’ve gone into the “Notifications and Privacy” modes in Settings and shut a few things I don’t regularly use off, so we’ll see if that clears up my battery issue. BUT! I need the ability to text pics along side text in the “Messages” app.

  • Girlmichael

    I have a 4s and just installed ios6. Battery drain is significant. Not happy.

    • zamejam

      try to restore ur 4s (not downgrade)..but 1st, dun 4get to backup b4 you restore it via itunes. it really works! =)

  • Beth Saunders

    My assistive touch button keeps on dissappearing since upgrading to iOS 6. Battery life is also a problem and it keeps on loosing wifi signal. I had none of these problems before upgrading to iOS 6

  • Guest

    Assistive touch keeps on crashing which leaves me stuck in apps as my home button doesn’t work anymore. Wifi is intermittent and battery life drains rapidly. All since upgrading to iOS 6.

  • Terry

    After updating to OS6, the volume of my alerts is very faint and can not make them louder. my ring volume is fine though.

  • Hmm

    I am actually having BETTER battery life now. I don’t know why?

  • Robert Sussman

    Apple’s os6 upgrade has caused my iphone 4′s battery to run down about 4x it’s normal rate. Before os6 the battery life was better than good. Now with os6 it sucks. The phone runs out of power so fast it’s rediculous. Apple must fix this immediately!

    • zamejam

      try to restore ur 4s (not downgrade)..but 1st, dun 4get to backup b4 you restore it via itunes. it works! =)

  • Nikolay K

    My IPod lost 80% battery life in an hours without using it. Please fix it !!!!

  • Gus Kingston

    Terrible!!! 18% In one hour from 100% charge and location services switched off. I even turned it ‘off’ to try a clear it.
    FIx it… I don’t like carrying a brick! Anyway, don’t they beta test this?

    • zamejam

      try to restore ur 4s (not downgrade)..but 1st, dun 4get to backup b4 you restore it via itunes. it really works! =)

      • Macguy

        Exactly. I also have an iPhone 4 (my wife’s now that I received my 5), did an “erase all” before upgrading. My iPhone4 has never been better on battery life. Use it all day, still a fair bit of battery at bed time, where I then recharge overnight.

  • jj

    I went from having a iphone 4s that worked perfectly fine to one that is now shut down after updating to the iOS 6. It showed “cellular connection not available” and shut down. Now it won’t turn back on. Apple nor anyone else has any answers to fixing the problem.

  • M Rose

    Since the upgrade to iOS6 i cannot use my phone for work as the battery from full is dead within 4hrs. I have turned off all apps which i would normally have open and just left with mail and text. I would like to go back to iOS5 untill they have sorted this out.

  • disappointed

    I have been having issues with my internal storage. It has gone up almost 1GB in a day. I am not downloading any apps, I check the app store, did a few text and made a few calls and it was ridiculous. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • Jeff

    I lost 8% of my battery in about a minute on my 4S. I was on 3G, not wi-fi, surfing facebook, and granted the signal wasn’t great, but that’s a lot of battery to search for a signal. I’ve also noticed that searching for a signal is more difficult in some places that I normally had no problems.

  • Jew Boy

    There loosing battery life cause they don’t charge their devices ppl are so fucken stupid -_- blaming things that do not have anything to do with battery life

  • Susana G

    I have a major problem with the battery life, I lost more than 30-35% in less than an hour…. helpppppppppppppppppppp

  • kevin

    mal muyy mal puierdo del 20 al 25 % de la bateria en una hora no estoy muy complacido. tengo un iphone 4 y lo actualice a la version 6.0

  • Larry Long

    iPhone 4S ios6 really huge battery losses same with the latest IPad iPad dies while running plugged in!

  • Linda P

    Same problem. Started the day at 100% and left for work an hour later at 83%. Recharged later at night.back to 100%. Got up at 5am and it was almost totally dead. Tried canceling photos, texts etc to no avail. Crazy!

  • Jessi C

    I have a 4S and my battery life drains right before my eyes! I have all location, Bluetooth, and push features turned off, but it still won’t stay charged longer than 4-5 hours. I haven’t even been using it during the day and it still goes dead. I hope Apple gets this issue fixed quickly!

