Skyrim’s PR disaster with Dawnguard on PS3

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From the perspective of most PS3 owners Dawnguard has been a marketing disaster for Bethesda, and if it wasn’t enough that PS3 players saw Microsoft’s money buying a timed exclusive now they have no idea when the first Skyrim DLC will land on their games console. It is fair that Dawnguard shouldn’t release with major problems, but its been 3 weeks since the Xbox 360 exclusive ended, 7 weeks since the Xbox 360 received the DLC, and over 9 months since the game launched.

The longer Dawnguard takes to arrive on PS3 the more gamers will boycott – we’ve heard some people talking about never buying another Bethesda title since the release of Skyrim, and at first we just thought these gamers would get over it when Dawnguard finally releases, but considering the delay has lasted even longer and with “no-timeframe“, it looks like the list of gamers not planning to buy Dawnguard is growing.

We previously touched on the 30 day exclusive and wondered what Bethesda did in this time with Dawnguard on the PS3 platform, and the majority of gamers agreed with us that more communication is needed between the developers and Skyrim fans, especially when it comes to the PlayStation 3 owner. This article also included a quote giving the reason why the PS3 DLC is being delayed, the exact reason had not been given, although the last official word came from Bethesda on Twitter. They stated there’s “no specific timeframe” for information or even a release date, so you can understand how this only frustrates PS3 gamers even more.

What will happen when Skyrim DLC 2 arrives? We are expecting another 360 exclusive, but after problems on the PS3 some gamers have fears that similar delays could appear when the second DLC launches. Some PS3 players have even resorted to selling their copy of Skyrim, which might seem a little extreme but considering the lack of information it can be understood.

If you’re a PS3 owner with Skyrim, will you download Dawnguard when it releases and do you expect a discount? In our opinion Skyrim has been amazing and well worth the money, we have put hundreds of hours into both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but it’s clear that the PS3 version has been a PR disaster and one that might make some players never return to a Bethesda game again. This is thanks to major PS3 frame-rate issues shortly after Skyrim launched and a lack of communication with PS3 owners, which has made some people on this platform feel disregarded. At least patch 1.7 is now on all platforms with the new features and bug fixes, although there’s plenty of quests still needing attention.

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  • Nick R

    Disregarded is right, all this just makes me feel PS3 owners aren’t as valuable to Bethesda as everyone else. Just some more information would be great, rather than keeping us so in the dark.

  • Robert Perez

    Bethesda might have had a contract with Microsoft for a 30 day exclusivity on their games. But at this point it is just ridiculous. Oblivion only saw Shivering Isles released on PS3 while the Xbox version of the game saw more additional content. I think it is illegal to do something like that since PS3 users payed for the same game. I really hope the same thing does not happen with Skyrim. That is my only fear about the game. But in the sense of money, Bethesda is the prostitute of the video game world, bending over backwards and sniff of money.

    • jahmic

      Oblivion was ported to the PS3…the original title came out before the console was released. Could they have also ported the DLC? Probably…but they didn’t exactly shaft PS3 players in that case…at least the PS3 version got the game and a DLC at all.

      That being said, PS3 owners are definitely being treated like the red-headed stepchild in this case. It’s clear that Microsoft would have preferred an exclusive…and they’ve been using their dollars to make sure Bethesda gives them their full attention.

      • Robert Perez

        I’m not sure if SONY could do anything to help its PS3 owners, but I think they should be putting some pressure just like Microsoft did.

  • John K

    I have both Xbox 360 and PS3, but long ago gave up using the PS3 for anything other than playing Blu-Ray disks. The PS3 is just too complex, spends far too much of its time in slow updates and the game buying process is just a mess. I no longer care about how long it takes any developer to deliver a PS3 version of a game.

    • Chris

      I laugh that you think the PS3 is too complex or what other nonsense you said cause i never had problem buying a game or updating it. The God of War 3 devs disputed the complexity argument long time ago. It’s probably just an exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

      • michael

        dude really ps3 for coding is alot more complex when your trying to build the game on pc then transferring it to xbox and ps3 the coding for ps3 is overly complex for almost every 3rd party game which is why the only good ps3 games are sony branded exclusives. you can’t get mad at bethesda because of a poorly coded console

        • Spiritreaver

          The PS3 has been out for 6 yrs now and i’m positive Developement Kits of some kind have been available to game companies before that. If Bethesda can’t code for the system at this point in the PS3′s life, to this extent, thats really on them at this point.

          I love their games as much as the next gamer, but your woefully inadequate defense of them just won’t cut it this time. In fact the “PS3 HARD!!!!!” defense has been insufficient for quite a while now in general. And if coding for the PS3 IS too hard for them, they should withdraw from the platform. Period.

      • John K

        The “nonsense” I said about complexity was not complexity of software development, but complexity of use. Like the time that I chose to pay for a game using Amex (one of the available choices) and it came back with an unknown error. It took the support people 40 minutes to figure out that despite Amex being an option, Amex was not supported.

        And time after time, an update is required which takes forever to download and forever to instal, when all I wanted to do was to watch a movie.

        Or the times when it loses my ID and I have to re-enter the ID and password.

        Or the way updates tell me “The latest Update Data was found – Version x.xx” which sounds like I already have the latest update, but of course I don’t.

        Or the nerdy way the PS3 refers to Movie DVDs as “DVDROM”.

        It’s just not a polished experience.

        To top it off they took the “Other OS” capability away. It’s no big deal, But my plan was to tinker with this AND keep using it as a Blu-Ray player.

  • Terry Clees

    I loved Skyrim! However, I have moved on and with Madden 13 and football season here I will not be getting the DLC

  • Kim

    First, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dawnguard is released today on PS3.

    Pretty sure it failed certification with Sony and this explains the delay.

    Also, Pete Hines should be fired.

    • Peter

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Dawnguard being released today.. That’s a good one!!! You think Methesda will all of a sudden do something humane for PS3 users?

      • Lyle Snead

        ^the reason he found this to be so funny is because he’s really Pete Hines XD

      • Gabe

        Methesda? What is this breaking bad lol?

      • I agree

        Well crackthesda never releases anything on time for PS3. I think it’ll come out with the 2nd DLC comes out for Xbox 3shitty

      • Kim

        No, I don’t. But it would not surprise me. I play on PC, we got the 1.7 patch and Dawnguard was suddenly released with no fanfare whatsoever. 1.7 was released for PS3 last week, and the releases are often on Tuesdays. My reasoning is valid.

    • Spiritreaver

      Totally agree that some action on Bethesda’s part should be taken against Hines. Maybe not a complete firing, but this guy should NOT be in charge of PR anymore.

