April Fools GTA V pranks expected

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 31, 2012

We know Grand Theft Auto V is coming and the trailer hinted at a few possibilities and characters, but when that release date will be is the exact thing evading fans. Rockstar has confirmed nothing when it comes to the GTA V launch although the gaming community continually suggests dates, and one thing you can count on is certain people trying to mislead those looking for real news.

April Fools 2012 is the perfect time to see gaming pranks and expect something special for GTA V – thanks to the next Grand Theft Auto being one of the most anticipated releases over the coming months it stands to reason that either a marketing tactic by Rockstar, or a passionate gamer will take place this April Fools, so if you’re looking for GTA V news and rumors around this time then it’s best to read with skepticism.

Insomniac Games has posted a tweet that points to something hidden within Resistance 3 for April Fools day, and they will not be the only developer planning surprises that are both real and jokes. What do you think that could be, and how would it make you feel if Rockstar played a joke tomorrow?

When it comes to the subject of GTA V details and how much Rockstar should be giving us, it seems to be splitting the fans. Some gamers think it’s too early for more details on GTA V, although others state “we are due news now“. The latest rumors are pointing towards an announcement in early April or early May, and we could see a couple of magazines with major details on the next GTA. Early rumors point to American magazine Game Informer, and an unnamed Scandinavian magazine that could both feature exclusives with GTA V in the coming weeks.

It’s suggested that the reveal will be for “a sequel to a popular series“, which could point to a number of games but most notably would be GTA V. We know a few other magazines have recently covered details on the next GTA, but none of these have had new screenshots or details, so the excitement is understandable.

If you come across some GTA 5 news on April Fools day how much would you trust it? While this news could come from a YouTube video, or even a respected magazine or brand, we’ve all seen the jokes from big brand like Google before that seem extremely real but turn out to be an April Fools.

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  • Radevpavel

    If you think GTA V will come out in 2012,,,,,,,,APRIL FOOLS DUMBASS

  • Dice Player

    Wow, what a childish debate on this comment section. Truley, you all make GTA’s fan base look mentally disabled. Kudos to you all for having an IQ below room temperature.

  • You all need to get over yourselves. Who cares?

  • Phaedra90731

    still waiting for those April Fools rumors

  • Dymez

    How about this?  It will come out when they FUCKIN’ FEEL LIKE IT!

  • Should be Fun i guess?

  • LCPD-SWAT-022 ON PS3


    • Nated


    • Dgrcozzes98


  • Rockstar North

    May 15, 2013

    • lewis

      No it comes out in 2012, But an official date hasn’t been confirmed yet

      • People are so stupid

        If you think that then you don’t deserve this game, why the hell would rockstar announce a game a year before it comes out.

        Late 2013 early 2014 at least!

        • Whatever

          Because they did so with gta IV

  • Willywonka


  • Ryan

    GTA V is actually not in development at all, and was an April fools joke all along. Even though this isn’t the case, if I didn’t include this sentence I would be blamed for the mass suicide of twelve year old GTA fanboys all over the world. Sad, but true.

    • Rightttt

      You look like a 12yrs old to me. Sad, but true.

      • Ryan

        You look like you’re grammatically idiotic to me. Sad, true. 

        • Scarface364

           fail loser you are 12.

        • Failure

          This conversation = *facepalm*

    • Jimmy Neutron

      Actually no because I know people that tested the game. I also did.

      • people are stupid

        How was it when you ”tested” the game ahahahahahahaha

  • lee morris

    gta v not coming out till 2014. Aprils fools ha ha

    • Rockstar Games

      Jokes on you, it isn’t coming out til 2014.

      • Why don’t you just Shut up and let fate go into Play, i mean seriously there’s no need to fight over when the release date is without PROPER information from RockStar Games, and hey mr posing as “RockStar North & RockStar Games” you know nothing about the game besides the trailer shown so why even bother saying 2014 when RockStar obviously is looking for a late 2012 / early 2013 Release.