  • Mahvi

    epic battery drain. It drained like 6-7% after a 15 min phone call and 5% right after charge with just skype running in the background on wifi. I have Bluetooth, location and almost all push features disabled as well. GAH! Downgrading ASAP.

  • Kailash Gyawali 

    its killing my iPhone4 battery life and that’s rediculous

  • Bill

    Went from 100% coming off the charger to 8% in roughly two hours. As a father of two young kids that I coach in all sports, my phone is my LIFELINE. Please help!!

  • Azdiana

    Since downloading OS6 besides the battery issue. My husband and I are getting copies of our iMessages! The text I send shows back up on my phone. How do we fix this?

  • Frank

    My Iphone 4s went from 100% charge to less than 20% in 3 hours of standby after upgrading to IOS 6. On the plus side it made an excellent hand warmer.

  • mark

    my battery drains soooooooooo fast since this ios6 update. i had it on the charger since 12pm and now it 237pm and i have 49 percent left

  • Mike Clough

    I have a iPhone 4 which was working fine before the 6.0 update. Since the update I have experienced two problems with it, the first problem is the battery life, it’s been so bad I’m having to charge it twice a day. The other is a problem with the phone not to going to sleep. I can be busy using my phone leave it for 5 minutes, come back and the screen still be on.

    • Hani

      iPhone4S upgraded to iOS6 and found the following negative issues!

      When you leave the phone after use/call/text whatever without pressing sleep bottom and expect the screen to go low lighting and then off, doesn’t and light stayed on even till battery die!!!!

      WiFi signal bad and cut-off several times even indoor home network!!!!

      Battery goes down too fast!!!!

      Carrier network Searching… and keep search hour/2/3 hours even after reset Network Sittings, trying to connect to network (searching…) and finally no service!!!!

      Overall the iOS6 so bad and the fact apple slowly loosing control and it seems the whole Apple company were working under one person Steve Jobs!!!

      Now it will take so long for Apple to repair theses issues on next software update plus they currently busy with the iPhone5 bad quality and customers claims against them.

      If i`m not wrong time has come to change from Apple !!

  • Edd

    IOS6 killed the speakers on my 4S. The earphone jack still works though. I was told to make an appointment at an Apple Store (45 miles from me) to have the phone repaired/updated. How very Microsoft like. Apple is starting to move into my WTF list along with Microsoft and Dell.

  • Sam

    I fully charged my phone before heading to a concert last night. I used maps to find my way and by the time I drove 45 minutes my battery was from 97% down to 42%. After filming 11 mins of the concert I had 19% battery life. When I arrived home, phone in my handbag untouched, I had 7% battery life remaining. All apps were closed and I hadn’t even made a phone call! Disgusting. And to think I was thinking of buying the new iPhone 5 soon. Won’t be happening now. My savings will stay in the bank.

  • Dr.Mary

    Battery life is down since installing IOS6. Drops rather quickly, even when phone is not in use and apps are off.

  • Dr.Mary

    Battery life is down since installing IOS6. Drops rather quickly, even when phone is not in use and apps are off.

  • Drained

    My 4s went from 100% with a full charge overnight, to 15% in about two hours with no apps open. I almost wish I could go back to OS5 until they get this fixed.

  • Jesse

    Since I upgraded my 4s to ios6 my battery drains even when it’s on the charger. I leave my phone on the charger every night when I go to bed and I wake up and it’s at 1%. I have to turn the phone off to charge it fully. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Conny Kersey Culver

    My phone is below 20% in less than 3 hrs. I turned off notifications and location services; barely improved performance. A fix is needed ASAP! Any ideas?

  • Nobattery

    Losing battery life at a rate of over 13% per hour and I’ve only used the phone for texting today.

  • Bummed

    My 3gs will randomly drop 10-20% without being used. I use it as a wake up alarm, and half the time it is dead before i wake up.


