Nexus 7 stock and shipping issues

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It has been a couple of days since we reported about the Nexus 7 shipping notices being sent out to those that pre-ordered the new tablet, and while some people have received their Nexus 7′s already it seems there are a growing number of people complaining about devices not shipping, no stock, and also money being credited back after ordering.

The Nexus 7 stock issues were expected to a certain degree, although potential buyers are reporting “sold out” notices at every retailer they visit. Official websites had low stock right after the first day and some let their shipping estimations slip to 1 to 3 weeks after the first day of sales, but it looks even worse today. It now seems that Sam’s Club has no stock, Staples online has a sign stating “currently out of stock“, and the official Google Play store has a 1-2 week wait. If you know a store that has stock of the Nexus 7 then share a comment below.

If you want to get your hands on the new Nexus 7 and feel frustrated that you didn’t pre-order, then you might take comfort in the news of major problems being experienced by those that did place orders early and even before the device had a release date. It’s not nice seeing these early adopters suffer, but it does show you that sometimes you can’t beat lining up at a store and being one of the first in line to pickup by hand.

Following on from our article about the Nexus 7 shipping from Staples last week, it now seems that a growing number of our readers have issues with getting their tablet delivered. One reader said “Pre Ordered on 29 June and still nothing“, which had also been a similar situation for other readers. Others had ordered directly from Google almost 2 weeks ago and haven’t even had a charge on their credit card, although one buyer that got charged had the money sent back 7 days later.

It’s fair to say most people have had shipping notifications for their Nexus 7 and even have a tracking number, so at this stage it’s pretty solid the tablet is on the way.

Did you place an order early for the Nexus 7 and still don’t have a shipping notice? The main issue some of our readers have is with placing a pre-order early, and Google or the store they ordered from has kept them in the dark about when their device will be shipped. We’ve had a lot of emails and comments on Product Reviews stating, “no notice no charge on credit card“, so if this sounds like you hit the comments and let us know if the situation has improved.

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  • Stephen

    Yep, I pre-ordered on the 28th and the status remains “Google Commerce Ltd received your order.” – no other information has been forthcoming.  I’m not too fussed, but some communication about what’s happening would’ve been nice!

  • Alias452

    I ordered straight after the announcement (June 27th), and have heard nothing whatsoever. My google wallet account just says that google has received my order. No charge on my card yet. Annoyed that anyone can just go and buy it while the people who pre-ordered it are still waiting. I’m from the UK by the way.

  • Scott Ryan Guest

    I am in the same situation. i ordered the nexus 7 from the google play store straight after the press conference announcing the nexus 7 had finished. still no charge to my card, still no notification. I almost feel cheated by google, being that I pre ordered so soon after it was announced and I still don’t even have a charge on my card.

  • Paulcatherall

    Ordered 28 June online with Google Play, order processed by Google Commerce. No charge to credit card and even after chasing order 3 times I have had no response from Google. 
    Status 16 July 
    Your order has been sent to Google Commerce Ltd. Google Commerce Ltd is responsible for charging and shipping your order. Have questions?  16 JulYou sent Google Commerce Ltd an email with the subject: What is the status of my order? Message: “THIS IS THE THIRD REQUEST Can somebody please confirm the status of my order thank you

  • Anom

    ordered june 28th, nothing, no money taken, no shipping notice, nothing

  • nick

    Hi same here ordered mine on the 30th June my google wallet account just says received my order< No charge to my account, even emailed them on an update but they have not replied yet, come on Google you want people to buy your stuff from you, then keep them informed, Also a little annoyed that those eho did not pre-order can get the tab earlier, ok had my rant hope it comes soon. I'm also from the UK

  • John

    Same here
    ordered June 28th, nothing, no money taken, no shipping notice, nothing

  • Andy B

    Pre-ordered 29th June, haven’t heard a word! No money taken, no replies from emails, no update on order details! What a joke!

  • Gstar

    pre-ordered 2nd july, no email, no cash taken, no update!! I’m off to NZ for as year 3rd August so it better be here before i go!!!!

  • Optamizm

    Order on the 9th, charge pending until today, now no charge whatsoever… No email with tracking number, only an email from Google Wallet with the receipt of purchase from Google Asia-Pacific…

    I’m from Australia.

    Come on Google, you make it hard to support you…

  • Dannyrobertjackson

    Pre-Ordered on the 27th a few hours after release. I have received my order number and order confirmation. I have not received any shipping confirmation. Really disappointed as i’m going to Turkey tomorrow and I want it for today. UK buyer.

  • Stump

    Ordered on the 29th – just got an email saying that it’s been shipped. Yippe!

    • Stump

      ps. From Australia

  • Prayfornexus

    Ordered on the 27th…heard nothing, have nothing.

  • Tocafs

    I ordered on July 2nd and recv my Fed Ex tracking number today.  Cant wait.
    Melbourne Aust.

  • Kyle

    Ordered June 27. As others, the only notice I have is that I ordered. No charge. No notification. No tablet. Live in Canada. Pissed because I was in the US on Friday and could have just walked into a GameStop (or other retail outlet) in the morning and bought one, and then wouldn’t have even had to pay Google’s $20 shipping charge! There is no way retailers should have had these before people who pre-ordered.

    • Bigmouthsandy

      I agree. I live in Canada as well and find myself in the same predicament. I ordered on the release date as well.

  • Getgo

    Ordered mine on 27 th , have order confirmation but no shipping details yet. As per UPS they have not received goods from Google!!!

  • Jawshwahh

    The money appeared to have left my account a few days after pre-ordering my tablet, but rather curiously the money re-appeared in my account yesterday… I’ve emailed Google this morning but I’m not expecting a  reply, due to the comments of others on articles like this one. 

