Anonymous AnonTune may be the new LimeWire

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2012

The infamous hacking group Anonymous may be making a return to the headlines with their latest project. The group has revealed that they are planning to build a new platform for users to listen to music, protecting their identity as they do so.

The project, already named AnonTune is well underway and an introduction video released by Anonymous states that the reasoning behind the project is due to previous services such as Limewire and Jam Glue being shut down, services which they label ‘perfectly good companies’.

While it seems like a bad route to go down, Anonymous insist that they will not be providing links to download music, or will they condone it. Instead they will be providing an aggregate service, bringing together music compiled from other services such as YouTube and Yahoo into one easy to access information hub.

AnonTune is far from complete, but a demo version of the website is already available for viewing here. Some of the songs available already have just been brought over from YouTube and play almost instantly with a single click. Since it is only 20% done according to Anonymous, it is probably going to be a good while yet until we see this reach public release.

With services such as Grooveshark already available, where users can stream free music at will – is AnonTune really any different? One of the reasons Spotify has become so successful is the ease in which music can be searched and played. If AnonTune manages to match this while keeping things legal, then it may just take off.

What are your thoughts on AnonTune – do you support their new project or not? Watch the video below to hear their explanation of it.

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  • jswalker95

    i will use pandora radio instead of this.tried demo version and is basically like a streaming service that uses other music services like youtube and myspace.

  • Ned

    When is the news media going to understand that there is no “hacker group” called Anonymous? Any hacker, anywhere can call themselves Anonymous. There is no such rganization.