    The way my battery drains after installing ios 6, I’ll be lucky to make it through the day and that’s if I don’t use my phone. If it isn’t fixed in the next couple of weeks I’ll definitely be switching to non apple phone.

  • Samar Khayat Mansour

    I installed OS6 two days ago and ever since, the battery drops from 100% to 7-8&% in few hours time so basically I am keeping the phone charging most of the time. I am sure cellular data, bluetooth are turned off as well as all other apps, which reminds me to add that the apps that used to work perfectly on my phone are not functioning well now, mostly closing once opened. !!!

  • Jozsef

    I have the same battery problem and it is unacceptable from Apple. I can not wait weeks or more for them to repair what they made wrong.

  • David Barry

    Seems the same to me on my iPhone 4

  • Fern earner 67

    Since the update ios 6, my iPhone 4S is not charging properly with the charger I’ve always used with no problems – it works on another iPhone that hasn’t yet been updated. It charges intermittently depending on position, but frequently says “charging not supported with this accessory”. Help!

  • ana s

    updated my 3G to iOS 6 by accident, battery was 90% charge at the time of update, which took 2 hrs, then the pone died… After charging to 100% phone dies in less than 1 hr and on top of that, after 4 hrs of recharging, it is only 70% charged… This is far beyond ridiculous!

  • frustrated

    we havent got the iphone 5 but on the ipod did the upgrade to ios6 and its the excessive amount of data usage that has got me concerned, I am talking about a months usage in just three days. has anyone else got issues like this

  • Ed Levy

    Left it plugged in to the charger a long time, then rebooted. It’s alive!!!!!

  • Dather

    My battery is also draining more quickly than it used to. I only charged every 2-3 days but now have to charge every day. Also some of my apps are not working with IOS6 even if I delete them and download them again.

  • Brad

    Battery does good at times but have major percentage drops while its not even being used and while watching videos not happy with iOS 6 considering I had to get my iPhone 4S replaced not long after I got it cause of battery problems. Love the changes but not worth the shorter battery life

  • Casey Larimer

    I am having a MAJOR problem! It’s showing a full battery and then dies randomly, and I have to plug it back in to get it to turn back on! I had NO issues until I downloaded the new iOS.

    • vhnvn

      youre bad

  • Mon

    Since the update I can no longer talk on the phone theough my car speakers while connected to the aux port like I could before. The callers voice is no longer coming from the speakers. :-(

  • bestzin

    We have an iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and 2 iPad2s and all have had maximum standy battery life of less than four hours after installing iOs6

  • M. Kadarisman

    After installing ios6 on my iPhone 4s, surely that is battery problem on my gadget. Very fast drain of battery but many long time to charge until it reach 100%, may a whole night to charge. It doesn’t happen on ios 5.1.1…

  • Kitty

    I usually leave my Ipad on sleep mode every night and wake up the next day still having the same battery level. But after I upgraded my device to iOS6, I woke up the next day to have my Ipad fully discharged!

  • Lori Kostyan

    My 4G went from 100% to 2 % in less than 8 hours using it only for 1 text

  • Yosef Srs

    I have the same problem with my iPhone 4S 16gb after upgrading from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6 using iTunes 10.7 , my battery drained so fast even without touching the iPhone (-10 up to -15% per hour ) with all settings off ( wifi,Siri , Bluetooth , 3G, location , mail push and brightness reduced to max ) , my battery cannot stand the whole day .

  • Ccat

    “If it’s not broke don’t fix it!” I am soooooo annoyed! Both my iPhone and iPad 2 batteries drain crazy fast. Went from 100% to 77% in an hour on my iPad. All programs closed just reading. I could go days without having to charge. This needs fix or an option to go back to iOS 5!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Edmunds

    I upgraded my 4S with 5.1.1 to 6.0. What a disaster! Today phone was turned off for 5 hours and sill could not make it past 6:30PM. I have tried all published battery saving tips to no avail. HELP

  • Saket

    I lost 60% battery in just 5 hours. All this happened when my iPhone 4 was kept idle at night. Although, Wi-Fi was ON all the time.