  • How it is

    I wont be getting it for many reasons, all of which are a direct consequence of the delayed release. Although Bethesda’s attitude has left a sour taste and quite rightly is enough of a deal breaker for some, The boycott could be seen as petulance but I think in this case it is justified; Bethesda have to remember that without the customer they are nothing and would do well to remember that next time they release a game. Ps3 gamers would have queued up to give them their money but are now not certain. That is not the whole story, however, I also think that many gamers will be put off buying the DLC because the excitement has petered out and become a saga with no end in sight, after all this time there would be no surprises for me should I buy Dawnguard.
    If Microsoft thought that their exclusive period on games would attract gamers over form Ps3 then they have misjudged the temperament of gamers. “Low blow” business tactics (for which Microsoft is infamous) reek of desperation. If you want to dominate the market then the way to do it is to bring out a product that blows competitors away, not by undermining them. The people who are hurt by this are their target customers who, I can testify feel nothing but resent for both Microsoft and Bethesda. The only benefits to 360 gamers are superficial bragging rights which says all it needs to about Microsoft. Of course Microsoft are not responsible for the extended delay, that blame lies squarely on Bethesda.

    • Clark Nichols

      I’m an X-box owner and wouldn’t brag about anything-but I purchased the system b/c DLC’s arrive on the console first. However to be fair Sony seemingly didn’t have developers in mind when creating their console so only a handful of companies exist squarely as PS3 creators w/ god of war or Uncharted being examples of those developer’s properties. Bethesda Makes decent enough games w/ skyrim exemplifying a world that’s not just enemies but NPCs filling out their world giving one some reason to actually feel like saving the world. I’ve been playing Dark Souls, great RPG but also not a world that one can really care about-also suffering from some bugs. Dawnguard as a dlc isn’t about surprises at this point but about rekindling the feeling of wonder that Skyrim always has-however the additions to the realm are underwhelming at best and overpriced at worst For PS3 gamers I feel bad right now b/c this is a tough time and as gamers we should remember we’re all on the same side-the whole microsoft exclusivity doesn’t mean we’ve actually received a worthy expansion earlier, just that what shipped shipped earlier. Kotaku was right saying it’s not really worth buying. Though with Beth apparently working mainly on stuff for the next console cycle their only source of cash will be the Skyrim DLCs

      • Adam

        I’m a ps3 user, was hyped about the release of dawnguard, but living in australia, we still haven’t received the 1.6-1.7 update, let alone the lack of information in regards to dawnguard. a few mates of mine do have an xbox 360 and after having a sample run with that and hearing their reviews, not gonna waste my money on it. have played skyrim for approx. 400 hours and there’s pretty much nothing to do anymore except repetitive generic tasks. gonna trade it back for something, anything, maybe even just a bit of credit. MAYBE i’ll consider buying fallout 4 when it comes out but i might be too old by then…although i’ll probably wait a year or two after its release to make sure at least half the bugs are fixed…hugz to all my fellow ps3 playaz and don’t be too down. all this means is that we have a clear understanding that bethesda don’t give a SH*T about us.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        Less developers are exclusive to the 360 than the PS3, and the PS3 WAS made with developers in mind- its architecture is just really hard to make good use of compared to a more straight-forward system like the Xbox.

        I do agree, though, all gamers should be on the same side. Personally, I just get whatever’s best, though I am against Nintendo since they hold back technology and try to use that as a strength of theirs. That’s not good for the industry at all and I could design better hardware in only a few hours than their designers can over a period of years, it’s overwhelmingly horrific.

  • Lyle Snead

    I’ve become extremely disappointed and annoyed with this situation, I’m not sure if the execs at Bethesda are Xbox “fanboys” or if they have some sort of beef with Sony, but the neglect didn’t start with Skyrim on PS3 it always seems to be a very uneven playing field with Bethesda Games and DLC, whatever the case–the players on the PS3 platform shouldn’t have to suffer such ignorance..

    I feel as though Bethesda generally develops games with the Xbox in mind, and develop for other platforms as afterthoughts just to collect money from those who have other systems/computers; that may be the reason why PC/PS3 owners contend with such problems, because there is no question as to who Bethesda caters to..

    As for me, I will definitely be more cautious when deciding whether or not to buy a Bethesda game, if I had waited before buying Skyrim I could have avoided this whole mess..

    • michael

      no that is completely wrong first they build games on pc like all companies. pc has lots of glitches because its hard to make something compatable with the many different computer set ups almost everyone pc is different from the graphics card to the memory so its not as cut and dry as you say. plus with ps3 its all about the coding to be able to transfer and be able to work with 3 different systems in mind ps3 has lots of poor coding in it and no the God of War Devs are a sony based company they are paid to praise so and debunk supposed myths so no need to bring that up. but really ps3 owners complain that their games lagging or they have issues with all 3rd party devs that port for pc, ps3, and xbox its not just bethesda thats had issues and its not their fault its the ps3s fault

      • Nick Anteau

        really? they programed it for pc? are you high? games are designed for console and ported to pc. if a game is dersigned for pc, it usually wont on consoles, since they are horribly underpowered compared to even the cheapest pc’s. look at battlefield 3, how much they had to cut out (amazing graphics, 64 player multiplayer) to fit it onto a console. very few companies design their games for pc first. and there are standards, directx and open gl, which make it easy to code. the whole dawnguard issue is the result of greedy executives and lazy programmers, who focus more on patches then finishing the game. old pc games, that were designed for pc, run wonderfully, unpatched, because designers put work into them. i miss those days.

        • Spiritreaver

          Mr. Anteau is 100% correct here. In this case the console in question was the Xbox 360.

          With the way things are turning out, i have the suspicion that the fact Dawnguard was made with the 360 in mind is directly contributing to why it was difficult to port to PC and why its not on the PS3 yet…..2 months later.

        • Max7673

          64 player multiplayer on BF3 for PC was DICE’s way of saying that they still have PC in mind because the first Battlefield was only on PC so that is a mute point. As for Skyrim it may have been programed FOR X-box first but all programing starts on a PC.

        • Lyle

          All games are developed on PC’s, but the target system they are designed to run on is a completely different story, and that’s the story I was telling–there is no argument that Skyrim was initially designed for the Xbox, Bethesda themselves have stated this, so I can totallt disregard ‘Michael’s’ rebuttal, of course you have the run-of-the-mill System Bashers and Fanboys raiding every conversation online; but this isn’t about the systems..

          Plenty of 3rd Party Developers have had the ability to release Games/DLC simultaneously across all platforms, so kill that argument of PS3 vs. Xbox coding etc. it means nothing in this situation–we have here a company who took a bribe from another company they frequently rub shoulders with, and on top of that, criptic, evasive, and almost disrespectful answers to the questions that have been asked by the players on the outside looking in, its unacceptable in this day and age, there is too much competition and other vices around that can easily steal away your clientele if youre a game developer and Bethesda seems to not understand that..

        • michael

          actually no the target system was PC like it always has been for Bethesda and all their RPG’s they care more for that community then any other console because they like seeing the mods that are put out they help by giving PC users the dev kits to build their own mods the argument that the game was designed for Xbox is the worst one I’ve ever heard. they always have been avid listeners to their PC community. plus who as 3rd party devs really builds games with PS3 in mind none because PS3′s fan base is small compared to Xbox 360 and PC. i’ll give them credit Sony tried something new it was a good idea for PS3 only companies but not for 3rd party devs. the devs are making games for us to make money they aren’t greedy until they become apple or at least Activision. and to those who said they programmed it for PC why don’t you go back and read the initial comment again then maybe you’ll realize it says they build and code all games like every company ON PC. then if they port it to PS3 they have to recode almost everything from the original format to a new one that will run smoothly on PS3.