    I’m hoping to receive my tablet in the next week, and despite not being overly bothered by others getting theirs first, I do feel like I’ve been slightly messed around by Google. A reply from Google in the next few days just notifying me of what has happened with the money and where my order is, and I will be satisfied… But we will see. 

  • Johnbochenek

    My UPS tracking number was generated on 7/12, Google sent me a confirmation email saying it had shipped on the 13th. Talked to Google on 7/15 and they said that UPS had the item. Talked to UPS today and they say they haven’t received it from Google. Outside of being disappointed about not knowing where it is, my main problem with all of this is paying for 2nd day shipping costs. 

  • Ml Wright75

    pre ordered with a case on the 27th.  Absolutely nothing.  No credit card charge, no tracking info etc….very strange.  Google rep said definitely by monday (when I called saturday night)

    • Lochana Menikarachchi

      I am in the same boat as you..Ordered with a cover on June 27..

  • Jamiealexanderstevens

    Seems i’m in the same boat as everyone else.
    Google’s C.S. has a LONG way to go. I ordered an 8GB and 16Gb model (with a view to cancel one after reading reviews on which would be worth it, just didn’t want to miss out on the first wave). Decided to cancel the 8Gb… (which took 10 days, 4 emails and 5 phone calls, all over an hour long)
    Now no word on my order, and from the sounds of it, i’ve still misse out on the first wave of shipments. WTF Google.
    I think i speak for every one of your customers when i say… why exactly are you pissing on those loyal enough to order on the day of pre release, FROM YOUR OWN SITE?!
    Staying mute on shipping dates isn’t cute or creating hype any more, its pissing EVERYONE off.
    People don’t mind waiting as ong as they KNOW when they’re waiting until. An indefinite peroid, and the confsion you’ve created makes both your release plan, your staff and your customer service just appear even worse, rather than just make a public statement about a release date.
    Even if you announce its been delayed by 2 weeks… just give a date.

    The voice of the majority of the people.

  • Austin

    I ordered mine on June 28th, and had a charge pre-authorized to my credit card account which eventually expired. On July 13th the charge from Google Play has shown up again on my account, and then on July 14th I got the order has shipped email with a UPS tracking number, although on the website it just says ”
    A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated. ” It does say on the UPS site that the label was created on July 11th though… So hopefully it’ll arrive soon! :D

  • pissed off downunder

    Ordered 16GB on the 26th. No action on my cc, no contact from Google except order confirmation from GoogleWallet. They ballsed this one up big time. How about a courtesy email saying order delayed, low stock… Anything is better than silence Google. This is not how you create loyal customers.

    From Australia

  • Suresh CK

    I have pre-order 8GB version on 28th Jun, no comments only comment I have in my google Wallet is 
    Your order has been sent to Google Commerce Ltd. Not sure when they will ship

  • Come -on- Google

    ordered june 29th, nothing, no money taken, no shipping notice, have emailed twice still no reply . 

  • guest

    Received e-mail on the 13th that item has shipped.  However, as of today tracking number still shows that UPS has still not received item.  The label was created on the 9th.  Seriously Google…this is getting a little ridiculous!

    • Darrel Whidden

      Exact same situation for me.  Did your payment fully go through.  Mine still shows as processing, and I suspect that may be part of the problem.

  • Jason123

    Pre-Ordered on July 5th. The money was debited from my bank account and then, on July 11th, a credit was issued. Since then nothing. Like the rest, I’ll keep waiting. 

    Either way, I’m very excited to get my hands on it!

  • David

      I pre-ordered a 16G on the 28th and the status remains “Google Commerce Ltd received your order.” pre-authorized to my credit card account which eventually expired.No email of shipping notice. No tracking. Nothing!! Very disappointed.

  • technoclassique

    this is a classic marketing move for a hot product. build up pre-orders, send low numbers of the product to big retail stores to run out quickly, and delay shipping of the item to make it seem insanely hot. the media does the rest (like this article). i haven’t pre-ordered, but man i really want one now after seeing how hard it is to get. google is using all of you loyal early adopters for their benefit. really isn’t fair to all of you but that is how business works. they are no different than apple.

    will buy one when the dust settles a bit. 

    • Lh

      Apple iPad pre-order went much smoother than this has.

  • Ramdas R

    I’m in the UK same story here…. ordered mine on 4th July. There was a debit to my card but it was reversed after 2 days. No replies to mails and no one picking the phones… The seller is Google Commerce Limited Ireland.
    Not what you expect from Google!
    Wonder what the support response would be if the tablet has a problem…. if they are mute for pre-order customers right at the beginning

    • Lh

      I’m already seeing reports of problems with screen not stuck in place on left hand side…I can see lots of RMA returns being filed as soon as people receive them.

      I’m getting sellers remorse having sold a 4 week old Galaxy Tab 7.7 @ a loss to buy a N7…

  • Rob Gandee

    Ordered July 7. Got the ‘shipping’ email just after midnight Friday (well Saturday I guess). Tracking number turns up nothing. Says label was created the 11th. I was charged at the time of purchase but it never posted to my account. This is common when it has not yet shipped. If in fact UPS had my item, Google would have followed up on that charge. Very disappointed in this. Only reason for a pre-order is to get some sort of jump on the public. I could have saved shipping if I bought local. I think Google underestimated this one. I will ‘Play’ until my heart is content, no doubt about that. I had just hoped we would get the first crack at it.

    • Rob Gandee

      Just got my updated shipping/tracking. Will land on my step tomorrow. Still no charge posted to my account. 

  • m1nd

    I pre-ordered from the Google Store on Jun 27 and haven’t received anthing yet. To be fair Google did say 2-3 weeks delivery, which isn’t up yet.