  • Gregory Markow

    My battery both on my iPhone 4S and my iPad 2 drain in less than 6 hours. They used to last days!!! Clearly Apple did NOT test it’s product!

  • George McMurtrey

    Since upgrading to OS6 my I4 will not change into landscape which is annoying when I want to use the calculator. Any suggestions?

  • George McMurtrey

    I wish the BATTERY WHINERS WOULD TAKE A BREAK! If they think the IPHONE battery drains to fast why not try DISCONNECTING the alternator on your vehicle and see how far you get before the battery goes dead and leaves your tired butt sitting on the road. The phone plus the app’s is amazing to this ole country boy at just EXACTLY how long the battery does last

  • JasonG

    My battery life is horrible thanks to 6.0

  • Todd

    I have a 3s and my battery live wil go from 100% to 25 % in less than 8 hours even if I don’t use the phone duirng that time frame. I have 2 other co workers experienceing the exact same thing. I know one of them owns a 3s. Not sure of the other

  • M1ky Garcia


  • frustrated

    Since upgrading my iphone 4s to ios6, my screen keeps freezing up, preventing me from unlocking my phone, answering calls, etc. I’ve had my phone for over a year and haven’t experienced any problems with it….until this upgrade. Is there a way to revert to the previous operating system? Battery life is also draining quicker.

  • blessyz

    I hope Nokia release the Lumia 920 soon!

  • Thunder0ne

    Battery life drops fast on my phone after the 6.0 update everything else runs great just dont like that it drains it battery life around 17% faster then before

  • Dr. Hulbert

    Full charge to dead in under 6 hours!

  • selwyn

    I upgraded my 16G iphone 4s with the iso6, now the wifi not working…the phone wifi switch just won’t turn ON. also the map not working and the battery draining.Would like to get back using iso5.1

  • Bettyboop19

    My battery is lasting literally hours, can’t put up with that its a joke !!

  • Andy Energy

    I upgraded my Iphone 4 os from 5 to 6 and now it does not always go to sleep. when it does not sleep it has a huge drain on the battery an the phone gets warm. I would love the hand warmer if i did not live in a warm climate.

  • phonesucks

    Never have had to charge so much since the iso update. Spouse, who barely uses his phone also has his on a charger at least onece a day. Seems like anything I do takes the battery down fast. I would guess I have lost at minimum 40% of my usage time. Can’t understand why iso improvements cause so many more issues. Would love to have a solution now. Hard to run a business with a phone that keeps going dead!

  • Ricardo Brugos

    My iPhone 4 battery lasts more than a day. Usually by the end of the day I still had 30 to 40%. Now with the IOS6 by 14:30 I have 50% witch means that it will not last the day!!!
    I have reduced the number of apps, and localization but no mayor improvement. I am hoping for an update soon… Please Apple!

  • ted

    Before the os 6 update, my battery lasted a fully day without ANY problem, Now it last less than 6 hours. This is STUPID!!!! I want my PHONE Fixed. Do they not test this craq BEFORE they release it? By the way my phone is less than 6 months old. Im so disappointed in apple.

  • jk

    since updating to the ios6 on my iphone 4
    my batter dies on 50% or 60% or even as high as 80%

    its fucken annoying..
    what can i do?

    • jk

      *my PHONE DIES*

  • Barbeeboo

    I updated to IOS 6 a week ago and have had numerous problems with email and battery life on my Iphone 4S. My battery is draining at a much faster rate than mentioned in this article. I just took it off the charger and replied to ane mail. In less than 5 minutes, I was at 50% charge and I already have tons of things turned off as I have never had good battery life on this phone. I also hate the new e-mail features because if I touch part of the screen by accident a photo will be attached that I didn’t even choose or the e-mail disappears into another folder or altogether. Not sure if there is a connection to the update or even possible for this to happen, but I am receiving some (not all) e-mails on my phone and not on my home computer. I checked one day’s incoming messages on my phone against my computer and three were not on the computer. E-mails move to different folders withouot me doing a thing. I was replying to an e-mail this morning, accidentally touched the screen somehow (I guess) a photo attached that I didn’t choose, I couldn’t get rid of the photo. I saved the draft because I didn’t have time to continue and then I found the e-mail in my “Sent” folder. It’s making me crazy and I think I have to make an appt at the apple store. My disabled son has an Ipad. Regretfully I also updated it. Certain apps have disappeared from the home screen including the clock. I haven’t played with it yet, but I bet it has other problems too. Wish I’d ignored the update,.