        • Lyle


          Now you’re just embarrassing yourself, it is widely known that the PC version of Skyrim is a Console Port–Pete Hines himself in multiple interviews and at E3, mentioned that Skyrim was developed primarily for Consoles.. Google It..

          If you’re going to try to counter what I say with unfounded statements I’m calling you out everytime, search on the net anywhere you want and you’re not going to find anyone officially stating that Bethesda developed it for PC’s, the PC community themselves can inform you that it’s a console port (albeit an impressive one) any PC Players knowledgable on the subject care to chime in?

          Anyway, without proper evidence your argument is invalid and I can’t continue to indulge it, 30 Day Exclusives are one thing, failure to properly and diligently run a business is a completely different story–All I’m hearing is “Xbox this–PS3 that” so I’m disregarding anything further from you if that’s all you can bring to the table..

          There is no real excuse as to why this delay occurred as far as console coding is concerned, and releasing anything with bugs has never stopped Bethesda before, there is no communication and no time-frame given and that is disappointing to say the least–I bought the game on release full price, as many other PS3 owners did, and we deserve rrspect at the least..

        • Alan Attridge

          You sir are a very large moron as Michael said they Develope ON PC then port to console and subsequently must recode the entire game 100% top-to-bottom to run on that consol and each console has it’s own code.
          As for the Xbox vs PS3 exclusivity Sony did the same thing for years with Rockstar North with Grand Theft Auto III-Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and as far as this is concerned it is because like every INDUSTRY it’s a BUISINESS who’s primary concern will always be to make money.
          Now I don’t like the PS3, PS2, or PS1 as Sony has really lost thier concern about thier customers in the game world over the years there should have been a PS3 During the Original Xbox era as even though they were of the “Same generation” it was like comparing a new computer to a computer from 2000. Aside from the obvious fact that Sony tried to wait as long as possible before starting to develop the PS3 they have also released “Updates” that have actually removed software features from all PS3′s that connect to the internet (if you don’t believe me look it up Sony’s still getting sued in the U.S. over it) and if taking features away from you isn’t enough thier free online service due to lake of funding suffered from lag due to lack of dedicated online servers (witch cost money) and hackers due to lack of personel to deal with investigation and prevention AND of course no one can forget about PSN’s biggest and most embarrassing failure when their main data servers hacked into and hundereds of peoples personal information was confirmed as stolen again most likely due to the lack of funding that the PSN has compared to Xbox Live witch has massive amounts of funding witch provide 24/7 dedicated game servers as well as the resourses to find and remove hackers from the system as well as pay programers to remove any bugs or glitches found in the Xbox Live Networks.
          Now I know witch system I would choose over and over every single time and as for all of you who like sinking ships BON VOYAGE

        • LK

          I agree Nick and for an example about how games originally made for pc are usually only pc games is SWTOR

    • Billy Spandex

      I don’t really care, either way they’re never getting my money again, but I’ll still play their games. If it means I have to pirate so be it, but Bethesda has practically stolen from me, and I will do the same to them. Eye for an Eye.

  • chris

    i own both xbox360 and ps3, and in my oppinion xbox360 is the enemy, if they did not have such a sitty system microsoft would not have to bribe dev. for exclusivity and with thier DRM bull, i will never buy aother microsoft system, since tyheri next system will keep you from selling your games.

    • michael

      all major companies are looking into this not just microsoft and the specs are equal on both consoles except the graphics card on the ps3 though in most games its not being used to its full potential so its usually on par with xbox

  • Brutus D

    BETHESDA, just don’t release any more of your DLC’s on X-BOX until you know for a fact that it will be available on the other gaming consoles thirty days from then! THAT SIMPLE! Because no gaming company would try pulling this crap with an actual Game release date! Sorry for being so blunt, you guys do rock, and thanks for the 1.7 update. But a little more thought should be put into your upcoming DLC’s release dates.

    • Brock Brigham

      Don’t say sorry its what they need to here to pull their heads out of their a%$ and hurry withe the DLC before they loss too much fans. If Bethesda reads these blogs i say go to hell. >:(

  • ninja

    Well if there better be a discount. $20 was too much to begin with in my opinion. I’ll settle for 10 to 12. But alas they don’t care. Maybe its their plan to drop playstation….

  • DB

    This delay is horrible for lack of better words. At this rate ps3 fans should get the DLC at a discount.

    • LK

      I say we should get it for free I’ve been waiting for months! This really pisses me off

  • Zoom

    We ps3 players now diserve a discount

    • halligator

      You should pay twice as much for misspelling deserve.

    • ThePirateThief

      100% We should at least get 5 bucks off if not half off!!

    • The_Truth

      No, you do not. Especially because of all the whining done by the ps3 community. Would you give a discount to a bitchy asswipe?

      • True_To_The_Truth

        you’d do the same bud if it was ps3 exclusive and they did this to xbox, so i don’t know who you’re trying to kid with this comment because you’re no better

        arrogant people like you make me laugh :P

        • Brian Black

          I am sure none of you have any idea why it is delayed, you are merely pointing fingers wildly. It is not the end of the world, and this may not even be bethesda’s fault for all we know. How would you feel if your actions caused people to lose their job, and then in delicious irony make everything come out slower and with more bugs due to training new employees, loss of experience, etc. I would not do the same as you, and I think it makes you arrogant to assume your self-righteous indignation makes you automatically correct to all, and others merely not understanding. Also, calling someone a child is so subjective it is meaningless, used in politics on the level of generalizing entire countries.

        • Dragonage Jack

          Perhaps he would, but hey at least he uses Grammar correctly! Maybe he would but I wouldn’t do the same if it was PS3 exclusive! I would still complain, we have full rights to complain! After all Bethesda is a Sony company!

      • Shayne

        We deserve to complain, considering they don’t give jack about PS3 players.

        GTFO xbox fanboy.

  • TheRunawayTroll

    my guess is if they don’t release it in august for ps3 then it will probally be canceled

  • the face

    so wtf bethesda i understand that the ps3 version was having problems but they should have some kind of news for ps3 owners since august the 2nd like are the problems worsening, dissapearing, are they gonna cancel the dlc? (hope not) but almost makes me wanna hop on the boycott thing with others against bethesda

  • guest

    i will never buy another Bethesda product again. it simply isn’t worth the headache of shitty PR, game breaking bugs in all titles, and the company’s general disregard for its customers. had Bethesda even made an attempt to reconcile Playstation users, i would feel differently, but with the continued silence, along with the rapid approach of the two month mark, Bethesda has proven that they simply do not care about their customers, and as *How it is* said an hour ago, without us, Bethesda would not exist, they would do well to remember that.