  • MP

    Pre-ordered on June 27th. No shipping notice and/or updates yet :(
    I think what annoys me is that people who have pre-ordered later than me are already receiving shipping notices. This is ridiculous.

    • MH99

      Same here. Did they learn nothing from earlier product launch failures elsewhere. I am about to say never mind if I don’t see something by EOW.

  • oneheadtoanother

    Ordered 16GB July 6th from Play Store, no notice yet, credit card funds hold has expired. Crossing my fingers for a notice today or tomorrow.

  • dwhiddeb

    Update: Ordered on July 2nd, confirmed delivery by July 17th by end of the day to Boston, MA.

  • James Henley

    Scheduled Delivery Updated To:Tuesday, 07/17/2012, By End of Day …. I ordered mine at 2 pm on 6/27 but…I picked one up at Sam’s on Saturday. They had 7 more in stock at the time.

  • Degs62

    Pre ordered on 1st July, phoned Google today and Iwas told Uk orders would start shipping today and still no shipping conformation, emailed them 4 days ago and still no reply. If I had known Google customer service was this carp I would never have ordered through them and had to pay £9.99 for the privalage of getting my Nexus after everyone else who didn,t pay postage, Google you are a joke.

  • Lh

    I spoke with Google yesterday & they then sent me a quick 2 line email confirming my order should ship today…still waiting for confirmation email with tracking number,I sent an emial to and whom are high up in Google UK & Google EU to chase my order, but no email back yet…useless at CS!!

  • Bryan Vasquez91

    My nexus is shipping from Kentucky and will arrive tomorrow so I can’t wait!!!!! The problem is I haven’t been charged in my cc and I have checked my bank online statements and nothing…maybe they will charge me later?

  • Bigkenf

    Ok now. People calm down. I know you cant wait to get your hands on that bad boy. it will arrive. I have seen all the issues mentioned in the article. Here is my deal. I ordered on June 28. Got my ups tracking number on Friday and when i checked UPS today, its out for delivery  currently in Kentucky and i hopefully will get it tomorrow. So. take hearts peeps and exercise patience.

  • Thomas Hayden

    Pre-ordered June 27.  Tracking no. received Friday at 10 pm.  Tracking number became funcional just now showing that the shipping label was created 7/10 and that the actual shipment went out this morning (7/16)  from Kentucky.  Scheduled for delivery by end of day tomorrow.

    • Jlgo222

      Exact same for me, I ordered on June 29 and states that my order was scheduled to ship on 7/11 from Lousville, KY (large UPS depot), the tracking # became live not long ago and says it will be delivered by end of day tomorrow 7/17.

      • nicknowsky

        got the same message. I would also advise anyone to signup for the new UPS NOW service to get better control of status updates and deliveries 

    • Trish

      Did you order a cover with the device?

  • Toad_Scratcher

    Ordered one from Google on the 28th and the status hasn’t changed since I ordered (UK). No money taken yet, no word on shipping.

    Ordered a second one (for partner) when Ebuyer were listing them as in stock briefly and it arrived NEXT DAY (Friday).

    It’s a superb little tablet, really good, and not just ‘for the price’, it’s easily a premium tablet, barring the lack of SD support and HDMI, neither of which bother me in the slightest.

  • Mr Madd Havikk

    I ordered July 7th, funds placed on hold, expired last week. No notice, no shipping conf, no charge. I can’t see myself “pre-ordering” anything else from Google.

  • Jim Holden

    Ordered 6th.  A funds debit was made and then the “money” was available again.  I read somewhere that they do this to ensure funds are available but the “hold” can only last a certain amount of time.

    Either way, I’ve heard nothing, my GWallet still says ordered and no more.  Card still has no debit made.  

    To be honest the whole process has been crap and Google should be ashamed.  A pre-order is generally accepted to be the first set of customers which are served.  The fact that shops are getting them and delivering them to customers before direct pre’s to Google is rubbish.. Worse still is the lack of information coming out from the company – some sort of official statement should be super easy to do and would just set the minds of many at ease.  

    Having said that, the iPad pre order was rubbish for me too.  Their servers crashed on my order and the money was debited but the actual transaction for the iPad failed – so the money spent 7 days in limbo whilst i chased Apple & the bank to reimburse back into my account.  

    The only conclusion to this for me is that I won’t be ordering via Google again.. ever.

    • #Canada

      Same, 6th. So dissapointed with Google now.

  • Len

    Google should refund shipping. The only reason to preorder is to get it before you can walk into a store and buy it. Google said it shipped, but might take 24 hours for UPS to update. I got a notice of shipping on Friday. UPS still hasn’t gotten the shipment. 

    • Len

      Just got notice it will arrive by COB tomorrow. Weird, I signed up for email notification from UPS and got nothing, but I just looked and the status had been updated. What an all around snafu.

  • Avwzn2

    Ordered on June 29th, got an email from google play saying my order was shipped on the 12th july, but UPS had not yet recieved the package as of this morning. HOWEVER! As of this afternoon, UPS has my package and it is on schedule to be delivered tomorrow.

  • AintNoSunshine

    Been Trying to call the Irish Telephone number. No one answers. I thought this was against the European Long Distance Selling rules. Anyhow, no money debited from my account, no contact details made available, and these guys are going up against Amazon…..they make me laugh…..Awful experience. I made an order on the 1st July 2012. Apparently I would have better off going to PC World. Now that just sucks.

    • Rob Butterworth

      I’ve called that number a dozen times to try to get a correction made to the delivery address, not answer.  I believe it is illegal and am very unimpressed.  No response to my multiple online logging of the same.

