New Resident Evil 6 release date trailer sparks Ada Wong debate

By Alan Ng - Apr 11, 2012

It has been a while since we last had any Resident Evil 6 gossip to share with you, but we’re pleased to say that Capcom has now delivered. At their recent Captivate event, the company unveiled a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated shooter, as well as a surprise release date revision as well.

In a rare case, it’s not a delay either. Capcom are actually bringing forward the release date of the game, as we can tell you that Resident Evil 6 will now be available on October 2, instead of November 20 – well over a month early! There’s no explanation for their change of plans, but who is going to argue to Capcom if it means that we all get to play the game ahead of schedule anyway?

Along with the release date comes a brand new trailer, and to say that it contains a few spoilers is an understatement. We find out in the trailer that Wesker Jr is in fact Albert Wesker’s son, while towards the end of the trailer we see Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy fighting as well – shock horror.

One aspect which is still up for debate and is getting everyone talking on the social stratospheres at the moment is who the mystery lady is who features heavily in the trailer. A lot of you are saying that it’s Ada Wong – the elusive character who has just about appeared in every single Resident Evil game.

Is it Ada Wong in your opinion or not? Capcom has already confirmed that she’ll feature in the game, so perhaps they are teasing everyone by making us think that this could be Ada, when in actual fact it could be a new antagonist not yet seen in the franchise.

Check out the new footage below and let us know your thoughts on it. Are you surprised that Capcom has dropped so many spoilers in a trailer? We would have thought that the reveal about Wesker’s son would have been kept a secret until the game is out at least. Obviously not.

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  • Mhgd

    same facial features? shes missing an entire upper lip! ada had full lips, that is a major charactor change. it would piss me off if this was ada. leons look hasnt changed since 4, why would ada have this much change

  • arf oh yeah, i think she’s Ada: Leon does want her to stay alive, when Chris wants to kill her … 

  • momomomo

    Unless Ada has a sister or mother who look exactly the same, it’s Ada. And her hair color isn’t different, it’s still black, just with updated (realistic) lighting, since RE4. Black hair is never really BLACK, and if you look closely, you can usually see that it’s dark brown in the sun, when expressed in black or asian people. 

  • warden

    she has the same facial featurs and way of talking so my guess is yea it ada just with a diffrent hair color, however it seems that she is on a more bad guy role she is normaly just a antihero but it looks like she could be the villian in this one