  • CJM

    Even as a PC gamer, I think PS3 players should’ve got the DLC before us at a lower price. Given what they’ve been through, they don’t deserve yet another delay. Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a painful wait if Bethesda had actually been a little less silent instead of saying “I unno” whenever asked about it.

  • HunglikeHorse

    I personally love my PS3 because for the most part PS3 owners tend to be older and more mature than XBOX users. The delay saddens me and it makes it seem as if the PS3 is not as important and if they were having this many bugs, maybe the PS3 is not as awesome as I thought it was…… However, after spending over 200 hours in Skyrim…. the game is now boring to me… just not the weak quests….. everything……

  • Jack Blankenship

    i have wasted 50 dollars waiting fr dawnguard i had money just for dawnguard but i ended up getting shitty games that i dont even like thanks alot bethesda

    • RJ

      More fool you, how is it Bethesda’s fault that you chose to spend money on shitty games you don’t like? You could have bought anything with that $50, or saved it if you don’t want anything. Your rabid consumerism is your problem.

      Not that I’m justifying Bethesda’s actions at all, but that comment is ridiculous and makes the rest of us with real complaints look bad.

  • Jack Blankenship

    all these years ps3 gets crap we always get crap it is so unfair if this continues and bethesda drops playstation we should team up with rockstar and makes sure microsoft gets crap as well

  • Colin

    I think Bethesda doesn’t even care about us Playstation people anymore. Thanks Microsoft, you and your damn “Money buys everything” business approach has screwed us over yet again. I’m still never buying another Xbox after mine broke in 2 weeks.

    • Right_Direct

      i will never buy any Microsoft product!!!!

  • Patrick Roup-Mullen

    I don’t have a PS3 but a 360. I don’t have Dawnguard either. I get while all PS3 users are upset. Please understand you can’t get what you want when you expect to get it. I mean they have 3 systems to work on. PS3 has had so many problems but didn’t you ever wonder why? I’ve always heard PS3 is harder to get games right. So usually that’s why it takes some games longer to release on PS3. They shouldn’t of released it on PS3 until they fixed the problems but then again all of you would complain once again. I rather wait for the game to be good rather than realese a game that’s half finished but it’s not a game companies fault bcause gamers this gen cry and complain to get their games when they demand.

    • How it is

      The difference in a ps3, I believe is the architecture of the cores. Rather than having a singe RAM equivalent they have individual cores dedicated to a single purpose. In theory this is a better system but harder to program for. Are Bethesda just being lazy or trying to do a good job? I fear its the former as surely by now they would have updated us on the progress.

    • Victor

      You say the problem is with the console (Ps3). Its Bethesda that still doesnt know hoe to use the cell processor

  • Fkin Bethesda…

    I used to be a Bethesda enthusiast on the PS3 like you… Then my DLC took an arrow to the knee.


      No! Never say the forbidden phrase online, they’ll come for you 0.0

      • Pete Hines

        I’m coming for you, Colin!

        • Perter Hines “Horrible” PR

          Your not Pete Hines. Bethesda isn’t going to release this dlc for Ps3. It has already been decided. We like sucking off Microsoft because they pay us for it, simple as that. We just like to pull the dicks of Ps3 users. Mwahahaha

  • RuffneckBass

    this is bull man better give us a discounting man ive been playing elder scrolls since morrwind and this is how you treat us man

  • Blah

    I think Dawnguard looks awesome and I am willing to pay without a discount.

  • Wyatt

    I’m about to just throw Skyrim on the shelf with the Rest of the games I don’t play like Fallout. It is ridiculous that it has taken so long and I’m about to never buy their games unless Dawnguard comes out NOW and we get a discount.

  • plko

    ps3 deserves to have the price cut to 10-15 dollars.

  • Colin

    Are you high or something dude? I’m mainly pissed because Bethesda hasn’t said a WORD beyond “No time-frame” If they could just give us SOMETHING then I wouldn’t care as much. But they have handled this completely wrong. As some of the guys said below, they’e all Xbox fanboys.

  • Jeremy Garrett

    Lets face it, its highly unlikely they will discount something they’ve already put this much effort into. Erase that idea from your mind. However, maybe doing the next DLC(if it ever comes to that) a discounted price AND exclusive to ps3 for no less than 1 week. I think its fair and isnt asking too much.

  • Michael Osborne

    Well PS3 players, if we have waited this long then we don’t need it.

  • Elliott

    I’d rather wait than give any of my money to Microsoft

  • Angel

    I’m not sure how Microsoft thinks this charade is going to help them, Microsoft has been doing nothing but bullying people into buying their console, trying to catch flies with vinegar rather than honey. No Microsoft, work on your product, not undermining others, that’s how we end up with lousier more expensive products, from companies like that running counter to productivity to make a profit.

    The annoying thing here isn’t that Bethesda are running into problems, it’s that the DLC is only being worked on now for ps3, the DLC wasn’t finished when it came out, they didn’t even start, This should have been done a long time ago, Bethesda is just being paid to screw over half it’s own fanbase, and when companies care more about profit than the game they’re making those games get released unfinished usually filled with bugs, good for Bethesda in the short term, terrible in the long term when people loose faith in them.

  • David A. Murati

    even free

  • Brock Brigham

    I might not even buy dawnguard when it comes out. At least Blizzard has the balls to tell their fans what the problem is. I bet by the time Dawnguard comes out MOP for world of warcraft would already be out.

  • angry

    its just cheeky of bethesda. i understand that they want to release dawnguard working without or with few minor bugs but the xbox version has been out for 7 weeks now and nobody can tell me that it takes that long. i considering not buying dawnguard. skyrim was my last bethesda game

  • Dylan Pye

    ps3 owners should get a discount since this was an highly anticipated dlc

  • :D

    All You PS3 People Moaning About how you should get a discount, just be happy you got skyrim, i mean microsoft could have just made the franchise an exclusive

    • Daniel Smith

      I’d go back to Demon’s Souls myself if that happened…

    • Spiritreaver

      How telling is your comment? You do realize that Bethesda is supposedly NOT a Microsoft asset?

  • Dave! Yognaut

    I don’t give a damn about dawnguard any more. I’m busy playing New Vegas which I got preowned for £10. Great game, all dlc included, Bethesda get nothing from me(because it’s used) and Ive saved a few quid. I wouldn’t buy Dawnguard now if they sold it for a pound.

    • Billy Spandex

      That’s the spirit, don’t give them any more of your cash.

  • Razgriz646

    Also bethesda didnt make FONV they published it obsidian studioes made FONV

  • dr.rumor

    Do what I did… trade your ps3 version of sky rim for an Xbox 360 version and power level your 8th guy and quit crying… if its so easy then go developed a game yourself. Someone said ps3 owners are older and more mature? I have yet to see it in this thread. Quit taking estrogen pills and suck it up.