      I *have* been charged, too.  I can order from PC World and get free shipping now.

      Way to loose potential long term customers, Google.

  • UK_John

    UK: Ordered 16Gb 28th June, still no word from Google
    Commerce Ltd about delivery.  Much confusion as to when/if Google are
    shipping orders placed on Google Play UK. 

    Has anyone in the UK who ordered from Google Play received their order??

    • Theodaytripper

      I did the same but on the 4th of July. I really pissed off coz I have had ZERO communication! Still waiting for the goddamn email!!!!!!

      • Ian_S

         Ditto, Ordered 16Gb on 30 June 2012 from Google Play UK, no delivery & no email. Checked the order in Google & no update since the order was placed!!  Grrrrrr

  • Jim S

    I ordered mine from the Play store on 7/9 and received an email from Google Saturday morning saying that it had shipped.  However, it didn’t actually ship (from Louisville) until this morning.  Per UPS, it’s scheduled for delivery in Boston tomorrow, Tuesday.  I’m satisfied!

  • matt gough

    ordered it from Play on July 2nd. It’s coming tomorrow according to UPS. Satisfied and not mad that a very small amount of people got one earlier. 

  • Gogs Akaito

    Hi, guys! Hope you all get Nex7′s pretty soon!

    Jun 29 – Order 8gb Received by GoogleJul 14 – Order shipped and card chargedUPS says: 
    Louisville, KY, United States07/16/201210:26 A.M.Origin ScanUnited States07/09/20124:36 P.M.Order Processed: Ready for UPS
    Expected delivery is tomorrow! ^ _ ^  Should be here soon, can’t wait! Though I found it weird that Jul 14 was on Google and Jul 9th was on UPS. 

    Could it be to make it seem like it’s 2 day shipping? Ahaha, I dunno~Cheers~

  • Shelley Powers

    Ordered on July 27th while the presentation was still ongoing. 

    Just had the charge to my bank this morning, but no shipping notice. 

    • Shelley Powers

      And I still haven’t received any indication of shipping.

  • nicknowsky

    I ordered mine early on June 28th. I got my shipping and its being tracked now. But Google is shipping waves.  Those who ordered before July 1st are good to go. If you were ready to drop the cash to get one as soon as it was announced at I/O 2012 then you’re happy. The Google Rep. said that those who ordered after July 1st will be in the second wave and could see their devices being shipped on or around July 19th. This all Google Play Store related. 

    I’ve been waiting for this tablet to drop for about 3-4 months now so as soon as I could I ordered one. I wouldnt of taken chances with brick and mortar unless I knew it would of been in store at my local Best Buy. I just dont know how bad Google screwed this one up. They should of stuck to their guns and made this available only from the Play Store. And at that taken care of their early pre-orders and early adopters first, then worry about Game Stop and Staples. 

    • Trish

      You are incorrect. Myself, like several others here, have ordered during the I/O announcement on June 27, yet still have not received email confirmation and have not been charged yet. I suspect it is related to ordering the cover with the device, and they didn’t have them pre packed that way.

  • BG

    Ordered 6/28, got a ship email 7/13, account charged 7/13, UPS came alive 7/16 near noon eastern. Louisville KY seems to be ground zero. Delivery targeted for EOD 7/17. UPS ticket created 7/12.

    It’s an old joke but there are reasons one stays out of the kitchen at a restaurant, I think having so many views into the process is worse than the wait. Tomorrow will hopefully be a good day.

  • Adam

    Bought one in store at NCIX in Markham, Ontario. They still have 2 stock.

    • Kyle

      Congrats to you, but that is just making the rest of us even more pissed at Google. I could have saved the $20 shipping and had it sooner. Google needs to reimburse the shipping on these, or at the very least give us an additional Play credit for this fiasco.

  • Scott

    I pre-ordered on June 28. As of this time, there has been no information and no order. While it is not the end of the world. A little communication would have been appreciated. Big G really dropped the ball with this one and has pushed me to using the Kindle app whenever I receive my Nexus (maybe August if I am lucky).

  • Pachi8

    Ordered 28th of June. No charge, no email nothing. Sent note to Google support, no reply. Not pre ordering anything from Google again.

  • Derek Botfield

    I placed an order on June 27th.No shipping notice has been issued so far. I sent out two messages indicating my annoyance. Pre-order should mean that you get one early. Instead, I seem to be getting mine last. I paid tax and shipping. I could have bought at Sam’s Club and it would have been quicker and (because of shipping) cheaper. I could have lived with paying shipping, had it meant I would have gotten mine early.
    I have not received any responses to my messages, so far.

    • kevinpc

      I am in this exact predicament, even down to complaining twice to Google.  No confirmation or anything ensuring that my order will be filled.  

    • cgordon

      That’s strange.  I placed my order on June 30′th and I’ve already been notified that UPS picked it up this morning.  Apparently, Google is not shipping in the same order that they received their orders in.

    • Sunny Fung

      I live in Canada and this is the exact same situation I am in. I hope some lawyer in the web is as annoyed as we are and file a class suite against Google for our shipping to be reimbursed. I would think pre-order means we get before everyone else.

      I think what happened was someone in Google got excited or pressured and started shipping to retailers without keeping enough stock to fulfill pre-order demand.

    • Fabian Chapple

      Same story also prordered mine on June 28th and sent 2 different e-mails to follow up on status and also complain about lack of any communications. No response that shows a real class act at least have a autoreply. Pretty pathetic customer service apparently is no existent at Google

      • Derek Botfield

        So there are a few of us in the same position!!. Google are exhibiting strange behavior. They are being offhand with their enthusiastic early adopters. I wouldn’t have expected that. When I bought a Kindle Fire, Amazon shipped it immediately. No shipping fee. I was expecting a similar experience with Google. But when you look at it, Amazon has great experience with end user sales. Google is showing its inexperience. I wonder how many units remain from the current production run. Will we have to wait for another one?