  • bill

    Battery life is not great…..switch off siri and it improves a lot. I have noticed that shuffle no longer works on playlists when playing through bluetooth in my mazda cx5. Shuffle is selected, you press play in the car and it deselects it on the phone. It worked fine with IOS5.

  • Betoo

    I have an iPhone 4s, after iOs6 the battery is dead in less than 4 hours and the back sometimes runs very, very hot.

  • Macguy

    IPhone 5 (64GB), iOS6 (obviously), 4 hours, on WiFi, LTE on, BT off, 15min fb use, 20min emailing, the rest of the time with screen off, down only 2% (I.e. now at 98%). Best battery life ever!!! Have no idea about what people are complaining about…

  • Drainsquick

    I love my iPhone but after updating to ios6 my battery drains twice as fast as it used too. Most frustrating! Come on apple… Please issue an update to fix t!!

  • osman fadil

    all that negative comments and still pr defends apple talk about being in their pocket.apples 2 main strengths was suppose to be build quality and solid ios but neither are in the iphone 5.scuffed phones, broken maps but yet pr still loves apple,paid well i guess.

  • dylan

    i was smart and got an S3 instead of a iphone with ios 5 it sounds horrible ha

  • jj

    iphone 4s, i set the alarm at 11 pm to wake me at 6:30 am, there was 74% left on the battery but the alarm never went off as the phone was dead when i woke, this has happened two nights in a row, lost 100% battery life the second night in 7.5 hours. i never had this issue on the iphone 4.

  • Jeanne

    Been on my IPod Touch for couple of hours-already getting low battery warning. Used to last DAYS!!!!! iOS 6 is definitely the culprit!
    FIX IT!!!!!

  • SayWhat

    I’m glad I switched to the Galaxy S3. I can use my phone for over 24 hours on a single charge.

  • Matt

    Have 4s. Since installing 6 battery drain has been greater, but not too bad. With only a couple of sports update apps running this morning, and one text, it went down 18% in 4 hours. I haven’t gone in and switched anything off. But when I am running apps, like Pandora, the drain is definitely faster than before. Haven’t run into any operational issues yet. Not thrilled, but overall it sounds like I’ve got off easy, at least so far.

  • Special K

    While waiting in a dr’s waiting room, about 10 minutes, I lost 22% of my battery just by checking in on the time. God forbid me do anything to keep me occupied! I’m the last hold out in my family with the I-phone….still wondering why. I have an appointment with “The Genius” bar AGAIN this Friday so they can tell me “Hey, well we looked at it and if it does it again come back and we’ll see what we can do. We have this visit on record.” If I hear that again I might have to have the I-phone surgically removed from a “Genius Tech’s” body cavity to check’s it’s batttery life.

  • SellNRepent

    I seem to be having battery issues on my 4S after upgrading to OS6. Battery life is significantly less.

  • Fred

    All Apple products need returning and having cash returned.
    That will get them to sort there probs out.
    They just money making now with NO consern for customers.

  • Jennifer Milio

    OMG My battery doesn’t last through lunch!!! It used to last till bedtime and I never use my phone during the day!!!! This is ridiculous– apple better fix of I’m switching

  • Deb

    Battery drain is crazy…my phone does not even last a half a day!

  • Nitemare

    Apple better fix the quick drain. A lot of people are completely fumed about this. I hope they fix it in iOS 6.0.1 !!! and soon!!!! My battery was at 100% and with in an hr its at 15%!!!! Get it fixed!!!!!

  • Jf

    iOS 6.0 seems to have changed the way the phone responds to aftermarket phone charging cords. My 3GS and 4s iPhones used to accept charge from my Kensington charging cord, but now that I have changed them both to iOS 6.0, they both wont charge at all from the Kensington cord but they both charge fine from the apple cord. I noticed that there are a different number of little connectors from one cord to the other.

