Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update with CyanogenMod 10


By Posted 24 Jul 2012, 05:01

Most of our readers that have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 are longing for Jelly Bean, and are checking daily to see if the Android 4.1 update has a release date, or at least a launch window. The latest news surrounding Jelly Bean for Galaxy S3 and S2 came a couple of days ago, and showed that testing had started with a launch looking likely for next month.

If you own the Galaxy S3 and are a fan of CyanogenMod – version 10 is not released and could be a while yet, but this hasn’t stopped the developers from offering a preview for CyanogenMod 10. The new firmware has a preview build for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, which can all be accessed via the official XDA developer forums. You can see the CM10 build for AT&T here, and of course the normal warnings that this firmware would void your warranty.

These previews follow a few teases for other smartphones, so it hadn’t been a surprise to see the Galaxy S3 receive a CyanogenMod 10 preview. We have tracked down a video that shows CM10 running on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and this 13-minite hands-on can be seen below this article. Verizon Galaxy S3 owners might be disappointed not to see a preview for CM10, although this is due to that software including a locked bootloader.

If you do install CM 10 on your Galaxy S3 let us know how you get on, although remember we’d never recommended the install considering it’s a 3rd party firmware update and makes you fully responsible for any outcome. It’s also worth noting these are early preview builds, so there are a number of problems with the software, which include the LED lights not working and no flash support. Let us know if you find any issues with CyanogenMod 10.


  • Wintrojan2k

    Thank you Nancy,… poof

  • Simis897

    no thank you, ill wait for the polished release of jelly bean for my shiny new galaxy s3 from t-mobile. For now ics 4.0.4 is sufficient for me. patience patience patience my dear friends….