  • gary

    just reading the posts and i can see i am in the same boat as the rest i ordered a 8 gb nexus and then tried to change it for a 16 gb 1 on google play they are a JOKE  its taken 3 phone calls god knows how many email and gmails they don`t know there ass from there elbows so i ordered 1 from ebuyer now play the waiting game o yes i am in the uk and i see that makes little differences  on a world scale as you people in the us and the rest get messed about to    

  • Parchambault123

    Friday (June 13) pm, Google Canada told me that the item had been shipped. Monday (June 16) morning, my credit card was charged. But I’m still waiting on a shipping confirmation from UPS. It seems that my Nexus 7 hasn’t been shipped last Friday as the c.s. agent told me.

    I should have bought it on Staples. I would already have it and I would have saved 25 $.

    I hope Google will credit the shipping fees. This is a major fail. 

    • nicknowsky

      it did more than likely leave Google’s Hands on friday, but where we get screwed is that UPS shuts down on the weekend. There not major movement and no package updates during the weekend. I hate UPS..For such a “huge world wide logistical shipping company”, they are lazy as all holy hell. I mean no shipping on the weekend, come on. Google knew this and did probably for a reason. Ya know they knew they were not all together and knew that UPS stays quiet on the weekend.  On the other hand if they didn’t plan they sure screwed up and should of pushed the units out at least on WED, so that 2 day business crap would hold true Google should of gone back to their overnight shipping.

      When the released the Nexus One I ordered, the next day I its was at my doorstep. I guess Google didnt think this device would be such a huge success, I mean it seems that they didnt have a lot of faith in this Android Tablet. Why, I dont know.  I mean personally Ive been waiting for this since the rumors this past winter. Ive been waiting to get a 7″ tablet. My iPad is great, but I wanted a smaller tablet. I didnt go with the Kindle Fire or Galaxy Tab 7 2.0, cause this was gonna be the best

  • Scott

    Ordered mine from Google within 1 hour of the release here in California on the 27th of June. So far…nothing. No emails or other communications regarding the order or any shipping updates. I did order the 16GB and matching case so maybe those of us with the 16GB and/or accessories have to wait longer (???)… Oh well, such is life.

    • Adriaan

      I did the same thing and other than the original order notification haven’t received any other communication on shipping. its frustrating and i expected better from a company like google.

      • Scott

        Well, I started calling around and found that Staples had them in stock! Drive 2 miles down the road, gave them the $249 and walked out with a new Nexus 7 in 5 minutes. Word is many Staples here in California received small 3-5 unit shipments this morning so even though they may not be on display yet, ask the manager if there as some in a box in the back.

        Now, I need to decide if I want to cancel my original Google order from the 27th or just see if anyone I know wants it IF/WHEN Google ships it.

        Stamples didn’t have the matching cases available so I still want that from my original order…hmmm..

        By the way, it looks as if the production units have Bluetooth 2.1 and not 3.0 or 4.0, which is a little blaaaa…

  • Bigmouthsandy

    I live in Canada. Ordered mine through the play store on the June 27. Have not received any shipping status emails from Google. Found one online through NCIX and put a deposit down with my credit card. I will be picking it up within the hour and will be cancelling my Google order. Last time I ever order through the Play Store. Google really dropped the ball, hate to say it but, they have much to learn from apple.

  • Christopher Kelley

    No charge on card. No shipping info. No news. Still waiting.

    I can’t believe this is what we get from Google.  I expected so much more.

    Did they get infiltrated by Apple?  Was this sabotage? Or was this just simply a big screw up?

    Next time I’ll just stick with the local stores and save the $14
    shipping charge, or go with an online retailer that actually knows what
    they are doing and probably get free shipping.

    This will likely be my last Google Play purchase.

    • Jim Paolucci

      My charge hit then was reversed, I was told it was at UPS for delivery, still no email with tracking number. if its doesn’t show, I’ll get the 7″ Sammy with expandable micro SD. Sill waiting for my Big Red Nexus to get OTA Jelly Bean but that’s another story….

  • Lewis Murray

    My card has been charged as of a few hours ago, but still no emails and my Wallet account says nothing. UK, ordered on the 29th June. I’m not overly bothered as Google have always said that it’ll ship mid-July, and the £9.99 shipping is easily remedied by the Play Store credit.

    • Sunny Fung

      In Canada, you get the credit even at a brick and mortar store, so in the end pre-orders get nothing but grief and pay an extra $20 (here in Canada)

  • Still Waiting

    Most of you have at got notification for google about your shipment.  Pre-ordered on June 28th and haven’t heard a word from them since…

  • John Higgins

    Bush league is how Google has handled this release and it is amazing that in the year 2012 there can still be crap like this. Not like this is the first ever release of a highly anticipated product so sheesh, GET WITH IT GOOGLE.

    For me it isn’t so much there being a possible delay as there is them not giving ANY information at all about what is going on.

  • raymond dunthorne

    pre-ordered in the UK on July 01 and nothing so far. not a peep. £9.99 for 2 day shipping?! cheeky google – what are you now? a home shopping channel? i may put mine on ebay as soon as it arrives, just to make a point. IF it arrives. 

  • Brandon Schaus

    Ordered mine on July 5th, I live in Canada so they make us 2nd priority…… No email or anything from them, they suck at communicating! NEVER AGAIN!

    • #Canada

      July 6th. Same boat, no communication.