    • slender

      its been six years, they should be used to developing ps3 games, else why try to? they’ve brought out games for ps3 before, but this is taking the piss. why would i trade in my ps3 copy of skyrim for an xbox copy? i neither own an xbox nor wish to own an xbox. think before you post, anyone here complaining almost certainly doesn’t have an xbox, an those that do, are the acceptable few who realise that microsoft id just out for as quick a buck as they can get, even though it’ll come back to haunt them. we must be more mature, i doubt a ps3 owner would be retarded enough to post without thinking about what they’re saying.

    • Spiritreaver

      While Colin is quite…zealous?…i think your suggestion is quite disenguinuos in its own right. Even suggesting that the proper course of action is to purchase a whole other console to enjoy what was advertised as multi-platform content is just flat wrong and condescending in the extreme.

      Also, if a top game developer is having this much trouble coding for an elderly console; then what does that say about said developer? IMO it can say a few things:

      1) They shouldn’t have taken customer’s $$ in a good faith agreement to release content and support in in a timely manner in the first place.

      2) All three versions of the content were not completed when the Xbox 360 version went live, as they all should have been.

      and 3) Some official communication beyond some dude’s personal twitter feed should have been in place from the word go. Much of the current uproar could have been avoided if Bethesda had kept its customers in the the loop, so to speak.

  • Razgriz646

    well Xbox fanboys arent any better when it comes to this they get the DLC first but they whine and moan about the bugs

  • Error

    In all honesty, I doubt people will actually go through with boycotting (its all bark from angry gamers).
    As a PS3 owner, I do expect a discount for this DLC. I’ve invested the same amount of money as any PC or XBOX360 owner and I’m not happy waiting the 44+ days for this DLC. The lack of communication between Bethesda and its gamers is down right despicable. I’m starting to believe Bethesda is just being paid (by microsoft or whoever) to say that the PS3 version of the DLC has too many bugs and withholding beyond the 30 day agreement.

  • Razgriz646

    ive yet to see a mature xbox gamer too

  • Razgriz646

    ya probably bill gates he is such a billionare he can blow away his money on the little thing like DLC’s

  • Alien

    FYI, PS3 is an extremely difficult platform to program for and games usually take longer to make and patch. But in this case, that’s not an excuse. They’ve have more than enough time to get this ready. This isn’t a game, this is an Expansion! How long does it take to make the game smooth and improve Frame Rates?! It’s been TOO long. I’m starting to sincerely think that PS3 owners should get a discount or maybe even have it free.

    • Dave! Yognaut

      If its so difficult to code for PS3, how come every other games company manages to make PS3 games without a problem? The real problem here is Microsoft.

  • slender

    we should get a discount (around $13, £8, thats about the same price) for 30 days (our own exclusive period, but better), then full price afterwards if its released before mid september. if its not, 60 days free exclusivity if its released after mid september. thats fair. who agrees?

  • Mumbojumbo

    I lost all faith and respect for Bethesda. I had bought all of their games and doc for fallout and skyrim. but after this treatment they won’t see another cent of my money. they are not the only company making great games.

  • sxs5

    Hahahahaha discount hahahha we ll get F**K all and we know it, Bethesda can stick their DLC right up their AR** hahaha

  • JJ

    unless I receive a major discount on this overly drawn out delay of the dlc then f off Bethesda

  • Derek

    Yeah I think we ps3 players deserve a discount and patch 1.7 is fun and all but was only amusing for a day or two

  • boo hoo

    Is the PS3 version ready? What would you say if I told you that Bethesda is under contract with Microsoft to release in September? The problem with the plan is that PS3 gamers are more likely to go to PC then purchase an Xbox. I know I did. The only thing they got out of me was the 360 PC controller. All this crying over the release for PS3 is sad. True gamers are not limited to one system.

  • xhast

    I don’t get why so many people are getting upset over a DLC that only adds about 10 hours of gameplay. Saying you will never buy a Bethesda game is pointless because to be honest, they make great games. And the people that are saying PS3 owners only got one DLC for Oblivion are wrong because we got Knights of the Nine with the original copy, PC and Xbox users had to purchase it.

  • Brixter de Leon


  • CodeBlue

    The only way i will buy Dawnguard now, is if it’s for $10. This wait is ridiculous and the fact that Bethesda always leaves Sony players in the dust only angers me further.

  • Wrap

    We deserve more content, or cheaper price for this whole mess. They really have kept us out of the loop, and if they want any form of loyalty from PS3 gamers- some extra effort will need to happen.

  • Schimel555

    I’ll still buy it, so what if its late, ive heard its really not that great anyway, stop whining, at least ps3 has the game on its platform in its first place. And the side quests never end, so its not like you ran out of stuff to do! I have 2 seperate characters with over 120 hours accumulitive, and i still have fun messing around

    Stop bitching


  • skyrim fan

    i will get the dlc but i want a discount!!

  • brian

    i ended up buying skyrim for xbox ( i own both consoles) just to play Dawnguard. if they released it on PS3, i could of saved 60 bucks or so.

  • mikey

    This is honestly taking way too long. Dawnguard should have been released weeks ago. PC even got before us and Xbox got it several weeks ago. And they are just pissing more people of by giving us 3 word answers. At this rate we deserve a HUGE and much needed discount or at least a bonus because if not, they can kiss all of my and my friends money goodbye!

  • anterio

    You have till august to release dawnguard bethseda if you dont release it then youve lost my support


    Why is the ps3 so buggy?

    It is because of the cell processor. Other games such as battlefield have little console related bugs. Why can’t bethesda learn how to use the cell processor? Do they not have the knowledge? Do they not have the people? Even if bethesda started porting it on the day the xbox dawngaurd released they still would have had 7 or more weeks to port it. I have lost all respect for bethesda. If it doesnt come out this week, then I will not but it because I wont have the time to play it, but that is just me. Bethesda has two weeks left of prime release days. If they do not release it by then I suspect dawngarud will barely sell any copies on the ps3.

  • KAsianK

    Summers over in a week for me. No point in getting it anymore

    • Victor Aguilar

      About to comment that.
      Good luck with ps3 sales bethesda

  • MaxHarris

    ummm…. idk about everyone else… but i do NOT have the 1.7 patch, i have the 1.6 patch which did improve my gameplay and seemed to make the graphics better.

    • Spiritreaver

      The ’1.6′ patch on PS3 is actually boththe original 1.6 patch and the 1.7 patch combined.

  • Zeus Skyrim God.

    Ok, I think all ps3 owners should get Dawnguard Free, For this long wait and such. I still like the new adds of the 1.7 Update on mounted combat, and a few bug fixes, but I still really would like to play dawnguard. Hopefully they will read my Message, And send ps3 users FREE DAWNGUARD.

  • Pissed off Dovakiin

    May I point out that us PS3 owners in Europe still don’t even have patch 1.7. This is just so screwed up.

    • Shay ne

      You’re getting it this week ,don’t worry bro.

      • Daniele Niero

        it didn’t come… 22 August now. Checked last night, nothing yet

  • Caitlin

    I’m extreamly frustrated with the fact that I’ve got no idea when Dawnguard will come out for the platform I’ve chosen to play, PS3. I’ll buy Dawnguard but getting a discount might even make me play another game. At this point I want to finish this great game I love but I’ll think twice about grabing another game when Bethesda releases it.

