Diablo 3 error code 37, connection problems explained

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The moment has finally arrived for Diablo fans. Diablo III is now available to buy and play but unfortunately and perhaps unsurprisingly, Blizzard is having trouble keeping their servers stable due to the sheer demand from eager players.

If you have been trying to play the game within the last few hours, there’s a good chance that you have run into a fair amount of error codes. error code 37 seems to be the one that is occurring the most frequently for players, whilst we’ve also heard that there’s a series of other error codes that is ruining your first experience of the game as well.

The good news is that Blizzard is already aware of the server problems. Aside from posting regular support updates on two official Twitter accounts, we’ve also spotted a useful thread over at the Diablo 3 forums, which explains the error codes that you’ve been getting in more detail.

For example, if you are continuing to see error code 37, it means that the server is simply full and you just need to keep trying to see if you get in later. Amusingly, we’re pleased to see that many of you are seeing the humorous side to the error 37 code. We’ve seen comments on Twitter such as ‘the hardest boss is currently error 37′ and ‘there used to be a Diablo 3 server, then it took an error 37 to the knee’ – a brilliant reference to Skyrim if you’re not aware.

If you’re having problems with error codes at the moment, head to the official forum here for some useful information. Are you seeing error 37 the most, or have you run into different error codes? Launch problems for huge game releases almost seem to come hand in hand these days – Diablo 3 is definitely the latest victim.

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  • Torgus

    Diablo 3 is great – I unlocked the secret new class called the Logon Master – I use my authenticator to attempt to get past the demon error codes that continuously attack me.  I must be L10 by now but can’t tell because I can never get to the ‘load hero’ screen.  It’s so great spending $60 on a game and then not being able to play it – great job Blizzard!

  • Same

    maybe if games allowed you to load them up offline and just play it in a single player mode like they used we wouldn’t have these problems…………

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JPVYQBVBILZU7RNP7OIL4BKMDE rich

    I had no problem. Bought my copy at 9 am EST. No hickups at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=615955135 Admir Karalic

    Had Error 33 –’ I’am not even part of the groupe. FOREVER ALONE :’(