  • Guest 69

    My phone was doing fine with new upgrade at firs. Now it jumps from 55% to 9% then cuts off within 10 minutes. help!!

  • Oliver B

    I have a 4s and is not charging properly, i though ir Was the charger, the USB cable, ir even the socket. The iPhone is 4 months, and when battery runs out, it only charged to 20%, once gets back on, the battery icon is not showing the electric plug sign. The problem came gradually after the iOS update, first I thought the connector were the problem, I’m pretty sure not. The this morning after my alarm woke me up, I let the phone charging overnight, the screen froze and only got back to normality in the evening when the battery drained out. Now I’m trying to charge it no response. Apple has to fix this problem, I thought they weren’t as inestable as microsoft!!!

  • Anna

    Within 1hour I went from 100% to 47% and my phone got so hot that it said let it cool down. Temperature only emergency calls can be made

  • ptoz

    Is it possible for gps/maps to run even after the iphone (4s) is turned off? My phone was off several hours during a movie–I had used mapquest to get to the theatre and it was still running–and battery completed drained when I tried to turn it back on. I have no idea how the battery could have been drained unless mapquest was using it even though the phone was turned off. Any one know/experience this?

  • blueocean777

    I upgraded a perfectly good working 4s to OS6. Now can’t power down the phone, the phone speaker is so quiet I can’t hear the caller without earphones and the WIFi keeps dropping off. This has happened with my phone and my wife’s phone. I have had to revert back to our old 3g phone!! I assume the iphone team is working around the clock just to clear up the iphone 5 problems and our issues are not important.

  • Shannon

    My phone is charging super slow since i updated had it charging all night and it didnt get to 100 percent and if i use my phone while its charging the battery still drains! STUPID UPDATE!

  • skeetersmom

    It’s killing my iphone 4 which had NO battery issues before upgrading

  • Me

    It’s really hard now to switch security buttons, notifications choices, alarm, etc. from on to off.

  • cmann

    draining almost completely everyday within 6 hours with very little use (15 text maybe and a couple 10 minute phone calls) since update of ios6 on my 4s

  • jobel

    I have the iPhone 4 and my battery life is horrible since iso6… I used to have to charge my phone once every day or I have to charge it 2-3 times per day..I so want to be back on iso5 but tried to no avail…

  • pieRr0Ur

    My iPhone 3GS was purchased way back from 2009. It had exceptional battery life while it was running iOS 3 & 4. But when I upgraded to iOS 5, it seemed to be ridiculously draining faster. It was noticeable. I can’t go on a day without plugging it for like 3-5 times. I was looking for online solutions but none of them was actually worth noting for nothing was working. Last September, I upgraded to iOS 6. Hopeful that it might fix my battery woes, it did not. Even worse, battery life lasts for now only ~4 hours. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch in advance! BTW, I use my iPhone for college.

  • sippedOffGirl

    My apps keep crashing all the freaking time!!!! I’ve never been so sipped off in my life, this is jus crazy an ridiculous. FIX IT NOW!!! :@

  • Dissapoonted

    At 730 my phone was full bat 840 it was red ready to die? I thought I was only one having issues! I hate it and its been after 6.01 and it gets real hot

  • Gspears

    Leif your iPhone 4s seems to go thru the battery faster I would purchase a mophie case it protects and is an additional battery all in one . Its worth the 80.00 makes my battery life almost two days.

  • asdf

    battery doesn’t in last a whole day, even with the bug updates! ridiculous!

  • Jo Frith

    i have 4s and updated to 6.0.1 since then I can’t use either app store or iTunes. The wifi connection is either slow as treacle or can’t see the network or once connected it drops the connection. Certainly not worth the price I paid for it.

  • Ducati4me

    I have an iPhone 5 and just update to iOS 6.0.1 and since then the battery goes flat, with little use in under 4 hours. It lasted 12 to 14 hours before the update. I have turned off everything, carried out a reset and reboot twice a number of times but no improvement!