  • JM

    I’m mad about this delay but I will still buy Dawnguard when it comes out but if the next DLC is delayed evan day for PS3 and PC I won’t buy it

  • illbeyourthane

    Skyrim is the only game that can make me scream out of pleasure and out of pain, as does bethesda to a ps3 fan.

    if you are tired of waiting for dawnguard like me then go out and buy yourself a copy of oblivion if you dont already have it.

    The game never ends, wont corrupt itself, or tell you to wait until whenever we feel like it, and it costs 14.99, hows that for bang for your buck.

    • Iama Ninjer

      Why give more money to Bethesda though? They sure as hell aren’t going to spend it on what we NEED.

      • No More Bethesda <3

        I’m with illbeyourthane, but I also sympathize with Iama Ninjer… Oblivion is a great title if you haven’t already played it yet, and if you pick up a pre-owned copy you effectively screw Bethesda out of any money for the purchase. :D

        To everyone who has posted complaints (on this and many MANY other sites): VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET! The only way that any large corporate entity is going to take notice of consumers’ concerns is if they’re shown that there are consequences for releasing games which, quite frankly, I wouldn’t even label as ‘Betas.’ This is embarrassing and unacceptable, given the highly competitive video game market where good ideas (and companies) flourish and bad ones wither and die. There is no longer any room for resting on laurels/accolades. It is long past time to grow up or give up, Bethesda.

  • Vincent

    Meh if it weren’t for tekken 6 and the newist one I would of been pissed, but I’m staying sane, I’m trusting this will work out, besides I keep learning new things on skyrim to entertain myself with lol. But a discount would be nice, would be fair for screwing ps3 owners off (yol =O ))))))))))))

    • ThePirateThief

      Yeah, since the wait I completed the fun quest so I had to find fun stuff to do so I went adventuring first. The web searched for fun stuff to do. Now I have a list of tresure ares and I am hoarding the stuff!!!

  • Iama Ninjer

    In all honesty, We’ve been waiting WAY too long for this. And I know everyone has already stated that, but do you think we should “read between the lines” here? WHAT IF, this is all a secretive marketing ploy that Microsoft has thought up in their egotistical minds that “if we pay Bethesda for a certain amount of time, PS3 users will give up on Playstation altogether and switch to Xbox360 which will bring us in a whole lot more money that we can spend on sticking large instruments up our a-holes cos we are f*cking idiots” …. Just a thought.

  • Turner

    I was hoping I could play dawnguard this summer but hell at the rate they’re going I’m going to have to play it during school (hopefully its out by then) it sucks because we paid the same amount of money only to wait weeks and months after other systems have been playing, it honestly sucks

  • Wyatt

    My fellow Playstationers, let us boycott and Not buy the Dawnguard DLC or ANY games from Bethesda due to them unwilling to put any effort into at least giving us an ETA for when we would be receiving the DLC. They clearly do not care about us so why should we waste our time and money on them. We better get a damn good apology and discount on ALL the Skyrim DLC to make up for their lack of effort to please us costumes who they make the money off of.

  • PS3player14545

    all this waiting i would rather have a game witualot of glitches than all this painful waiting

    • ps3player14545

      witualot=with alot

  • Aaron

    Honestly all I want right now is to know when it will come out I was planing on playing it this summer before school and saved up money now I don’t even know if I can for all I know it will come out the frist day of school

  • DeadRaptor

    I don’t have any problem with Bethesda delaying Dawnguard to ensure it is working properly. I DO have a problem with the complete lack of communication other than the (very) occasional “hey guys, we’ll have info soon”, or “sorry, guys, your version isn’t ready, we might tell you more sometime but we have no plans to yet”.

    Just TALK to us, Bethesda. Is it really to much to ask to be kept regularly updated on your progress, after all this delay?

    I’m not even going to get into the timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft. I think that speaks for itself about where Bethesda’s loyalty lies.

  • Angrygamerps3

    For f**k sakes Bethesda hurry up and finish the dlc for ps3 before I sell the damn game and never buy another game from your company. Microsoft always has to buy everything first f$$k bill Gates and his crappy vista Mac is better just like ps3 is

  • Zedrakon

    While I am disappointed with the delays, I am still getting the DLC when it comes out. I have been getting every game Bethesda made since I got my PS3 and this is the only time I have been disappointed, so there must be a good reason (I do agree however that there should be a little more communication). I pre-ordered Skyrim over a year before it’s release because I am a huge TES fan, and will not let this stop me. Bethesda is still my favorite game company, and I’m sure there will be some sort of compensation.

  • Name

    I swear Bethesda doesn’t care for Playstation players anymore. Honestly if they release Dawnguard for PS3 at all would be a surprise to me. Not one word sence the begining of the month, and even that was ambiguous.

    As for a discount, it’s not going to happen. I wish it would, but I know it won’t. Be realistic. It’s all about money to them. Thats why they accepted Microsofts bribe for a one month exclusitivity of Skyrim DLCs.

    Boycotting Bethesda won’t solve anything either, they care more for Xbox anyway. They may say otherwise, but their actions prove it. If PS3 owners did go through with the boycot, They probably wouldn’t care much other than the fact they’d be loosing money.

    Lastly, just give us a date! A release date for PS3 Dawnguard almost seems like an alien concept to them, or thats how I interpret it… If they were smart, they’d give us some kind of useful update rather than, whats more or less, an “i don’t know” kind of answer.

  • james

    Cmon beth I want dawnguard sooo much just talk to us guys not that hard the longer u wait the more costumers or losing we all want it so much and don’t think some guys are joking there done with beth I am not gonna quit though because I think uguys have great games please get it out soon and don’t cancel dawnguar ps3

  • RustyKrust

    and what about us that bought the collectors edition which was about what? 100+ £’s i think we deserve a little info don’t you think i am sick of this BS where the ps3 just gets undermined like this i mean we got shivering isles but where was the other cool stuff like the horse armor? wizards tower ? oh yea it was Microsoft being a holes again -_-

  • Rebel-Robb

    I’m a PS3 user myself and I also own a copy of Skyrim. But you don’t see me complaining about a DLC for the perspective game. Honestly, I don’t really care how long it’s going to take for the PS3 version of Dawnguard to come out due to it being delayed because of buggy issues. Sure, I want to play the DLC myself and have as much fun on it as the rest of the PS3 folk, but I’m not going to cry over it because it’s taking too long to come out. I’m assuming that this DLC may be released somewhere near the end of this month or probably in September for the PS3. But if not, then I’ll just move on to other games like I always do. So, instead of crying over spilled milk and raging about it, just wait and be patient about it. Or, just go play other games. It’s not like it’s the end of world, right?

    • WhySoSerious

      Thank you haha

  • DF

    I have patiently and calmly waited for Dawnguard, enjoying Skyrim and the summer in the meantime, but now my patience is wearing thin. I would rather wait a little longer to get a better quality DLC, but I was thinking a week, maybe two. I’m wondering if this wait is even worth it, the vampire lord seems maybe a little overrated to say the least.