      • 2pac

        canada, ordered june 30, still nothing…

    • Sunny Fung

      June 27th, nothing, I seriously hope we get our shipping refunded or something cause this is bullcrap… NCIX shoppers got theirs already without needing to pay $20

  • Ed

    just to say guys who say they havent been charged  google did say when i ordered that it wouldnt be taken until it was shipped

    • #Canada

      They did, but they also set up a pre authaurised payment, which means they will charge the card any time. More or less the same as the cost already being there. 

      I’ve heard that the only way to cancel your order now is to refuse at the door, since they WILL charge your card. Not sure if cancelling your card helps.

  • Canada

    Ordered: July 3rd
    Country: Canada
    Billed: N/A
    Shipped: N/A
    Expected delivery: N/A

     I will be calling Google to cancel my order as I didn’t PRE ORDER just to wait in the dark totally ignored by Google on when my device will even ship. If I’m going to wait then I’ll just wait until I can buy it in person.

    Or better yet maybe I’ll just wait until these rumors on an iPad mini are proven, and I’ll just wait for that. That would be the biggest middle finger I can give to Google for how they handled my experience with the “play” store.

    • #Canada

      Ordered on July 6th, no email, no communication whatsoever. Same boat here. Tried to cancel my order today with no luck.

      • Canada

         How did they deny you from cancelling? I’ve heard they have been doing this, but if the item has not shipped yet then there should be no problem cancelling the damned thing!

  • Nick Anderson

    I placed an order on 7/ 11 .   order processed on the 13 . just got an email today saying its being shipped from ky and i should get it tommorow . So ya i guess there not taking them in any order 

  • Jim

    Ordered my 16GB with the case on June 27.  There has been no communication from Google since.  No charge to my card either.  I find the lack of communication to be unacceptable.  If I hear nothing within the next few days, I will cancel.  I will then wait for the Fire 2 and mini iPad to be released and make a decision then. 

    • Shelley Powers

      I also ordered 16GB with case on the 27th. My card was charged this AM, but no shipping info.


    • Benskind

      No charge, no mail, no nothing. At least they could release a hint as to whats goin on? I want my Nexus7. I understand supply and demand on a world wide scale is a major pain in the arse…. but they are all about being open…. and silent apparently.

  • Fuhgawz500

    it seems like Google should have sent their initial stock to people who pre-ordered instead of stocking the retail stores. Customer loyalty reward? I ordered my Nexus on July 6th and have yet to hear a word. No charge, no email. I am starting to think there is very little benefit in pre-ordering things online. I say fulfill pre-orders and make the retailers wait a couple weeks!

    • Kamran 2k9

      yeah same here :/, no reply nothing.

      they said they will send my tracking number by monday and now its tuesday 2:00am in the morning, and theirs nothing changed in my gmail since i ordered, can you please tell me what it says on google wallet? Thanks for updating your payment information! Your order will be charged and shipped by Google Commerce Ltd. 12 JulGoogle Commerce Ltd received your order. 12 JulYou successfully updated your payment for this order to VISA xxx-xxxxx..

      • Fuhgawz500

        I called the phone number on the purchase confirmation email and the recording said all preorders will be shipped in the next 3 business days. So, I suppose there is no reason to complain until then. My order is still within the 1-2 week estimate but I think it’s a terrible business move to keep all of your consumers in the dark. There should be hourly or daily updates on the main nexus7 page. Here’s to hoping we all get ours shipped by Wed.!

        • Kamran 2k9

          yeah, just cant wait for it :), but your right their customer service is really bad, and they should updates us time to time rather then us chasing them up to ask where i product is and BTW i just got of the phone from their help line had to wait an hour on hold to get in contact and they said i should be getting the tracking number this week and the product will be delivered by Friday this week, just gonna have to wait :/

    • Macbookairuser

      Yea. Pretty bush league on Google’s part. They like to imagine themselves Apple’s equal, but not even close. I pre-ordered from Google during the keynote, and to think I would have been better off waiting and then buying from Game Stop is simply laughable. Google = Kids playing at being pros. I’ve received no notice, no shipment, nothing. Pretty lame, Goog.

  • Mauricio

    Placed the order on 6/29. Charge is pending status since the 7/13 no e-mails, no shipment…nothing.

  • Eparham1969

    ordered mine on 7/11……talked to CS today and he said all pre- orders will be shipping in the next three days…(so who ever pre-ordered we should have our nexus 7s by friday, i would assume) and your card wont be charged untill it ships….so emails should be coming also within these next three days. i guess we will see….oh, I ordered from the googleplay store.

    • Fooled

       They said this exact same thing 4 days ago! They said shipping had started and all would be shipped within 3 days… You got a BS response from the CSR you talked too. My guess is that Google has coached them into saying this to get you to shut up and go away.

  • Yachay

    Order date: Jun 27, 2012 2:06 PM PDT. No charge, no email.

  • Mgall1987

    Ordered from the Play Store on 7/27 about 45 minutes into the I/O keynote speech. The funds were held for 2 days right away and then the funds were released back to the account. Have not been charged since, no email from Google. I’m not the biggest fan of being left in the dark like this. Is it just me or does Google seem to be completely disregarding the time the item was ordered and just sending them out in any random order?

    • Life_goes_on

      Google Play seems to be playing Russian Roulette.  No Rhyme or Reason.  Rediculous Random-order.   Rats!!

  • Carlos Loyd

    Update from this morning, just got conformation via UPS my 16G model is in town (phoenix) and will get delivered tomorrow. Note I ordered via the play store on 7/10. Original shipping notice was received on Friday evening and it did not update until this morning which is not usual of UPS.  

    I hope everyone gets theirs soon.