  • Kevin Cox

    Changed over to ios 6 thinking it was going to be so much better, how wrong I was!! Battery now lasts between 5-6 hours from full charge to the 10% battery warning appearing, which is ridiculous. I’ve turned off all the push notifications, stopped using a lot of Apps, but it doesn’t seem to have improved it at all. Is anyone else experiencing problems turning on Wi-Fi as well now that they are using ios 6?? Even the on-off slider doesn’t illuminate when you select Wi-Fi in the settings. Then when it does appear it takes ages to connect with a Wi-Fi service. Since installing ios 6 I haven’t been able to connect to Maccy D’s cloud Wi-Fi, but it does connect to my home Wi-Fi. SORT IT OUT APPLE!!!!

  • oskargo

    I have 4s running ios 6.0.1, was 100% charged at 7am and at 2pm was down to 19%, with not very heavy usage!

  • Ryan

    My battery goes from 49 to 8 percent in about a half hour even after charging it all night, this new update is absolutely ridiculous. Definitely go Samsung if you can

  • Riyad

    My I phone 4s starts draining battery’s since I update to iOS 6. How can I fix this problems and I only have this phone for almost one year now. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • Appled

    i have an iphone 4 since the update to iOS6 and iOS6.1, the phone switches itself off regularly and the battery will not charge past 57%. I took the phone into Apple they said it wasa problem with the firmware and told me to set it up as a new phone. But if anything the problem has got worse. How can i get Apple to sort the problem as i have no warranty left and the people at the genius bar havent really got a clue!

  • Andrew

    I have IPhone 4, I am running. Erosion 5.1.1 because I did not want to switch to the new mapping my phone was working fine, until nov 14 my battery started to die from 100 to 0 in just 5 hours with no use and it was in the off mode, with all apps and location services off.

  • Foodguy2

    My 4s now shuts off randomly and only restarts by pressing home and power button simultaneously. Occasionally can now be used to fry an egg as well now.

  • winson

    my battery life drop like insane,my 3gs is like a rubbish rite now

  • Mark Gonzales

    my iphone 4S with ios 6.0.1 is getting hotter when i charged it on a spot where no network signal can be found and it will indicate the “pull plug” in the battery but the percent is only 80% but if i turned on the airplane mode the ” pull plug ” that indicates disappear and it will continue to 100% and my iphone gets warm.. and i also notice since this happened my iphone only last for one day even i often used it.. before it last for two days.. can anyone help me pls thanks

  • Andy Beechey

    i have had a problem recently my iphone 4gs appears to crash but shows a low battery icon and freezes, it has happened twice now once using the itorch the other using the micoach app, the strange thing is when the issues happened just before the battery was saying around 70% full !! when i get home and pluc it into the mains the phone immedietly comes back to life showing the it is still 70% charged, is this a known glitch ??

  • Battery👎

    Battery life is ridiculous. Even if I’m at work all day not using my iPhone at all it drains like crazy. I usually charge it before I go to bed and over night it loses 20%. Something’s wrong here apple.

  • lauri

    I waited to download iOS 6 until I could use goggle maps. Yesterday I downloaded iOS6 and my battery will not stay charged at all. I am losing about 20% an hour without using the phone at all. This is ridiculous.

  • Kat McElroy

    I still am using my 3GS and my husband has the iPhone 4, mine won’t load games , other apps keep crashing , my wifi doesnt work either, i have hade to disable my wifi completly . and I really miss my google maps , my husbands 4 is running really slow wifi isn’t working all the time and his battery is draining faster than normal, for $200 a month I am extreamly annoyed, i loved our iphones but now for that kind of money a droid that works better and is way cheaper a month than iphone is looking better an better everyday .

  • Billy jean

    My iPhone 4 has started dying at 30%.

  • jerry

    i charged my wife’s phone which is about 3 months old iPhone 4S to 89%. In one hour it went down to 32% just sitting on the table…Scary and disappointing. I’m going to the apple store to express my feeling towards this…

  • jasmine

    When my iPad get to 7% it turns completely off. Why?