  • Xboxfan

    seem ps3 suck. Sony not as good as they was 1o years ago

    • Xboxfan is lame


  • panda204

    yes they should make it 15 instead of 20 this is out rages me that they throw us under the bus.

    • Xboxfan is lame

      says the guy who posted that sony sucks

  • oreo

    Bethesda are sellout bastards..I’m never getting another title from them

  • Bee

    No, I will not buy..Nor Dishonored, or any other Bethesoft game in the foreseeable future.

  • Switchinbacktoatari

    Why isn’t Sony weighing in on this one? I mean, it’s lame for PS3 owners, but if it’s ok by Sony that their customers get shoddy treatment relative to xbox customers, then what’s the point of buying a PS3? Yeah, it’s a better and more more reliable platform than xbox, but hey – the same could be said for beta tapes vs VHS back in the videocassette days! And as with beta, nobody CARES if it’s a better system, if support for the format sucks.

    C’mon, Sony – thought you learned this one.

  • Darthwaffler

    I just hope it comes out soon I am more than willing to pay and a discount would be nice but I won’t hold my breath.l am sick of bethesda being microsofts freaking lapdog it sucks, microsoft throws their money around and gets stuff first even though it is clearly the worst between ps3 and 360, and it’s not just bethesda it’s a bunch of other companies too.

  • Europe PS3 Gamer

    i will buy this dlc no matter what because i added the money to buy it to my psn account but i am so not buying the next dlc…Bethesda screws me all this time,my time to screw her over

  • c-magic

    id jus like to say i think skyrim was amazin a few glitches here and there but all rpg’s have that but i think after what 6weeks of tweakin the dawnguard dlc the developers shud b fired if its not ready soon its a dlc not a full game and i think most people on this comment think u suck but i dont i jus think a ‘lil sumfin is better den nufin’ so fix up the dlc release it and start makin fallout4 but dont make a mess of it like u did with this dlc

  • Abaddon

    Nope, screw Bethesda. It’s clear by now that in the past 5-8 years they have completely lost interest in making a solid form of art for people to enjoy, and are merely focusing on making themselves money, which god knows they TOTALLY need now, basically owning the rights to Elder Scrolls Doom and Fallout, all platinum selling franchises. It’s kind of sad honestly, seeing all these game developers I grew up loving just completely giving true fans the shaft. Bethesda’s doing it, Square-Enix is doing it, hell with current plans for next gen consoles even Sony and Microsoft are completely eliminating any sign of care for the fans in favor of more money. Sorry to say, I have been a gamer all my life, sacrificing some of the better things throughout my life for my gaming, relationships, jobs, etc. but with how the entire industry is going downhill I may be giving up my gaming lifestyle in general except for the select few indie games i may find that could still be considered a genuine work of art.

  • Gareth Davies

    “At least patch 1.7 is now on all platforms with the new features and bug fixes, although there’s plenty of quests still needing attention.”

    Unless you’re on PS3 in Europe.

  • The Coon

    i wont be buying dawnguard because im not really that concerned with being a fancy vampire and the current weapons are all i need so i dont really see the point of wasting money on it. also yes ps3 owners should get a discount but frankly i think your mad if you believe that bethesda give a rats ass about ps3 let alone give you a discount. sorry thats not a dig at anyone just my opinion.

  • Daniel Kjersgaard Madsen

    we need discount!!!

  • Pete Hines

    First off it is illegal to imitate others. The reason why We here at Bethesda have been “quiet” is because we like d i c k s in and around our a s s and mouth. We are too busy with Microsofts in our f a g g o t a s s holes to respond.Uah!!!!!!!!!!

    • Senator476ad

      I shared your comment at Bethesda and Hines on Twitter :=D

  • bethesda

    Bethesda made a great game with heaps of quests and stuff on both ps3 and xbox360, that game was called skyrim. i just have to say that if the actual skyrim works WTF are you doing to F@!K up dawnguard on ps3, F@#KING IDIOTS dont give 2 shits bout us ps3 players. If we dont get a yey or ney or comming soon i will not buy another Bethesda Game. When Bethesda have to fire half there staff and content of there new games they will then realise WTF they did wrong and the worth of other players.

  • Senator476ad

    I am still going to buy. I cannot say that I will boycott he game, simply because I thoroughly enjoy the games that they make. As for the discount, I agree that we should be given something, even if it is miniscule. As for it actually happening, well that a whole other debate on its own, and I tend to lean towards Bethesda telling us to go screw ourselves…
    I just want the DLC, I am on my third playthrough of the game and I am getting anxious for new content

  • Dan

    Skyrim PS3 is dead to me. After 120hours (14mb save file) the game is a slide show in terms of FPS and is unplayable. Deleting my character, re-installing & re-patching Skyrim allows me 45mins of trouble free play before it starts to display the FPS drops again (with new character).

    Bugethesda will never again get a penny of my money and I am surprised I even trusted them after the way the PS3 was treated with FO3 and FONV (not entirely their fault). This coupled with the total disregard they display to anything PS3 has sealed their fate.

  • Guy

    I traded in my PS3 version of Skyrim 6 months ago. the constant freezing on PS3 was a game breaker, so no, I won’t be purchasing Dawnguard and as much as it saddens me, I am probably done with Elder Scrolls on the PS3 period. Even when the PS4 releases, I will not preorder another Bethesda game. I will purchase it a few weeks later after and potential problems have been found by other gamers.

  • DarthDiggler

    I boycott Skyrim, Fallout and Oblivion because of the terrible R1 Spam fest they call combat.

  • Jack K

    Figured I’d point out that only USA PS3′s have the 1.7 update. Us in the UK, Europe and I think the rest of the world still literally have nothing.

  • WhySoSerious

    Typical for the lack of patients people have. I have Skyrim on PS3 and I am not going to boycott Bethesda because of a stupid wait…They have amazing games why is this delay such a big deal?

  • Clark Nichols

    Got DG on Xbox-good enough, but not for that price point. If you’re a big skyrim fan it will give you more to chew on but sadly the dlc came out way past when most people had given up the game. However, if you really love the game it’s worth picking up. Also, it seems like the trend is that they take 6+ months to put out Skyrim DLC so who knows if there will be anything more this year-even by the holiday season. W/Xbox exclusivity in effect for at least 1 more release they might not get another release on PS3 until 2013. With all the footage/quests already on the net for weeks should PS3 owners be expected to pay full price for last months DLC? not likely. But will dedicated Skyrim gamers using Sony’s console pay the price? definitely.
    If you liked the game and haven’t touched it in months wait until it’s on discount-or they have multiple DLCs available at once, b/c it is weird jumping back into the world w/ just one more quest chain/one more Dwarves quest/one more blacksmith set/one new horse-get the idea for what Bethesda has decided a Skyrim DLC is?

  • DJPimpDaddy

    After the PS3 launch and frame rate/crashes, I sold my PS3 copy and moved to Steam. Never looked back or regretted that decision. I feel your pain though fellow PS3 players. I will never buy another Bethesda title on PS3 again.