    • Life_goes_on

      Glad you are getting yours soon.   I ordered mine over a week before you, and no communication from Google Play.   But grats for you.  Not sure if Google Play understands FIFO (first in, first out).  lol.   But glad your email updated.  Mine has not.

  • Michael Harris

    pre-ordered early, they charged my account.  Now I have no notice of shipment and they put the money back in my account.  No idea what the heck is going on.

  • Life_goes_on

    Pre-ordered through Google Play a few weeks ago, and no response.  Google Play’s website continues to say “Now Shipping..  One to two weeks”.   Lies.   It’s interesting.. go to Asus’s website (the manufacturer).  Click purchase there.  They send you to over half a dozen online retailers (but none of them are Google Play’s online website).   I wonder if Asus and Google Play had a falling out?

  • Tom

    canceled original order from 27th and re-ordered on the 28th (updated one tablet to 16Gb.  meant even more money in Goggle’s pockets.  pre authorization released after 8 days and since then nothing heard from goggle.  so far i c apple (no mods allowed), microsoft (we know what’s best for u – windows 8 desktop), and goggle (we don’t know anything about marketing) to all be arrogant.  only Amazon seems to know how to take care of their customers (if i have a problem their CSRs take care of it).  Amazon had a great launch with their Kindle Fire and only thing I didn’t like the interface.  if goggle had gone to the major news outlets and admitted there were problems and what they were doing to correct them, i don’t think we would be seeing so many unhappy people.

  • Finally….


    Google must be reading my mind as I was going to call tomorrow and cancel my order.
    Just got the email tonight that my nexus has “shipped”.

    Ordered: Jul 3, 2012 7:07 PM PDT
    Country: Canada
    Billed: July 16
    Shipped: Jul 16?
    Expected delivery: N/A

    As I just got this message UPS has no info for my tracking information so I don’t believe it’s actually ship-shipped as it were. Likely will be on it’s way soon though.

  • Lincoln Quick

    Pre-ordered mine on Google Play on July 4th and no news or tracking number yet. Hoping it will be shipped tomorrow as Google’s Help page states that all pre-orders will be shipped by the 17th.

  • Paladin32373

    Pretty much the same situation here.  Ordered the 16gb with case on 6/27..immediately saw the charge under “pending” with my credit card. Since then…nothing. No pending charge, no email. l  just downloaded the tethering app Foxfi from the Playstore for my GNex and i”m dying to use it with this tab…if/when/should it ever arrive(s).

    • Ian_S

       I wasn’t given the option of buying a case only to complete an enquiry form from which I’ve heard nothing, it just gets better :(
      In the UK & still waiting

  • Jim Holden

    Update: My card now has a debit pending for the amount.  Still no update via Google Wallet or any email but it seems as though the process has begun…. [ordered:6th July - UK]

    • Ian_S

      You must be the lucky UK customer, ordered 30th June still no changes in Google Wallet, no email & no Nexus 7. Like others, I though a pre-order meant we’d get preferrential treatment with available stock, but clearly Google have their own agenda & way of working. I should’ve saved the P&P & gone to Dixons, what a cock-up Google!! 

    • Frankoian

      Ordered on 29th June in UK – heard nothing since. No charge to my credit card, no update on Google Wallet
      Currys are saying that they could deliver tomorrow (for £6 less) – I’d buy one now if there was an option to cancel the Google order online (unless I’ve missed it anywhere? Odd that you can’t – Google probably just aren’t that used to doing things online I guess.)

  • Graeme_newton

    I ordered my 8Gb Nexus 7 on 28th June which was acknowledged as received. When I check the status of muy order it says ‘Complete’ whatever that means and yet there has been no charge made against my credit card?! I have Emailed the appropriate address twice and had absolutely no answer although under my order status it acknowledges my question as to when the unit will be shipped? As far as I am concerned Google Play’s/Commerce’s whoever’s customer service sucks and it makes me shudder to think what might happen if there is a technical fault/problem with the tablet and you need help!! Rubbish!

  • Rob Butterworth

    I wonder how (and who) one informs about Google not responding to phone calls, in contravention of the distance selling laws in the EU?  Surely a company this large should comply?  At this point I can’t get my delivery address corrected, nor does it seem I can reliably cancel the order (other than by turning it away if it ever does arrive, which unless I can correct the address is 50/50).

    Whilst I am not overly worried about waiting, I am unhappy about paying more for the privilege. 

  • UK_John

    UK – Regarding cancelling order from Google Play.

    Just called Google on 080032860811 and spoke to Keith, he advise me that I cannot cancel the order over the phone but if I still wanted to cancel and get my money back I should refuse the delivery, I asked him to send me a confirmation email, here it is:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for contacting Google. I’ve included some instructions for refusing

    delivery of your shipment.

    I recommend leaving a prominent note on the door to let our shipping

    provider know that you’re refusing delivery of the package. In some cases

    our shipping provider has returned packages if their drivers see a note

    for refusal of delivery. The note should include the following:

    - Refuse delivery-Return to Sender

    - Include signature

    - Include tracking #

    If your package is returned due to refusal of delivery, your order will be

    cancelled and refunded within 2 weeks.

    All charges will be refunded your account, including shipping.

    IMPORTANT: Don’t open the package. Our shipper will not allow refusal of

    delivery for opened packages.



    The Google Play Team

    • UK_John


      After giving up on Google Play I decided to order from PC World.  I receive an email from Google this morning saying that my Nexus 16GB will be shipped by next week.  Great, so I made the right decision going with PC World. 

      At 14:30 today a parcel arrives with TNT, I confirmed that it is the Google Play order by the order number printed on the shipping label and therefore refused the delivery as per the instructions from Google. 

      Checked my Google Wallet, no update on my order, no emails, no tracking number !!  Check Credit Card Statement, no money debited !!! 