  • Johnny Woods

    crying over the release want make it any come out any faster.You do want a well polished game when it hits your ps3 right

  • StoneFaced

    C’mon Bethesda, stop beating around the damn bush with Dawnguard. Aren’t us PS3 players suffering enough with the unfair gaming development preference to the Xbox? This sucks major, I know that PC players kind of got screwed on this too, but the PC has a million mods, we have nothing! I’m starting to lose faith

  • Draco Saber

    PS3 customers definitely deserve a discount at this point, it’s just ridiculous. I was so pumped to play Skyrim again and to play the DLC, and I was willing to wait the little extra, but now I don’t even know if I want it, especially not for $20. If Bethesda would at least talk to us, it wouldn’t be as bad, but this complete lack of communication is only losing them a considerable amount of money. I understand the need to fix issues, and that it takes time, but silence is never warranted, at least not in this case.

  • Luke Carolan

    I know we’re all pissed off due to the lack of communication, but I don’t think we really ‘deserve’ a discount or free release of Dawnguard. Sure, we’re frustrated because everyone else has it, but that’s not to say we should be getting a bonus just because Bethesda decided to spend more time and put more work into ours. Just sayin’ guys

  • z

    bethesda really needs to improve there communciation skills but at the same time it floors me how long its been since both xbox and pc versions have been out and they still are working on ps3. freaking ridiculous but the good part for me anyway is that i wait till the GOTY to come out.plenty of stuff, great prices and there are plenty of games in between there and here to keep me occupied.

  • Ashlyn

    Is the game at least going to be free/discounted when it comes out??? It’s the least Bethesda could do. Besides, I bet many ps3 gamers wouldn’t buy it if it came out at full price. I know I wouldn’t.

  • Ashlyn

    We should all just not buy dawguard. Bethesda will learn not to screw ps3 users over again.

  • xxdragonsourcexx

    man if they don’t release dawnguard at least put an update for the dragon bone weapons and the craftable arrows

  • Deny

    I want a blowy off some Bethesda executive

  • Tim

    yeah the 1.7 patch may be out on every platform in the US, but us Europe PS3 users still don’t even have the 1.7 patch update yet! frickin joke!

  • Justin Atkinson

    I’m definitely not paying full price when it finally drops, or buying it at all until general consensus is that it runs smoothly and is fully patched. I am still looking forward to getting it, but I don’t think I should be made to spend the same money as someone who’s been playing it for two or three (or more) months.

    What is really bugging me about this is that since the end of MS’s 30 days they haven’t specifically said anything that signifies they are still actually working on it. Their apology said “content available for all… isn’t the case” without a “yet” on the end. It’s bizarre.

  • bigsquirl

    To be unreasonable I say they should give it to is half off on dawnguard and future dlc. But seeing as im the reasonable type and can clearly see that the ps3 is falling apart I would settle for 5 to 10 dollars off. Also dawnguard being delayed and all of skyrims problems have not made me hate Bethesda, but I am considering buying a Xbox to replace my ps3 until next Gen.

  • PaartunaxMurderer4eva

    I gave up on Skyrim and I don’t give a sh!t about Dawnguard, cause patch after patch all the problems persisted. It’s the most broken game I’ve played in my life. I’m glad my PS3 survived all the crashes. And, yeah I guess I won’t buy any other game with a Bethesda logo in the future.

  • Tandy

    Im not interested in anything bethesda has to offer ps3 anymore, if this is how im expected to be treated as a paying customer…

  • logos623

    I will still get it just because im into the story line and hae done everything else in skyrim. This will however really make me question if I will buy another Bethesda game. I have always been a Fallout fan and Skyrim was great but not only did the lack of communication show a major disconnect from their fans, their overall attitude has been very disappointing. As much as Fallout New Vegas glitched and crashed and with the Dawngaurd disaster I have lost mjaor faith in Bethesda. I think my money would be better spent on the Mass Effect 3 DLC and the new Assassins Creed coming out.

  • Brandon Avant

    What really sucks about the situation, as well as the fact that most other releases follow the same trend (early exclusives for Xbox and not PS3), is the fact that it ruins the magic of the DLC for us PS3 fans. We keep getting second hand stuff; receiving the DLC after our Xbox-wielding buddies have been talking about it for a month or more. It’s more fun to get it at the same time and discuss it together, instead of having to “earmuff” every time you hear something about the DLC’s story or see a spoiler on the net.

  • Mark G

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Microsoft was utilizing more of it’s famous underhanded business practices to keep Bethesda stalling on the DLC as long as possible so more players will convert to the 360.

  • AM123123

    yes we should get a discount for the waiting because seriously how many people would for a dlc of 20 bucks for ps3 while xbox and pc had it way before to the same price.

  • Ben

    I really want to play dawnguard, i’m not really a big gamer at all but i absolutely love Skyrim and it’s so disappointing that it is taking so long to come to the PS3.
    I don’t care about a discount, just release it!!!!

  • Hi

    hmmm… bethesda procrastibated

  • PS3isAwesome

    Since Ps3 has been waiting for so long we should get the dawnguard DLC for 5$ or free

  • PS3 is Awesome

    Zoom is right PS3 now needs a discount or release it now!

  • jp

    Personally, this is the final hit from the PS3 console for me. There are way too many ootions out there for gamers right now. I’m switching to XBOX today.

  • Hoppy Two

    All the raging and spouting about “fanboys” and “discrimination” about is fairly ill-informed and misses the point mightily. The difficulty is that the PS3 is a resource starved machine, and stuff often needs to be scaled down or made to depend more on secondary storage (HD/optical disk)- because RAM is a real problem.

    It also caused massive problems in a lot of other cross-platform games, where the PS3 was often the least good option for this reason- though the devs often did an amazing job fitting stuff on there at all.

    Most people simply don’t have time to scope, design and build stuff from the ground up for the PS3, so it will often come off badly with titles which were intended to run on the other platforms.

    If you don’t like that, well, play PS3 exclusives on your PS3, and cross platform titles elsewhere. If you aren’t able to run multiple systems, then stick to simpler games, or at least caveat emptor.

  • Mike G

    I logged several hundred hours on Skyrim,but I won’t spend a cent on DLC for it. 1)$20 DLC?Really? & 2)I haven’t played the game in months because other games have since been released. Bigger fish to fry with BL2 coming.I love Bethesda games but I am not likely to buy them on release anymore.I will wait a few months for the debugging to be done first.

  • No_Hope

    Bethesda just kisses microsoft’s ass, they don’t care about the PS3

  • Gameguy

    why would I blame Bethesda? They make amazing games using normal technology…PS3 and Sony are the ones creating upsidedown hardware for developers to try to make their stuff run on. I don’t blame anybody but myself for buying a PS3…and in the future I wont be buying another Playstation…PC games only for this guy from now on!

  • shazwolf

    bethesda should give ps3 player all three dlc at once for 20$ or give us for free dragonborn ,or give the exclusivity for redguard dlc on the ps3