      Google, what’s going on!!  You are going to be inundated with delivery refusals soon as your customers are just not aware what’s going on and making ill informed decisions.

  • Cktech

    Same here, I placed my order on 6/28 and HAVE NOT RECEIVED A SINGLE email regarding the shipping. My friend ordered his (down the street) on 6/30 and his is already in hand (what gives!)

  • nicknowsky

    Out for Delivery

  • Ian_S

    I’ve just tried to open Google Wallet but without success, the service seems to be down. I can’t help but think that this wiil suit Google nicely – unable to check your account or email Google must suit them nicely

  • Jesse Beck

    Ordered 6/30 no word yet, just trying not to go crazy lol. Hopefully its here this week.

    • Derek

      I just spent an hour on phone hold. No luck. I spent 10 fruitless minutes earlier. My emails also go unanswered. I ordered on June 27. No signs of a shipment. I really wonder what is going on with Google these days.

  • Nnick789uk

    Hi got an email to say shipping complete and payment charged to my card also tracking number, ordered mine on the 30/6 from the uk hope to get it within two days as that is the shipping I paid for, hope yours come soon.

  • Nick

    Hi got an email to say shipped and have a tracking number live in the uk and pre ordered on the 30/6

  • Nick

    Hi just got my lovely nexus tablet an hour ago, must say very fast shipping got an email from Google who apologized and gave overnight shipping, cannot complain at the service, now playing with it, noticed that it does not support flash player hope an update will sort that out, so for those of you in the UK and have not got yours yet they are on the way.

    • Scotthumphrey44

      is there a email or phone line you can contact for shipping details?

  • Tfolliard

    Ordered: July 16
    Country: UK
    Billed: YesShipped: No
    Expected delivery: N/A
    Be aware that currently if you order the nexus 7 through the google play store they IMMEDIATELY BILL YOU REGARDLESS OF SHIPPING!
    You have 1 hour to phone up customer services to cancel your order, which is amusing given that A) thats against distance selling laws and B) there is always a 1 hour long queue to get through to an adviser.


  • guest

    I have just recieved TWO (I ordered one in errorand certainly can’t afford two). I tried to cancel one of them…but all three of my emails were ignored and I couldn’t get though via the telephone number for Google Commerce. Now i’m going to have to go through the painful process of requesting a refund, but what if that is also ignored?

  • Rob Butterworth

    Well, I’m not there today, but apparently mine has arrived at the office.  I was a little worried as the company name was not on the address (and the address is host to several companies).  I did ask Google Commerce several times to amend my address, to no avail.  I don’t believe anyone reads the requests posted against the UK google play orders, personally.  At least it’s consistent with no-one being at the other end of the phone line for the number they give out.

    Still looking forward to looking at the 7 tomorrow, though my attitude towards Google has probably been irreparably damaged.

  • John

    Ordered 28/06 not a dickey bird
    As a protest I’ve change all my home pages to yahoo  also all offices PC are now pointing to yahoo
    John in the UK

    • Fuhgawz500

       Ouch! Yahoo?! hahaha!

    • Will Chapman

      Talk aboutcutting of your nose to spite your face….it would take more than tardy customer service for me to switch to yahoo! Yaboo has caused hours of strife over the years and it is now.. banned from our household

  • Kyle

    …and UPS just adds to the frustration. From Louisville to Toledo in 14 hours. Not bad really for a truck making a stop in Lexington and Cincinnati. Then it sits in Toledo for 16 hours not moving. WTF?! Finally moves from Toledo to Windsor in 5 hours (about a one hour drive, but there is a border to cross, so not bad). Now it’s been sitting in Windsor for 7 hours not moving. It has spent nearly 24 hours NOT moving (and only 19 hours actually “in transit”). Awesome “logistics” UPS. Awesome…

  • Canada

    Not only did I pay for shipping while others got free shipping. Thanks Google Play…
    I paid for 2 day shipping, as that was standard on the play store.

    My nexus has shipped now, shipping label created on the 16th, actually shipped on the 17th.
    Expected arrival date is the 23rd……. wait… wut? What happened to the “2 day shipping” I PAID FOR?
    So not including the weekend, and not including the day it took UPS to pick up the tablet from google, it’s 5 DAY SHIPPING.  Just call it standard shipping and not 2 day shipping UPS! Shees!

    Also hear a lot of rumors about defective units. Screen lifting defects as there is a problem with the adhesive bonding the screen. Really hope my unit is not defective now!!

  • Happyman

    I had 40 mins on the google help line to cancel mine which was ordered on the 28 june here in the UK,couldn’t cancel so got told to refuse it,and 20 mins after coming off the phone I get an email saying it has shipped,so it’s going to have a pointless journey

  • HookedOnTabs

    My sister attempted cancel of Nexus 7, on July 5th, ends up refusing order with UPS on July 17th, Google received refused unit on July 19th. She contacts Google daily asking for refund. Google refuses to acknowledge and sends generic letter, stating, too busy to talk.They have had her money for 15 days. Google is no Amazon, they must think they are Apple with a Chinese attitude. “Will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks”.We don’t need customer satisfaction, we sell Nexus 7′s.

  • Martinday1981

    Ordered mine from PC world went down picked up on release date :) am typing this on it now ;)

  • Etienne

    I got confirmation that my Nexus has been shipped on the 24th of july. The problem is that UPS is expecting to deliver it on the 30th when Google Canada Corp billed my 20$ for a 2 days shipping. Guess they aren’t really strong in maths!

    Also, can’t get anyone on the line to talk to someone. Poor support, poor customer services, I’ll never buy from them again and make sure nobody I know buys from them either.